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  1. Your music in 2017

    v a r e i t y
  2. kk well cuz the comments were taken off the post ill just pok you here XP...

    Dw i didn't think that media team was lazy or such, Im sure everyone knows its difficult to make a video.  just seeing that the media team had some new people it, so i thought maby it would be nice for them to try something out that was some what relivily easy(from a idiot's view of easy who has no clue whats what keep that in mind XD) for them to work together and well kinda get to know each other and while they do it, they can get some ideas or something, as i said before i was speaking with some friends and it came to mind...Just because we were talking how difficult it would be as well as kind of weird to video rp XP so i thought of something and gave it XD. XD i just had a idea and shared such Lol....anyways good luck thu on the projects you guys are doing, You guys are crazy for having that much work 0-0 what are you guys doing...its like your making a mini movie or something....

    But yeah...Would have said it in the forum post one closed it....;-;

    1. Ragnio


      Like stated we like it if people give us some nice ideas and we always try to reconsider them, however, right now we are really busy...and yes! It is a lot of work. Mostly several projects are running at the same time, which is causing us to have that much stuff to handle right now.

  3. The Media Initiative

    Well Met! As many of you have seen in the post we made here the Lord of the Craft Administration is happy to announce our initiative to bring social media back into the fold. For a long time now we’ve had smaller systems for “Media Teams” wherein individuals can apply to make their own media teams in a sense however, as we all have noticed, this system has not worked out nearly as well as it was initially hoped. So, as of last weekend, the LotC Media Staff has been officially reformed underneath @Ragnio along with @Rella101 , both of whom have already been hard at work producing many wonderful things for you guys to enjoy from news posts, youtube videos, twitch livestreams, along with a more active social media presence. As many of you are aware the last time we did an official “Media Team” it didn’t work out so well, we’ve taken a look at the reasonings for this and do not place the blame solely on the former members. This decay sourced from a few major points, one of the major ones being that the leadership of such a team was not trusted with basic aspects of social media such as youtube upload or twitter access, with minor ones including being a stagnant environment for creators. This time around with the new structure of this media staff it’s all about promoting the individual creativity of the passionate people who want to make LotC all the better while creating a positive and unified team experience. As such, the team currently works as follows; Media Coordinator This role is essentially the individuals who show and express a great aptitude for the daily responsibilities of the Media Staff. They are trusted a great deal and are usually given access by the Administration to the different outlets of LotC Media Contributor This is the entry role to the media staff and is usually comprised of individuals who are skilled in one or more of the following ways; Editing (Screenshots/Video), Voice Acting, or Acting (Making skins, performing for recordings) Media Trial A trial rank before one gains Contributor to ensure that they have adequate skills to assist the Staff group before full promotion Media Coordinators run the Media Staff under supervision of the Administration and are promoted based on work ethic and are also responsible for promoting Media Contributors. After this post is up there will be an application process posted in that you can follow through if you’re interested. Keep an eye out however, more news posts will be coming your way along with several community competitions to try your best in and show the rest of LotC your skills. Don't forget to follow us on twitter! Wishing you a good rest of your day, 501warhead
  4. Attack on Fort Knox

  5. Are you still actively checking the bug reports? I know they were moved over to a new system, and I've noticed some have gone unanswered.

  6. Introducing the Vault!

    Sadly, you will have to choose!
  7. Introducing the Vault!

    Please screenshot them and hold onto the screenshot until after launch, send it to us then and we'll discuss about restoring them.
  8. Introducing the Vault!

    Greetings! Have you ever thought about “What would I ever do if a sudden apocalypse came and washed us up stranded in a foreign landscape with no supplies or trade skills?” No? Well why not! It’s certainly a possibility but never fear! Vault-Tec has you covered. With some of the recent developments of science and a dash of magic Vault-Tec brings to you today the latest creation: The hand held /vault! This marvel of the world has the power to transcend time and space, allowing you to store a few precious items to take into the wonderful unknown to build your life back out of. Please do not try to insert a living creature into the vault, the results have been disastrous. Usage Using your personal vault has never been easier! All you have to do is open up your chat box and type the following: /vault And like magic, the vault opens before your eyes! In here you can safely store your items for the inevitable end of the world so that you may begin anew in the new world! Now, consider carefully what you wish to store in here. You may need to carry life saving supplies, mementos to remind you of why you should strive to do your best, some all powerful relics, or something else of great significance. The possibilities are endless*! "You never know, there could be a dirt shortage" *possibilities are not actually endless but equal to 27x where x is number of items available. You can only store, in each slot, a maximum of one item due to the limited space of the personal vault. In addition, certain items of value must be approved by Vault Staff in order to be stored in your personal vault. Elytra cannot be stored in the vault and Diamond Armor must be approved by Vault-Tec Administration. Weapons and Armor will lose their bonus % roles when stored in the vault. This is non-reversible and Vault-Tec does not take responsibility for any mistakes. If you try to store multiple copies of an item only one will go through. Don't store duplicates. Preserving the written word In the effort to ensure that we carry as much knowledge over to a potential new world as possible your personal vault is also equipped with the book vault 1000 which allows you to store as much of your books as you would want! Use this to carry over the tomes of infinite arcane knowledge, a biography to remind you of who you once were, secrets of a fallen empire, or something even greater… "You never know when you might need to crack a terrible pun." Simply hold the book in your hand and type /storebook and it shall vanish, disappearing into your personal book vault 1000! Vault-tastic! After the inevitable doom falls upon our fair world you can simply type /restorebook to fill your inventory with as many books as you can carry of your stored collection. Good luck! You can type /storebook all to store all books in your inventory. Availability Best of all: It’s free*! That’s right, starting now everyone can use their vault, but remember: The apocalypse doesn’t wait, and neither should you! *For the low price of ownership of your soul. -- Vault-tec Administrator & Developer, 501warhead
  9. The World of Atlas

    1. It's not the skills, we are moving to Atlas without Enchants or Potions essentially. This is because unless we write a plugin to prevent you you could theoretically get Sharpness 4-5 enchants, Protection 4, or Strength 2 potions, all of which would be very against what we've been striving for for Minecraft. This doesn't mean anything is gone for good, just that we're launching this way. 2. The Lore/Roleplay components continue on as normal. Mechanically, you cannot enchant or brew potions. 3. Current alchemy ingredients will exist IRP but not mehcanically 4. This is mainly to explain mechanically why this cannot happen, Roleplayly alchemy and alteration are still functioning.
  10. Dear Lotc, Why Remove the Nexus

    If you are curious about this decision Sporadic has explained in more detail in his "RNC 4" as a part of the Remove Nexus Club. It goes into details that lead us to such a decision around time constraints, design discussiion as well as the talk of "Minecraft PvP"; We apologize for the inconvenience this update has caused. We have plenty of exciting LotC unique stuff coming down the line that we hope everyone will enjoy and 6.0 will be coming with a host of updates to the rest of our plugins like shops, personas, and a variety of other things as well.
  11. The World of Atlas

    We say Vanilla-type because this is not pure vanilla in the sense that we completely leave it unchanged, we are removing Enchanting, Alchemy, and Diamond armor from vanilla - so to call it pure vanilla would be a lie, so we didn't want to lead people on. There are no other changes at this time.
  12. [Denied] Piekiller's Coder Application

    This application has been denied. If you would like to be reconsidered, please email [email protected]
  13. Deleting my account

    This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  14. Deleting my account

    Please email this request to [email protected], thank you!