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  1. Hiltrude Burrowes smiled as she read the Kaktuz Weekli, "Oi luv this newspapeh!" the hobbit exclaimed.
  2. [!] Hiltrude Burrowes sat with the ballot paper for several hours in careful thought before ticking the boxes. Name: Hiltrude Burrowes Race: Halfling Your vote for Sheriff (choose one): Breasal Nimblefoot (x) Mister PADRIC Applebottom-Peregrin ( ) Your vote for Mayor (choose one): Ser Do’Spuds Loa’chil ( ) The Wizard Magnolia (x)
  3. [!] Hiltrude Burrowes grins as she reads the issue, exclaiming, "Th' bes' newspapeh en th' land!" before laughing at the depiction of her hobbit friends... Oh, those poor crops!
  4. [!] Hiltrude Burrowe's eyes widened in dread at the warning, "O, I 'ope tey don' butcher us! Oi've go' a lot t' liv for! Knox protec' us!"
  5. [!] Hirtrude Burrowes grinned as she read this notice- oh, how she loved turmoil, oh, how she liked hearing about the conflict raging throughout Aevos! "O, 'ow excoitin', 'ope th' bigguns don' make too much o' a mess doh!"
  6. more swamps, tropical / volcanic landscapes
  7. "If the Orenian Empire collapses, I hope the remains of Oren embrace republicanism, democracy, social justice, and freedom rather than returning to noble squabbles and inherited authority." Faizah Rutledge comments, distancing herself from the turmoil occurring in Almaris and refusing to take sides.
  8. A Pelican's Death, 1826/30 S.A Vivaca Rutledge, 1722-1826 At the age of six, Vivaca had a reputation for embarrassing her father Matthias out in public, swearing and picking fights with Curonian locals. One time, at the age of ten, she beat a middle-aged Auvergne man in a duel. By the age of sixteen, she began to educate herself on politics and democracy. She'd recall that her grandmother, Rivaini Rutledge, was the first Southeron and the first Southeron woman elected to the Pertinaxi Parliament. Inspired by her grandmother, she wanted to become the first woman and the first Southeron woman elected to the Imperial Diet. She served as an Imperial Senator for Curon for twenty-four years. She set a precedent for women in politics made many friends along the way, such as Jeanne Vladov, Gwynnestri Elwitt, Terrence May, Cyrus Basrid, Edward Napier, Duarte de Antunyes (who later became her husband,) and Lauritz Christiansen. During the height of Senatorial politics, she was almost killed by the Cheloveks as they torched the Varoche Hall, with them aiming specifically for Vivaca. In 1760, she married her former colleague Duarte de Antunyes and gave birth to Rigoberto, her only son. In the 1762 Senate election, she faced a significant challenge from George Calverley - without a doubt the most heated election in Curon's history. During the Senatorial Debate, assassins tried to end her life: however, their attempt failed, and Vivaca walked out of the debate intact. She won the election. However, after the election, she announced that she would not run for re-election. But why? The assassination attempt on her life put her off national politics. Eventually, in 1764, the Imperial Senate was dissolved & Vivaca was the last sitting Senator for Curon. She moved to Helena after Curon's dissolution, and she got involved with the short-lived Universal Union. She co-hosted a debate between the Everardine and Josephite candidates. In her late 80s, she was elected to the House of Commons as an independent politician, representing Right-Bank. A few years after she lost her re-election campaign, Vivaca published a piece on women's representation and women's rights. "The Importance of Female Representation." She had recently gone on a trip across Almaris, making a new friend in the Fahkr Oasis. At the ripe old age of 104, Vivaca traversed most of Almaris. Shortly after her trip, she fell ill: coughing, bedridden and alone for days. Eventually, the veteran politician shut her eyes for the last time. Vivaca Rutledge was dead.
  9. Vivaca Rutledge's eyes widen at the poster, "It seems that racists and ethno-nationalist extremists are trying to give themselves a rebrand! Disgusting!" remarks the elderly woman, shaking her head
  10. Vivaca Rutledge sobbed, upset at her twin brother’s passing “My brother was an amazing person. May he rest in peace.”
  11. Vivaca Rutledge frowns after hearing the news ... "Lauritz was an amazing politician and a good friend. May he rest in peace." She says, the elderly Southeron lighting a candle in his memory.
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