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  1. this wouldn’t be happening if strength of the abyss was still a thing...
  2. Schrak’Lur scrawled out what seems to vaguely resemble his signature.
  3. Keening

    Moderation Update Log - March

  4. Keening

    [✗] [In-game Ban] Snelfma Appeal

    Claimed. EDIT: Appeal denied. Your ban is set to expire in approximately two days. There is no appeal required, as it is a temporary ban. Please do not submit another appeal for the duration of such.
  5. Keening

    -= The Crow Flies =-

    Septimus Aldin, knowing not who the assailant may be, folded his hands atop one another and leaned further into his seat. Mulling over the situation in his head, he began to silently wonder if it was well-timed political assassination, someone taking care of their personal business, or something completely different. Alas, he’d likely never know. He shifted forward, rising to don a weathered cloak before he wandered down the rugged cobble road towards Haense. (Also, refer to my signature.)
  6. Nicholas scrawled out his chicken-scratch signature, audibly sighing.
  7. Keening

    i was told to do this

    you aren’t soviet also, if you’re wondering why i made an arrow... i have no ******* clue. came to mind, i said **** it lol.
  8. Keening

    i was told to do this

    someone’s probably gonna hide your post but i’m not going to **** doing fm stuff also uhhh, idk. just am. comes with being a gm and being retarded i guess we’re doing that wyvern plan next map though fucker who are you again btw your first character art by gab looks kinda like a pissed off todd howard
  9. Keening

    ama because everyone else is

    honestly same, yeah wait i stopped doing the purple after i left mournstone, my b let’s begin with this neat fucken blue instead also refer to jdesarno’s comment on my post the, uhhh the removing one person off the internet one and the ‘would you keep lotc mainstream or traditional’ one
  10. Keening

    i was told to do this

    i do and ngl i literally view you kinda like an older brother who almost fucks me over a lot but in the end doesnt kinda nice to know i got dudebros to back me up you feel?
  11. Keening

    AMA because its 1:37AM and Im depressed

    why do you think water isn’t wet it’s wet btw dont make me hide ur post
  12. Keening

    i was told to do this

    then this is war.
  13. Keening

    i was told to do this

    **** you yes it is
  14. Keening

    i was told to do this

    I am inclined to say yes but instead i will counter with another question if water isn’t wet, can water /become/ wet? if not, can wet water become not wet?