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  2. After discussion amongst the administration your ban appeal has been Denied. You will be allowed to reappeal in two weeks and the Game Team will handle it from here on out.
  3. The sidebar is getting a bit cluttered but our public discord is functional once more! You can find it beneath the latest topics

  4. Enjoy my Song of the night - So Tied Up; Cold War Kids

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  5. On the #2; - We're currently in the process of switching to another mapping service which creates a dynamic map with more detail and does so without causing the server lag (async parsing the server files to create a map, rather than dynmap which runs through every block on the server in real time causing horrid lag). Dynmap has had many issues - the fact is it's actually updating, but it's not communicating with the web as it has disconnected from the web server. We hope this change will be soon, Tythus has been working on it. You can view the "new map" software we're shooting for in the following manner using Wynncraft which has recently updated to use it; https://map.wynncraft.com/
  6. Remember folks, keep an eye on twitter for updates. In the meanwhile tl;dr -


    Our host is investigating the issue. We're hearing some reports but the information is too unconfirmed to share at this point. No map damage has occurred, our files are perfectly fine, safe, and backed up. Tythus has a busy working schedule and is working his hardest with our host to reach a timely conclusion, we're struggling in the meanwhile. Thank you for being patient so far.

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  7. No maps have been corrupted. I kindly request that you stop sharing misinformation on this topic, we will inform the players of any development.
  8. The issue you reference was fixed within hours of it occurring.
  9. Coders have the ability to work on plugin additions to the server which don't involve making changes to existing systems (improving a skill, personas, etc all fall under the developer rank) and are discouraged from attempting large projects (often coders burn out or just don't have the tools to undertake it - we don't trust every coder with our backbone infrastructure which is required for a project such as the Magic Plugin or other, highly requested features.) This is a fantastic plugin which adds life and character to our World of Axios - @dsdevil has outdone himself and bashing him for wasting his time is incredibly rude for the hard work he has put in. Thank you.
  10. Please Email [email protected] or [email protected] Financial Disputes are the land of email discussion. We do not allow these to be appealed VIA the forums - Neoteri wasn't the subject of the chargeback and thus was fine. You must discuss this with us VIA E-mail. Thank you.
  11. The Cloud Temple Returns! The Return Greetings Folks! It is with a great pleasure that we're proud to announce the return of the Cloud Temple! For quite sometime the monks who have operated such have wandered listlessly without a temple and now... they are lost no more! The new temple is part of a spawn overhaul project including a lot more goodies which will be talked about later in this post. The Vision For a while now our spawn has been rather difficult and likely a large turn off to new players who join our server after being accepted. The spawn was clunky, poorly designed for player traversal, navigation through the roads to get to your destination was difficult and at times impossible. The directions were vague, points were halfway across the map - that's not to bash the original designers who worked hard, hours and days on end, in order to provide us with such a creation - they worked hard, but now we need another creation to carry us forward. The vision for new spawn was simple: Condense, Condense, Condense Make things easier to navigate Make spawn new-player friendly And it was with these goals in mind that the builders and developers of new spawn set forward. Today, we're pleased to announce it shall be coming March 5th!; That's right, tomorrow! We'll be working hard over the next few days to get it out to players as soon as possible! However, there are a few things we need to share about new spawn that we hope you'll be excited for! Resources within Reach One of the biggest goals that started this project was condensing how players obtained resources. While we aren't 100% happy about where this is we're quite happy with the improvements we've made. We wanted a central place to be obvious where players can gather basic resources for building and crafting so that new players were exposed quickly to these places while also making sure they didn't scar the landscape. In this effort we've created auto-restocking resource pits and auto-refilling farms! A New Economy Packaged with new spawn are a few new things that we hope you'll be excited for! We're working on changing up the economy and creating a better environment to exchange minas and as such we've taken steps to create it with this new spawn. You'll find three things present at new spawn to help with this; Admin-created buy stores which will purchase resources for a low-end price Admin-created sell stores which will provide previously unobtainable items... The sell stores won't be available until later when the admin buy stores have been in use for a few weeks We hope that these changes will help revitalize the economy. We've spent a lot of time thinking about the changes we've wanted to make and some forecasting and we hope that this will turn out for the better. An Alert! When new spawn goes live we will be halting all purchases of the following Moderator/Administrator purchased items; Charters Limited Creative Tile purchasing Resource purchasing from Moderators Animated Structures Fast Travels This freeze will go into effect tomorrow as soon as spawn opens! Get your purchases in quick! This will last for 1-2 weeks while we rework pricing for these features. If you want to make one of these purchases do them now! Previously purchased options will not be effected. Credit is due where credit is due Credit goes to who helped out with this project over the past several months! Thank you to; Angmarzku - Primary builder Ever Tsuyose Crazygoy1916 Begotten/Zarsies - Cloud Temple Sky Arockstar28 Harold Cablam Bathrugman Staaaar for the great thumbnail and twitter pictures! and to any others! - 501warhead & The LotC Administration
  12. Greetings Lord of the Craftians! Before I begin the Administration wishes a happy send off to one who has put many of their hours working hard on making Lord of the Craft a better place. @Ever has poured much of their time and effort into many of the systems and procedures that players take full advantage of today and for all of their hard work we wish them a farewell, and hope they have some more restful weekends as of late and we hope you'll join us in sending them off with a smile. 😁 We wish you well, Ever! Good luck! A Thank You We've been conducting interviews for a while now in note of Ever's absence and there has been no end of fitting candidates! To all of the staff who applied - Thank you for your applications! We didn't have time to do multiple levels of interviews who were all interested and capable but there were many more who we felt were capable, but a few - two in particular - stood out from the rest. Without further ado... The First! This member has been helping out the staff for sometime in tough situations. He's shared with us a vision, a goal for the future and we're firmly behind him in his quest - he's shown us a clear idea and has proven to be responsible in matters. The first Administrator selection is none other than @Beast720! We look forward to working with him and hope the community does as well. Poetic! A Word from Beast720 The Second, but not the least! The second of the two receiving a hard earned promotion is one who has a sense of humor but is dedicated none the less! We hope you'll be as excited as we are to welcome @Gusano Arentonio to the Administration! He has many creative ideas for the server and will be helping us as we move forward with a more creative side of things. A Word from Gusano Arentonio With more news to come! More news is just around over horizon as we fill out our Administration roster, we shared a little bit of a vague teaser about it earlier and we're moving forward to get it ready to share with you all. We're excited for what is to come and we hope you will be too! -- The Administration
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  14. @Timayame or his unbanned acc @Timayameyameha
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