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  2. This post has been returned to cultures at request of some of the Akritian players.
  3. One of the Underclerks of Ves, a dark elf, aimlessly wandered the very city she worked and lived in. She was lost within such a familiar place without her closest friend.
  4. I’m going to be real. We don’t need more of these posts saying the same things over and over. Whether I agree or not.
  5. So even though we’re all hating on each other. Check this out. Video by NASA and it’s pretty inspiring and neat.


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    2. dogbew


      Nasa was founded by Nazis

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      You just wait. 😉

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      It is the moon one @Knightei. I think the forums are just busted right now, it’s not loading my profile right.

  6. I don’t normally voice an opinion on the forums and I’m not even rooting for Renatus. I was hoping for an Oren win, a majority of my time is spent in Ves so that explains why. That all being said, I sat and watched while the warpath was changed and the Renatians weren’t given another week to prepare. Instead they had to scramble over a SINGLE day to prepare defenses for their city. Then when they finally won, they’re being forced to redo it. On one hand I think Fort Loches was god awful, but on the other hand not giving an entire playerbase a fighting chance is smallbrain. A lot of people will argue that the Imperials are a toxic bunch of people. Whether I agree or not doesn’t matter but if I did think that, there’s still a lot of players there who aren’t. On top of that, even that doesnt justify anything. Just because a playerbase can be viewed as toxic doesn’t mean we should be setting a terrible precedent for future wars. What happens when there’s a majority human-player Moderation team and there’s a human-elf war? Those new staff will look back on this as an example.
  7. Who’s your favorite person on your manifesto?
  8. “Long live Dimpledorc.” Uttered some Dark Elf.
  9. *Squints part two, electric boogaloo*
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