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  1. Kato smiled in glee after winning the 2nd round and gaining Muja’s herbs, “These herbz shawll be aw special geeft fer the’ next traveler Kato meetz!” ...but in this moment of victory, he discovered a great peace within himself. Those familiar faces around him had resurfaced many memories of his past companions, and Kato thanked the countless beings he met for their impact on his life, leading him to win in this very moment. He was filled with euphoria, happy to have lived and make companions, and longed for this story to never end.
  2. Was just making it clear, no malice intended. As for adding a cap, I would assume the staff handling the CA’s would see that too many Heterochromatic Nathair were applying and tell them to change. We can add a red line stating that less than 10% of Nathair are supposed to be Heterochromatic, having 1-2 as a minimum while the race starts.
  3. This is clearly not an erp race, the Nathair have no ability to feel romance and make a child simply for the progression of their race. You refer to their gender swapping somehow supporting erp, but they may not reproduce in their human form, the only benefit from the gender swapping is a different appearance. Additionally, the Heterochromatic Nathair have 1 biological gender, just two human forms of each gender.
  4. The poor drunkard was also killed shortly after with a sword through his chest, but in his dying moments, his soul was able to find rest due to Coppinger’s kind words of reassurance. He was truly grateful of this priest’s charity and love as he cried his last tears and passed away.
  5. Israa el-Zamani would have stumbled upon this flyer, and comment: ”These knights of the burning castle should surely join up with the mighty Badlands of Ruswick...for where Oren is unwelcome, these righteous knights shall be welcome.”
  6. What was your favorite race to play as a villain? Did you have any secret place to stash all your loot?
  7. ExtremeCode


    Gibial was born to a father with many sons and quickly gained an interest in redstone war contraptions when he saw his older siblings crafting magnificent war contraptions. He would look from the distance at what they were building, and try to mimic them with debris of parts. At the age of 6, he had not yet attended any wars and his redstone skills had been steadily growing. A draft occurred for a war against the undead and he was selected to go fight. During this battle Gibial offered beneficial help repairing war machines, and was taken in by a tinkerer’s guild for further training. Whenever there’s war you can be sure to find him right besides a catapult or ballista. Unlike the other goblins, Gibial feared war. He still wanted to kill others, but at a distance with the war contraptions between him and the enemy. Not confident in his own physical ability, he fears close combat and prefers to fight from afar, but keeps this a secret to others. If he could, he would happily spend his time repairing and working on new machinery blueprints, but he doesn’t trust the other goblins to handle his own war machines. He likes wearing a light chain mail robe to protect him from any stray arrows on the battlefield and to keep himself clean of redstone dust. Lore: Lives in Krugmar, the capital of the War Uzg. At a young age, he became fascinated with the Shuzig clan seeing all the crafts and machines they would make. Doesn’t worship the spirts due to his greater interest in the redstone arts.
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