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  1. The downtime is going a little longer than previous estimated, bear with us as it should be available soon

    1. Space_Gene
    2. Sporadic


      Came back from hiatus just to blow up the server what a legend

  2. Greetings all, Just letting you know that tomorrow, June 11that 1PM EDT the server will be going down for maintenance for approximately 30 minutes to an hour if things go smoothly. The work being done is that we’ll be migrating some data on the backend for our plugins to resolve a few issues we currently have with the present structure. Apologies for any issues this may cause and the short notice, but this is an important change needed as soon as we can fit it in.
  3. 501warhead

    The Map Returns

    Hey all, just dropping by to let you know that the Map has been updated at https://www.lordofthecraft.net/map/ You can view it full screen if needed by visiting https://map.lordofthecraft.net It includes nation locations as well this time, though druids are a little off (a work in progress!) We’re also done a little bit of footwork this time to ensure that we can update the map frequently, preventing it from getting too out of date. Thanks for being patient with us on this, we’re slowly working on restoring functionality to a few things across the board.
  4. Next restart will make it so that on the first persona
    you create a shop on you won’t have to wait
    50 hours to do so. Credit to sporadic for the idea.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Wait a second, that’s my idea!

    2. Thornz


      should do 20 hearts if u can 

  5. Still working on that brewing plugin?

  6. Server lag seems to have been resolved. The war is over. I'll be setting up 6 hour restarts to make sure we wont lag from this again.



    1. Vaynth


      Thank you!

    2. Guest


      Awesome work! 

    3. Auriel_
  7. of your latest posts you've got no rep, how do you feel?

    1. Vaynth


      brb going to give him rep

    2. Pinochet


      lal slave lal

    3. Raomir


      probably feels like someone who should resign soon : D

  8. Math proves server isn't dying, conspiracy theorists baffled;





    Third highest month of the year was July, it's going down now but we spiked up quite high in may after finals 🙂

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Chimp


      wtf dont diss my boy ds, boys done all he could and he did a great job considering he was forced to work under the current admin team, tbh legit only good admin is flamb. Flamb actually does his job properly and effectively. 

    3. Algoda


      Read the fine print, ok

    4. Quirkyls


      ouch scorched

  9. IMPORTANT - if you are still experiencing the constant timeout issues to a point that you cannot play please join the discord and view the #conntection-issues-read-here channel and fill out the info there! We recently had our server worked on and we're trying to gather information about this issue.


    This does not include the random timeouts of all players with red text. Do not fill out info for that! That is a separate issue that we're aware of that is on our end, not our hosts.

    1. Ixli


      Yeah, I think it's a mix of my internet and the issue. Pretty bad for me.

  10. *Sits quietly for nation plugin*

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Quirkyls


      *sits quietly for server deregulation*

    3. Guest


      *sits quietly waiting for a new server*

    4. Raomir


      sits on creamiests face


  12. 501warhead

    Freebuild Rules

    Update Freebuilds that are deemed over 30 days inactive through logs may be evicted with as little as 3 days notice.
  13. Update This update sees some of the older rules and some of the Game Team policies added formally to rules. - A Leadership figure leaving a nation may only take up to 10% of the nation's storage when they leave. Moderator Supervision is required for specific items that cannot be divided - You cannot enter a Combat Prohibited area during Combat - You cannot construct "Instant" Death Traps "Instant" being traps that lock you into place and kill you without any interaction. - Several updates to Player-Vs-Player combat are added; Lava and Water buckets cannot be placed during Combat Flint and Steel may not be used during Combat Boat "Glitching" cannot be used during Combat - You cannot construct farms that are underground without appropriate lore allowing it.
  14. Update Added the following rule back to the rules: If you are held against your will for 15 minutes or more without more than a minimum level of roleplay you may soulstone freely. Edited the previous rule to now state: A player can only be held against their will for up to 3 hours of roleplay. A noble or leader can be held for up to 5 hours of roleplay, the critera for this matches rescue raids. At the end of the timeframe a player must be killed, let go, or allowed to soulstone.
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