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  1. BLOSSOMING of the SPRING ROSE The Lady de Falstaff, c. 1808 A N N O D O M I N I MDCCCVIII Penned by the hand of Lady Cosette de Falstaff. To the subjects of The Holy Orenian Empire, in the comital household of Falstaff the year 1808 has been one to prepare for since the young Cosette’s birth, in view of the fact that this is the year she will be of age to enter society as Lady de Falstaff. Therefore, I deem it only fit as a young lady within my household, that she be given a proper ball in order to s
  2. A N I M P E R I A L W E D D I N G The bride and groom plighting their troth before the altar. A N N O D O M I N I MDCCCVII Penned by the Imperial Household scribes. To the subjects of The Holy Orenian Empire, It is with great honor and pleasure for the Imperial Household and the House of Pruvia-Provins to announce this marital union of 1807. Within two months, the Princess Anne of Crestfall, daughter of HIH The Duke of Crestfall, is to be wed to the eldest son of the Viscount Pruvia-Provins, Simon Casimir Pruvia-Provins afte
  3. T H E L O V E R S M A S Q U E R A D E A Lesson in Love, c. 1788 A N N O D O M I N I MDCCCVII Penned by the hand of Her Grace Wilhelmina Novellen, Duchess of Helena. To the subjects of the Holy Orenian Empire, with substantial exhilaration does the retinue of the Household of the Duke and Duchess deem it befitting to host a masquerade ball to commemorate a virtue representing human benevolence, compassion, and endearment- alternatively declared as "the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another,” that which we
  4. what did i do to deserve this .

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  5. The Duchess of Helena called out to her sweet sister-in-law, informing her of her upcoming trip to Rubern. Upon spying the name of the Duke of Schattenburg, she lofted a brow, eager to reconnect with an old acquaintance.
  6. Stability ******* sucks. So many players who are involved in high leadership positions, not just in the rp sense but even administration as a whole, seem so obsessed with this desire to provide stability, that they have traded out something that would be far more line with their larger goals which is, in truth, a little bit of chaos, at least in the sense of RP. In my first year as a new player, I entertained myself by first exploring the various different fantasy elements on the server, which has little to do with my main point, but I'm getting there. I eventually moved on to a di
  7. Wilhelmina Beatrix arched a brow at the petition, slid into the letters littering her desk by one Henrietta Maria. With a hum, she dipped the nib of her quill in ink, signing her signature 'pon the dotted line. There was much she could forgive- the Duchess had a lenient nature, after all, but tampering with the reputation of her dear sister and closest friend simply would not do. "Her Imperial Highness Wilhelmina Beatrix, Duchess of Helena."
  8. The Duchess Helena turned up her nose in revolt, her stomach turning at the pamphlet's fetid exposé. Laying a palm to the young Governess-Secretary's shoulder, she simply shook her head, deigning not to inform the girl of the author's true implications. After all, there were other rumors to attend to.
  9. Wilhelmina Beatrix leafed through her daily dossier of newsletters and personal writings, the Helvets-borne lady's eyes flaring wide. The redhead set the stackings aside, contemplating a particular blessed social call..
  10. Wilhelmina Beatrix received word of the Duke's passing at dawn's break, dropped inconspicuously amid other, now meaningless, information. With a moment's notice, all were dismissed. The ribbon 'round her throat grew much too tight, and her feet grew wary as she sought out the katabatic. Today, it was decided, she would spend among the roses, to bewail the uncle that seemed more like a father.
  11. Whilst aiding the women and children of Helena into their temporary holdings- a dank, rimy, unyielding fortress, Wilhelmina Beatrix found a moment for pause, murmuring gently to herself and her companion, Safiye Basrid, a quiet prayer. "The Lord ruleth me, I’ll not want. He makes me down to lie, in pastures green: He leadeth me, the quiet waters by. For though I should walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Thy rod and Thy staff, they hath been a comfort to me."
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