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  1. LT please change Feat seer to not be self teachable.

    P.S. if you roleplay a feat seer, you’re subject to the mental and physical downsides.

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    2. ScreamingDingo


      And it’s literally a point of who cares. let them do the flavor of the month aesthetic. This is what self-teaching is at its finest and you guys are complaining over people not wanting to roleplay not having sight (which is difficult to do on minecraft anyway). You just have to let these systems play their course, those who are genuine seers will obviously stand out from the crowd. Those who are the run of the mill idiots will just continue their blindfold rp and thats it.

    3. Lackless_


      ah yes, the roleplay consequences of being blind, let me just have 90% of my rp crippled and find some other way to achieve sight again, cause the feat was written into a magic and now ppl in it are mad other ppl have it now..



      Apart from my sarcastic comment, I don’t see a valid reason to remove self-teaching apart from the apparent bloat you’re commenting on, yeah, there’s people who just want to have the aesthetic and be blinded just because of that, but there definitely is a good chunk of people who are likely actually blinded, and crying about ‘AvOiDiNg RoLePlAY ConSeQuEnCe’ is such a poor excuse, as Joel said, blinding people is quite literally the most [redacted] thing you can do, and shockingly enough, if Seer wasn’t a feat, people would just find other ways to ‘avoid consequence’, that being monk healing or any other irrelevant means of fixing your eyes.

      ‘waaaa this person should roleplay a crippled character that can’t do ninety percent of things waaaa’

    4. Unwillingly


      i agree that having to rp being blind is a pain in the ass and is nowhere near the type of RP of losing an arm or leg for example

  2. SOmeone said this is a post about how too many people are making feat seers because it’s a self teach. Big agree that it should not be 😄 Edit: Fury eat pp idjit
  3. 1.15 Is here. So what about pending lore? 

    1. Phylarch


      LoTC’s word for lore is excuses 

    2. Goblinberg


      Theorically people have done the changes; now we're waiting for our great lord Flambo 

  4. Any amount of edits to one item take one token or all edits be it name, color, description and so on take one token? Edit: You a real one Korvic
  5. Hard no. Its just witcher lore but you renamed it. Its like the only **** you tried to hide about it was the name. PK Clause is cool but otherwise it’s not really that original of a concept. All the ‘abilities’ say no combative but it all looks useful in combat. Harder to break bones, poison resistance, heart-rate ****, pique physical strength.
  6. Dont take away mod duties. JUst make it so a different mod from the one who had to handle the ban has to take care of the appeal.
  7. RP Name: Cerys MC Username: Deer__ Discord: Deer#0793 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Exploration What Skills Can You Bring?: Largely combat
  8. One of the few guys I could actively rely on on the team. Have a good one silver. Good luck.
  9. Accept or water is retconned.
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