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  1. A guy named Lothric is half-tempted to have his entire noggin remodeled for some strange reason. (It’s because he looks like a twink.)
  2. rest in pepperonis my boy enjoy the extended break from the server, most of us could fucken use one too lmao
  3. damn, kaelan beat me to it
  4. good ol’ septimus drools on his pouch of alchemy ingredients in the middle of a forest
  5. @TheAlphaMoistgive me an invite and I’ll consider joining again 😉 also yes
  6. >little interaction w/ wars

    >even less interaction w/ charters

    >no evictions

    >no fly tickets

    >no pit refills

    >already avoids conflict tickets


    how long until the mod team is abolished because all its duties become automated lmfao

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      I'm just here to finish my panorama of Vailor GMing to post-whichever this map is GMing

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      jaeden you’re a good lad

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      thank u keening ilu

  7. An additional bid is placed for 6,000 minae by Lothric Vihael, upping the price a further 500.
  8. Lothric Vihael tosses down the bid of 5,000 minas for the tavern.
  9. On the topic of reusing events... A lot of people see that as a poor idea, but it’s very possible depending on the quality of the event site. It can even lead to an unexpected experience from the original plan. That manor I mentioned? The sprawling caves beneath it? They were absolutely packed with different rooms to wander, plenty of branching caves that had areas that weren’t even explored during the original event, and areas with “bosses” that hadn’t even been confronted by the first group and brought down for rewards. There was a damned Cockatrice just sitting down there, having been untouched and not interacted with. I haven’t seen events that’re so in-depth and wildly constructed in a long time, though I’d say the line that RancidHound is/was running is great in itself; every corner inside the polluted swamps is rife with curious structures like ruins, interesting water sources, an area that seems reminiscent of the Nottingham ‘Undercity’ in Atlas (though I know not many may get that reference), and an interesting place to visit. (It was basically a small area that appeared to be occupied by some group of inhabitants, I can’t remember and I won’t go into detail in case I accidentally spoil something coming up in those events.) The first time I attended that event, I was sadly met with murder-hobo players who instantly attacked a small caravan of miners and crewmembers who simply wanted a faster, albeit more dangerous route to deliver coal to one of the southern cities – Sutica, I think. The quality and quantity of events, though having certainly been lowered noticeably, isn’t irredeemable. I haven’t been present at a Voidal Tear event, but I’ve heard great things. I’d just like to see if smaller-scale event-lines can be made to benefit a few people and give them something interesting and exciting to explore. Currently, there isn’t much of that; off the top of my head, I can name two interesting places with events that’ve been created by Dardonas and (originally) Donchromirzaken (I’m sorry if I butchered your name my guy), but now _Wacko. P.S. I’m making these responses look spicy and ‘professional’ because I feel this is an important topic. (Plus, it looks hella nice.)
  10. Updated my previous comment. I’m going to add a little more about the incentive behind travelling real quick, since you mentioned it.
  11. My Personal Thoughts One of the biggest issues I have with freebuild is how far you have to be from the CT to actually make a settlement. The same applies for charters. I understand the reasoning behind it; prevents people from sniping new players into their guardforce or shitty slice-of-life roleplay, helps encourage people to join nations, etc. The players are given a chance to wander a good distance and find completely different playerbases. But... it also cuts down on the actual amount of intrigue that player might find themselves developing when they come across old towns situated along roads that were conquered in war, or burned down, or underwent some sort of city-ending event. Hell, I’d say the dark mage groups from Axios had some of the most interesting areas I found, especially in and around the Westerlands. Though, not only does it cut down on the intrigue, but it eliminates the amount of genuine interaction those players can have with the land around them. If you take a trip through Arcas’ roads, you find the occasional run-down wall with no story elements, no age-old campsites, and a supreme lack of a ‘lived-in’ feeling throughout the entire realm. The only places you can find things like that are in the north, where human settlements and nation tiles are large enough to support the occasional duchy and barony that falls apart. Given how charters work, all the effort put into making a small unaffiliated settlement goes to waste after it gets world-edited away and the area slowly fades into nonexistence again. I’m gonna log on quick and roam around, then update this post with what I actually find along the road. /Then/ I’ll write down everything I can remember from just traversing the roads inside of the Westerlands of Axios – which is quite a bit, since so much happened in that region. From the complete annihilation and corruption of the Bastion, to the creation of Halstaig and a couple interesting manors built on the outskirts, and so on. I’ll elaborate once I’ve visited the roads of Arcas. What did I find? I ran through the roads leading up towards the human settlements, discovered many of the same things Puddlemancer already linked in screenshots (I took my own, I can link an album if anyone gives a damn), and noted that only one of the structures – which is the massive amount of rubble on top of a hill, possibly an old and rundown keep with a small campsite, a natural spring, and some overgrown vineyards – /might/ be capable of interaction. The rest that I found were either inside of the CT or leading out of it, which I imagine are for the world-ending event; pillars, more destroyed walls, the occasional obelisk with no signs whatsoever. Bear in mind, this is just one road in Arcas, not all of them. I found one area that piqued my curiosity and then took a right at the crossroads that pass by Haense and lead up towards Ves. I’m sure there’s a handful of other interesting areas that’re scattered around the map elsewhere in the southern and western regions. Now, giving a lengthy throwback to Axios and all of its amazing builds that actually inspired me and gave me a sense of curiosity and interest while I wandered around... I’ll stick with the Westerlands as my example, since I can remember them the most clearly. You walk through the wagon outside of the Tahn docks, and you’re transported far to the west, into a snowy region. Going straight forward leads you directly into Halstaig, which was an Adunian settlement and stood as one of the final strongholds before you cross a bridge and venture towards the overrun, undead-ridden Bastion. Filled inside of it was your usual Adunian architecture, a nice little playerbase which sadly grew desolate as the map neared its end, and a guardforce which I eventually became apart of just out of curiosity. The gist is, it was an interesting area with a nice tavern and a good community. Taking a left brings you further East, towards an embankment with more crossroads. It was an old camp, an event-site I took part in with Skylez1, Lumiin, and a couple others way back. It was against a Lich, which had resurrected the corpses of fallen ARC (Adunian Ranger Corps?) scouts and a deceased Uruk. It was very clearly an old fortification, with a large post that gave directions towards other human settlements and towards Halstaig, which was back the way you had initially come from. Venturing further along this Eastward path would lead you up to an amazing manor, which had also been an event site – within two-hundred to two-hundred and fifty blocks off from the other one – and hosted a lengthy puzzle with sprawling underground caves, packed to the brim with different smaller sites for minor events, the occasional puzzle, and so on. It was massive, and an event that I sadly missed out on months prior. But it still had that same interesting look, that astounding structure and clues which gave it an air of mystery to it. And going even further, you’d find a large clearing, the occasional pile of corpses from events that’d long passed – but still had an impact on the area, as shown – and numerous interesting campsites and siege-preparation areas that dated back to some war that I’d also missed out on. Yet it felt like it’d only happened a month ago at most, because there was such an impact on the map itself. Now, if you went back to that original cart and took a right, you’d head straight into a large barricade and numerous things that effectively screamed, “Don’t go past this point, there are living corpses everywhere.” It made you curious, it led you to grow adventurous and actually wander past the wooden defenses and across a gigantic bridge. And past that bridge was a slew of small structure which were obviously meant to serve as offensive posts for the undead legion. Towards the beginning of the map, it was originally a road that led straight up and into one of the more interesting cities that I’d never gotten the chance to be apart of, which is the Bastion. (Check out the Bastion wikipage if you’d like to see it, but don’t have the Axios world download. It’s pretty interesting, though extremely outdated. Not that date really matters lmao, that map is three years old now.) Instead of a city with welcoming inhabitants, impressive defenses, and a deep, defensive crevasse surrounding every side, there was a group of destroyed caravans, snowed-in campsites, a bridge of simple beams, and an assortment of signs that described piles of intermingled corpses and rubble, tons of muddied areas with water running directly from the sewers and into the nearby streets, and a mix of stone-and-wood palisades which were destroyed in the city-ending attack I’d mentioned earlier. Every single step drew you in, and each moment that passed only made the area more interesting. It felt like a genuine ghost-town, and it was almost depressing to see how such a great city had become plagued by undead and completely overrun with corruption and taint. Revisiting Each Map Let’s flash back to Arcas, though – and Atlas, for that matter – and reflect on the differences between these three maps. Atlas had tons of wars, plenty of cities, and the September eventline which made use of the older, unpopulated nations (Specifically Ostmark, or White Peak) by making them seem overgrown and packed with some sort of underlying history. Freebuilds that didn’t look awful weren’t always world-edited out, but they were usually replaced in some manner; either taken down with LC and edited to look run down, or left untouched for others to try living in them. Freebuild itself was an interesting concept that didn’t always pan out as we wanted, but resulted in a lot of interesting areas. Arcas, however, has freebuild on the outer fringes of the realm. You’ll never go there unless your friend joins the server and wants to make their own settlement, because there definitely isn’t anything of note out there. It’s so far from CT, very few settlements will make it more than a week or two before going inactive. Charters can be situated closer to the CT, but only within reason, and all the nations are closely compacted to provide the easiest trek to a city for new players that’re searching for the community that relates to their race. For high elves, they often head to Haelun’or or Sutica. Wood Elves (used to) go to Aegrothond or Irrinor, humans head off to Renatus, Haense, Ves, or Curon, and so on. Along the way, there’s nothing interesting to see, and there’s certainly nothing you can truly interact with on a level that can result in character development. Axios didn’t have freebuild. It had nations that were spread far, /far/ apart, some of them even being in completely separate isles, whereas all these recent maps have them clustered together. It’s not a bad change – especially for the server itself, since we suffer from very little lag in comparison to, say, Nexus-era Axios and the earlier days of Atlas. Yet it still managed to have every isle packed with old and new eventsites, various little details like the occasional altar or random soulstone pillar inside of a rundown tower. Charters were made and held to high standards, you couldn’t just make a disgusting wall with a massive tree in the center, and then burrow out some caves and call it good. You had the option to practice building, then make your own charter and abide by those standards, or hire someone with minas or actual cash. (I don’t condone paying real money for builds, but it’s pretty commonplace.) The Incentive to Wander Now, why did I travel through Axios and Atlas in the first place? Surely I got bored, since all the events I stumbled across had already been done with for months by that point. Besides, wouldn’t you just get tired of wandering alone? That was the secret, really. Finding old eventsites that were built with an astronomical amount of detail and care were the best things I remember from Axios. The other part that made it all worthwhile, was journeying around the map with @Deer__ and a couple others, just looking for cool things to explore. We’d occasionally RP in those areas, do as we pleased by rummaging around, and then go on our way to the next place. Nowadays, the only incentive to travel is because of the Botany plugin. Find a plant, right-click it once, and move on. You don’t explore the area itself, you look for nametags and hope you find a rare plant. The only people who go around in search of all these nodes are people who enjoy roleplaying alchemy and want to provide a proper experience for the other people the engage in that sort of RP with, or people who want to sell them on the Auctionhouse without really thinking about it. Either way, they’re some of the few people who really explore. And it gets boring after a while. The plants can be placed outside cities, which can lead to roleplaying with your alchemy students and teaching them about the basics of each plant you find, or far off in the woods where you find a nametag, pick the plant, and move on. It’s not likely that you’re going to RP out there, since it’s going to be an SS home to do that roleplay in somewhere more interesting. What should be done? My only suggestion for the development and story teams would be to double-down on the little things. Making the map feel interesting and alive, providing a story, and giving every build your all is a hard task, but it’s needed if you want to improve the map tenfold. I’d like to point out that I’m not saying the staff is inept, although there’s certainly a lot of things that could use some changing, but that we’ve gradually lost touch with what made our maps great. I joined in the last few weeks of Vailor and towards the very beginning of Axios. I’ve never had as much fun on the server as I did back then, which I suppose you can chock up to nostalgia. Even if you do, I strongly believe that we’ve been going down in roleplay-value since then.
  12. +1 also it’s mali’achikr not mori’quessir mori are home of the sexual
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