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  1. Bell Sano fist bumps Bernard Oakstool from the Seven Skies. “Nice,” the political philosopher nodded. Meanwhile, union organizer Eugene Bracchus expressed interest in the Cheloveks.
  2. [!] Fliers are mailed to every major city in the Empire, particularly concentrated in working class boroughs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1osKWCDXl40 OWF The Orenian Worker’s Federation A union of organized laborers to benefit the working class, the peasantry, and the vulnerable. Mission Statement The Orenian Worker’s Federation, abbreviated to the OWF, is a union of organized laborers with the objective of protecting the interests of the masses, through public demonstrations, direct political action, and collective bargaining. Established on the 15thof the Harren’s Folly, 1749, by Eugene “Eddy” Bracchus, an Illatian immigrant and chef, the OWF was established with the intent of creating solidarity and a sense of brotherhood among his fellow workers, regardless of ethnic background or gender. A worker is a worker. Operating out of the imperial capital, Helena, the OWF expands to all reaches of the Empire, representing workers and the disadvantaged. Membership is open to all residents of the Empire. The OWF has two primary objectives, being political goals, which count as the endorsement of worker-friendly politicians, lobbying efforts, and public demonstrations. There are also routine goals, which count as securing employment for workers, protecting benefits, and sponsoring lawsuits in the case of labor law violations. The working class, peasants, homeowners, and the disadvantaged in society would be more impactful if bargaining as a collective. In this new era of a staunch representative democracy, a liberal marketplace, and unprecedented change, it is profoundly important that the workers are not exploited for the benefit of the few, but nurtured for the needs of the many. You, the worker, are the backbone of civilization, and deserve to be treated as such. Platform The OWF’s principles and objectives are as follows; To establish an Empire-wide jobs program, finding formal employment opportunities for members To protect immigrants and ethnic minorities, such as Illatians and Farfolks, from labor and societal discrimination To negotiate reasonable terms of employment with employers, creating bridges between small businesses and workers To fight for the worker when those terms of employment are breached through collective bargaining To sponsor legal counsel for workers, free of charge, when they’ve fallen victim to a violation of labor laws To endorse political candidates for the Imperial Senate, mayorships, city council, and other elected posts who pledge to fight for the working class To lobby the imperial government for increased worker protections To organize public demonstrations when faced with an act of injustice, taking advantage of the newfound political system for the good of the people Structure The OWF will be composed of members, local union presidents, officers, and the union president, all of which are elected positions, sticking to our democratic principles. Conventions will be held regularly, where union members will be allowed to vote on proposed measures. A more in-depth hierarchy will be formulated in the near future, when the union is formally established and input of founding members is given. Membership Union membership is open to all residents of the Empire, from any background. Barkeeps, stewards, servants, independent merchants, laborers, and the structurally unemployed are all welcome to the OWF. The application for membership is below. Please send your applications to the return address on this flier. FULL NAME: ADDRESS & CITY: OCCUPATION: ~For the Union Makes Us Strong~ - Eugene Bracchus, acting President of the OWF 15th of Harren’s Folly, 1749, Helena
  3. when will server no longer be unplayable?

    1. DarkElfs


      Good question. Seeing as if you don’t stay in one town your stuck entirely 

    2. TheAlphaMoist


      When will I ever remember to get that refund 

  4. Durant nods. A good point, the casino hadn’t even been given a name yet. “The Snake’s Den,” he’d proclaim, expecting to open this new gambling institution within the week. Durant also enjoyed the publication, especially learning about the legislative propositions. He had expressed interest prior in the media industry. . .
  5. Can we remove this ridiculous five second cooldown for looc already? Its way past April Fool’s.

  6. No I wanted to see lotc’s nature pics frill bro..
  7. I’d like to use this thread to explore the justification behind the recent constant raids on Llyria, who’s committed which transgressions, and why the “Llyrian situation” is severely unhealthy for the server’s roleplay. ——————————————— Ok this thread isn’t actually about Llyria at all, I just wanted to get your attention. Does anybody in here enjoy going on nature walks / backyard exploring in their free time? I think it’s really enjoyable to just prod around and observe common (or uncommon) animals just doing their things. Recently I was in Maine and took some pictures after it rained pretty heavily, and 50+ slugs came out, a bunch of tiny toads, some snails, and the next morning there was even a massive woodpecker right outside our cabin (although I’m not sure what species it was, it was way bigger than the ones we have here in MA. Big red mohawk and all that.) (I guess the next two are NSFW? Maybe?) If you have pictures, share them. Those last two slides are apparently what happens when slugs mate. I went back inside and researched it a bit, it’s some wacky stuff. This clip is about leopard slugs, but the process is basically the same. Lets see your nature pics, lotc
  8. Durant War Ind. prepares to make some sales.
  9. That same Dwarf – certainly not of the dark variety – sits high on a pile of mina from investors into his recent railroad project. It’s a shame that poor Matthias allowed something as silly as war to prevent immediate funding of the project when he had the chance. . .
  10. “LONG MAY HE REIGN,” exclaims Fabio.
  11. Bell Sano began to weep from the Seven Skies. Watching the hairy mass march through the pearly, white gates brought a tear to the old man’s eyes. Another friend had arrived. The old man wept, for he had been awaiting the Wild Man’s arrival, knowing the beast long before he was regarded as such. “The Wild Man. . . Rafe, my boy, we’ve been expecting you. What took so long? It’s been over a century.” With that, the elderly scholar grinned. “Welcome home.”
  12. I for one welcome democracy.

  13. Escape while you can. In all seriousness, I can send you a link.
  14. kpop? more like kpoop 😂

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