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  1. -1 last time I went an orenian plumber threw a tortle shell at me
  2. Aether briefly scans over the missive, calculating her purity scale in her head. "Hm.. one-hundred, plus.. Well, I'm in the city a fair amount of time.. one-ten? One-twenty, perhaps..?"
  3. Aether Mill'nara ******* called it. She ******* called it. That blasted city WOULD fall to the ground, and everyone WOULD die in the impact. She TOLD that poor dark elf who entered the city.
  4. Aether frowns as she looks upon the missive. "..What good comes from the slaughter of random civilians? All because one-of-a-thousand nobles was insulted?.. I hope the Sohaer calls upon that defensive pact soon."
  5. welcome to lotc!!

  6. -1 mispelled telekenises :/ learn 2 type sweaty? (+1)
  7. I knew him some from FRP when he built there a lot. He was always very nice. <3
  8. What is thy name? Aether Mill'nara oilysnake#0258 What is thy race? Mali'thill From which talonii do thou hail, if mali’thill? Mill'nara Art thou pure? Ti What is thou age? 28 Dost thou pledge thy troth and loyalty to the Silver Mother, Larihei, and her state? yes
  9. Finally. Werewolf is making REAL lore. +1
  10. ok ill be lore reviewer. i will accept all lore for a fine sum of 200 mina
  11. creating multiple feat artifacts through alchemy. FArts if you will

  12. Pretty simple but I like it. +1
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