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  1. Keening

    i was told to do this

    you aren’t soviet also, if you’re wondering why i made an arrow... i have no ******* clue. came to mind, i said **** it lol.
  2. Keening

    i was told to do this

    someone’s probably gonna hide your post but i’m not going to **** doing fm stuff also uhhh, idk. just am. comes with being a gm and being retarded i guess we’re doing that wyvern plan next map though fucker who are you again btw your first character art by gab looks kinda like a pissed off todd howard
  3. Keening

    ama because everyone else is

    honestly same, yeah wait i stopped doing the purple after i left mournstone, my b let’s begin with this neat fucken blue instead also refer to jdesarno’s comment on my post the, uhhh the removing one person off the internet one and the ‘would you keep lotc mainstream or traditional’ one
  4. Keening

    i was told to do this

    i do and ngl i literally view you kinda like an older brother who almost fucks me over a lot but in the end doesnt kinda nice to know i got dudebros to back me up you feel?
  5. Keening

    AMA because its 1:37AM and Im depressed

    why do you think water isn’t wet it’s wet btw dont make me hide ur post
  6. Keening

    i was told to do this

    then this is war.
  7. Keening

    i was told to do this

    **** you yes it is
  8. Keening

    i was told to do this

    I am inclined to say yes but instead i will counter with another question if water isn’t wet, can water /become/ wet? if not, can wet water become not wet?
  9. Keening

    i was told to do this

    Honestly? I can’t say who I’d remove because they play the server. She knows who she is. I’m using this particular font on purpose, to narrow it down. God, that could apply to a lot of people now that I think about it... Either way- she definitely knows who she is. And no, it’s nobody on staff. --------- I’d make LoTC’s future a bit more traditional than all the things going on now; if it wasn’t broken, why fix it? While the staff merge is controversial and all and we’ve been told numerous times why it’s helpful, I still see it as a little.. useless? If both the FM team and GM team were having their best months yet, why merge them and force the people who made those teams great off the team if they can’t acclimate to this new environment – and on top of that, why heap so many things together on them in the meantime? Seems a little nonsensical to me, regardless of what I’ve been told. But, there’s nothing we can really do about that. EDIT: I’m using the staff merge as an example – it’s my personal opinion and exclusively that.
  10. Keening

    i was told to do this

    Ngl, I have absolutely no idea. Call me a spastic, but I’d probably just go with Shiro or uhh. Jippy, maybe? I don’t listen to music much, so that’s a bit of a hard one. EDIT: Shame on Dunstan for not checking me Kloning TA, I’m disappointed. I wish I could explain it, but tbh it’s just the term I and a few others use for proto elves (elves before the race had subraces ‘n’ all that.) Nothing very special about it, it’s just a snowflake term lmao. That’s a question for tosali, ngl. I hope so. god i really hope so Yeah.
  11. Keening

    i was told to do this

    refer to title. memes aside, genuinely curious at what comes up. no limits except the **** that binds you to being compliant on forums (reminder that saying/doing bad **** on forums and getting banned means you get banned ingame as well) AMA
  12. Keening

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Keening4Flemish Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/EITPDKK.png How you got it: Evictions. This is a mundane blade destroyed with dragonfire (wyvern flame?) that I want to keep around because of nostalgia, but this could be either LM approved or just player approved, since it’s not enchanted whatsoever. Username: Keening4Flemish Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/8ChKEpT.png How you got it: Evictions. This sword is just electrical evocation and shouldn’t be *Moderator Approved*, instead should be magic moderator approved. Username: Keening4Flemish Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/hA0X092.png How you got it: Evictions. Exact same place as the Orb from my first post. This may have been an old necromancy item or it may be a hexed Mysticism item. I don’t know for certain, but it falls into the same category as that orb I posted before. Same name, so I’m pretty sure it’s Shamanism-related. Username: Keening4Flemish Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/vhHsYhZ.png How you got it: The original shards were obtained via eviction. This is a sword that was re-crafted from the shards of a few old *Moderator Approved* items (the /original/ kind). I signed it since it was made legitimately via the appropriate RP, but I genuinely have no idea what the enchantments on it are. Fairly sure they’re just aesthetic, if anything. Username: Keening4Flemish Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/1UVMurZ.png How you got it: Evictions. I’m fairly sure this is an age-old sword from an eventline, but I don’t know for certain. Username: Keening4Flemish Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/7057SsT.png How you got it: Evictions. Found in the same area as just about every other item that I’ve evicted, so I don’t have much else to add.
  13. Keening


  14. Keening

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Man.. I’ve got so much I need to have converted. Good luck – and thank you, to whoever deals with this. (@LT @MT @Flambo <3)
  15. Keening

    Writ of Disownment, 1697

    Gaius Mournstone reads over the officiated document after its public posting. “Neat.”