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  1. Its that time of year again, ain't it.

  2. Maeyrn looked over this missive with a small smile upon her features, "Finally.. Another shows themselves. I hope to find this Mali." She then took a step away as she moved out of the city she found herself in, and returned with in the forests, the wild winds filling her lungs as she thought to herself the possibilities that could unfold, to show all children of Mali the ways of yore succeeded with reason, her kin remains divided, attempting to emulate Valah kind, fighting over petty matters, no care for others outside their own dogma or family, all one had to do was look upon most of the Elven Nations that once stood, fell into stagnation and crumbled under the weight of their own fatty greed. "We need to display the power of our kin united, and soon, all will be perfectly balanced once more."
  3. "Hm.." A certain 'Ame would hum to herself as she read over the words, reflecting upon her first meeting with Fennic people and what unfolded that day. She then simply turned as she began to take her leave, preparing herself for future training.
  4. Music It was a strange day for the woman who lived a storied life, the world as she had come to see it began to fade from her vision, and with it, a return to old doubts. Much had happened during her return to Yong Ping after spending years wandering and mediating, after seeing the Monastery her friend had founded dwindled in numbers, she set about to restore it, however she could. Quickly finding many students willing to take the path and simply teaching or aiding those who required such from her, making new friends along her journey to do such, and beginning to make amends with her past that had caused anguish upon those who she most cared for. A simple smile formed upon her features as she reflected upon the new experiences she had, but the sense of bygone dread left her feeling entrapped and quickly overwhelmed her. She did her best to mediate over this, once more her thoughts conflicted with one another upon the steps she should take, all desolate where they led. She couldn't stop thinking of all that was happening in the lands, how strange and dangerous it had become, even more so than she felt in Arcas. The thought about the threat delivered to her brought her out of her state of mediation, coming to a rise as she moved somewhere more private to collect her thoughts, fearing her inaction will lead her down a dark path against her will like long ago, she gathered her things. Still formulating a plan what to do, should she contact her friends within and outside the city and explain what worries her, should she try to act alone upon such? What would she even do, she asked herself, attempt to fight a chaotic world? What little she had was packed, she thought upon what Anya had told her, blinking as she realized what she should do now. Pulling the satchel over her shoulder, she moved to leave, though not before she took the time to fill out a note for her fellow Monks and students. She pinned it within the lower area of the Monastery before exiting. She felt a certain contentment with her realization, she has seen plenty in her time, a world under siege twice, Nations rising and falling. Why bother to try to save the whole world, when small actions could mean it for another? After all, it was the duty of one such as herself to guide change, not enforce it. She spent sometime traveling around before she found who she was looking for. Her son, her child. She approached towards them, and without warning wrapped them into a tight embrace. It was an emotional encounter for her, apologizing for being seemingly distant in his childhood, explaining her reasoning and all she’d been through during that time, telling him how much he mattered to her and how much she loved and care for him. The two simply spoke with each other, Mia feeling more content as they conversed, the dread receding its grip upon her, a bright smile upon her features once more as the two reconnected. The two agreed to stick together and find a new home together, hoping to start up a farm once more, like she did so long ago. And the two simply walked off to start such. The Elven woman filled with a simple, new-found purpose. The Note left behind read. ((I'll be shelving Mia for the time being, been playing her for about three years and I need a break from the persona.)) ((Bit of a OOC retrospective below for anyone to read if they wished in regard to Chi.))
  5. Can the rejuvenating Monastery of Chi Monks use Chi for this..
  6. This **** make me revert to PS1 Hagrid.

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  7. Ya'll motherfuckers stopped playing LotC and started playing RS.

  8. Question 1: What is one thing you dislike about Orcs/Krugmar? How can it be improved? This is all my opinion obv and formed from what little I've seen and heard about Orcs, however.. Their Blessing, specifically what I saw in 'Clarification on Orcs'. The bit I'll link below. From most of the RP I've seen and heard about Orcs, they're essentially Super Mutants from Fallout 3/4 or LotR Orcs. Big Green Bandits with no goal outside of kill whatever they come across (and or taking slaves in the case of Orcs). Now most 'outsiders' would say this kind of behavior isn't honorable, however, with how the Blessing Clarification is written you can twist anything into being 'honorable' because Honor is subjective, which is true enough, but I'd like to point out the blessing was provided by Aeriel, a lawful good God, who would've had something specific in mind of what is honorable and what isn't, even the quote in the screenshot above indicates that Orcs would be honorable even in a world of Descendants that completely lacked a moral code. From what I understand back in Aegis Orcs are very different from what they are today, hearing tales of Orcs that were wronged would 'raid' the homes of the individual/s that wrong them, but they only came after those that wrong them, not the entire settlement and I don't believe slavery was a thing back then for Orcs and actually actively fought slavers because it was unhonorable to take slaves. The reason this 'subjective' honor is annoying as well is that isn't really how cultures work at all, how one should act honorable is baked into the culture, take some Greek Stories for example, like The Iliad, it shows Achilles act honorable and dishonorable, whenever he acted with honor he was 'rewarded' in some form, such as when he refused to fight because King Agamemnon wronged him, Zeus agreed to help him by bringing Agamemnon's army to breaking point, later on Agamemnon admits his faults he sends an Embassy to make amends, by returning Briseis and offering gifts to Achilles, so he'd return to fighting, the honorable thing for Achilles here was to accept the gifts and return to the fighting, but he refuses, and because he refused to fight and let his friend Patroclus fight in his steed and Patroclus was killed, so Achilles returns to the fighting anyway, indifferent about getting Briseis and the gifts. From stories like these that span across multiple cultures there is a very set standard on honor in each culture, things like honor do evolve over time, but the way that lore piece was written to me just came across as just attempting to circumvent the blessing with just "Oh it's subjective by individual that should be debated about." You should have what is defined to be honorable and dishonorable somewhere in the culture, what is generally accepted to be, whenever in stories or simple posts making statements about how Orcs should act honorable. Unironically, I think the only posts that I can recall off the top of my head about how to act honorable as an Orc is basically how to treat your slaves. Question 2: What is one thing you like/admire about Orcs/Krugmar? Can provide interesting RP with the layout of people cursed with a horrible bloodlust with the blessing of acting honorable, they have an interesting predicament which I think can generate interesting and rememberable RP, remember not all conflict has to be physical battle against another, conflict can be a clash of ideologies or internal struggles that one wishes to overcome. The most interesting Orc I remember from the top of my head was ilikefooddude's Orc as it was a refreshing experience from the usual encounters I had at the time, as he was the polar opposite of what the standard Orc was. Question 3: What do you think Orcs/Krugmar biggest opportunity for improvement is? Redesign the culture, try to promote RP within the Nation aside from just having a strong PvP culture, you need to incorporate all kinds of RP, Slice of Life, conflict, etc, focusing on one is just going to let the Nation die. With the culture write out docs and the like, Nations with strong culture are a lot more appealing, and you need to also keep it interesting, remember anytime anyone reads over what Krug posts or an Orc player posts could be the difference between getting a player or just making them think the Nation is just Goonery.
  9. "You're laughing. Sutica is being clowned on the likes never seen, and you're laughing." - Murray

  10. Mia would awaken after sometime had past, having pushed herself to the limit this day, helping Luciensburg attempt to take back their home, as well as healing plenty of people from the aftermath. She'd make her way outside, wandering for sometime before finding the missive and reading over it, taking in a small breath, glad that Toffee is attempting to reach forward to the Descendants in such a manner, after all it was her suggestion, but it suddenly hit her, an intense burden of sorts, she very well could have determined the course of history for the Musin with her suggestion to the leader of the Musin. Her feelings were mixed on how the other Descendants might react, but she knew it was better that than to live in constant fear and leaving that to drive the Musin forward. She'd ponder for a moment, on the possibilities of the future, while she'll remain cautious she will still be hopeful for a better future for all, either way, willing to help the Musin secure their future however she could.
  11. Did you really think it was a good idea to post a meme format in Discord rather than the forums first? Think, Pup!

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  12. Mia was just thankful to safely get in the City when she decided to visit to check the stock on her stall during the raid, having no real stake in this war Valrua remains asleep. OOC: Mia points at the video "Hey that's me in the background!"
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