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  1. (OOC) Mc Name: Lugh__ Discord Username: Lugh_#2834 Timezone: EST Best time to contact you in game: 6PM onwards usually. (RP) Name - Vule’onn Turival Race - Mali’aheral, Mali’thill, High Elf Gender - Male Age - 97 Relevant Experience - Trained and worked with the Paladins and other do gooders to help bring an end to the voidal threat. This involved working through illusions concocted by voidic forces, meaning I am more than fit to solve the comparatively simpler cases involving descendants. I am a steward secondly, having run a tavern for many years before the disbanding of the Order of Xan. I am a ‘thill of proper distinction, able to easily work through reams and reams of paper work. Thirdly, I am a trained and certified medic in both the Haelun’or Clinic and Curantes Guild and have been so for more than twenty years. Lastly, I am trained for combat in the Mali’ame art of the Spear and shield. Please provide a brief statement in regards to who you are as a person - Fiercely loyal, someone you can depend on to stick to his word – No more, no less. I am highly observant and able to preserve in the most trying of situations. *Down at the bottom there is a beautifully drawn signature of an elegant, elvish nature.*
  2. RP Name:: Vule'onn MC Username: Lugh__ Discord: Lugh__ What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: To pursue history What Skills Can You Bring?: Paladin training, combat prowess
  3. Litterae_Magum


    As the fire of the hearth flickers and waves, casting shadows from objects all across the room, a tall redheaded man takes a seat in an old rickety wooden chair. It groans under his weight but, the chair holds, “Sit doawn Lads an’ Lassies an’ let me tell ye a story.” He leans forward, clasps his hands, and begins to speak. Glorious battles require glorious celebration. This is just a fact of life and another fact is that those who have passed must be replaced. During one such celebration in a keep near Haense, Lugh was conceived. He was born to a feisty warrioress by the name of Moira McKinney and a man who matched her temperament. His name was Fearghas Eoghain. Though, born to is about the extent he interacted with his parents in his younger years. They were usually too busy fighting, *******, or feeding. No, he was brought up by the Keep’s head cook like a lot of Children were. She was a sweet, portly, older lady that held the name of Maisie McIntyre, but while sweet she held a wicked tempered if pushed. She taught him the basics, how to cook, how to clean, how to sew, and even how to read and write. She instilled a diligence in young Lugh that would follow him for years to come. Eventually though, he’d grow old enough and big enough to start walking in the footsteps of his parents – The path of the Warrior. His father took him from the Kitchen one day. The sun was directly overhead, beating down on the yard of the keep they called home. Young Lugh was confused, he asked his father why he needed him. There was a simple, gruff response, “To fight.” A sword was put into his hand that day by his mother and his father, and he learned that the only way to put it down was to no longer be able to hold it. At this point in his life, gears shifted quickly. When it was day, he would fight, when it was night he’d carry on with refining the skills Maisie had given him. It was an impetuous, grueling, but rewarding process. By his late teens he’d become one of the most formidably fighters in his clan, and one of the brightest minds in the keep. But, he’d been being equipped his entire life with a hunger for cultivating his body and mind. He realized that he would soon plateau at the keep, so he left with a promise to return home. One day. The Laird of the keep ordained it and so he set off for the next part of his life in the wider lands of Atlas.
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