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  1. The FAILURE of the TWO-PARTY SYSTEM The Universal Union 1769 TO THE CITIZENRY OF THE EMPIRE, The House of Commons Elections of 1769 have concluded, and the Josephite Union has retained control of the legislature. To Jonah Stahl-Elendil, the new leader of the House of Commons, we congratulate you on your victory. To Amadeus d’Aryn, we applaud your rigorous campaign. To the newly elected HCM’s, we wish you luck in your civil service. Unfortunately, these results are far too familiar for most voters. The lack of legislative propositions in the last session of the House of Commons – let alone the lack of actual, tangible progress – is concerning. We need changes that can manifest themselves in a way that mean something to the commoner, in a way that can substantially improve the lives of the merchants, the workers, the soldiers, and to everybody in between, because if we continue on our current trajectory, we will not receive such substantial change. Both parties make wonderful promises, but rarely deliver in a way that actually means something to their constituents, or retract their statements made during the campaign. Both factions talk a big game, but when it comes down to the wire, they’re merely a body of men going to work in different coloured outfits. Promises are not kept in this two-party system, they are broken. In our latest poll, some 64% of respondents said that it’s time for the formation of a third party. That’s why, after approval from the Union’s staff and members, we’re petitioning the Crown to allow the creation of a commoner’s party, to appeal to those who are disillusioned by the current political system, and to provide them an alternative choice to the two-party dichotomy. We would champion the values of the commoner, and abide by the policies listed in the Union’s platform. We would be committed to a primary election system – something both parties have expressed interest in but have failed to initiate – and we would promise to propose more legislation than any other party. Even if in the minority, our party would be the lifeblood of our legislature. Join us, and sign the petition here. You will not be asked to join the Universal Union, to join this future party’s efforts, or to vote for said party in future elections. We merely need your support to get our names on the ballots. Abeyot Okoro, Union President
  2. UNCHAINED The Commoner’s News and the Official Publication of the Universal Union Vol. 2 Godfrey’s Triumph, 1769 “UNCHAINED” is an alternative newspaper, offering crucial political coverage to the commoner class. Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform the masses of the affairs of government, especially the happenings of the legislature, which will impact the lives of the average person. It is the official publication of the Universal Union, an organization designed to protect the rights of working people, and improve society for the many, not the few. If you wish to become a contributor for UNCHAINED, please contact the primary editor, Abeyot Okoro. ((Liam#7649)) Pre-Election Polling Breakdown Join the Union President, Abeyot Okoro, as he breaks down data from the Universal Union’s latest and final pre-election polling data. Party Report Cards The Universal Union has graded each party by allocating “points” to both factions, in intervals of five, depending on the party’s stance and how high of a priority that political issue is for us. We spent time combing through old legislation, campaign fliers, and responses from the most recent debate to determine the scores for each party. These are not percentages, and they are not graded out of a specific total, but are instead general evaluations of various policies provided by each party. The results were close, and a large reason for that is a lack of legislation in the House of Commons. The outcome of this report card only highlights the necessity of a third party, who will produce record amounts of legislation, and give voters an alternative to the two-party dichotomy. By no means, are we endorsing either party. Prior to this election, before the parties produced platforms with entirely new stances on particular issues, the results would have been vastly different. Debate Transcript The Universal Union, some two Saint’s days ago, sponsored a debate in Varoche Hall between party leaders Jonah Stahl-Elendil and Amadeus d’Aryn. A poll was conducted with a small sample size of twenty, asking voters who they believe won the debate, and 60% said they thought Elendil won, whereas the other 40% said they thought d’Aryn won. The debate was moderated by union representatives Abeyot Okoro and Vivaca Rutledge. The transcript is below.
  3. THE UNIVERSAL UNION of Imperial Workers, Commoners, and Allies Now Accepting Members The Universal Union is happy to sponsor a debate between both party leaders in the upcoming national legislative elections, to decide on the composition of the 1769 House of Commons. Two parties will viciously fight for control over the legislative body – The Josephite Union and the Everadines. Voters will decide if they are satisfied with the current Josephite administration, and if they trust Jonah Stahl-Elendil to fill the shoes of Terrence May, or if Oren is ready for a new party’s leadership in the form of Amadeus d’Aryn. Both men are hopeful to become the next leader of the House of Commons, but one will be sorely disappointed. The moderators shall be union representatives Abeyot Okoro and Vivaca Rutledge. Moderators are impartial, and will treat both candidates with a “tough but fair” attitude. The moderators will ask questions related to the Universal Union’s interests and political platform, investigating to discover which candidate is more representative of the commoner class. The debate shall take place for approximately one Saint’s hour in Varoche Hall. Candidates will each have a period to answer questions given to them, and a shorter period to respond. However, we may moderate to our discretion. ((Both candidates will typically receive two message’s worth of responses per question. I.E. we will ask candidate A a question, candidate B will respond, candidate A will reply, and candidate B will conclude.)) IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION that you wish the candidates to answer, please submit your name and the question to the Universal Union’s representatives ((Liam#7649)) and they will be considered as part of the debate. We wish both candidates good luck, and hope you can come to spectate the Universal Union’s 1769 Leadership Debates. ((WEDNESDAY, VAROCHE HALL, 3:45 – 4:45pm EST))
  4. THE UNIVERSAL UNION of Imperial Workers, Commoners, and Allies The Atheran Kestrel is depicted within a red star. Often a symbol closely affiliated with the De Rolle Rebellion in the early 1500’s, the Atheran Kestrel is associated with democratic values and the city of Felsen. 13th of the Sun’s Smile, 1768 MEMBERSHIP FORUM A membership forum is stapled here, ready to be filled out. The Universal Union, established only some four seeds ago, has already witnessed tremendous success in the beginnings of public policy discussions improving life for the average commoner, as well as establishing an alternative media source, delivering stories of interest to the disenfranchised and marginalized Imperial citizens. The Universal Union is a lobbying and advocacy group, swearing to uphold the emboldened spirit of the commoner class, and to protect their well-being in the workplace. We work day and night, conversing with politicians to pass legislation supporting the Empire’s laborers and exploited peoples. The end goal of the union is to create a society concerning the needs of the masses first. By becoming a member, the Union shall mail you your own membership card, detailed here; Upon becoming a card-carrying member of the Universal Union, you will be guaranteed the following privileges; Professional assistance in collective bargaining efforts Free-of-charge legal counseling, either as a defendant against unfair charges, or a plaintiff taking on powerful interests A vote on union matters, such as the election of committee members and vital policy planks Guaranteed seating at Universal Union conventions Advanced issues of our union publication, “UNCHAINED” Union membership is entirely free. There will be a vote in the near future to decipher union membership dues, in order to pay for our operations, our employee salaries, and our headquarter maintenance. A membership forum is stapled here, ready to be filled out. JOIN THE UNION CONTACT PRESIDENT OKORO ((Liam#7649 / Papa_Liam))
  5. UNCHAINED Vol 1. The Commoner’s News and the Official Publication of the Universal Union 14th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1678 “UNCHAINED” is an alternative newspaper, offering crucial political coverage to the commoner class. Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform the masses of the affairs of government, especially the happenings of the legislature, which will impact the lives of the average person. It is the official publication of the Universal Union, an organization designed to protect the rights of working people, and improve society for the many, not the few. If you wish to become a reporter for UNCHAINED, please contact the primary editor, Abeyot Okoro. ((Liam#7649)) Quick Headlines: Josephites Maintain Narrow Margin in the Polls President Terrence May Resigns The House confirms Jasper Carrington considered for Interior Secretary Peter II Coronated as King of Kaedrin Interview with Jonah Elendil Interview with Amadeus d’Aryn President of the House, Terrance May, Resigns President Terrance May, speaking at the Second Josephite Convetion, delivering his resignation speech. At the most recent Josephite party convention, held in New Reza, long-time civil servant and President of the House of Commons announced his resignation, both from the legislature and his post as party chair. It was initially a melancholy moment for many at the convention, with the distraught room chanting “Four More Years!” The tone then switched to revolutionary optimism, as party officials and future candidates took the stage, and eventually dubbed leading Josephite, Jonah Stahl-Elendil, the new party leader. Should the Josephites maintain the majority of seats in the next election, Mr. Elendil will be the presumptive President. Below is a transcript of President May’s resignation speech. Interviews with Party Leaders, Amadeus d’Aryn, Jonah Stahl-Elendil The leaders of both political factions in the House of Commons, Amadeus d’Aryn of the Evardines and Jonah Stahl-Elendil of the Josephites, were willing to give their perspectives on the upcoming elections for the national legislature. We shall, for now, leave their viability and dedication to the voters at the reader’s discretion. Both leaders maintain that they strongly believe their party will be successful in the next election, and one of them is sure to be disappointed. Elendil maintains that the Josephites have a winning strategy, communicating with people across the Empire in their hometowns, whilst the Everadines are rolling out an ambitious new platform they hope will appease voters. Each party has stated that they are delivering a new slate of fresh faces to the electorate this upcoming election. Amadeus d’Aryn Jonah Stahl-Elendil Please contact Abeyot Okoro ((Liam#7649)) with inquiries about reporting for UNCHAINED.
  6. “Simp,” the Durant Group noted.
  7. Lobbyst – Private – Annual Wage: 300 Marks. The Universal Union is hiring full-time lobbyists to promote government legislation. You will be tasked with communicating among statesmen and politicians, influencing votes, and running political operations which aide the interests of commoners, the working people, and the marginalized. Manager: Abeyot Okoro / Papa_Liam / Liam#7649 Reporter – Private – Annual Wage: Variable, Commission-based. The Universal Union's newspaper "UNCHAINED" is hiring reporters and writers who support the advancement of the interests of the Imperial commoner. You will be tasked with rigid and aggressive reporting, closely following a legislative agenda, interviewing politicians and statesmen, offering election coverage, and potentially writing your own editorials on state affairs. Manager: Abeyot Okoro / Papa_Liam / Liam#7649
  8. The Durant Group returns the letters to the C&C complex next-door. “To whom it may concern, We appreciate the feedback and concerns from fellow business conglomerates such as yours, as you will be our primary users. We wish to dispell some rumors, which are reinforced from the details in our charter. The value of stocks are not determined by the Helena Stock Exchange’s board of company representatives, this board exists for a fair decision making process and to determine a chairman in a process soon to be announced, once representatives are chosen. There will be no instances of insider trading, as the equations for the price of shares is publicly available, and so shall a record of the transactions taking place – in other words, individuals may calculate the prices for themselves. It is agreed that it is not ideal for a private company to be managing a stock market, but consider the following; The Durant Group has no sustainable income outside of transaction fees as of now, after the nationalization of our railroads and the closure of our casinos and taverns. This is our primary focus, and we will not be participating in the market ourselves as of present. In the scenario that the Durant Group does launch new business ventures, chief executive authority will no longer be in our hands. It will be shifted to whomever the neutral chair is, we are simply pioneering this project as of now because nobody else will, and we need to get it off the group, as a public stock market is something we desire. If a company prestigious as yours wishes to participate in the market and sit on our five-member board to ensure the neutrality and well-being of the market, we would be honored to have you.” - Durant Goldhand [!] There is no wax seal, as there was not enough money in the budget to afford one.
  9. [!] The sounds of money fill the streets of Helena. Helena – the city of big business, rising industry, and a new market for virtual capital investments. In the last four decades, the likes of extremely successful companies and corporate conglomerates have dominated the Empire, and many of them are based here, in the heart of the Empire. That’s why the Durant Group saw it fit to open the Helena Stock Exchange, a neutral arbiter and outlet for companies to sell portions of ownership in their companies to the public, and subsequently, for the public to then trade those shares. This offers the opportunity for both companies and consumers to benefit from the glories of capitalism, wherein investors can potentially make a substantial amount of money buy purchasing stocks whilst they’re at a low price, and reselling them when they increase to a higher price. An ingenious concept. Other companies had used a system of garnering investments prior through a share-system internally, but those prices were mostly static, not open to the public, and most importantly, not subject to competition. Now, companies across the continent can register with the Helena Stock Exchange and take the next leap towards a new, global economy. All info below is subject to change at any time. STANDARD INFORMATION CURRENT ADDRESS: Nauzica Square Stall 2 CURRENT TRANSACTION FEE: 5% HOURS OF OPERATION: Weekdays, 3 – 4pm EST IMPORTANT LINKS HELENA STOCK EXCHANGE CHARTER STOCK PRICE TRACKER [WIP] Contact Durant Goldhand with inquiries, or to register your company with the Helena Stock Exchange. ((Papa_Liam)) ((Liam#7649)) ((If any other players have interest in helping us create a functioning stock market or have any feedback to give, it’d definitely be more than appreciated))
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