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    A man of Relourian descent born in Renatus, and the twin of House Corbeau’s current patriarch. Yves, like his brother, was raised in the Canonist Faith, inspiring the young boy to become a zealot. As time went on Yves became more interested in the stories of his uncle than the lectures of law from his father, and he’d spend more time training than he would studying. As he grew, his parents noticed how changed Yves was since his childhood, how cruel he had become, Yves’ father sent him off to Helena to join the Imperial Army. Soon after Yves won his first skirmish, his mother sent for him. Knowing that his father was soon to leave the world, Yves was discharged under extenuating circumstances. Soon after arriving home, Yves’ father died of old age, passing the patriarchy to Etienne, and leaving Yves the command to protect his brother and his family. After he and his brother had buried their father, the two of them felt it was time to begin a new chapter of the story House Corbeau, and moved to what is now Curon.
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