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  1. Greetings LotC, Sorry for the long delay on explaining what was happening with the terms of service changes. In a complete break of character however I’m going to communicate about something since there seems to be a bit of confusion about our ToS. We pushed out a small change to our terms of service about a week ago that covered a few updates to our privacy policy, which you can find here. The Old In the process of updating we then required everyone to re-agree to our existing terms of service and privacy policy together. In doing so several players rightfully pointed out their concerns to us privately and on the forums here about a longstanding clause that we had skimmed over and never really questioned related to Content Ownership on lord of the craft. It read like this; This had been a clause that had largely been overlooked for a few years and largely skimmed over. However, as anyone with a decent pair of eyes can read this clause is pretty terrible – especially for a server that is almost entirely based on creative works provided by players. We received ample feedback on this through forum messages, staff chats, and private dms by concerned (and not in the least frustrated) players. @Tythus Took a look and, as someone with a pair of eyes, also agreed that this isn’t right. The New We sat down and drafted up a new Terms of Service to address the Content Ownership along with a lot of other outdated or poorly worded clauses. The result is the new content policy as shown below We have high hopes that this is the right policy for Lord of the Craft but also understand that with the constantly rotating TOS plus the legal language this has gotten a bit confusing for players, so I hope to shed some light on this. Basically, when you create something you are the single copyright holder (assuming you did such by yourself) and no one else has the right to even host your image on a website or use a character you’ve made in a game. This is somewhat difficult as we allow players to upload images directly to our website as well as create characters for use on our server. In order to alleviate this we have a clause that states when something you’ve created is shared on our services, so forums or game, we obtain a license so that we can show the work on our services. There’s a few other things there that relate to us being able to edit your work and stating that we cannot be responsible for providing you a copy of your work, such as a build, but it doesn’t stop you from downloading stuff you find on our website. The Confusing Now, there’s one other clause that might be somewhat confusing when it comes to content ownership, as it seems like it covers the same ground. That is the following However it should be stated that this clause applies almost exclusively to LOTC trademark material. These are things like the Lord of the Craft logo, the images we use to make our forums look the way they do, and so on. This doesn’t apply to works that you upload to share with the community. Wrapping Up So, hopefully that clears up the Terms of Service changes we’ve gone ahead and made in regards to content ownership. It should be noted that within the near future there will be a requirement to agree to our terms before you play the game, as these terms apply across our mediums. We have to do this so that we’ve done legal due diligence to require acceptance before allowing continued usage. If you are still confused or you aren’t happy with the terms still and would like your content destroyed please send us an email at admin@lordofthecraft.net. I can answer basic questions here but most I’ll have to direct you to the email for the best medium to communicate about ToS issues.
  2. Looking to help choose the next biome overhaul? Vote here – ht

    tps://twitter.com/Minecraft/status/1177988549087510529?s=20 ter.com/Minecraft/status/1177988549087510529?s=20

  3. congrats my dude!

  4. Should be fixed This is mostly up to the moderation team as the plugin itself only allows you to manual resize after mods have upgraded or downgraded your charter If you need assistance feel free to send me a forum pm. I'd like to know what you're confused about so I can improve the wiki guides posted.
  5. Currently not but in the future this might be possible. Would require some coordination with the moderation team. Depending on how well the release goes we’ll see about expanding it to freebuild as well EDIT: Clearer wording
  6. Greetings! I’m happy to (finally) announce the release of the plugin Charter. This plugin automates the claiming process used to create charters. This allows you to select regions that more accurately reflect your build, as you can create rectangular shapes rather than perfect squares as long as the area remains the same. To begin claiming a charter head to cloud temple where you’ll find this shop which sells the selection tools to make your charter. Once you’ve picked up your tool visit the following wiki page to learn how to claim a charter! Wiki Page Existing charter applications that have not yet been completed will be denied as the application process that currently exists will be removed. If you’ve paid a deposit currently on a charter like this contact the moderation team to get a tool to complete your process. This plugin is intentionally small feature-wise and doesn’t override world guard functionality. /rg addmember and /rg flag will still function normally, and you can ask for moderator assistance if you have issues with the plugin. Please use the support subforum if you notice any issues with this plugin, I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything there. You can expect more features added for charters in the future if this goes well.
  7. The downtime is going a little longer than previous estimated, bear with us as it should be available soon

    1. Wind_In_willow
    2. Sporadic


      Came back from hiatus just to blow up the server what a legend

  8. Greetings all, Just letting you know that tomorrow, June 11that 1PM EDT the server will be going down for maintenance for approximately 30 minutes to an hour if things go smoothly. The work being done is that we’ll be migrating some data on the backend for our plugins to resolve a few issues we currently have with the present structure. Apologies for any issues this may cause and the short notice, but this is an important change needed as soon as we can fit it in.
  9. Hey all, just dropping by to let you know that the Map has been updated at https://www.lordofthecraft.net/map/ You can view it full screen if needed by visiting https://map.lordofthecraft.net It includes nation locations as well this time, though druids are a little off (a work in progress!) We’re also done a little bit of footwork this time to ensure that we can update the map frequently, preventing it from getting too out of date. Thanks for being patient with us on this, we’re slowly working on restoring functionality to a few things across the board.
  10. Next restart will make it so that on the first persona
    you create a shop on you won’t have to wait
    50 hours to do so. Credit to sporadic for the idea.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Wait a second, that’s my idea!

    2. Thornz


      should do 20 hearts if u can 

  11. Still working on that brewing plugin?

  12. Server lag seems to have been resolved. The war is over. I'll be setting up 6 hour restarts to make sure we wont lag from this again.



    1. Vaynth


      Thank you!

    2. Guest


      Awesome work! 

    3. Auriel_
  13. of your latest posts you've got no rep, how do you feel?

    1. Vaynth


      brb going to give him rep

    2. Pinochet


      lal slave lal

    3. Raomir


      probably feels like someone who should resign soon : D

  14. Math proves server isn't dying, conspiracy theorists baffled;





    Third highest month of the year was July, it's going down now but we spiked up quite high in may after finals ?

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    2. Chimp


      wtf dont diss my boy ds, boys done all he could and he did a great job considering he was forced to work under the current admin team, tbh legit only good admin is flamb. Flamb actually does his job properly and effectively. 

    3. Algoda


      Read the fine print, ok

    4. Quirkyls


      ouch scorched

  15. IMPORTANT - if you are still experiencing the constant timeout issues to a point that you cannot play please join the discord and view the #conntection-issues-read-here channel and fill out the info there! We recently had our server worked on and we're trying to gather information about this issue.


    This does not include the random timeouts of all players with red text. Do not fill out info for that! That is a separate issue that we're aware of that is on our end, not our hosts.

    1. Ixli


      Yeah, I think it's a mix of my internet and the issue. Pretty bad for me.

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