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  1. Keening


    Gaius Greythorn perked a brow as Kanna wandered off after throwing down her sheriff’s badge. “..Who was that, Halle?” The Vyrannian was clearly confused, having never met or even seen this leader of ‘Clan Yaander.’ He turned towards his daughter while he spoke, then started off towards the gate. “Doesn’t matter much. Back to Caroulstadt, I suppose. Or Markev.”
  2. Also +1, you make a fantastic ET and you’re a bit blunt at times, but I’m confident you have the best in mind for the server’s future. Also Strigae being shelved when?
  3. Huge +1. I’ve known Nectorist for about three-ish (?) years now; he and I staffed the same server mentioned in his application and I believe he’s one of, if not the most respectful and capable candidates so far. While I may be a bit biased towards him since he’s a close friend of mine, Nect has been an extremely welcoming and helpful individual for at least a dozen or more players on here alone and the comments above me can confirm that to an immense degree.
  4. Keening

    Mournstone Declaration of Vassalization and Relocation

    Gaius Mournstone stood rigid at his daughter’s side, a proud smile beaming downwards on Valencia as she finalized the document. ”House Mournstone has entered a completely new age with the signing of this, I hope you know,” he murmured to her plainly, one brow perked. “I imagine our name will spread in the coming Saint’s Month, perhaps less.” Gaius paused, stepping back for a moment. ”I do suppose only time will tell.”
  5. Keening

    Mournstone Writ of Disownment, 1689

    Gaius Mournstone purses his lips, dipping his head in confirmation as the document is officiated. His gaze is tired and his voice is rife with discontent. “I had higher hopes for him when I had Albrecht unbanished. Despite his misdeeds, I still feel great remorse for what’s to come. The blood of one Mournstone will never again be spilled at the hands of another. That said... Albrecht is no longer a Mournstone. He has condemned himself to this fate.”
  6. Known Soviet for ages, extremely levelheaded dude and completely capable of being a GM. still a madman for actually posting this though
  7. “Sometimes, I wonder if my nephew intentionally runs into these messes.” Gaius Mournstone sighed as he read over the document, chuckling to himself towards the end.
  8. Keening

    [✓] [Server] chaotikal Ban Appeal

    Player has served their time and provided an adequate appeal. Approved.
  9. Keening

    Admin Promotions

  10. Keening

    Anisgar's Wiki Team Application

    +1 -- Super chill guy, very detail-oriented. He'd be a great addition to the Wiki Team.
  11. Keening

    Mournstone-Fiscere Alliance

    Gaius Mournstone scrawled out his name at the base of the document, a pleased grin forming on his future. The Vyrannian raised a bottle of Mournstone Mead™ and boomed out in praise; "To the future of House Mournstone and House Fiscere!"
  12. +1 -- Extremely friendly and great at roleplay. Star would be a fantastic addition to the ET team. I suggest you add a little more to the events though, just so they're a bit more clear.
  13. Keening

    The Path To Hope

    Gaius Mournstone leveled his gaze with the signature at the base of the letter. “That was... quick,” he remarked with a quirked brow. “My daughter is truly growing up.” The Vyrannian meandered out of his tavern, heading towards the Mournstone clanhall to begin preparations.