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  1. Aether squints reading this post from god-knows-where she exists now, even if she does. "There was a second Paco?"
  2. Toffee stirs a potion, so yes, a mouse was stirring. The entire analogy is now moot...
  3. make a soulstone sound toggle next in the /me menu
  4. I need a world download of Almaris so I can get a few builds from there. It's not on the museum or the forums for what I know. Who got it?
  5. all characters that dont have the ability to be revived by their friends should have a pk clause except for pvp. we should banish all the monks
  6. Jenom sobbed for the poor state of justice in the country. "We WILL drink the nun poison. We WILL stay in a 3 meter by 3 meter apartment. We WILL pay 600 minae per week for rent..."
  7. one day youll just add a stat point system
  8. going for once in the mods defense here: MRP means Medium Role-Play on ss13. SRP means sexual role-play in a few circles i believe. pvp is lesbian slang (the p stands for ***** and the v stands for ******)
  9. The RedSHROUDS begin searching for LEGAL basis to SUE...
  10. bro did they really make burnsider mod again lmao

    1. Mannamannaa
    2. ShvdwWzrdMnyGvng


      everyone who hatemailed his app is on a list

    3. TeawithFrisket
  11. all characters should be subject to a PK clause, UNLESS they have a legitimate means of revival: sorvianism, klones, druid trees, etc
  12. the future is now, old man, they were removed due to staff incompetence
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