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  1. Fabius nods. “The Josephite Empire ‘ought to pride ourselves on the rule of law and justice system. We aren’t barbaric Renatians, after all.”
  2. IRP political cartoon to be printed in the next edition of the Crow Chronicles. This is when you know you’ve reached the peak mineman RP experience.



  3. I’m raising the stakes. Whichever side in the civil war wins, I’ll get their coat of arms tattoo’d on my leg.




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      goddammit no liam no

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      Time for a redesign of both coats of arms? 

  4. The Blue Injustice An Open Letter from the Sanoist Republican Party “Revolution burns in the heart of humanity, and let not it go out till it is satiated by the blood of tyrants.” Joseph I, The Nenzing Proclamation 8th of the Sun’s Smile, 1715 The Sanoist Republican Party, established 1711, has been an active player in Hansetian politics and the Duma for the last four years. Now, when our nation and King need us the most, we pledge our allegiance to the rightful savior of man, Joseph I, and the GOD-fearing constituents of Haense, Curon, and Ves. Ever since 1686, when Chairman Bracchus worked alongside Alexander Frederick and Emperor Aurelius in establishing the Great Council of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey – more commonly known as the Imperial Parliament – Renatian forces have continuously and unfairly attempted to spite the GOD-given rights of faithful Canonists all throughout the Empire. Now, we, as firm proponents in modern political and governmental institutions, have the opportunity to support a victor instead of a dictator, a mediator instead of an instigator, and a leader instead of a tyrant. Emperor Joseph has declares that all humans in good legal standing have inherent rights, not to be infringed upon by any threats, foreign or domestic. No prior leader of mankind would be gracious and wise enough to bestow rights unto the individual, and as such, the Sanoist Republican Party continues to fervently support the rightful Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire. And so We Proclaims the Rights of Man, to stand to all full-blooded men and women, and never infringed by threat domestic or foreign; THE RIGHT TO LIFE, so no man will ever be taken to the Skies so soon. THE RIGHT TO LIBERTY, so no man will ever be bonded by the shackles of slavery. THE RIGHT TO TRIAL, so no man will ever be wrongly accused when not charged by a trial of their peers. Emperor Joseph believes in a future for mankind most sympathetic with the goals of the people. Still, much work is to be done to fully recognize the legitimate ruler of mankind. As such, at the impostor emperor’s wedding ceremony earlier this Saint’s day, freedom fighters peacefully protested a holy place tainted by the anathema, to be cleansed by the metaphorical fire of GOD and His people. After a silent, peaceful revolt against false authority, Renatian authorities promptly executed five Blue Berets, numerous witnesses present to process the crimes of the false Emperor. We will not rest ‘till the rightful ruler of mankind sits upon a throne to unify the lands of Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk alike. It is injustice and heretical to continuously oppress the constituents of mankind, and to murder peaceful advocates of change. Glory to Joseph, Glory to Nenzing, and Glory to Sano. Signed, The Sanoist Republican Party Administration
  5. Fabius Bracchus, member of the Haense Duma and Sanoist Party founder, offers a thumbs up to industrious farmers.
  6. Sanoist Republican Party 8th of Harren’s Folley, 1711 VISION STATEMENT The Imperial Sanoist Republican Party is the first Empire-wide effort to advocate for Sanoist principles in the government of every day Renatians, Hansetians, Curonians, and all industrious constituents who contribute to the Empire’s good health. We draw our values from the Sanoist doctrine, developed at the turn of the 16th century, generally advocating for legislative republicanism, executive monarchism, theocratic unification, vassal’s rights, and expanded social programs. The party holds historic figures such as King Marius I of Haense, Mayor Viktor Clarke of Metz, and High Pontiff Everard IV as triumphant examples of model political and moral figures in public life; those who value the common worker above their own prestige and career. There are new challenges to our sedulous way of Imperial life, manifesting itself in the form of a far-fetched, yet equally as dangerous political party on the other side of the aisle. Necessary action must be taken by socially conscious commoners, in the form of both electoral politics and grassroots organization. PLATFORM To protect the rights of vassals from an invasive bureaucracy, and by extension, the liberty of the citizens living in those vassals. Encourage the continuation of a vibrant legislative body, and encourage more elected officials to directly represent the needs of the commoner. Establish a command economy which focuses on centralizing industry, while allowing luxury markets to thrive. Empower the Canonist Church to take a more active part in the lives of the commoner. Establish an Imperial education mandate, modeled off of Haense’s own recently implemented and successful education program, drafted by Speaker Georg Stanimar of the Haense Duma. Universal suffrage for all human citizens, and those of other races who adhere to Imperial culture and Canonist values. Create an employment registrar to encourage formal labor in the Empire. Introduce a new economy, based on the industrious workers of the Empire who desire to work, but are not given a sufficient opportunity. Establish a unicameral legislature to advise the executives of each respective vassal in the Empire, so that both the citizenry and the executives can create a government that works for all. Invest more funds into subsidizing businesses and production of consumer goods. BLUE BERETS The “Blue Berets,” officially known as the Citizen’s Volunteer Brigade, are the volunteer unit of the SRP, organizing for both humanitarian and defensive causes. Daily activities will include campaigning for candidates, protecting all voters from political terrorists during elections, and contributing to humanitarian relief in the event of natural disasters or war. They are specifically designated as a non-combatant civilian unit to work in conjunction with the Imperial Legion, instructed only to brandish weaponry in cases of self-defense. Individuals in the Blue Beret will answer directly to the Commander, who is elected by the party’s constituents. Blue Berets will receive benefits, such as retirement and increased voter representation. MANIFESTO ((For formatting reasons, it was impossible to possibly display the full manifesto on this thread. You can view a more accessible version here.)) Conventions The Sanoist Republican Party will host a convention once every ten years. All registered party members are invited to attend. Individuals who are not members will have to be given access by party leadership. Each convention will give members the chance to elect their party’s leadership, requiring half of the electorate to vote for a single candidate to win. If no candidate receives fifty percent, then another round of voting may be held. Each convention will allow any member the chance to propose changes to either the party’s platform or manifesto. All registered members will receive one vote each on all measures. All members who currently hold or held an elected government office as a Sanoist Party member will receive two votes each on all measures. All members of the Citizen’s Volunteer Brigade in good standing will receive two votes each on all measures. At each convention, a Chairman will be elected. The Chairman is the political leader of the party, organizing electoral and campaign affairs. The Chairman is considered the party’s “top” executive. At each convention, a Commander will be elected. The Commander is the volunteer leader of the party, organizing the Citizen’s Volunteer Brigade. At each convention, an Ambassador will be elected. The Ambassador is the people’s representative and secretary in party leadership, ensuring that all party regulations are abided by. In addition, the ambassador will also act as a mediator for inter-party conflicts. Conventions will be organized collectively by the three elected party posts. If an individual in leadership, for whatever the reason, is no longer eligible to sufficiently serve their post, a makeshift election will be hosted to fill the vacant seat for the rest of that term. Membership Any permanent residents of the Empire are eligible to register as a member of the Sanoist Republican Party. Registered party members have the rights to vote in Sanoist Party primary elections and vote at conventions. The party may revoke membership at any time due to suspicions of inactivity. Code of Conduct All members take an oath of non-violence, resorting to the way of the sword only in circumstances of the defense of innocents. All members swear allegiance to the Empire of Man and our fellow countrymen. Elected representatives may have their membership revoked for espousing heretical statements. THE FIRST CONVENTION The first convention of the Sanoist Republican Party will be hosted in roughly a Saint’s week time. Registered members will be given an exact location, time, and date. The first convention will involve electing a Chairman, a Commander, and an Ambassador. Any member is eligible to run for these positions. MEMBERSHIP Prospective members should contact interim chairman, Fabius Bracchus (Liam#7649), submitting this application; Full Name: Age: City of Residency: Occupation: Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret?: (Yes/No) REFERENCES These are ideological documents for those interested in the tenets of Sanoism to research the subject further. The Sanoist Manifesto (1581) The Sanoist Compendium (1619) Sanoism Overview Bell Sano’s Biography Ut filii Dei
  7. Name: Fabius Bracchus ((Papa_Liam)) Age: 45, born 1662 Race: Human Residence: 7 Sigismund’s Court
  8. Mcname: Papa_Liam  IC Name: Caius of Jorenus (Caius Roswell-Rubens by birth)  Residancy/ Street name, number: Sigimund’s Court 4  Class/ Title: Clergy / Archbishop
  9. ☨ The Archdiocese of Jorenus ☨ Encompassing the city of Reza, the Kingdom of Haense, and the surrounding settlements INTRODUCTION and HISTORY WEEKLY MASS and SERMONS SOCIAL SERVICES JOINING THE CHURCH REFERENCES INTRODUCTION and HISTORY The Archdiocese of Jorenus was established as the Holy district to encompass the lands of the Raevir and the surrounding vicinity. After landing on the shores of Arcas, the Church made the decision to relocate the Holy See to the capital of Haense, Reza, residing within Jorenus. Moving forth, both the King of Haense and the Church’s leadership have aimed to transform Reza into the future of a grandiose Canonist revival, reinforcing the ideals which save our souls and appease the Lord. The Archdiocese and Holy See are both headquartered here, at the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins, located at 4 Sigimund’s Court, Reza. The cathedral also doubles as the Archbishopric Palace, where both the Archbishop and High Pontiff reside. As of 1702, it has been governed by the Archbishop, Caius Roswell-Rubens (or simply Caius), appointed by High Pontiff Pontian II. Prior to serving as Archbishop, he served as a priest in Belvitz, and before that, a famed scholar and Canonist rights activist in the Republic of Holm, where he then went on to serve as the first ever human to be elected Consul. It is the aim of the new Archbishop to utilize the Church as a force for pious intervention in the lives of civilians, offering moral, spiritual, and philosophical guidance to the people of Haense. This missive shall serve as a go-to guide for all faithful constituents of Jorenus who seek further knowledge relating to the Archdiocese, or have an inquiry into Church related affairs. WEEKLY MASS and SERMONS ((Mass to be hosted every Sunday at 4pm EST; 20 – 40 mins)) The aim of the Archdiocese of Jorenus is to create a new variety of mass. For far too long, followers of the faith have sat tirelessly bored during church services, listening to a pastor ramble on about a passage which has no deeper meaning to the individuals listening. The policy of the Jorenite clergy is to actively engage the congregation in activities bringing them closer to GOD, but more importantly, to eachother. The church should act as an agent of community reinforcement, bringing together all individuals from the city who typically are unable to converse with one another, either as a result of time constraints or a lack of opportunity. Mass is the ceremony in which we may alleviate our stress, and bask in the Lord’s love for us, as well as one another. Each session, the Archbishop or Priest hosting mass shall also offer a sermon, in which the congregation is offered wisdom in which the faith can be used as a universal tool of guidance. All of life’s problems can be solved using the proponents of the Canon, but sometimes, they require an interpretation to be properly applied to our daily events. Topics of conversation range from being purely religious, to that of politics, philosophy, morality, and sociology, leading to an ultimate lesson for the week and “moral of the story,” leading to a much deeper understanding of seldom asked questions. The hosting clergyman shall often reinforce these morals with anecdotes. After adjourning the session, the congregation is then asked to reflect on the lessons for the day. Weekly Itinerary: The cathedral’s bells ring, signalling the beginning of mass All attendees stand as acolytes carry a large, wooden cross down the aisle, chanting the opening hymns The hosting clergyman will wave about a holy incense, before then reciting the opening prayer The hosting clergyman will then begin the sermon, which shall take up the majority of mass. The congregation may also participate in interactive discussions, at the leisure of the clergy Attendees will then be asked to line up in front of the dais, being handed a wafer with the Lorraine Cross imprinted unto it, representing the body of Horen Attendees will then be asked to shake the hands of all those around them, offering them peace and prosperity in the coming week The closing prayer will begin, and mass will be adjourned. Acolytes holding baskets will collect donations Common Sermon Themes: How seriously should we take life? How should you treat non-believers? Where does the word of GOD come from? Can you prepare yourself for death? Does society cater to you, or to the state? SOCIAL SERVICES The church offers numerous social services to the people of Haense. These are either religious sacraments performed to assist the faithful flock of GOD, or charity programs to better the lives of those living in the archdiocese. If you would like to benefit from any of these services, please contact Archbishop Caius ((Liam#7649)) to schedule an appointment. The services provided are listed below; Baptisms Baptisms are the process by which individuals are invited into the house of GOD, and are officially admitted into the Canonist Church. Often times, this ceremony is performed on newly born infants, but can be performed at any age. This is the process by which individuals are considered to “become” Canonists. Funerals & Burial At the end of a pious man’s life, he must be admitted into the Seven Skies. Funeral services honor the lives of deceased Canonists, and celebrate their ascension into the afterlife. It also gives us a chance to mourn our loved ones, and offer us time to heal after their passing. In addition, the Church will also assist in the proper burial of the body, so that the soul may leave their earthly vessel and have a final resting place. Weddings To celebrate and commemorate the union of two individuals who love one another, weddings will be provided to conjoin them in the eyes of the Church, and to enter an eternal union with GOD. Religious Education Experienced members of the Clergy will perform classes in which aspiring clergymen, or pious citizenry, can learn about the virtues of the Canon, the history behind it’s development, and explore unanswered questions by studying the scripture. Orphanage For the poor and abandoned youth of Reza, the Church will continue to support the neighboring Orphanage of St. Juliya, where children without parents may be admitted to be cared for. In addition, these children will learn the pious word of GOD, while also garnering experience preparing them for an independent life. Soup Kitchen & Infirmary A “soup kitchen” is being established to provide food and supplies of all varieties to those individuals who may need a helping hand, may it be in paying their taxes, collecting supplies to live, or simply to enjoy a hot meal. In addition, the facility will double as an infirmary, to treat those with physical injuries. JOINING THE CHURCH There are many, many ways in which members of the community can give back to the church, one of which is by joining the Church in some capacity. Positions range from members of the clergy, studying the cloth to spread the word of the Lord, to simply laymen, keeping the grounds of the Archbishopric Palace. The Clergy To serve the church as a clergymen is to serve the flock of GOD, and guide them upon the path of divinity and purity. An aspiring clergyman must be literate, and be versed in the Canon faith. Upon your induction as neophyte, you will be taught by the bishops or priests about everything you would need to know in order to successfully serve the church and spread the word of GOD. The Nuns of Saint Juliya The Nuns of St. Juliya are the most pious female members of the clergy, who’s purpose is to study the faith alongside each other, while also acting to preserve the well-being of society. They support the downtrodden, and are the primary component in charitable operations. Musicians The Church requires the common citizenry who are musically versed to partake in religious ceremonies – particularly mass – by singing hymns and playing instruments. Musical accompaniment to sermons and prayer are a valued component of any mass. Musicians may include singers, an organ player, and others who possess instrumental abilities. Laymen Laymen are unoathed, voluntary servants to the Church and the clergy. They perform all the daily tasks which require to be done in the Archbishopric Palace, the Cathedral, and elsewhere. This includes everything ranging from chefs, to charity workers, to groundskeepers, to cleaners, and so forth. This is a very noncommittal role. Please contact Archbishop Caius if you’d like to join the Church in some capacity. REFERENCES The following is a list of useful references, to be used freely by pious constituents. Canonist FAQ: Click here The Schools of Ecclesiastical Thought: Click here List of Saints: Click here List of Common Hymns: Click here
  10. Bell Sano sweats from the sky, hoping for a Sanoist revolt to finally occur.
  11. Minecraft Username: Papa_Liam Discord Tag: Liam#7649 Character Name: Lucius Manlia Character Age: 19 Character Social Class: Slave Character Profession: Laborer; aspiring thespian
  12. Looking nice, my fellow cartographers
  13. People take the techlock more seriously than they should, change my mind.

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      TBF, just because current things don't fit the medieval setting doesn't mean that anti-tech dudes are in favor of these things that break the medieval setting.

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      How are we supposed to collect our Soros dollars with techlock?

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      The dwarf fast travel boat in Vailor was a giant steam ship lmao

  14. I'm still trying to make lotc cartography that's half as great as this. What program do you use? I've got SAI and that's treated me pretty well but I'm wondering if there's anything better out there. And again, kuddos, getting the political boundaries correct and actually marking townships and forts is extremely difficult and painstakingly excruciating to do EDIT: Only mistake I can see on the map is the island in the lower left hand corner, which actually belongs in Fennic territory. It's home to some Fennic military camp with fat tents n ****
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