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  1. My homie tox wrote this in the past 3 hours. Calling him out
  2. Aurelion, Exarch under Evar'tir read a copy beside his colleague. He too let out a sigh, one of annoyance. "Me too."
  3. 100 mina per map 3x3 portrait is 9 maps so 900 mina
  4. A ginger haired Almenodrim, one often travelling to and from his home port of Amaethea, read over the missive spread throughout Elvenesse from the comfort of his hilltop home. He let out a thoughtful hum before setting it aside and returning to reading Judicial missives from his colleagues.
  5. Maaan. 



    Love me.

    1. Deer__



    2. Pup


      I'm in the same boat, rukio, we'll start a club to make Deer not ignore us.


  6. @Shmeepicus is dumb and so is @J0S3Y Thank u mr vooper
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