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  1. A few nice tweaks from the original lore, but is still well rooted. I like.
  2. Knox was actually one of the GMs that sat in the call that lasted several hours and played a key role in the revisions that Syko and myself made to the document. From what I recall, the sentiment among us three and the current admin at the time was that we were pretty satisfied with the state of it. While it needed tuning and some good love and care, we felt it satisfied many of our immediate needs. Perhaps you recall it incorrectly. From my own point of view, it was the hand of Telanir that brought in sweeping changes. I had presented it in a call with other administrators and was told that it needed arbitrary trimming down to 10 pages with no consideration for reason or context. And that we needed to put in what was called at the time a "Good Faith Clause." Syko and I sat down and hashed it out in about an hour and we returned to the table where we got overall a positive response and we left happy. Next day Telanir swept the table with a broom handle and shattered all the dishes. Lol @Sykogenic
  3. Lyemar Aureon grins widely as he readies his ironwood weaponry.
  4. I’m upset that my membership in the class of 2017 was missed....
  5. Congratulations on forum admin

    1. Riftblade


      thanks, took a while to bring the team back

  6. Lyemar Aureon’s brow would perk at the letter as he read it over. A slight chuckle would escape him and he shakes his head before tossing it aside. “This ‘Fenn is quite stupid. Like a dog with a treat hung in front of him, he follows only his nose – greed driving him forward while he forgets all else.” The ‘Ame would then clear his throat, beginning to quote an announcement from the ‘Fennic author. “On this day, the 3rd of Snow’s Maiden, 1736. I Aesilnoth am relinquishing the name Tundrak, am relinquishing my command of the Ivae’fenn, and am relinquishing my position within the Princedom of Fenn. This might come as a shock to some, or all. But it is a necessity for my sanity. I can no longer bare the burden of watching my kin die under my command. So many names that become lost to time, but never to me. I shall continue my path in the name of Wyrvun, honoring the Mali’fenn’s immortal pact. For what is to come next, only time shall tell. But as of the present, I am leaving my home, my people, my kin behind.”
  7. Sounds a little too political.
  8. Lyemar Aureon would breathe a soft sigh that would drain his lungs of breath as he set down the note he had received. A bird had appeared in during the daily commotion with a letter addressed to him which he would withdraw to his home with. The High Prince had expected some immediate thought to come to mind, however none would rise to fill the void that was present in his mind which caused him to stare blankly down to the letter he held. Several moments would pass and at last in a smooth motion he would fold the letter once more and set it aside. “Even in death, may you be blessed with the warmth of the Mother’s merciful embrace, Sister.” he would say in a soft voice, offering one last prayer to his seed sister.
  9. Depicted above, The Honourable Judge Kaelan__ and his jury of “The Boys” @Sykogenic @Knox @Callum @Nectorist On a serious note – can you please stop vomiting all over your keyboard you absolute retard.
  10. The Accord of Tongyi-Hu Signed and issued 1755 Since the signing of the Union of Ironwood and Jade, the Hou-zi residing within the territory of Tongyi-Hu have reaped the benefit of years of undisturbed peace brought to their people. With the recent establishment of the Děngyú Monastery and a period of transformation for the Hou-zi peoples, we do so seek to reaffirm the terms of the pact that brought forth the protectorate state under the Forest Realm of Irrinor. The terms agreed to by all signatories of this accord are as follows... [ I ]: The territory of Tongyi-Hu is hereby granted to the Děngyú Monastery by the Forest Realm of Irrinor as a self-governing territory under the authority of the Forest Realm. All matters of external affairs shall be relinquished by the Hou-zi of the Děngyú Monastery to be handled by the Forest Realm of Irrinor. [ II ]: The Omentahu of Irrinor, headed by the High Prince Lyemar Aureon, is recognized by the Děngyú Monastery as being the sovereign authority of the Mali’ame peoples. [ III ]: The Council of Chi is recognized by the Forest Realm of Irrinor as the sole authority over the Hou-zi peoples within the territory of Tongyi-Hu. [ IV ]: The Council of Chi shall be granted the authority to govern all internal affairs within the Tongyi-Hu region. All matters pertaining to law, military, taxation, etc shall be at the discretion of the Council of Chi. [ V ]: The Forest Realm of Irrinor shall assist the Děngyú Monastery in the capture and extradition of any and all fugitives as indicated by the Council of Chi to the Děngyú Monastery. [ VI ]: The Děngyú Monastery shall assist the Forest Realm of Irrinor in the capture and extradition of any and all fugitives as indicated by the Omentahu of Irrinor to the Forest Realm of Irrinor. [ VII ]: The teaching of Chi within the Forest Realm of Irrinor and any states within the influence of the Forest Realm shall be barred, save for within the territory of Tongyi-Hu where the magic may freely be taught. [ VIII ]: The Forest Realm of Irrinor shall make no effort to raise militias from within the territory of Tongyi-Hu as an indication of respect for the philosophy of Right Thought. This, however, does not bar the Forest Realm of Irrinor from stationing its own militias within the territory of Tongyi-Hu with the permission of the Council of Chi. Signed by High Prince Lyemar Aureon Laoshi Hsieh-Xiwang, Master Monk of the Moon, Follower of the Emerald Way, Son of Hsieh-Xin, Founder of the Council of Chi Councillor Feng-Guihua, Master Monk of the Sun, Jade Scribe, Former Chancellor of the Jade Republic
  12. Good update, Braxis. Now that Telanir has his claws out of the moderation team and out of the administration in general I have high hopes for LOTC. I am also obligated to demand the return of the forum team in this response. Return the forum team.
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