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  1. “Justice for Tanith” Said Vivaca Rutledge, a Josephite candidate.
  2. VOTE VIVACA RUTLEDGE. Be the Change. 1795 I have decades of political experience. I have fought for the forgotten, left-behind citizens of this country ever since I first entered Orenian politics at age 18. I have been fighting for equality and social justice all my life. If you vote for me, I will: • Support and introduce progressive legislation that eliminates social injustice and inequality. • Legislate to introduce direct democracy by allowing public votes on constitutional matters. • Abolish patriarchal consent for women. (Non-noblewomen) - Women do not a man (legal patriarch) to decide on who they can and who they can't marry. • Make sure that soldiers and workers are given a decent wage. Vote for me, Vivaca Rutledge, and let's build a new Oren from the devastation brought unto us by the Inferi. I wish good luck to all those who are running for a seat in the House of Commons. We will get through this crisis. We will build a new Oren from the rubble. Let's stand together, so we can unleash the potential of all our people. Unity over division. Together, we CAN do this. Together, we CAN make the change. So please, when the time comes: Root for Rutledge! FROM VIVACA ADHARA RUTLEDGE. VOTE FOR THE FOLLOWING CANDIDATES ... [1] VIVACA RUTLEDGE [2] GEORGE GALBRAITH [3] LEANE D'EMYTH
  3. TOGETHER, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS... 1795 What is happening to our nation right now is not a political issue. Oren is facing an unprecedented crisis. Our homes are burning, our cities destroyed, our valuables missing, and loved ones caught up in the Inferi flames. I am confident that we will find, and we will build a new home. We must come together and stand in collective solidarity. We must support each other. We must care for one another. Although we are nearing the end of the election campaign, we must put politics aside during this crisis and come together. Together, we will get through this. Thank you Penned by Vivaca Rutledge.
  4. ROOT FOR RUTLEDGE, 1794. Be the change. It has been thirty years since I sat in Oren's legislature, making laws for the land and fighting for a better, progressive tomorrow. I resigned in 1764 after twenty-four years of service in the Senate, and I thought the fight for equality and against injustice would continue. There have been massive improvements to the social structure of our nation, along with the expansion of civil liberties. However, more must be done and the fight for social justice needs a loud, powerful and passionate voice in our national legislature. I cannot tolerate the injustices I still see in our society, and I will give my all to stamp them out and help build a brighter future. My election platform: Introduce legislation that will create a way for the Orenian people to vote on constitutional issues, such as constitutional reform. For example; A referendum on creating a written constitution. (This is only an example, and different political questions can be brought forward to the Orenian public in a public vote.) Legislate to abolish legal patriarchs for common women. (Non-nobility) Common women do not need the consent of a man on who she can and who she can not marry, as it is not their bodies. (A legal patriarch) Expand the purview of the House of Commons and local assemblies. Support and introduce legislation that will implement progressive policies that will help everyone who lives in this nation succeed, not just the elite. (Support business owners, workers, soldiers, children, doctors and those who find themselves oppressed in our country!) We can do so much more as a country, and we can change as a country! So, Root for Rutledge. Let's make the change together, and we can all win a brighter future. Thank you! Vivaca Adhara Rutledge. Be the change.
  5. “I stand with this woman in solidarity. Everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, should have the right to equality and the right to love.” Vivaca Rutledge said in private while sipping a cup of tea.
  6. "The establishment of our nation have covered this scandal up, this is an injustice.” Vivaca Rutledge said in response to the statement, shaking her head in disgust “Justice for Tanith.”
  7. ”Wow, transferring more power to an unelected body who we, the people of this country cannot hold to account? Appalling.” Vivaca Rutledge said in private to her brother, shaking her head in disdain. @1_Language_1
  8. Greetings Oren. VOTE FOR WOMEN! 1786 House of Commons Elections. For the first time in Imperial history, we have a female sovereign. We have advanced so far as a country, and we are only just beginning. I am Vivaca Adhara Rutledge, former Imperial Senator for 24 years and the first female Senator in Orenian history. I am a passionate supporter of women's equality, and I believe that gender-balance is essential in politics. I want more women elected to the House of Commons. If you care about women's representation in politics, I advise that you give all three of your votes to the following three candidates: Angelika Bykov, - Josephite Candidate. @AnonymousAlexa Annabelle Kelmenour, - Josephite Candidate. @audyush Marya Kortrevich, - Independent Candidate. @MikoMonster Let's get more women elected to the House of Commons, vote for the three I listed above! VOTE FOR WOMEN! -From Vivaca Adhara Rutledge https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/195152-house-of-commons-elections-19th-imperial-diet/ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScyn6SrbWX0QWZo-R-_PYZctYktuP1sE5kT31U1Oq9THudApg/viewform
  9. Vivaca Rutledge frowned after reading the bulletin “This is devastating news, I send my best wishes to the Emperor and his family.”
  10. “Wonderful. It is good to see independents sitting in the House of Commons. It allows our democracy to be more representative of the common citizen. I hope they don’t support or attempt to force through conservative and nationalistic legislation.” Vivaca Rutledge said after reading the contract.
  11. Vivaca Rutledge smiled at the peace, nodding "This century has truly been the golden age for women and women’s rights. We should be so proud of everything we have achieved so far! I look forward to the reign of Anne Augusta.”
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