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  1. Telanir are you okay? Is this jumping back and forth and sudden changes a desperate cry for help?
  2. A Cowards End “Let the Mother use life’s waters that come from these cowardly dogs to feed the new life breathed into our Realm.” The Clash of the Irrinite Forests It was not the first time that men from the Empire of Oren had wandered into the forests that the Forest Realm of Irrinor had lay claim to. Nature quieted as these men from Oren entered into the forests. Perhaps the creatures that inhabited the Irrinite Forests remembered the slaughter of the Haense Marshal who had been slain when he and a band of Haensemen tread into the treelines. Or perhaps they recalled the Orenian raiding party a few years later whose screams and whimperings echoed throughout before their throats were slit. With haste, the Mali of Irrinor donned their armour and took up arms against these foreign invaders. Those who stood and fought were quickly cut down, and those who attempted to flee met the same fate as their comrades. Save for one whose incompetence was highlighted as he tripped over his own feet and fell onto his own sword to end his life. How truly incompetent the men of Oren were to be defeated by Wood Elves. The Clash of Morsgrad and Oren The men of Morsgrad had arrived upon Irrinor, unfortunately, it was too late. The wood elves of Irrinor had swiftly dispatched of the Orenian contingents that attacked upon the settlement; with the Orenian commander captured and slaughtered - the Orenians had fled a few hours before the Morsgradi arrival. The Morsgradi set off in pursuit, moving along the road and travelling across the continent to the Orenian-heartlands in search of the remaining Orenian forces. Luckily, they had come across them just past Rubern. They were hiding like stray dogs within one of their many towers, fighting ensued instantly. A couple Orenians were slaughtered outside of one of their holdfasts and the rest cowered within, the fighting from there on out consisted of arrow shots slamming against their defences; they took a few more lives. Beyond that, nothing much had occurred Daniel Danielson let loose one of his lethal, world-renowned, snap kicks that burst open the Orenian doors - the Mosgradi charged in and slaughtered the remaining Orenians. The fighting had become such a sport and with so little effort that even the women of Morsgrad sought comfort in marching out to fight alongside their compatriots, with Lyanna, Elizaveta and more feeling no worries in enjoying such as a casual family-outing.
  3. Wishing you the best my dude


    Had hoped you were the one to save us 

  4. “Pretty sure your Haense marshal is an undead as well...” says a red headed wood elf. “Something about dying to some Irrinites....”
  5. Kaelan


    Lyemar Aureon rubs his hands over one another as he readies to send projectiles towards Haensemen with a trebuchet.
  6. Princes, Chieftains, and Laurir of Irrinor | The Nobility of the Forest Realm | “Honour those who lay down their lives for our people, who lead our people with hands guided by the Father, and who tend to our citizens with the softness of the Mother. Bestow upon them these honours they will carry with them into the Eternal Forest.” - High Prince Lyemar Aureon Since the days of the Principality of Laureh’lin, the Mali’ame have maintained an informal system of bestowing titles to the most deserving of peers. In a gesture to honour an individual, or by times a seed, the High Princes of old had seen it fit to raise these men and women, granting them numerous titles and status within the realms that the Mali’ame have made their home. With the relentless passing of time, memories of these honours fade and our kin depart. Most who were honoured in the times of the Principality of Laureh’lin, the Dominion of Malin, Gladewynn, Alderyn, and most recently the Diarchy of Irrinor have since lost their recognition as the ruling sovereign of the Mali’ame has been passed along. Under the rule of High Prince Lyemar Aureon, the Forest Realm sees it fit to formalize the bestowment of these honours. The ennoblement of these individuals are enumerated as follows in descending order as to their status within the Forest Realm of Irrinor. These titles are not hereditary, and thus not passed down to the next of kin of the individual who has been bestowed the title. Rather when one is claimed by the Aspects, the honours remain with that individual as they enter into the Eternal Forest - save for the title of High Prince who will instead retain their Princely honours in place of the rank of sovereign. High Prince/Princess - The reigning sovereign of the Mali’ame. They are the highest authority in the Forest Realm of Irrinor and of the highest prestige. The seed to which the Chieftain belongs to is denoted as being the Sovereign Seed throughout the duration of the High Prince’s reign. Prince/Princess - Denotes the honour bestowed upon the most loyal and zealous citizens of the Forest Realm. While this title is most often bestowed upon Chieftains to elevate them, it is not out of the realm of possibility for a clanless citizen to achieve the rank of Prince. Should this honour be bestowed upon a reigning Chieftain, the seed to which the Chieftain belongs to shall be denoted as a Princely Seed. Chieftain - The reigning leader of a Seed/Clan/Family that has been recognized by the Forest Realm of Irrinor. Upon recognition from the state, a Chieftain is granted governance of their kinsmen who belong to their Seed/Clan/Family, being able to pass judgement and punishment without interference from the state. Upon the passing of a High Prince, those who hold the rank of Chieftain within the Forest Realm of Irrinor are called upon to elect a new High Prince from amongst themselves. Laurir - A honour granted to an individual who is a citizen of the Forest Realm of Irrinor. The rank of Laurir is often bestowed upon those who have made great sacrifices for the benefit of the Forest Realm, have brought great honour to the Forest Realm, or have served the Forest Realm for a period of more than ten years on the Oaken Council. The Forest Realm of Irrinor The following are titles and honours belonging to the Forest Realm of Irrinor in descending order. High Prince Lyemar Aureon High Princess Consort Leilani Aureon Of the Irrinite Forest The following are titles and honours belonging to the Irrinite Forest in descending order. Emerald Prince Lyemar Aureon Autumn Prince Miklaeil Arvellon Chieftain Lyemar Aureon of the Aureon Seed Chieftess Leilani Aureon of the Aureon Seed Chieftain Miklaeil Arvellon of the Arvellon Seed Chieftess Layla Arvellon of the Arvellon Seed Chieftain Kalius Tresery of the Tresery Seed Chieftain Skylar Taliame’onn of the Taliame’onn Seed Chieftain Artanis Caerme’onn of the Caerme’onn Seed Chieftess Lillith Winterleaf of the Winterleaf Seed Chieftess Kyral Winterleaf of the Winterleaf Seed Laurir Allora Caerme’onn Laurir Ez’kiel Arvellon Laurir Eir’thall Arvellon Laurir Andria Tresery Of the Jade Republic The following are titles and honours belonging to the Jade Republic, and recognized by the Forest Realm of Irrinor, in descending order. Huangdi Shui Xiao
  7. Irrinite Housing Registry In order for homes to be assigned in an orderly fashion, please sign up here in order to acquire a house. After providing the required information, a steward will contact you shortly and aid you in finding a home. May the Aspects and the Mani bless your path. Housing Application ((OOC)) MC NAME: Name: Race: Seed/Clan (If none, leave N/A): Profession/Craft (If none, leave N/A): List any family or dependents who will be staying with you (If none, leave N/A):
  8. THE DEFEAT OF OREN AND REIVERS An artists depiction of King Peter III’s skull. The horns sounded all across the continent, this was not some mere skirmish. This was the entirety of Arcas rallying their forces, sending their troops to the battle field. Orenians rallied to Helena, AIS men rallied to Rubern and the Reiver Gremlins sullied amongst both forces like vultures - with an aim to salvage at the scraps like any scavenger. Surely a fight that will propel itself as a pinnacle of the war, the largest forces either side can rally shall be pit against each other. Here they met upon the roads that lay peacefully between Helena & Rubern. The soldiers mulled about in the thousands as they stand across from one another. A gentle sigh exhaled from beneath Doctor Daniels lips, for he had no doubt of the result - but he knew that many lives would be slain and spilled here. A waste of life he thought, which being a doctor he did care deeply about! Regardless though, he raised a closed fist and called the armies to march ahead. There they were, a large army of Orenians massed opposite them; to the flank was the 20 scavenging rats (Reivers). Shields locked and a deafening silence waved amongst either ranks, however, this silence was broken when a large battle-roar commenced from the AIS “Haense Die!” With that, both sides charged in to each other meeting in the middle of the road with a fierce clash of their armies - sword rended through flesh, bodies dropped to the floor and after moments of intense fighting then the Orenian commanders called a retreat. And with that, the Oren forces routed as they fled into the forests opposite Rubern; chased down they were. Oren were finished. The AIS men mulled casually amongst the roads, sticking their swords into their opponents on the floor to make sure they were finished off. Yet, this respite was only momentarily for shouts aired through the surrounding lands once more. “Rats!” was the word screamed, as the scavengers road over the hill. The AIS had regrouped, pushing down the road towards Helena and rode down the Reiver Rats, slaying them shortly after the Orenian forces had been dealt with. After the fight, the men returned to Rubern and the doctors of Morsgad were happy, containing and slaughtering those who carried the Haeseni plague. The day was won, Hurrah. Let this mark the eight victory of eight fights.
  9. Kaelan


    Lyemar stares at the flames that ripple below at the foot of his throne. A soft sigh would escape him as he thinks to the friend and close ally that had departed from Arcas. “Aspects guide you, Aldred.”
  10. The Pact of Zakopane Issued and Confirmed 18th of The Amber Cold, 1740. I: The signatories of this pact hereby agree to establish a pact of strict non-aggression. II: The Piastdom of Zakopane recognizes the rightful rule of High Prince Lyemar Aureon as the sovereign of the Mali’ame, and all forests surrounding the Forest Realm of Irrinor as territory belonging to the Forest Realm. III: The Forest Realm of Irrinor recognizes the rightful rule of Piast Svetovid Vilchyc as the rightful ruler of the Piastdom of Zakopane. IV: This pact should be valid for a period of four years. Upon expiration, the signatories will be required to meet to renew this pact of non-aggression. Signed by, Lyemar Aureon, Blessed Descendant of Elenwë, High Prince of the Forest Realm of Irrinor, Sovereign of the Mali’ame, Chieftain of the Aureon Seed, Brother Red Panda, Priest of the El’Narnsae’ame Piast Svetovid Vilchyc, Piast of Zakopane, Son of Radaghast
  11. High Prince Lyemar Aureon signs
  12. Lyemar Aureon smiles softly after penning his name.
  13. Issued and Confirmed 14th of The Amber Cold, 1740. Esteemed Sohaer, I write to you with the simple purpose of mending the relationship that was shattered by my hand eight years ago at the conception of the 8 Years War. For years now our people have bled and suffered as this fruitless war has raged on. And for what? While it may be easier to blame this fallout between our states on the bloodlust of Avius Csarathaire, it would be a misplacement of that blame to pin it on him alone. It was indeed the young Chieftain who shouted cries of war and raged for the blood of the men sent to our gates. It was indeed the Csarathaire who led the charge that led to the needless slaughter of those men. But it is the fault of myself and my council for not stepping in to stop the Csarathaire’s actions, and the actions of those who followed him. I allowed myself to be swayed by the calls for blood and allowed for those men to set out and put down what appeared to be transgressors against us. I stood on the sidelines as they bound the member of the Silver Council who accompanied those Orenians who approached Irrinor. I take it as some small miracle that the actions of my people did not result in the slaying of the Silver Council member. Such actions were unjust, uncalled for, and absolutely unreasonable. I must take full responsibility for the war that has plagued our people, admit my own failure and offer up reparations for the aggression shown towards the Mali’thill by the Mali’ame. In doing such it is my hope that you might extend to us a most blessed mercy so that our people might once more live in peace and harmony. To work towards repairing the shattered relationship between cousins of Malin. Signed, Lyemar Aureon, Blessed Descendant of Elenwë, High Prince of the Forest Realm of Irrinor
  14. The Treaty of Irrinor Issued and confirmed 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1740 I: The Forest Realm of Irrinor and the Princedom of Fenn shall upon the signing of this pact form an alliance between the Mali’ame and the Mali’fenn people. II: In the event that a foreign realm takes up arms, or otherwise threatens the sovereignty of either of the signatories, the signatories shall take-up arms in defence of one another. III: In the event that either of the signatories take-up arms to aggress upon a foreign realm, they reserve the right to petition one another to enter into an aggressive war. However, neither party will be obligated to answer these calls and reserve the right to decline such call to arms without breaking this pact. IV: The Forest Realm of Irrinor recognizes the Grand Prince Aldred Thundrak as the sovereign ruler of the Mali’fenn people. V: The Princedom of Fenn recognizes the High Prince Lyemar Aureon as the sovereign ruler of the Mali’ame people. VI: The signatories of this pact pledge themselves to free trade between their respective nations. Unrestricted movement of goods between the Princedom and the Forest Realm shall be ensured by both signatories. Such goods will be exempt from taxation. Signed by, Lyemar Aureon, Blessed Descendant of Elenwë, High Prince of the Forest Realm of Irrinor, Sovereign of the Mali’ame, Chieftain of the Aureon Seed, Brother Red Panda, Priest of the El’Narnsae’ame Aldred of the Tundrak Bloodline, First of His Name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the Chosen of Wyrvun
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