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  1. “Terrence May was an outstanding public servant, dedicated to the needs of his constituents and dedicated to Imperial democracy.” Vivaca Rutledge commented after hearing the news of her friend’s death. “May he rest in peace.”
  2. “Konrad Stafyr was a good politician and a good friend, I send my condolences to his family.” Vivaca Rutledge said, fighting back the tears.
  3. Vivaca Rutledge smiled at the peace, nodding "This century has truly been the golden age for women and women’s rights. We should be so proud of everything we have achieved so far! I look forward to the reign of Anne Augusta.”
  4. Vivaca Rutledge smiled after reading the ethnography, placing a copy in her bag. “The City of Helena is a marble of cultural and political diversity that we should all be proud of.”
  6. Vivaca Rutledge nods, smiling at the declaration ”Brilliant! Long live Oren! Justice for Peter Amadeus.”
  7. Vivaca Rutledge smiled “Well done, long live the empire! For companionship, justice and liberty!”
  8. Vivaca Rutledge sighs after reading the poster, crumbling it up and chucking it into the fire... “No! I want more checks on the emperor’s power, I want more diversity, I want more liberty, I want more social change, I want more opportunity, I want a better future for my family and the younger generations of Oren and Amadeus will ruin everything! Don't vote for Amadeus!”
  9. Vivaca Rutledge widens her eyes “If this is all true.... IMPEACH GALBRAITH 1774.” Yelled Vivaca Rutledge
  10. Vivaca Rutledge reads over the paper at her desk in her Helena home, scratching her chin. “An interesting viewpoint, it is a difficult question to ask... However, in my opinion, If you give different types of races more legal and constitutional rights, and eventual equality, they are more able to stand up to prejudice and xenophobia. Segregation is one hundred per cent not the way to go. It can cause so, so, so much damage. Segregation fuels the thought of insurrection, anger and extremism, if you’re a Dark Elf and you’re sectioned off into a small slum in Helena and cannot leave that bubble because of your race, you’re obviously going to feel mad. Segregation makes it impossible for other, different communities to integrate into Oren. Wonk lives matter.”
  11. Vivaca Rutledge nods at the declaration ”Mamma Mia! Here we go again!” Said Vivaca Rutledge, chuckling... “When will the Snorlanders give up?” She said to her cat, and the cat gave a simple “meow” in response. ”Let us put an end to this madness. Peter III is very awesome.” Elanaril reads the document in the Talus Grove library after chewing some herbs, she shrugs “Woah, how interesting. More conflict.” She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
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