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  1. Durant nods. A good point, the casino hadn’t even been given a name yet. “The Snake’s Den,” he’d proclaim, expecting to open this new gambling institution within the week. Durant also enjoyed the publication, especially learning about the legislative propositions. He had expressed interest prior in the media industry. . .
  2. Can we remove this ridiculous five second cooldown for looc already? Its way past April Fool’s.

  3. No I wanted to see lotc’s nature pics frill bro..
  4. I’d like to use this thread to explore the justification behind the recent constant raids on Llyria, who’s committed which transgressions, and why the “Llyrian situation” is severely unhealthy for the server’s roleplay. ——————————————— Ok this thread isn’t actually about Llyria at all, I just wanted to get your attention. Does anybody in here enjoy going on nature walks / backyard exploring in their free time? I think it’s really enjoyable to just prod around and observe common (or uncommon) animals just doing their things. Recently I was in Maine and took some pictures after it rained pretty heavily, and 50+ slugs came out, a bunch of tiny toads, some snails, and the next morning there was even a massive woodpecker right outside our cabin (although I’m not sure what species it was, it was way bigger than the ones we have here in MA. Big red mohawk and all that.) (I guess the next two are NSFW? Maybe?) If you have pictures, share them. Those last two slides are apparently what happens when slugs mate. I went back inside and researched it a bit, it’s some wacky stuff. This clip is about leopard slugs, but the process is basically the same. Lets see your nature pics, lotc
  5. Durant War Ind. prepares to make some sales.
  6. That same Dwarf – certainly not of the dark variety – sits high on a pile of mina from investors into his recent railroad project. It’s a shame that poor Matthias allowed something as silly as war to prevent immediate funding of the project when he had the chance. . .
  7. Durant, a fellow Dwed engineer, strokes his beard. He wasn’t aware that the ingenious technology of minecarts was exclusive to the Kal’Varoth Boys Club.
  8. “Well, we jus’ aren’t able to call’m trains, lest them Sky Gods get fumin’ ova’ t’eir silly technological regulations,” huffs Durant.
  9. [!] An article is found in your local paper. THE DURANT & PARTNERS RAIL CO. 5th of the First Seed / Owyn’s Light, 1726 ((Various sections of this thread are to be updated as we progress, such as investor lists, station maps, and share charts.)) INTRODUCTION With recent adaptations in rapid transportation technology, made possible by a small team of engineers, a company has been established for the formalization of laying track between urban centers. The Durant & Partners Rail Company aims to convert mina and labor into rail lines, linking together the civilized nations of the continent in the hopes of encouraging civilian, economic, and diplomatic transport possible, and faster than ever. With the newest adaptations in rail technology, you will be able to have breakfast in Lyria and lunch in Avalain – a feat thought impossible before the finalization of this groundbreaking technology. Railroads were first developed in 1672 by the ingenious Holmite engineer, Balek Irongut, when he successfully linked together the Republic’s capital and the Adrian suburb of Oserov. Now, over five decades later, the technology has been vastly improved to allow for long distance transportation of the individual and merchant goods. Although still a time-consuming process which proves to be financially risky, this industrial breakthrough will ensure ease of travel for the commoner, the trader, and the diplomat. A prior railroad revolution was attempted, but failed due to faulty technology. Now, it is finally possible. [!] A sketch of an envisioned railway, connecting Belvitz and Holm – 1675 EMPLOYMENT Already working towards the establishment of a line between Helena and Ves, the Durant Rail Co. will begin with lines unifying the Empire. Afterwards, lines will begin to traverse outside of human territory, bringing the rest of Atlas into this new and industrious network. The Durant Rail Co. plans to finance railroads reaching far and wide, but such feats require great manpower. For this reason, we shall be hiring vast crews for the procurement of resources and laying track. We require the following; Miners, to garner ferrum, aurum, and redstone dust for the assembly of rail lines Railway engineers, to assist in digging tunnels and laying track Private investors, to purchase shares in the company and provide finances Managers, who directly assist the CFO in private negotiations If any position interests you, please contact the company CFO, Durant Goldhand SHAREHOLDERS Shareholders are individuals or companies who have invested their private funds into the Durant Rail Co. for the purpose of expected return on investment in the future. For each share, they will receive a certain percentage of the profits garnered. In addition, they have the right to vote on company affairs, being granted one vote per share they hold. Each share is currently valued at 800 mina each. There are currently 200 total shares. The following individuals or companies have purchased shares from the Durant Rail Co.; The Durant & Partners Rail Co. owns forty-eight shares Mera Janssen owns three shares Ambrosius Geldmeister owns three shares Jaonos Adric owns four shares Konrad A. Stafyr owns four shares Weedsnatcher Industries owns six shares Ortusian Solutions LLC owns three shares Yldrathir Graves LLC owns one share Vintas Industries & Research Co. owns four shares The Phoenix Band owns four shares The Orenian Rail Co. owns sixty shares The Orenian Rail Co. owns another sixty nominal shares, ‘till their investment is paid off. These shares shall then return to the Durant & Partners Rail Co. SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES For the purposes of individual management and nationalized interests, subsidiary companies are often formed by either nations who’s governments wish to maintain control of the railways within their territory, or companies which have been bought out by the Durant Rail Co. The Orenian Rail Co. The Orenian Rail Company was established by the Imperial Archchancellor, John of Nowhere, with the intention of rallying state laborers to construct rails within the Empire, pay them accordingly, and to provide state management in coordination with the Durant Rail Co. They shall receive sixty percent of all profits from the Durant Rail Co. until their initial investments have been returned. BOARD MEMBERS & STAFF Board members are the individuals who manage the rail network of Atlas. They are owners of subsidiary companies, managers, and significant investors. They are as follows; Durant Goldhand, owner of Durant Rail Co. John of Nowhere, manager of Orenian Rail Co. [!] The parchment ends with a sketch drawn up by an optimistic, aspirant railroad baron. One can dream. ((For inquiries, message Liam#7649 on Discord.))
  10. “LONG MAY HE REIGN,” exclaims Fabio.
  11. Bell Sano began to weep from the Seven Skies. Watching the hairy mass march through the pearly, white gates brought a tear to the old man’s eyes. Another friend had arrived. The old man wept, for he had been awaiting the Wild Man’s arrival, knowing the beast long before he was regarded as such. “The Wild Man. . . Rafe, my boy, we’ve been expecting you. What took so long? It’s been over a century.” With that, the elderly scholar grinned. “Welcome home.”
  12. I for one welcome democracy.

  13. Escape while you can. In all seriousness, I can send you a link.
  14. kpop? more like kpoop 😂

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