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  1. this is a rather **** attempt at rep farming disappointing
  2. Didn’t expect you to get the red tag but guess these things happen! Congrats!

    1. Kaelan


      I’m excited to replace Pun as the Moderator Administrator. I’ll do you proud mister telanir and get the team back on track! 

    2. Mumkey


      Never expected to see Telanir flame somebody. What a wild time we’re living in boys.

    3. Kaelan
  3. I really never expected you to get admin! Congrats.

    1. Kaelan


      Dude it was sure a shock. @Telanir thank you for believing in me mister telanir 

    2. Telanir


      @Kaelan congrats dude, all the best!

  4. congrats my guy!

  5. To Address A Paladin’s Request Aspects Blessings upon those Followers of Xan, The purpose of this letter penned to you and your kin is rather simple. It has come to my attention the whisperings from you and your people into the ears of the Chieftains of the Omentahu. Perhaps you desired to test the waters quietly before approaching me and taking the plunge with your request. I will, however, save you the anxiety of making such a request in front of the Assembly of the Omentahu by addressing this matter immediately. The request for special privileges through a granting of land, something that has been afforded to none save for the Hou-zi who we have terms that are mutually favourable for our two peoples, has been denied. For the time being, all requests of this nature will receive the same response. A resounding no. The housing of a group of people who are unable to take up arms in our favour against the everyday threats of bandits and other realms that desire to challenge our sovereignty does not benefit the Forest Realm of Irrinor in any way. Your group will not assist in upkeeping our laws, nor will you play a part in our society by isolating yourselves in the forest in a manor to call your own. The followers of Xan have very little to offer beyond what is already being offered in exchange for our support in tackling the Voidal Threat. I also call into question the stability of this group of paladins and the relations they forge with various elven nations that inhabit Arcas. Before your arrival, the elvish nations were united to combat the Voidal threat. However, since your involvement, we have seen the Princedom of Fenn withdraw their support to combat this threat and you have managed to get yourselves banished from the Silver State of Haelun’or. Your involvement has torn down relations and strained them rather than build a united front. My Annilir and myself are left troubled at the thought that our High Elven cousins will no longer support this cause as a direct result of your actions. Leaving us to fill the absence left by these two nations while we may only lean on the Talus Grove. You have successfully driven away half of this coalition. I will however not leave your group without hope. My requests are simple and should be easily obtained. Repair your relations with both Fenn and Haelun’or, cast out Vex from among your ranks and abandon all other void slingers or those who have tainted themselves with the spreading of imbalance, and prove to us that you are here to stay and intend to integrate with our culture and will not interfere in our ways of life. Signed, Lyemar Aureon, Blessed Descendant of Elenwë, High Chieftain of the Forest Realm of Irrinor, Sovereign of the Mali’ame, Chieftain of the Aureon Seed, Brother Red Panda, Priest of the El’Narnsae’ame.
  6. You’re free my dude! I have to ask, whats your opinions on buses? Your plans moving forward?
  7. hi kaelan

    1. Kaelan


      hey muffins! How’s a going?

  8. Banishment of Vex It is hereby decreed that the female Mali known as Vex is banished from the Forest Realm of Irrinor. Whispers and words of concerns float around these halls, detailing her previous involvement in the spreading of the Voidal Threat. From citizens, to Chieftains, to the Mother Grove; all warn not to trust her. Up until now, the presence of Vex has been tolerated so long as she was accompanied by her Paladin companions. But with recent actions that violate the terms of this tolerance, I find it fit to banish her from the Forest Realm of Irrinor. Should she be discovered within the borders of the Forest Realm of Irrinor, she is to be forcefully expelled. Signed, Lyemar Aureon, Blessed Descendant of Elenwë, High Chieftain of the Forest Realm of Irrinor, Sovereign of the Mali’ame, Chieftain of the Aureon Seed, Brother Red Panda, Priest of the El’Narnsae’ame.
  9. woah..... just got interviewed for admin 


    submitted my package. Thank you for this opportunity Mister Telanir 

  10. Lyemar Aureon begins to pop popcorn to view the war in the savanna from on top of the tall trees in Irrinor
  11. “Blessed be our friends and allies in the Silver State of Haelun’or,” remarks Lyemar Aureon who smiled warmly upon reading the update. ”It does indeed put one at ease to see a conclusion to the minor conflict that strained on our relations. However, we may now move forward once more.”
  12. Hey lackless uwu 

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