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  1. [Denied]best gm app 2k17

  2. Thanks for coming to the livestream! What did you think about the map? Also, did you like our livestream?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Youngie5500


      Not enough guns

    3. Vamoose


      Is it going to be uploaded for those of us that missed it? The stream that is.

    4. DrakeHaze.


      Which player monks have been collecting books?

  3. We're reviewing builder apps for 6.0 now, expect correspondence over the weekend about your applications or submit one if you're interested. Also, a bit of a mistake, I kind of forgot to add a way for me to contact you so expect most of you to get a PM ingame (later form versions ask for your discord which I will use to contact you all.)

    1. Starfelt


      Hey! If you're interested, I'd love to do some map renders for 6.0, lemme know.

  4. Apologies, some miscommunication. I was under the impression someone had done so, but you're unbanned at this time.
  5. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    I mean I understand why you are upset but Ang was not involved in the builds listed here, he will be accredited with the builds he's contributed to and when we announce the full credits list his participation will be noted within. In addition, if you saw the post I made here I did, in fact, credit Ang and spoke highly of his ability. He has, however, stepped away from the build team at this time as per his own decision after a discussion between He and I. I have no idea how I am egotistical here at all, I speak openly about the fact that this is not my project. It's a group effort of a lot of people far more talented than I, I'm just organizing this. If you want to hate me, sure, but I'm not begging for builders I'm asking the community to help in this and make this map a community project, to extend it beyond just a small team and make it something we can collectively all feel like we are a part of and enjoy.
  6. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Thank you! We're still expanding on the map and adding as needed, a lot of the islands right now are really gorgeous and we'll be showing them off. We're quite happy with the ones we have now but we'll be looking to flesh out stuff more, we may add more islands if we feel there's too little Thank you! We're working really hard on it and the desert is next :) We're gonna be revisiting the charter system heavily this time around and putting in more checks to make sure nations are maintaining the activity they obtained nation status with. And lastly, thank you! I really am grateful for all of your positive feedback here, we've been working hard and it means a lot to myself and the builders to hear that you guys like what you're seeing so far. We'll keep working to impress!
  7. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    We are aiming to reduce Fast Travels and add different solutions to the mix to replace them while enabling roads to be used more. We're not happy with the # of Fast Travels and the community has agreed, I can't promise anything yet - the multiple teams involved with regions and the rest of the Administration have not agreed on anything so I cannot make an open statement like "We're removing all FT", but that is definitely not off the list possibilities and might be my personal preference. Alright, I'll see what I can do.
  8. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    I can provide you with the worldpainter generated screenshot, but it's really not updated and half messed up.
  9. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Still working with nations, currently we've got an idea where Urguan, Oren, Dominion, Sutica (They might change) are going. Haense and Santiega have received info about where they're potentially going and are making a decision. On my books to talk to are Norland, Deivrad, Orcs & Warhawkes (Mesa/Desert being redone so they're delayed currently for a bit), Druids, and Haria maaaaybe? All placements are not final, it's a tenative location that they'll receive should they pass activity checks leading up to map launch or meet another potential critera we're discussing. Mainly sitting down with NLs to ensure we don't build ruins where capitals are going, that we also edit the terrain to NL liking, and that nations have a good idea about what they can expect.
  10. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    The issue is without having a 4k monitor getting a good image is quite hard, basically the image was stitched together from a variety of hand taken screenshots. It provides (I believe) more detail than the last one but it's not easy to export it to something detailed and large, we do have plans however for a way to showcase the map as a whole to you in an... interactive fashion down the line! So, that might be what you're looking for?
  11. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Ya, I started getting into it more while flying around the map. Most of my OG packs (SMP's Revival, John Smith, Dokucraft) I've either used too much or aren't updated anymore. I remembered Chroma and I've enjoyed it, but powdered concrete is kind offputting. Other than that I love it. Now done!
  12. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Going to give it a few days, work starts again tomorrow. I'll be reviewing them after work. Apologies, it does take a while for my computer to switch from texturepack to texturepack and I wanted to post this tonight for you all so I took it in Chroma Hills to try to showcase the build, I'll add vanilla screenshots of the build to the SS dump.
  13. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    We're still at least 2 months off, we're working really hard to hit our intended launch window and will be announcing the hopeful release date closer to release. We want to make sure we get this map as right as we possibly can for everyone to enjoy for a long while to come.