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  1. Escape while you can. In all seriousness, I can send you a link.
  2. kpop? more like kpoop 😂

  3. Ok, hear me out. The recent human civil war has been prompting a lot of upset players in human discords – both Renatians and Marnans – to toss around really broad statements such as, “We’re the real RP nation, and they’re just PvP goons,” or, “Staff is entirely biased towards them, how come we didn’t win?” Most folks in nation leadership are guilty of making blanket statements like these, and does genuinely cause OOC strife and toxicity, regardless of the supposed truthfulness behind any of them. All these statements, at the end of the day, are generalizations, and most members of the respective playerbases just rally for their nation because it gives them something to do in a server that’s becoming increasingly barren in terms of available roleplay. War RP is broken. This isn’t a thread about fixing war roleplay, though, that’s an even broader conversation for another time. However, whenever I do seem to bring up how PvP-centric wars have become, and how they always seem to foster hostility towards each other in an OOC context, I’m usually met with a lot of excuses. “Well Liam, we need conflict to keep people entertained. The server is boring without people at each other's throats, vying for control.” Despite the fact that our current wars are more boring than a community wedding, that’s a legitimate criticism of roleplay as a whole. I enjoy drama in my characters’ storylines, but that conflict doesn’t need to facilitate OOC contention. War could foster a lot of really dynamic roleplay, but when it comes to warfare, we typically have a very “Winner-Loser” mentality and everyone just hates everyone else by the end of the day. It’s no fun for anybody involved, except perhaps people who’s sole intention actually is PvP. For the folks who actually want some non-static roleplay to take the place, which I imagine is most people, I’d suggest an institution I’ve promoted for a long time now – a democratic legislature. This is the part where you start furiously typing away on your keyboard, but I’d encourage you to read this post first. Ever since the days of the Imperial Parliament, human nations adopting nominally democratic legislatures isn’t a far-fetched idea. It’s become a more common place, moderate idea, to the point where most human nations now have their own legislatures (The Duma, the City Assembly, etc etc). However, those institutions also aren’t entirely democratic, and have plenty of noble influence overruling people playing as commoners. A national legislature, where all seats are democratically elected, would be harder to implement due to the powers-that-be, but would still ensure the longevity of such an institution. The actual governing power of said body can be negotiated. Whether they’re given full legislative authority, or if the Emperor can override them, or if vassal legislatures can override them, the actual governing aspects aren’t as relevant as the elections themselves. The previous issue with the Imperial Parliament was that we had plenty of uninterested players who were simply handed their seats, primarily because they were landed nobles who weren’t in any real jeopardy of losing their power. The elected delegates were far more engaged, because they knew that if they wanted to win re-election, they’d actually have to do something to appeal to their respective electorate. However, there were some instances where we had lazy Prefects, because they, too, didn’t have to worry about losing their seat, since we used said Prefect system (which I designed, and it was flawed.) To ensure total and maximum participation, we should have an entirely elected body at the national level, and instead of using an Americanized congressional electoral system, we should instead use a system of closed-list proportional representation, so that all elected reps actually have to campaign for their seats instead of being elected by the same fourteen people in their district. For those concerned that a unified human Empire wouldn’t be able to have effective elections due to the player count, we definitely can. Elections during the era of the Imperial Parliament had over 120 registered voters, traditionally bolstered 50+ voters per election cycle – and that was only in the pre-determined Prefect districts laid out by the Crown, which were very narrow and specified to a mere three cities. If you want more of an in-depth idea of what I’m talking about when I say closed-list proportional representation, watch the first few minutes of JJ McCullough’s video above. A proposed national human legislature would be similar to the Israeli electoral system, in the sense that we’d have thresholds awarding a number of seats to a party based on the percentage of the vote they get. (i.e. in a legislature with 20 seats, a party who garners 15% of the vote would get three seats.) Even if you dismiss all the other arguments detailed above, you should endorse the idea for this reason alone – it’s entertaining. It’s something refreshing. Prior elections were invigorating, it gave people in Parliament and members of the electorate something to build towards. Election nights were especially special, anybody who kept an eye on the numerous election threads and how competitive some races were will remember. We had dynamic relationships between the Priorists and CCP, people walking in the halls of power had to build coalitions, whip members, construct inter-party factions to pass legislation, the Preservationists using slimey yet ingenious political tactics to achieve their goals. It wasn’t the same, bland roleplay of the past we’d experience time and time again, but it added strategy to roleplay conflict. Did players go for eachother’s throats? Yes, but it was never OOC strife, it was all in good fun for the purpose of passing legislation. The purpose of this thread isn’t to provide an alternative to PvP warfare, but instead to lessen the rate of toxic wars and to provide the players with something new. Wars and PvP are still a necessary function of LotC, and they can still be fun, but fighting with ourselves three times a week is stale and creates problems. I just wanted to create a thread where I could expose the rationale behind my advocacy for a national human legislature, and to build on this idea with feedback from other players. At the end of the day, this is a roleplay server, and we should be adopting ideas that foster good roleplay, while leaving room for PvP with other nations / war games / other forms of clicking related fun. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk TL;DR People like conflict, so give them constant conflict in the form of elections instead of the same recycled war every five months Wars are static and boring. Give players something new, with constantly changing factors in electoral politics, instead of boring war politics This suggestion is mainly for larger player bases, such as a unified Empire. It wouldn’t be as effective nor as necessary for smaller communities, although this is still applicable Create a national legislature with elections in the style of the previous Parliament Allow the Emperor to veto national legislation, so that noble players don’t lose their minds The actual governing of a national legislature is almost irrelevant, the elections and inter-political affairs matter more than anything If properly managed, then it’ll remain relevant on it’s own and won’t fail If conditions aren’t met and it does fail, it’s a generally low-cost experiment that can be reverted easily
  4. I posted on one of these threads when I first joined LotC as a freshman. Now, I’m graduating from HS tomorrow. Safe to say I’m prepared for summer
  5. Papa Liam

    The Mages Guild

    OOC MC Name: Papa_Liam Discord: Liam#7649 Timezone: EST --- What is your name?: Durant Goldhand Why seek membership within the Mages Guild?: As an experienced blacksmith, specializing in jewelry and fine weaponry, I wish to ascend my products to the tier of arcane artistry. The fruits of my labor can serve a more divine and mystical purpose than mere material objects. As such, I’m seeking to research transfiguration. Additionally, I’ve taken light interests in runesmithing, golemancy, and earth evocation. What is the extent of your experience with magic?: I once got into a fist fight with a Golem – and won. Additionally, I’ve casually read into much of the famed Sarrion Zytiaear’s work covering transfiguration. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild?: Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild?: Arcane Master When is the best time to contact you for an interview?: Most days, so long as I am notified in advance, giving me time to commute. ((Pretty much any afternoon.))
  6. Bell Sano begins dabbing ferociously from the Seven Skies as Frederick enters through the pearly white gates.
  7. An old, tattered raft washed upon the Curonian shoreline. Nearby, some peasant farmers rushed down to search the small vessel for valuables, only to discover a pulsing, skinny, slimey green goblin, facedown in the sand. They’d flip the odd creature over to reveal the fabled Trash Gobo, a creature of olde, said to scour the land for trash, junk, garbage, and other discarded objects, in the hopes of building something wondrous. The new generation of humans and Orcs, they only regarded the Trash Gobo as something of legend, a tale told by the elders to misbehaving children – but indeed, the Orcs of Axios would remember Tuzbug the Trash Gobo well, and his Trash Empire. The Trash Gobo, as the legends say, was a small Goblin who would rush come knocking on doors at night, collecting trash from anyone who’d offer. He’d return his collection to the Trash Empire, trading and selling his goods for other trinkets or coin. With the trash nobody had any interest in, he’d engineer into magnificent artifacts and weaponry, to be sold for a higher price. The ingenuity of the Trash Gobo was his greatest weapon. The Trash Gobo, and his loyal minions, were subjects of Klan Krap, worshipping Krap, the spirit of all trash related affairs. When we last saw our hero, he had diverged from the rest of the Orcish migrants to Atlas, escaping persecution for bearing an illegitimate son, by the name of Lil’ Trashy, who was promptly drowned in sewage by much larger Uruks. Drifting at sea, the Trash Gobo survived primarily off of raw fish, which wasn’t too outlandish for the Trash Gobo, who formerly resided in sewers. “Wub da zkah iz latz duin’,” gurgled the Trash Gobo, spitting out some seawater onto one of the farmers’ boots. Before the peasants could reply, the Trash Gobo recognized where he was, and his malnourished body sprung for joy. He had missed the feeling of solid ground, to be able to scoop up sand in his grimy palms. Immediatley, the Trash Gobo felt the instinctive urge to collect discarded belongings, and to recreate his legendary junkyard. Leaving behind the two farmers and his demolished raft, the Goblin took his skinny legs as far as he could take them, in an effort to bring back the blessings of Krap to the world. If one were to ever see the Trash Gobo, he’d likely be rummaging through a garbage can.
  8. Fabius nods. “The Josephite Empire ‘ought to pride ourselves on the rule of law and justice system. We aren’t barbaric Renatians, after all.”
  9. IRP political cartoon to be printed in the next edition of the Crow Chronicles. This is when you know you’ve reached the peak mineman RP experience.



  10. I’m raising the stakes. Whichever side in the civil war wins, I’ll get their coat of arms tattoo’d on my leg.




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  11. The Blue Injustice An Open Letter from the Sanoist Republican Party “Revolution burns in the heart of humanity, and let not it go out till it is satiated by the blood of tyrants.” Joseph I, The Nenzing Proclamation 8th of the Sun’s Smile, 1715 The Sanoist Republican Party, established 1711, has been an active player in Hansetian politics and the Duma for the last four years. Now, when our nation and King need us the most, we pledge our allegiance to the rightful savior of man, Joseph I, and the GOD-fearing constituents of Haense, Curon, and Ves. Ever since 1686, when Chairman Bracchus worked alongside Alexander Frederick and Emperor Aurelius in establishing the Great Council of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey – more commonly known as the Imperial Parliament – Renatian forces have continuously and unfairly attempted to spite the GOD-given rights of faithful Canonists all throughout the Empire. Now, we, as firm proponents in modern political and governmental institutions, have the opportunity to support a victor instead of a dictator, a mediator instead of an instigator, and a leader instead of a tyrant. Emperor Joseph has declares that all humans in good legal standing have inherent rights, not to be infringed upon by any threats, foreign or domestic. No prior leader of mankind would be gracious and wise enough to bestow rights unto the individual, and as such, the Sanoist Republican Party continues to fervently support the rightful Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire. And so We Proclaims the Rights of Man, to stand to all full-blooded men and women, and never infringed by threat domestic or foreign; THE RIGHT TO LIFE, so no man will ever be taken to the Skies so soon. THE RIGHT TO LIBERTY, so no man will ever be bonded by the shackles of slavery. THE RIGHT TO TRIAL, so no man will ever be wrongly accused when not charged by a trial of their peers. Emperor Joseph believes in a future for mankind most sympathetic with the goals of the people. Still, much work is to be done to fully recognize the legitimate ruler of mankind. As such, at the impostor emperor’s wedding ceremony earlier this Saint’s day, freedom fighters peacefully protested a holy place tainted by the anathema, to be cleansed by the metaphorical fire of GOD and His people. After a silent, peaceful revolt against false authority, Renatian authorities promptly executed five Blue Berets, numerous witnesses present to process the crimes of the false Emperor. We will not rest ‘till the rightful ruler of mankind sits upon a throne to unify the lands of Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk alike. It is injustice and heretical to continuously oppress the constituents of mankind, and to murder peaceful advocates of change. Glory to Joseph, Glory to Nenzing, and Glory to Sano. Signed, The Sanoist Republican Party Administration
  12. Fabius Bracchus, member of the Haense Duma and Sanoist Party founder, offers a thumbs up to industrious farmers.
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