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  1. 1.15 Is here. So what about pending lore? 

    1. Phylarch


      LoTC’s word for lore is excuses 

    2. Goblinberg


      Theorically people have done the changes; now we're waiting for our great lord Flambo 

  2. Any amount of edits to one item take one token or all edits be it name, color, description and so on take one token? Edit: You a real one Korvic
  3. Hard no. Its just witcher lore but you renamed it. Its like the only **** you tried to hide about it was the name. PK Clause is cool but otherwise it’s not really that original of a concept. All the ‘abilities’ say no combative but it all looks useful in combat. Harder to break bones, poison resistance, heart-rate ****, pique physical strength.
  4. Dont take away mod duties. JUst make it so a different mod from the one who had to handle the ban has to take care of the appeal.
  5. RP Name: Cerys MC Username: Deer__ Discord: Deer#0793 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Exploration What Skills Can You Bring?: Largely combat
  6. One of the few guys I could actively rely on on the team. Have a good one silver. Good luck.
  7. Accept or water is retconned.
  8. Infinite pinging on the server selection and infinite ‘Connecting to server...” send help.

  9. Deer__

    papi pollos skins

    You still owe me one.
  10. I havent really interacted with Narthok for a while but had tons of fun with him in Axios. I’m certainly gonna miss him. Wish you the best of luck post lotc Narthok.
  11. An Azdrazi who caught wind of the letter muttered something spiteful about the cold before commenting largely to herself. “Someone call themselves a dragon again, I dare ‘em.”
  12. I told him no one likes the page functionality but him. He did it anyways.
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