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  1. Kaelan

    Ask Brax

    Seconding this. Forum Empire when?
  2. I need a banger of a song here, Muffins. Can you provide a song that you consider to be an absolute bop?
  3. Moves to hand Luvelia (and all other fair maidens of the realm) the missed missive and painting.
  4. server’s down for two days shoot up while you can

  5. High Prince Lyemar Aureon hums softly as he hears the news of his close allies to the south. “Interesting,” the ‘Ame would state as he looked out to the city where his kin resided.
  6. Honestly why do you people care if we use tactical nukes once we hit that kill streak? You don’t rp in Irrinor so it shouldn’t matter. Go fix your lore then come back aight. Lore team lost all credibility till lore games is done. 

  7. I’m sorry Fireheart. You’re right, that was needlessly toxic towards my friend Syko. These aren’t the values that you instilled in me during our time on staff... I just – I get so angry and can’t help it. Ever since you left us... @Sykogenic I’m sorry, Syko.
  8. As I told Telanir when he introduced this idea when I was a mod manager, you’re making a solution to a problem that simply isn’t there. 90% of appeals are accepted because the person appeals on their date. The only appeals that get denied are the ones where the person puts in 0 effort or passes the blame on. This was change for the sake of change that was shoved down our throats because Telanir had another /great/ idea he felt /had/ to be implemented.
  9. I’m going to ******* steal your kid, Syko.
  10. THE TREATY OF SAN’AZGAK Signed and confirmed 1750 Reminded are we of the days of Imperial aggression during the Bootless War, the calls from the Valah for the blood of Uruk and Mali’ame alike. In the face of overwhelming odds, the peoples of Krugmar and Irrinor stood united in defence of their sovereignty, to refuse to submit. Tragically did the Bootless end for those who rose to stand against the Empire with Uruk and Mali’ame standing side by side in an outnumbered engagement. It, however, did not spell an end to the Uruks who would rise once more. We recall the valour of those men and women of Krugmar and of the Forest Realm of Irrinor and seek to honour their sacrifice by the formation of pacts to ensure the continued peace between these two realms. [ I ] The Forest Realm of Irrinor and the Rexdom of Krugmar upon the signing of this pact commit themselves to a strict pact of non-aggression. Calls to take up arms against either of the two signatories shall be refused by either of the two signatories of this pact. [ II ] The Forest Realm of Irrinor hereby recognizes Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter as the rightful ruler of the Rexdom of Krugmar and as the rightful sovereign of the Uruks. [ III ] The Rexdom of Krugmar hereby recognizes High Prince Lyemar Aureon as the rightful ruler of the Forest Realm of Irrinor and as the rightful sovereign of the Mali’ame. [ IV ] The Forest Realm of Irrinor and the Rexdom of Krugmar hereby commit to ensuring the free movement of citizenry and goods through lands controlled by their respective realms. [ V ] This pact shall remain valid for a period of four years, whereas both parties will meet once more to reaffirm it unless it is reaffirmed at an earlier date. Signed, High Prince Lyemar of the Sovereign Seed of Aureon Rex Skalp’Raguk da Uniter
  11. Kaelan

    [Your View] Coups

    The first point was written with the scenario in mind of having a stable playerbase that currently gathers players and supports them, and to have some band of 10 players (from your example, which is a trash set of rules as well) just throw it all out the window. The rules shouldn’t enable people who might be incompetent, minority leaders to just stir **** in stable nations that actively support player retention. 10 players isn’t reflective of the majority of a community. Second point was just a general statement that most nation leaders are in tune with their core playerbase and are mature enough to realize when they aren’t wanted. If you have a problem that we didn’t cater to your needs, there are other options for you to do your thing than couping and destroying a playerbase because someone took your legos. Then do it. Do you need a set of rules written so the mod team can hold your hand because you’re entirely incapable? Simply put, coups are a niche within LOTC. We do not need to cater to this group to enable them with a specific set of rules that are made to destabilize communities.
  12. Kaelan

    [Your View] Coups

    Coup rules in general are a massively bad idea. i ) As a nation leader, I am encouraged for the sake of stability to set up my government and region in a way that will prevent any of the clauses of any coup rules coming into effect. Require a minimum amount of ROs? I’ll just add my friend to the region. Better yet I’ll add my friends that aren’t really active on LOTC any more to the region and all it’ll take is one message over discord for them to appear and side with me. ii ) Coups if done for the wrong reason, or done by a minority force within a nation, can result in that nation being pushed away. The potential for a nation dying because of a change in leader to someone who was just power hungry and not at all capable is incredibly high if you enable them. Nations in general serve as the way to capture new players on LOTC and retain them so that they become veterans. Seeing the destruction of them or them made to be unstable will affect player retention. As a side note related to this, this can be especially bad if we see the outright removal of certain cultures that have existed on LOTC for years in place of something entirely bland or surface level. iii ) NLs should be in tune with the feeling of their playerbase. If you aren’t, you’re a bad community builder and probably don’t have a community to begin with. If your community doesn’t want you, they’ll let you know either by saying that to your face or by leaving. There are other playerbases on LOTC to have fun with, or they’ll start up their own. iv ) The systems for everyone’s governments vary nation to nation. Off the top of my head, Druids operate off of three archdruids with one being labeled the nation leader. Welves are an elected monarchy from a certain class of citizens. Humans are inherited through bloodlines. Fenn is elected from a bloodline. You are not going to make a system that fits all nations cleanly. In general, just let us do our own thing. If someone wants to come to me and try and coup and they have a plan that’ll maintain the community, sure. I’ll work something out for you that is in the best interest of the community we share. However if you’re here to stir **** and get giggles from destroying something worked on for years, you can **** off.
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