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  1. voidal magic is dumb ******* evil sorcery bullshit and it's an irreparably shitty system of magic. literally the only way to fix voidal magic would be to remove it entirely and introduce manamagic
  2. I’m going to expand my point a little more. Kani makes it so you can fight pretty damn excellent with your fists. It should be a trade off as opposed to a straight up buff- that’s something that LOTC likes to stick too. Currently Kani is a bit too much of a straight-up buff and banning holding metal weapons fits with the theme. However, mina is more just a technicality. I think mina is so small and insignificant that making people not able to carry food cash is just kindof annoying- if Kani had some sort of plugin that made it IC more valuable to have it instead of mina sure. I guess the same can be said of weapons because sometimes you’ll get into pvp. really like 99% of all balance issues could be fixed with a simple magic plugin.
  3. Mina is OK I think, stowed weapons not really because then they can just unstow them. 3 is too high, 2 slots seems fair.
  4. dude holy shit just implement a nations plugin this is so sad that THIS is a better proposal than what we have
  5. seriously. 13 tech team members (4 of which are exclusively java team!) and we use ******* WORLDGUARD /rg for our nation plugin.
  6. just log off until they implement a REAL nations plugin
  7. Thanks. I was under the impression it was allowed as well. Guess not!
  8. has a suspiciously malinor-shaped bulge in their throat ummmm idk hehe
  9. Can someone give me an explanation on how this is different from the current lore? I thought we could already craft arms?
  10. can't sell baby heads on the AH anymore so i need someone to play an endless stream of new 5 year old child personas that i can sell to slavers for mina
  11. I still hate the palebeast.

  12. We don't need LOTC, we have 'outside'

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      tf is that

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      preach my rat brother.

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