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  1. CrownedLime747

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Voter or Candidate?
  2. CrownedLime747

    Aleksei for Prosperity

    Aleksei for Prosperity 20th of Sigismund's End, 1693 [1] The residents of Belvitz gather around outside the town hall as Aleksei prepares to give his speech “Good day to all o’my comrades o’Adria.“As ya may ‘ave ‘eard, I am running for Maer to succeed Darius Ault, t’greatest Maer o’our fair city. We may be members o’different political parties an’ might ‘ave different political views, we both seek to bring prosperity to our city. As such, I seek to continue his legacy and bring prosperity to this mighty city. I‘ave lived in this city my entire life and ‘ave served in t’Adrian Ducal Retinue in t’Third Atlas Coalition War. My family is a long military one with my father Aleksandr fighting in t’first an’ second Atlas Coalition Wars and my grandfather Sergei in t’Third Crusade. Although I ‘aven’t been unable to participate in the battles as of recently due to an injury, it has gotten better and I feel that I can be able again.” “One o’my major plans is to greatly expand our trading and commerce. I seek to construct a trading harbor on the Baltas River right next to the city. The Baltas River connects to all o’t’cities and nations o’Atlas, especially those in t’Empire. With this harbor, we can open up to a massive amount of trade and turn Belvic into the capital of commerce in t’Empire! I ‘ave yet to decide who to put in charge of such an important expansion as I myself am not the best architect. ‘Owever, I do hope that Darius would help out in some way from either suggesting to me who to put in charge or even putting him in charge. I am confident that ‘e would be incredibly interested in this project.” “Another major platform o’mine is to reform t’Duma. Although t’Duma is an important part of t’Adrian realm, I have found some issues with it. With this, I plan to use my position in t’Duma to propose that it convene more frequently as I find that it convening after t’election of t’Aldermen to be too infrequent. I believe meeting every year would suffice to allow for members to be able to propose their motions if they couldn’t last year instead o’last saint’s month while also giving time to make new ones from events that may occur between sessions. T’Duke would also be able to summon an emergency session of t’Duma if Adria or t’Empire are in crisis. This o’course would require the Duke’s assistance and thus I will work closely with him.” “I find defenestration to be completely barbaric and cruel in our civilized world. As such, I seek to ban such an act be done on our fair citizens and anyone else unless they have been convicted of a crime against Adria or t’Empire or causing a commotion in the session. If it’s t’later, they would only be thrown from a height that would not injure them too much with it only really hurting their pride. Besides that, the height will more or less be based on how serious the crime is.” “Thank ya comrades for listening to this speech of mine. This may be short compared to other speeches, but this election is in it’s first legs and has plenty of time for more speeches from both me an’ my opponents. Please do expect that there be more speeches as t’election continues. If you have any questions that you seek to ask me, I frequent the Firstlight Inn and Tavern, so ya can ask me there.” And remember comrades, VOTE ALEKSEI, SEE PROSPERITY!
  3. CrownedLime747

    Book Seventh

    Aleksei wonders if the Lord Himself is guiding Siegmund in writing these and that is why they are being written in such a short amount of time.
  4. CrownedLime747

    Tenth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    While he does not like His Holiness’ centralization, Aleksei opposes the attempt of removal by the Emperor and views that it is not allowed both legally and religiously.
  5. CrownedLime747

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Candidate: Name: Aleksei Aleksandrovich Nikolajev Age: 31 Address: 3 The Hamlet
  6. CrownedLime747

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Voter: Name: Aleksei Aleksandrovich Nikolajev Age: 31 Address: 3 The Hamlet
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  8. CrownedLime747


    Full Name: Aleksei Aleksandrovich Nikolajev Year of Birth: 1662 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz MC Name: CrownedLime747
  9. CrownedLime747

    The Words of a Victim

    The Words of a Victim 19th of Horen’s Calling, 1687 To my fellow Citizens of the Great Empire of Man, As you may have heard, a couple of saint’s days ago, I was viciously and mercilessly attacked by Priorists when I criticize them on their immoral hatred. For those who are worried about me, thank the Lord in His infinite wisdom that I came out of that with only bruises. And I would like to thank Mr Sarkozic for his endorsement and as such, I shall endorse him for Prefect of Belvitz. Even with these uncivilized tactics by the Priorists, I will NOT be deterred from fighting for the rights of those they deem ‘inferior’ because I KNOW it is righteous. I will fight to bring prosperity not just to Renatus, but to all of the citizens of the Empire and under her glorious protection. I have read their announcement, and I would have to say I am incredibly disappointed. They claim themselves to be mobs of the empire. But mobs are mobs, and no matter their reasoning, mobs can never claim righteousness. They are never in the right. Even if there was a mob that supported protections for minorities, more elected representatives in the Imperial Parliament and any more positions I hold, I would denounce them, distance myself from them and cutoff any relations I have with them. Any good, law-abiding, honest citizens of the Empire would do the same. However, they remain unapologetic to their barbaric actions that are eerily similar to those committed by the heathenous Norlanders in the early and mid century. While I am not saying that they are heathens, they are still Canonists to some degree. However, their actions have completely ignored Canonist morals and thus I will stand by my comment saying they are Uncanonist. Yet, I’m not the only victim in there hate-filled ‘crusade’. The first was the poor Dwarven diplomat that was assaulted a few saint’s weeks ago. Unlike my own encounter, the assailant was arrested by the guard before it could turn into a beating. Even though the violent man was on the ground, I saw others around the guard berate him, calling him an ‘elf-lover’. All I could do was call out their hatred while the attacker was taken away. Another man that was attacked by the Priorists, although not physically, was the honorable Robert Sigismund. They brought up events that occurred four decades ago in an attempt to discredit him and claim he is unfit. I would have to call this cowardly, as not only did they occur forty years ago, but any sane person would do the same. At the time of King Otto III, an empire of man was completely unheard of in current times and feared that his kingdom would end and his people will suffer. Thank the Almighty Lord in His infinite wisdom that did not occur. While yes, he did delay the creation of the Great Empire of Man, he did so because he feared for his realm and people. That is something to admire, not to chastise. Sir Robert was simply following the will of his lord as any good citizen does. Honorably from Cesare di Lucio Accorsi
  10. CrownedLime747


    Full Name: Cesare di Lucio Accorsi Prefecture: Carolustadt Address: 10 Caius Circle Political Party: The Common Civic Party
  11. CrownedLime747


    Party Name: The Imperial Refinement Party Chairman: Septimius Bracchus Mission Statement: To represent the interests of the gentry and lower nobility Platform: Expand elected representation in parliament by adding more prefectures and expanding current ones. Turn parliament into a bicameral legislature with one house for the landed nobles and the other for the citizens Expand the powers of the central government with social programs Expand the military Assimilation of minorities
  12. CrownedLime747


    Full Name: Cesare di Lucio Accorsi Year of Birth: 1661 City of Primary Residence: Carolustadt MC Name: CrownedLime747
  13. CrownedLime747

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: CrownedLime747 Discord Username: CrownedLime747#9312 Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: Yes How active are you?: I'm mostly on the Nevaria Disc server IC Name: Hans Surname: Torsten Title: None as of yet Liege Lord: Alston Caunter Gender: Male Date of Birth: 1586 Race: Human Subrace: Highlander-Heartlander mix Culture: Nevarian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'11 Weight: 195 Eye Color: Hazel Skin Color: Fair Hair Color: Grey Markings: None PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Ashwood Occupation: Soldier as of right now CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Hans Torsten, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.