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  1. Papa Liam


    Name: Fabius Bracchus ((Papa_Liam)) Age: 45, born 1662 Race: Human Residence: 7 Sigismund’s Court
  2. Papa Liam

    St. Tuv's Bank

    [!] The citizens of Reza – and all across northern Arcas, for that matter – are notified of the newest, bestest, most profitable financial institution of the century. ⚖️ Saint Tuv’s Banking ⚖️ Est. 1705 St. Tuv’s Bank, established in central-Reza as the primary financial institution to serve the Kingdom of Haense, is dedicated to ensuring that a functioning economy is a possibility. Our mission is to bring more value to the productivity of workers, and to encourage the feasibility of entrepreneurship. The bank is co-managed by Jakob Marius Ludovar, the owner of Ludovar Mining Co., and Fabius Bracchus, former Chairman on public finance in the Imperial Parliament, where Ludovar will be the General Manager, and Bracchus the Chief Financial Officer. The 1700’s will be the era of economic expansion. St. Tuv’s Bank, located at 7 Robert’s Plaza. The bank’s offices are located at 7 Sigismund’s Court. ((HOURS FOR CUSTOMERS (EST): Saturdays: 4 - 8 Sundays: CLOSED Mondays: 5 - 8 Tuesdays: 5 - 8 Wednesdays: 5 - 8 Thursdays: CLOSED Fridays: 5 - 8 CLOSED on holidays)) ((BANK OFFICIALLY OPENS THIS TUESDAY)) SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES INSURANCE PLANS CONTRACTING LOANS KUZO MARKS NOW HIRING SAVINGS ACCOUNTS A savings account is a monetary fund in which customers can safely store their money for the time being, but can also easily access their money when needed. In addition to the safe storage of one’s finances, the longer a customer keeps their money in a savings account, the more interest it accumulates. Interest is the additional value which will be accumulated on the net savings in one’s account, to incentivize customers to keep their money in our bank. Currently, St. Tuv’s provides consumers with a 2% annual interest rate. This means that, for every 100 mina stored in a savings account, a customer will earn an additional 2 mina per Saint’s week. Each customer must keep a minimum of 100 mina in their savings account. We do this so that we can utilize deposited funds in making larger loans to other companies, and then make a profit on interest rates levied against lenders. There’s a reserve requirement of 10% on all deposits. To open a savings account, visit St. Tuv’s during any normal business hours. SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES For all of our customers, you can pay an additional surcharge to gain access to our vault-secured safe deposit boxes. These fortified compartments offer customers the security of their physical belongings, should they wish to utilize this service. The advantage to keeping your sacred belongings in St. Tuv’s is to protect your property with the most secured facility on Arcas. Each regular deposit box is 50 mina annually, while a large deposit box is 75 mina annually. You will be given your own exclusive key to your safe deposit box which will be accessible to you during regular bank hours. INSURANCE PLANS Accidents happen. That’s why with St. Tuv’s insurance, you’ll be confident knowing that the financial burden of unexpected events won’t catch you off guard. Premiums are due at the end of every Saint’s month, but it’s definitely worth it. To file a claim, simply contact our Chief Financial Officer’s offices. Check out our various plans; DELUXE PACKAGE The Deluxe Package contains the Platinum Plans for both legal and home insurance, for only 350 mina / Saint’s month. LEGAL INSURANCE Legal insurance covers the costs of court related fees when one is charged with a crime. The following plans cover the costs of a legal counsel, punitive fees, and most fines. COPPER PLAN Covers the costs of court imposed fines of up to 600 mina every 6 Saint’s months. Premiums are 70 mina / Saint’s month. Does not cover charges of murder, manslaughter, or arson. AURUM PLAN Covers the costs of court imposed fines and legal counsel of up to 1,500 mina every 6 Saint’s months. Premiums are 120 mina / Saint’s month. Does not cover charges of murder or manslaughter. PLATINUM PLAN Covers the costs of court imposed fines, confiscated property, and legal counsel of up to 3,000 mina every 6 Saint’s months. Premiums are 300 mina / Saint’s month. HOME INSURANCE May it be damages or missed tax slips, home insurance will ensure the security of your residency. COPPER PLAN In the event of a foreclosure or eviction on a residence, accident related damages to the physical residence, or intentional damages from a third party, this plan covers up to 40% of the total cost on one claim every 6 Saint’s months. Premiums are 40 mina / Saint’s month. Does not cover missed tax slips if the customer already has sufficient funds. AURUM PLAN In the event of a foreclosure or eviction on a residence, accident related damages to the physical residence, or intentional damages from a third party, this plan covers up to 50% of the total cost on one claim every 6 Saint’s months. Premiums are 100 mina / Saint’s month. Does not cover missed tax slips if the customer already has sufficient funds. PLATINUM PLAN In the event of a foreclosure or eviction on a residence, accident related damages to the physical residence, or intentional damages from a third party, this plan covers up to 70% of the total cost on one claim every 6 Saint’s months. Premiums are 140 mina / Saint’s month. Does not cover missed tax slips if the customer already has sufficient funds. CONTRACTING If you require a legal document to be signed between two or more parties, but require an external arbiter to prevent any foul play or discerning behavior, St. Tuv’s bank will happily provide our legal services and contracting skills for a mere 30 mina / hour. LOANS St. Tuv’s Bank is able to offer loans to any individuals, businesses, or organizations who require immediate funds. We offer both open-ended lines of credit, as well as installment loans. These loans are expected to be paid back to the bank in full, in addition to a small interest rate. These agreements are to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, so please contact the Chief Financial Officer, Fabius Bracchus, for more information. KUZO MARKS St. Tuv’s Bank is happy to introduce the Kuzo Mark, an alternative currency to the mina, designed to make banking less of a hassle. The Kuzo Mark, named after the early monarchs of Haense, is the equivalent of ten mina, and is represented by a small, bronze coin, minted and owned by the bank. Although of little intrinsic value, it acts as a bank note, representing real value. These coins are entirely legitimate for use in the Haense marketplace, and are required to be used when opening an account with us. Exchange rates are subject to change, depending on the market swings. You are able to exchange mina for Kuzos at the bank during normal business hours. A ten-piece Kuzo, minted from bronze in 1705. NOW HIRING If you’d like to become involved in the banking industry, please contact CFO Fabius Bracchus ((Liam#7649)) for an interview. We’re looking for promising people to issue promissory notes.
  3. Papa Liam

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: Papa_Liam  IC Name: Caius of Jorenus (Caius Roswell-Rubens by birth)  Residancy/ Street name, number: Sigimund’s Court 4  Class/ Title: Clergy / Archbishop
  4. ☨ The Archdiocese of Jorenus ☨ Encompassing the city of Reza, the Kingdom of Haense, and the surrounding settlements INTRODUCTION and HISTORY WEEKLY MASS and SERMONS SOCIAL SERVICES JOINING THE CHURCH REFERENCES INTRODUCTION and HISTORY The Archdiocese of Jorenus was established as the Holy district to encompass the lands of the Raevir and the surrounding vicinity. After landing on the shores of Arcas, the Church made the decision to relocate the Holy See to the capital of Haense, Reza, residing within Jorenus. Moving forth, both the King of Haense and the Church’s leadership have aimed to transform Reza into the future of a grandiose Canonist revival, reinforcing the ideals which save our souls and appease the Lord. The Archdiocese and Holy See are both headquartered here, at the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, located at 4 Sigimund’s Court, Reza. The cathedral also doubles as the Archbishopric Palace, where both the Archbishop and High Pontiff reside. As of 1702, it has been governed by the Archbishop, Caius Roswell-Rubens (or simply Caius), appointed by High Pontiff Pontian II. Prior to serving as Archbishop, he served as a priest in Belvitz, and before that, a famed scholar and Canonist rights activist in the Republic of Holm, where he then went on to serve as the first ever human to be elected Consul. It is the aim of the new Archbishop to utilize the Church as a force for pious intervention in the lives of civilians, offering moral, spiritual, and philosophical guidance to the people of Haense. This missive shall serve as a go-to guide for all faithful constituents of Jorenus who seek further knowledge relating to the Archdiocese, or have an inquiry into Church related affairs. WEEKLY MASS and SERMONS ((Mass to be hosted every Sunday at 4pm EST; 20 – 40 mins)) The aim of the Archdiocese of Jorenus is to create a new variety of mass. For far too long, followers of the faith have sat tirelessly bored during church services, listening to a pastor ramble on about a passage which has no deeper meaning to the individuals listening. The policy of the Jorenite clergy is to actively engage the congregation in activities bringing them closer to GOD, but more importantly, to eachother. The church should act as an agent of community reinforcement, bringing together all individuals from the city who typically are unable to converse with one another, either as a result of time constraints or a lack of opportunity. Mass is the ceremony in which we may alleviate our stress, and bask in the Lord’s love for us, as well as one another. Each session, the Archbishop or Priest hosting mass shall also offer a sermon, in which the congregation is offered wisdom in which the faith can be used as a universal tool of guidance. All of life’s problems can be solved using the proponents of the Canon, but sometimes, they require an interpretation to be properly applied to our daily events. Topics of conversation range from being purely religious, to that of politics, philosophy, morality, and sociology, leading to an ultimate lesson for the week and “moral of the story,” leading to a much deeper understanding of seldom asked questions. The hosting clergyman shall often reinforce these morals with anecdotes. After adjourning the session, the congregation is then asked to reflect on the lessons for the day. Weekly Itinerary: The cathedral’s bells ring, signalling the beginning of mass All attendees stand as acolytes carry a large, wooden cross down the aisle, chanting the opening hymns The hosting clergyman will wave about a holy incense, before then reciting the opening prayer The hosting clergyman will then begin the sermon, which shall take up the majority of mass. The congregation may also participate in interactive discussions, at the leisure of the clergy Attendees will then be asked to line up in front of the dais, being handed a wafer with the Lorraine Cross imprinted unto it, representing the body of Horen Attendees will then be asked to shake the hands of all those around them, offering them peace and prosperity in the coming week The closing prayer will begin, and mass will be adjourned. Acolytes holding baskets will collect donations Common Sermon Themes: How seriously should we take life? How should you treat non-believers? Where does the word of GOD come from? Can you prepare yourself for death? Does society cater to you, or to the state? SOCIAL SERVICES The church offers numerous social services to the people of Haense. These are either religious sacraments performed to assist the faithful flock of GOD, or charity programs to better the lives of those living in the archdiocese. If you would like to benefit from any of these services, please contact Archbishop Caius ((Liam#7649)) to schedule an appointment. The services provided are listed below; Baptisms Baptisms are the process by which individuals are invited into the house of GOD, and are officially admitted into the Canonist Church. Often times, this ceremony is performed on newly born infants, but can be performed at any age. This is the process by which individuals are considered to “become” Canonists. Funerals & Burial At the end of a pious man’s life, he must be admitted into the Seven Skies. Funeral services honor the lives of deceased Canonists, and celebrate their ascension into the afterlife. It also gives us a chance to mourn our loved ones, and offer us time to heal after their passing. In addition, the Church will also assist in the proper burial of the body, so that the soul may leave their earthly vessel and have a final resting place. Weddings To celebrate and commemorate the union of two individuals who love one another, weddings will be provided to conjoin them in the eyes of the Church, and to enter an eternal union with GOD. Religious Education Experienced members of the Clergy will perform classes in which aspiring clergymen, or pious citizenry, can learn about the virtues of the Canon, the history behind it’s development, and explore unanswered questions by studying the scripture. Orphanage For the poor and abandoned youth of Reza, the Church will continue to support the neighboring Orphanage of St. Juliya, where children without parents may be admitted to be cared for. In addition, these children will learn the pious word of GOD, while also garnering experience preparing them for an independent life. Soup Kitchen & Infirmary A “soup kitchen” is being established to provide food and supplies of all varieties to those individuals who may need a helping hand, may it be in paying their taxes, collecting supplies to live, or simply to enjoy a hot meal. In addition, the facility will double as an infirmary, to treat those with physical injuries. JOINING THE CHURCH There are many, many ways in which members of the community can give back to the church, one of which is by joining the Church in some capacity. Positions range from members of the clergy, studying the cloth to spread the word of the Lord, to simply laymen, keeping the grounds of the Archbishopric Palace. The Clergy To serve the church as a clergymen is to serve the flock of GOD, and guide them upon the path of divinity and purity. An aspiring clergyman must be literate, and be versed in the Canon faith. Upon your induction as neophyte, you will be taught by the bishops or priests about everything you would need to know in order to successfully serve the church and spread the word of GOD. The Nuns of Saint Juliya The Nuns of St. Juliya are the most pious female members of the clergy, who’s purpose is to study the faith alongside each other, while also acting to preserve the well-being of society. They support the downtrodden, and are the primary component in charitable operations. Musicians The Church requires the common citizenry who are musically versed to partake in religious ceremonies – particularly mass – by singing hymns and playing instruments. Musical accompaniment to sermons and prayer are a valued component of any mass. Musicians may include singers, an organ player, and others who possess instrumental abilities. Laymen Laymen are unoathed, voluntary servants to the Church and the clergy. They perform all the daily tasks which require to be done in the Archbishopric Palace, the Cathedral, and elsewhere. This includes everything ranging from chefs, to charity workers, to groundskeepers, to cleaners, and so forth. This is a very noncommittal role. Please contact Archbishop Caius if you’d like to join the Church in some capacity. REFERENCES The following is a list of useful references, to be used freely by pious constituents. Canonist FAQ: Click here The Schools of Ecclesiastical Thought: Click here List of Saints: Click here List of Common Hymns: Click here
  5. Papa Liam

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    Archbishop Caius plans his attendance!
  6. Papa Liam

    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    Now see I would do CK2 instead but the only paradox game I own is HOI4 and I’m too cheap to spend another $40 so WW2 lotc it is
  7. Papa Liam

    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    Recently I’ve been playing HoI4 again, especially with the wildly popular Kaiserreich mod, imagining a post-WW1 scenario in which the German Empire is victorious. It’s lead me to dabble a little further into the realm of creating mods myself, and I was wondering if folks would at all be interested in an LotC HOI4 mod? This would mostly be for my own modding practice and experiences, but an enjoyable mod could come out of it, nonetheless. This would likely take place on Vailor, given the rich political and national lore behind the different communities at that time — Civil wars, the Dukes’ War, contentious Dwarven elections, etc. Given the amount of historical lore that we have on LotC, we could make something comparable to that of Kaiserreich, in terms of how fleshed out the storyline is. Since I’m going to be trying my hand at modding either way, I wanted to know if the community would be interested in such a mod, and if you had any ideas/feedback for this kind of proposal.
  8. Papa Liam

    The Black Berets [Citizen's Volunteer Outfit]

    Name: Fabius Bracchus City of Residence: Markev Please indicate which activities you’re comfortable with participating in with an “X” in the blank column Patrolling the streets within and between the Empire, preventing malicious activities _X_ Collecting and distributing food or equipment to impoverished individuals _X_ Preaching the good word of GOD alongside members of the clergy _X_ Raising mina for the CVO through donation campaigns _X_
  9. Papa Liam

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Professor Application IGN: Papa_Liam RP Name: Caius Roswell-Rubens Discord: Liam#7649 Subjects I can teach: Imperial Governance Linguistics Literature Realm History
  10. Papa Liam

    The Tavern of Markev Hiring

    Fabio, the legendary chef, applies in a heartbeat. -OOC- MC Name: Papa_Liam Discord: Liam#7649 Are you active?: Yes -RP- Name: Fabius “Fabio” Bracchus Age: 36 Any Experience: Krepost Palace head chef Why do you wish to work within the tavern?: What position are you applying for?: Chef / Tavernkeeper
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    The new Archbishop smiles.
  12. Papa Liam

    People's Magazine: no.1 vol 1.

    Fabio would wonder if he could score an interview with one of the magazine’s reporters, in order to push his parliamentary political agenda onto the entirety of the Empire. This was one time that the proletariat didn’t mind being exploited.
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    What are you listening to?

  14. Papa Liam

    The Declaration of Revolution

    Bell Sano sweats from the sky, hoping for a Sanoist revolt to finally occur.
  15. Kadarsi doesn’t always have the most people, but they have something that almost no other player group does; a stable, reliable group of players. Every other nation or organization is always scrambling to retain activity and members, but Kadarsi has proved that their players are in it for the long haul, by participating in events on a server-wide scale. Plus, it’s not as if it’s just three players sitting around, they still have a population large enough to provide fun RP for the rest of us. If Kadarsi isn’t given land, it’d just emphasize LotC’s current decline away from original and organic RP, which we lack desperately already.