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  1. Lajos Károly reads through the session transcript as he was unable to attend and shakes his head as he reaches the end. He then begins to write a letter, “As stated by the Honorable d’Aryn, the Voter Protection Act is not prepared to be sent to His Imperial Majesty and thus I must vote NAY. I also find the attitude of the Honorable Elendil towards the Honorable d’Aryn near the end of the session to have been quite disrespectful and hope that the Honorable President Stafyr will discipline the next Honorable Member whom acts in such a manner.” Lajos then signs the letter and sends it to the office of President Stafyr.
  2. Lajos shakes his head after reading the Marna Plan. “I see only goals and no details on how to achieve them. The Josephites once again sitting on their arses and doing the bare minimum while we Everardines do all the hard work.”
  3. Lajos shakes his head after reading the nonsensical missive. “While I thank Cyrus for his service, his rambling is full of lies. We have given the utmost respect towards the ISA and have strengthened their power. We criticize Elendil solely because he cowardly left the ISA as an commissioned officer due to his gentry heritage after less than a year of service and after his first battle. Yet he claims to be a veteran and a war hero who defended the Empire when he ran with his tail between his legs after his first battle and never took his position as officer seriously. How can Cyrus defend a man who has disgraced this Empire and its military?”
  4. Lajos would shake his head upon reading Elendil’s military ‘history’. “Such cowardice is disgraceful to our glorious Empire, he is no true Orenian.” He says as he puffs his Rochefort cigar.
  5. Lajos Károly votes AYE for the Standing Orders for Committee and PRESENT for the confirmation of Jasper Carrington.
  6. Lajos Károly votes AYE for the nomination of Leufroy Falkenrath
  7. Lajos Károly votes AYE for the nomination of Lauritz Christiansen, Infractions Act and Ministry of Education Act.
  8. Lajos reads the work with intrigue. “What a wonderful piece of work, although I disagree with his statement that the Church is full of corruption.”
  9. Lajos Károly abstention votes: AYE for Non-Partisan Courts Act NAY for nomination of Armande de Falstaff
  10. Lajos shakes his head at the nonsense that Boniface is saying. “This is getting ridiculous” he says to himself.
  11. “An excellent rebuttal to the slanders of Boniface, Laurence is truly my brother’s successor.” Lajos would say as he read the document and signs the Kaedrini cross.
  12. “For GOD and Empire!” Lajos says as he smokes some Rochefort cigarettes.
  13. Lajos would raise a glass to the Archbishop.
  14. Lajos says “With what I saw with Jep, this was inevitable.”
  15. Lajos shakes his head at the obvious theft of the name and emblem from the Rambling Rose.
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