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  1. 501warhead

    [✓] Brewing!

    Topic moved to 'Noted Server Ideas'.
  2. 501warhead

    [✓] Brewing!

    Going to be moving this to noted feedback as with any luck you'll be seeing something custom-coded soon.
  3. 501warhead

    [Denied]Aviers's Game Moderator Application

  4. 501warhead

    Server Rules

    Update Added the following rule back to the rules: If you are held against your will for 15 minutes or more without more than a minimum level of roleplay you may soulstone freely. Edited the previous rule to now state: A player can only be held against their will for up to 3 hours of roleplay. A noble or leader can be held for up to 5 hours of roleplay, the critera for this matches rescue raids. At the end of the timeframe a player must be killed, let go, or allowed to soulstone.
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    The Wilven Order

    Accepted. Please add 501warhead#0501 on discord.
  7. 501warhead

    Recent Rule Change

    About which part? I'm simply asking for ideas and solutions to problems presented.
  8. 501warhead

    Recent Rule Change

    The concern is that, simply put, it essentially soft-locks the character in this state. Not everyone has multiple characters or an interest in playing them, or some can't even play another character due to another situation (such as being missing or wounded). If the roleplay is not enjoyable whatsoever then there is next to no motivation to want to continue to roleplay that character in that situation. The server is, fundamentally, about trying to have fun - not just for one party, but for all parties. That will never be the case, but ideally we would like it for most players to enjoy most of the time they spend on the server.
  9. 501warhead

    Recent Rule Change

    Greetings! I understand your concern and you do bring up several valid concerns that were discussed before the rule was implemented. A few alternatives have been suggested here and we'll likely be looking through at other ways of doing this. This rule submission was born out of something of necessity - the previous iteration of the rule essentially required that roleplay occur within 30 minute intervals in order for someone to be unable to leave. What we often saw was a skirting of this rule - a guard rolling in at the 28 minute mark for a "hello" and then leaving. This was difficult as kidnapping roleplay is a little dangerous to us as a server - extensive time being unable to properly roleplay, time spent doing something that you do not wish to be doing, motivation to log in rapidly declines over time. If someone really wishes to ruin your week, they can argue that you must stay for the whole thing, and before this rule change was implemented - they could. There are flaws in this rule, but the rule specifically states 1 and a 1/2 hours of roleplay. Being AFK will not decrease this timer, and if you stall out your emotes expect to get a moderator telling you to progress roleplay normally or face punishment. It's not perfect and we're open to alternatives, but generally speaking holding someone for 5, 6, or 7 hours against their will performing roleplay they find non-enjoyable is something that we wish to avoid. We figured an hour and a half was quite a lot of roleplay for proper torture (which should be FTB'd according to the ruleset we have in place), information gathering, or some minor ransoming. It is a concern however when the kidnapping is political in nature - which by all means should likely be able to be randomed at the very least and on looking at this rule it does somewhat prevent that. So, I have a question - What are your ideas for alternatives? I'm open to removing or reworking this rule, it was more of an experiment to see how it would effect the state of kidnapping roleplay.
  10. 501warhead

    The Wilven Order

    "Which Sect do you wish to join?" - A penned response.
  11. 501warhead

    Server Rules

    Update Added the following rule: "A player may only be held against their will for up to 1 and 1/2 hours of roleplay. At the end of the timeframe the player may leave the roleplay however the capturer permits either through being let go, soulstoning, or dying as requested."
  12. 501warhead

    The Wilven Order

    Accepted. Please add 501warhead#0501 on discord.
  13. 501warhead

    The Wilven Order

    The Wilven Order “The Wilven Order has one primary goal, to serve the Triumvirate and their wishes. The Triumvirate teaches patience, teaches us to guide the lost, to feed the hungry, and to respect the dead. These principles are the bedrock of our order and our faith, and it is through following the paths laid before us that we will best serve the Triumvirate. In order to see the duties of the temples fulfilled properly that a structure has been defined for the temples to follow that align themselves with the Wilven Order. These roles and sects are created for the purpose of general guidelines for all Pious Monks, but never forget the principles that the Triumvirate teach. They are universal to all monks, of all statuses.” From the Desk of Abbot Urian THE ORDER Abbot Urian Delfrote (Unplayed) Abbot is the highest attainable role in the Wilven Order. It is this single individual that leads the order in all of its efforts and they maintain the will of the Triumvirate from Maronir, the Center Temple. They are rarely seen and spend most of their days seeking the will of the Triumvirate for the order. This character is not to be played without Administrative Approval Grand Monk (Unplayed) Grand Monks are the hands of the Abbot. Grand Monks are promoted from capable Archmonks and brought to Maronir to serve. They are the will and the voice of the Abbot and by extension the Triumvirate. They are also rarely seen as they spend most of their days in Maronir, awaiting the word of the Abbot. These characters are not to be played without Administrative Approval Silent Monk (Formerly, Crypt Monk) (Unplayed) Silent Monks are the monks of legend and rumor. These people are the mysterious force behind healing and rejuvenation at the temple. As a part of their learning in order to wield this healing power they are subject to an oath of silence to the Triumvirate. Breaking this oath means death, and as such they work in quiet beneath the temple grounds where their secrets remain hidden from prying eyes. These characters are not to be played without Administrative Approval Archmonk Archmonk of Keldrith Velth ((501warhead)) Archmonk of Rellenia Knom ((Corpean)) Archmonk of Tariel Vyktor ((RideTheSky)) Archmonks are the appointed caretakers of a specific temple. Each temple has 3 Archmonks, each representing a member of the Triumvirate and their will in the lands that they have been appointed. They are the extension of the abbot in the lands that the Wilven Order serves, and promote new monks in the temple. Each Archmonk leads a sect of the order stationed in a land. Archmonks are only playable by an active Administrator, Game Moderator, Developer, Application Team Director, or Application Team Manager and must be approved to do so. Elder Monk Elder Monks are the direct assistants of the Archmonks, they are trusted with advising the Archmonks on decisions, training new initiates, and maintaining temple grounds. They are subject to following the orders of the Archmonks. Temple Monk Temple Monks are the graduated state of the Initiate, being deemed to have properly followed the guiding principles of the Triumvirate. They are given more responsibility and are expected to set good examples for initiates. Temple Monks have varying responsibilities based off of their chosen Sect. Initiate Monk Initiate Monks are new members of the order who have expressed interest in following the principles of the Triumvirate. They are tutored by their superiors on the path of the Triumvirate and upon successful understanding are promoted to Temple Monk. THE SECTS Sun The Servants of Keldrith The Sect of the Sun follows the principles of Keldrith, aiming to be a beacon of light to those in need. They maintain the temple grounds, harvest crops to feed the hungry, and manage the temple stores. It is through their efforts that the other sects are provided the tools they need to perform their duties. Moon The Servants of Rellenia The Sect of the Moon is one of healing and respect for the Dead. The Silent Monks heal the serious wounds but such is an intensive process saved only for the most mortal of wounds. Instead, using alchemic and medicinal routes the Sect of the Moon treats wounds of adventures who come to the temple, bandaging them up and helping them on their way. In addition the Sect of the Moon handles the respectful burial of the dead and will actively seek out such to give them a proper burial in moonlight of the mother. Stars The Servants of Tariel The Sect of the Stars is one of guidance. Sailors use the light of Tariel to guide their ships and the Sect of the Stars aims to each be a light to guide. The role of the Sect of the Stars is an important one - while all monks are expected to fulfill this task the burden especially is on them. They are to guide the lost and confused through the realms of the world - using any resource at their disposal to navigate safely to these locations to provide a haven or a home to the homeless. ((OOC)) Application Upon successful application you will be added to a discord where you will be given additional details and coordinated with in order to begin some basic roleplay. Monks will be given housing inside of the temple. MC Name: Discord (Or Forum PM me): Character Name: Age: Why are you pursuing the route of Monkhood?: Which sect do you wish to join?: Do you agree to abide by the three laws of the Triumvirate?: (Do not Fight, Guide the Lost, and Teach the Confused.)
  14. 501warhead

    The Wilven Seperation

    The Wilven Separation The First Abbot was the namesake for the order and the role model of all monks; Wilven Adonan. It was under his guidance that the Wilven Sanctuary was established properly and the monks of old were reformed into a new organization built on the principles of the Triumvirate. Through these teachings and guidelines the Wilven Order soon became larger than ever before, growing beyond the bounds of expectation. Realizing that there were always those in need of the teachings and guidance of the Triumvirate the Wilven Order set out advancing and establishing proxy temples in other lands, often sending expeditionary forces into unknown and uncharted land to establish places of healing long before any man, woman, or child had ventured forward into them. It was as this expansion grew that new problems had become acutely known - as expansions managed to become inter-dimensional soon the ancestral birthplace of the Order - the Sanctuary itself - became difficult to manage from. It is with this that the Abbot of the time, the Esteemed and Wise Maron Veneder, gathered the order together to pray to the Triumvirate for guidance on this grand problem. They would continue this prayer for a year until finally, deep in the night, the Abbot woke from a restless sleep. In a need to clear his head to return to sleep he stepped out onto his balcony - and the sky held the answer. Hanging in the sky in perfect clarity to the Abbott’s eyes was a fair maiden, a woman who’s flowing hair was made from constellations and her clothes were stitched with the heavens. She pointed a single finger downward, to a place hidden on the horizon. In a flurry the Abbot would gather up all of the followers he could in the dead of the night as he had received guidance from the Triumvirate themselves. For weeks they travelled the edges of Asulon, following the path laid for them by the Lady of the Stars. Eventually, after most had given up hope they found it. The Scene they found when they stepped through the portal was breathtaking - a sprawling valley of nature, wildlife, and peace like no other. The landscape was flowing with crystal clear water and welcomed the order with almost open arms with a plentiful bounty of edible foods. There was a price however and as the order stepped through the portal shut tight behind them, leaving them stranded in this unknown land with the Abbot himself. Maron would come to be known, as we learned later, as the ‘Missing Abbott’ but such could not be further from the truth. You see, this world was devoid of any structure man-made or not… with the exceptions of various door frames around the valley. These stood empty when the monks first discovered them but through time, discovery, and innovation they soon became fully functional methods of dimensional travel - Linking the various expeditionary forces from all over the known world to the Abbot, save one - the world of Asulon, the shining hope and the home of the Triumvirate, could not be reached no matter how hard the monks tried. The Temples of Asulon and Anthos were lost from the newly formed, bustling organization under the watchful eyes of the Abbot Maron. Soon Maron would pass away peacefully in his sleep - but the legacy of the Abbot lived on. The Proxy Temples soon became full orders of their own, having archmonks assigned to them to train and guide new Wilven Monks. Another Abbot was appointed and life lived on for a time until the arrival of the Descendant races in the land of Athera. As people poured off the boats from Thales the monks were startled, surprised even as the tales of all that they had experienced in Anthos and Asulon were told to the order present. Monks that had been left behind were brought in with wide eyes by the Archmonk of the temple, hearing their stories with wide eyes. Finally - the relics thought long lost were brought to the Athera temple - and thus the order became whole once more. Penned by Atlassian Archmonk of Keldrith, Velth ((This is an IC interpretation of the story, and may be subject to writers bias.))