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  1. CrownedLime747

    The Adrian Ducal Retinue

    Enlistment Minecraft Name: CrownedLime747 Roleplaying Name: Aleksei Aleksandrovich Nikolajev Character Age: 28 Character Race: Farfolk Human (Raevir) Discord: CrownedLime747#9312
  2. Hey, I have an idea about the map after the next. Can you message me so i can tell you more?

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    Full Name: Aleksei Aleksandrovich Nikolajev Year of Birth: 1662 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz MC Name: CrownedLime747
  4. CrownedLime747

    The Words of a Victim

    The Words of a Victim 19th of Horen’s Calling, 1687 To my fellow Citizens of the Great Empire of Man, As you may have heard, a couple of saint’s days ago, I was viciously and mercilessly attacked by Priorists when I criticize them on their immoral hatred. For those who are worried about me, thank the Lord in His infinite wisdom that I came out of that with only bruises. And I would like to thank Mr Sarkozic for his endorsement and as such, I shall endorse him for Prefect of Belvitz. Even with these uncivilized tactics by the Priorists, I will NOT be deterred from fighting for the rights of those they deem ‘inferior’ because I KNOW it is righteous. I will fight to bring prosperity not just to Renatus, but to all of the citizens of the Empire and under her glorious protection. I have read their announcement, and I would have to say I am incredibly disappointed. They claim themselves to be mobs of the empire. But mobs are mobs, and no matter their reasoning, mobs can never claim righteousness. They are never in the right. Even if there was a mob that supported protections for minorities, more elected representatives in the Imperial Parliament and any more positions I hold, I would denounce them, distance myself from them and cutoff any relations I have with them. Any good, law-abiding, honest citizens of the Empire would do the same. However, they remain unapologetic to their barbaric actions that are eerily similar to those committed by the heathenous Norlanders in the early and mid century. While I am not saying that they are heathens, they are still Canonists to some degree. However, their actions have completely ignored Canonist morals and thus I will stand by my comment saying they are Uncanonist. Yet, I’m not the only victim in there hate-filled ‘crusade’. The first was the poor Dwarven diplomat that was assaulted a few saint’s weeks ago. Unlike my own encounter, the assailant was arrested by the guard before it could turn into a beating. Even though the violent man was on the ground, I saw others around the guard berate him, calling him an ‘elf-lover’. All I could do was call out their hatred while the attacker was taken away. Another man that was attacked by the Priorists, although not physically, was the honorable Robert Sigismund. They brought up events that occurred four decades ago in an attempt to discredit him and claim he is unfit. I would have to call this cowardly, as not only did they occur forty years ago, but any sane person would do the same. At the time of King Otto III, an empire of man was completely unheard of in current times and feared that his kingdom would end and his people will suffer. Thank the Almighty Lord in His infinite wisdom that did not occur. While yes, he did delay the creation of the Great Empire of Man, he did so because he feared for his realm and people. That is something to admire, not to chastise. Sir Robert was simply following the will of his lord as any good citizen does. Honorably from Cesare di Lucio Accorsi
  5. CrownedLime747


    Full Name: Cesare di Lucio Accorsi Prefecture: Carolustadt Address: 10 Caius Circle Political Party: The Common Civic Party
  6. CrownedLime747


    Party Name: The Imperial Refinement Party Chairman: Septimius Bracchus Mission Statement: To represent the interests of the gentry and lower nobility Platform: Expand elected representation in parliament by adding more prefectures and expanding current ones. Turn parliament into a bicameral legislature with one house for the landed nobles and the other for the citizens Expand the powers of the central government with social programs Expand the military Assimilation of minorities
  7. CrownedLime747


    Full Name: Cesare di Lucio Accorsi Year of Birth: 1661 City of Primary Residence: Carolustadt MC Name: CrownedLime747
  8. CrownedLime747

    Renaming Ashwood

    ___________________________________________________________________ Issued on the 12th of the First Seed, 1672 By Baron Gustaf of Nevaria It has been a decade since the fall of the heathenous Norlanders, and three since the fall of their revivalists. And even though their heresy has been burnt away, their cities turned to the ashes they worshiped, one of their keeps remains as it was under them: Ashwood. Although my predecessor, Alston Caunter, expanded on it greatly and replaced the heathenous imagery, it still remained named after their 'sacred' tree. As it's lord, I hereby rename it in Common to Ofveraan. It comes from it's Nevarian name, Öfverån, which means 'over the river' due to part of it going over the Crimson River. It shall also be known in High Imperial as Opheron, which also comes from its Nevarian name. This is all in the effort to sever the last tie the Norlandic heresy has to Atlas, hindering anymore revivalist heresies. May the Lord's light guide us. Signed Gustaf of House Torsten, Baron of Nevaria, Lord of Ofveraan
  9. CrownedLime747

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: CrownedLime747 Discord Username: CrownedLime747#9312 Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: Yes How active are you?: I'm mostly on the Nevaria Disc server IC Name: Hans Surname: Torsten Title: None as of yet Liege Lord: Alston Caunter Gender: Male Date of Birth: 1586 Race: Human Subrace: Highlander-Heartlander mix Culture: Nevarian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'11 Weight: 195 Eye Color: Hazel Skin Color: Fair Hair Color: Grey Markings: None PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Ashwood Occupation: Soldier as of right now CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Hans Torsten, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  10. CrownedLime747

    Hans Torsten for Prosperity

    *A number of flyers are posted around Ruriksgrad. They are campaign flyers from mayor candidate Hans Torsten.* My fellow brothers and sisters of Norland, we are in the middle of one of the most dedicated elections in Norlandic history yet. And because of that, each of the candidates must directly state their positions. So, as a polite and humble old man, I will tell you mine and why you should vote for me. I have served Norland for over half of my life. I joined Norland under the Ashguard when the great King Javier still ruled. I have dedicated much of my time to the creation of a new Norlandic language as well. Once mayor, I fully plan on implementing this. I plan on holding a census on all Ruriksgrad inhabitants where important details will be made. One noteworthy detail is that they will have both their personal name and a Norlandicized name on them. I plan to organize a community-wide volunteer mining and logging work force to maximize our ability to gain construction resources. These resources will be used one many construction projects. Among them are: construction of a sea wall across the bay, replacing all one-story hayhouses with real two-story homes (with the approval of the occupants of course), and the usage of the unused islands in the bay. I also have thought of organizing the construction of monuments to our core ideas and figures, one of which will be called the Hall of the Paragons. I also plan on expanding the ports to allow for trade with neutral or allied nations or independent trading companies. The unused land in the back of the third island will be used for other construction projects, depending on what is needed. I have been very interested in the idea of constitutions like the ones used by dwarves and other nations. So, I plan to test them by creating a series of laws that will define the city government. The laws will be the Law of Rights, Law of Governance, and Law of Election. The Law of Rights will guarantee basic rights to Norlandic citizens, such as the right to reasonable speech, and prevent abuses to non-citizens, such as the outlawing of slavery. The Law of Governance dictates how the city government will be assigned and what powers they have. And the Law of Election states the rules for elections and the requirements. I believe this is needed to show the Canonists that we are just as civilized as they are, or more due to their recent activities. I also plan to talk to the king on transferring some of the positions of Ruriksgrad to under my leadership and the power to create my own. My opponents have very interesting ideas that I plan to not waste when elected. I plan on creating a new position called High Trademaster that will manage the trading guilds and relations with traders, or expanding the position of High Shipwright to include trading, and giving the position to Rodrigo. Ceowulf Horen also has some interesting propositions, so I plan to create a new position called Deputy Mayor who will assist me in my activities, temporarily take over my duties in my absence, and fulfill to Mayor if I leave office during my term. I plan on giving this position to Ceowulf. I also have thought of creating a new position called High Architect that will be in-charge of all construction operations in Ruriksgrad. *Torsten for Prosperity is written at the bottom in stylized letters*
  11. CrownedLime747

    The Rurikguard

    RP Information RP Name: Hans Torsten (Norlandic: Hans Tårstin/Hans Taorstin) Race: Human (Heartlander-Highlander mix) Age: 69 Years old Past services to Norland: Ashguard (34 Years) Current residence: Ruriksgrad OOC Information MCName: CrownedLime747 Discord: CrownedLime747#9312
  12. CrownedLime747

    The Ashguard

    RP Information RP Name: Hans Torsten Race: Human Age: 60 Feats (If none just do N/A): Loyal, creative, skilled in leadership Current residence: House near the entrance of Ruriksgrad OOC Information MCName: CrownedLime747 Discord: CrownedLime747#9312
  13. CrownedLime747

    Anisgar's 2nd Wiki Application