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  1. Interested in Helping out LotC? We're currently reviewing applications for Trial GMs - if you've ever been interested now is the time!

  2. Raid Rules

    Raid Rules The raid rules follow the community guidelines. An attack on a settlement by more than one player is known as a raid. If all parties agree (defenders and attackers) then they may establish their own rules for a raid and teleportation use. Internal conflicts within a settlement are not classified as raids but what defines this will be determined by a Game Moderator should issues arise. Before beginning a raid you must use /modreq to inform the moderation team of the Raid beginning. All that’s required is the modreq to be filed - after it has been created you can proceed with the Raid with or without moderator supervision. An example looks like this: “/modreq I am raiding Town A with 8 players and I, John Doe, will be leading the raid.” Raiding Killing, robbing, or causing chaos. A maximum of 10 players may participate on the attacking side in such a raid. The raiding party must begin fighting within 30 minutes of arriving. A raid may last up to 1 hour, then you must leave. Lawless Raiding may have a maximum of 20 players on Nations if 24 hour notice is given in advance by using /modreq to place down a sign. The sign will indicate a 1 hour possible range for this to occur (Example: 6PM - 7PM). All raid times will be set in EST as standard. Normal raid rules apply and cooldowns are still enforced. Rescue Raiding A Rescue Raid is a raid to free a high-ranking official of a nation/settlement captured by another group (PROs, ROs, and officials on the settlement's forum page). Raiders may bring 20 players to attend the rescue where they may use TNT and ladders if necessary. Once they arrive at the settlement the raiding party has one hour to rescue the captured official. Raid must present evidence to a Game Moderator—how they know the official is captured and where they are held. Sufficient in-character knowledge of the officials whereabouts is required. Mercenaries and allies are allowed with sufficient roleplay. You must present proof of payment to mercenaries (shown to a Game Moderator); allies are allowed so long as the alliance is documented on the forums. Participants of a rescue raid must live in an area controlled by the settlement of the captured official. Mechanics-combat must only follow after sufficient roleplay. In other words, attempt to negotiate, intimidate, bargain—and only if all else fails may combat begin. Raid Cooldowns You may not attack a settlement for 3 days following a raid. Defenders should use /modreq to have a sign placed indicating when a raid has occurred. Unprotected Settlement Raiding Ladders may be placed on Unprotected Settlements with appropriate Role-play and Game Moderator supervision. Regular raid rules apply to Unprotected Settlements. General Rules Rallying members of a settlement to log in to defend said settlement from a raid on Skype, Discord, and any other medium is permitted once an alarming emote has been done in-game, such as ringing a bell, lighting a beacon, etc. Coordination must remain largely in-game, and Defenders must login from within the city limits. In all other instances, you may not use Skype, Discord, nor any other medium, to rally people to defend your settlement from an attack. Placing or breaking blocks during a raid is prohibited. During a raid cooldown, you may not camp the edge of a territory or block entry to it (AKA “raid-baiting”). If a nation capital is on raid cooldown, then banditing on main roads in the nation tile, leading to the nation, is considered raid-baiting and is not allowed. If the nation is not on cooldown, you may camp for 1 hour at most per day without raiding. This includes camping roads leading up to City Gates. A maximum of 3 raiders may initiate up to 3 attempts of lockpicking/thievery. Once someone has joined the conflict of a raid they must stay within the conflict in Roleplay until its conclusion regardless of side. If a raiding party is away from the settlement that they are raiding for more than 10 minutes without engaging in combat, the raid would be over.
  3. As a notification, Raids will be going live tomorrow after we post the new Raid Rules and not before. Thank you!

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    2. AGiantPie


      I think I shall raid before knowing what the rules are.

    3. Lumiin


      This is a little unfair because the Australian players will see the raid rules being posted first and they will be allowed to raid before other players.

    4. NotEvilAtAll
  4. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  5. Streaming some region plugin development https://www.twitch.tv/thelordofthecraft

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Region Plugin? Will this be like the Nexus regions in Athera? Or not?

  6. New Years (AKA Late Christmas) Sale

    Hey guys! In conjunction with the 400 free crowns we're giving out for logging in during the Christmas season we're also giving you a 20% Off coupon on our store until January 2nd! Simply apply the following code at checkout to get this deal; MerryKrugzmas In addition the Saint Krug Present Drop & 400 Crowns gift will only be around for today before it's leaving until perhaps next year! If you want presents and the items they give you should hop in game and get some before they're gone. Merry (Late) Krugsmas and a Happy New Year!
  7. LotC v6.0: Atlas

    https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Attribute It's some techno/map maker stuff. A simple accident with region flags and endermen. Ender pearls aren't allowed and are being removed.
  8. LotC v6.0: Atlas

    “As the storm rolled through the ships it cast a dreadful dark shadow over the ships harbored at the lone, uncharted island. Some, battered from battle, weakly clung their bloodsoaked arms to the side of the nearest ship, others who kept their distance began to pull in sails as the wind began to lift. In moments the tides of rain flooded down, the wind becoming cutting as the sea began to roll like a man in an uneasy rest. The ships, even the most sturdy, were suddenly thrown about in a mayhem that played out as thunder and lightning roared over the southern sea. Screams echoed out only to be drowned out by the storm around them, soon many were in the water paddling for their lives in a blur before the storm broke - leaving the many who sailed for safety washed up on a beach, the ships turned into a twisted scene of destruction around the shore. Bruised and Bloodied many were before an odd group of Monks showed up to the shores, beginning to care to the wounds of the many. Those who came conscious would find themselves here, in the uncharted world of Atlas. It may not have been the destination that they were sailing for but for now... it was Home.” So guys, sorry for the late release post! We’ve been doing a lot of plugin changes and it’s been a large effort but we’re now ready to go and so after this post Atlas will be going up live. The boats have wrecked on their way to their destination and now we’re here in Atlas! So, onto some of the details! The World When you spawn in CT you’ll want to follow the road straight until you reach a fork in the road. At this fork you can go into the mine world, head north, or head south. All the nations are marked on there for ease of travel. In addition to the South there is a fair grounds which has been decorated nicely for Krugsmas! In addition the World Dev team will be out in force. Builds of lower quality that are found will be given a warning or aided if possible or removed if it is too poor, potentially with a punishment for doing so. A Map When? We're going to work on getting https://www.lordofthecraft.net/map/ to display Atlas as soon as we possibly can. We'll make a post when it's up to view! A little bit more polish The World Dev and Build teams have been working very hard on Atlas lately but it’s still not entirely finished. You might notice a few things missing here and there but not to worry - you might see some helping hands building the world if you run around a tad and don’t stop looking for new things! New Version LotC is now on 1.12.2! Time to update those mods! This will allow us to be more available for newer players who want to join the game and see what we’re about. Regions There will be a plugin very soon for regions but as of this moment it isn’t ready, GMs will be handling manual requests and will announce soon how that is going to happen. For now please respect the builds of others during this period of downtime while we work on options for people to reliably protect their regions! Plugins Personas have gotten a bit of an overhaul on the backend, you’ll see some new exciting things happening soon for them but for now enjoy a new persona menu in either /me or /bme. Some notes; Personas now have their own “attributes” We now can have more than 4 personas We’ve made a lot of changes code-wise so; If you see something report something. There will be glitches. Settings for Roleplay Engine (/roleplay) have been reset /seen data has been reset Your buddies are gone :( Credits This map would not have been made possible without the help from our amazing builders who have invested so much time into this. The World Makers Kilgrim_ Chaotikal The Extremely Helpful AfricanGlasses Angmarzku Babadooks EsryBOT Hiebe SaintPaint ShiftNative SeventhCircle Yung_N_Hung The Namer TitanOfTheDepths (Elrith) The Builders Amyas_ Arockstar28 Asimulum Atles Auric_Saint Azdrazi Blundermore Buiilder82 Charlemagne CleverFoodie Combustionary Cpt_Noobman Deluxe498 DPMAGICIAN _Fid_ Graf Jakraes Josh3738 Luka_Shaskavana Nate1540 Navin_ RickyJC Senda_Yhost Shamanistic Soulstrung StarFelt TheAlgoda Thoak TwilightWolf Wapples Zarsies Zindran
  9. PSA: Crown purchases won't show up while we are on the transition map for you to claim but will be available when we move to Atlas.


    If this is not the case when we reach Atlas email us at store@lordofthecraft.net or admin@lordofthecraft.net. If this worries you, wait until we reach Atlas to make a purchase!

  10. kk well cuz the comments were taken off the post ill just pok you here XP...

    Dw i didn't think that media team was lazy or such, Im sure everyone knows its difficult to make a video.  just seeing that the media team had some new people it, so i thought maby it would be nice for them to try something out that was some what relivily easy(from a idiot's view of easy who has no clue whats what keep that in mind XD) for them to work together and well kinda get to know each other and while they do it, they can get some ideas or something, as i said before i was speaking with some friends and it came to mind...Just because we were talking how difficult it would be as well as kind of weird to video rp XP so i thought of something and gave it XD. XD i just had a idea and shared such Lol....anyways good luck thu on the projects you guys are doing, You guys are crazy for having that much work 0-0 what are you guys doing...its like your making a mini movie or something....

    But yeah...Would have said it in the forum post but...like....some one closed it....;-;

    1. Ragnio


      Like stated we like it if people give us some nice ideas and we always try to reconsider them, however, right now we are really busy...and yes! It is a lot of work. Mostly several projects are running at the same time, which is causing us to have that much stuff to handle right now.

  11. Are you still actively checking the bug reports? I know they were moved over to a new system, and I've noticed some have gone unanswered.

  12. Introducing the Vault!

    Sadly, you will have to choose!