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  1. Never been a dwarf player but boy do I love dwarf culture and clan posts.
  2. Hidden already...

    1. MeteorDragon


      I knew this would happen

  3. But Unwillingly. I don't want to read another 38 pages of lore, please...
  4. Only genuine thought is that I'd like to see more community feedback posts on things on the FORUMS before they go live. Whether it's greater lore changes, rule changes, system changes, whatever is big enough to have an effect on most of the server for better or worse needs to be shown to the community in a post and discussed. The most egregious recent example of this is that MRP/CRP rule list. Whether it getting clowned on was warranted or not (The name MRP definitely deserved getting clowned on), there should be more feedback sought before something goes out. Of course not everyone is going to agree on anything but at least pulling in ideas or seeing issues with it that perhaps you didn't see before will help when whatever system inevitably gets pushed anyways. I know the reply in that MRP post was 'well we have the moderation discord, join that'. My answer to that is not everyone wants to join their 15th LotC discord server, put up a poll or post on the forums so it's sure to reach more people and then you have all that feedback, all those ideas written down. Whether or not some of that feedback is awful in your eyes or not, you're bound to get something useful out of it. Edit: Little afterthought to clarify. I don't think new changes need to be liked by majority server. Like I said, you can't make everyone happy. Push the changes anyways, but give a little showing before you do.
  5. Potential to be rules lawyered into "Well I walked them around for 2 hours, gave them sufficient roleplay but havent put them in a holding cell yet so their timer hasn't started. Kind of a nitpick but we all know someone, somewhere on the server will do it eventually.
  6. Adria just a big ole chunk error now. This is so sad

  7. Aurelion stood at the docks end alongside Idril Sylvaeri and Ser Vlad, watching as the late King Georg I sailed off into the distant sea. He watched on for a long time, until the boat he'd built with his own hands drifted off over the horizon.
  8. A certain Templar skimmed over the invitation before penning a reply, his willingness to show should duty allow. Meanwhile, a particular Dark Elf wandered from town to town, settlement to settlement wondering when and where she might see her old friend again.
  9. Tolkien-posting elves love some Tolkien-posting humans.
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