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  1. Minecraft name: Shidouu Character name: Sha'nara Haleth Character race: Wood Elf Combat experience and preferred weapon(s): proficient at archery, Long bow and cross bow Discord user: GimmeLove#0717 Time zone: GMT
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    during 1710 Sha’nara Haleth was born in a family of a hunter in a nation of Irrinor. He was an optimist child and only know how to play. But his life is not the best that we could imagine, during 1718 his family accused for plotting a rebellion and sentenced them to death, Sha’nara was only a child with no sibling and had nothing to do with this; and he might get involve in the mess. before the execution, the mother of Sha’nara told him on how to escape the place and never go back, she guided him with words, when Sha’nara tried to escape during the night before the execution; the okarn’ame saw him escaping through way the lake forest, one of the okarn’ame try chased Sha’nara but in the end he made through but unconscious.There was a dark elf who wanders alone int the realm of Irrinor and saw a child sprawled wet in the superficial lake and it was Sha’nara, this dark elf carried the child into the tent and take care of him until he gets recovered. Sha’nara woke up and saw the dark elf later on he identified himself as the descendant of the ancient clan of Magara’lin and a member of Haelen’or, at first he was afraid and cautiously asked him some serious question; from that way they made a deep conversation. The dark elf convinced that he should raise the child into a fine hunter and a warrior. After 10 years the dark elf taught all the things he knew, including the languages, dark elves martial combat skills with the combination of swordplay and bows, and the discipline, the dark elf was surprised by his lethal blow in his bow and he thought that this kid has a potential of becoming a good hunter.He part ways with the dark elve and traveled around the all nation of Arcas disguising as a wandering merchant .during 1730 In the shadowy green forest, when Sha’nara was done in hunting and came back from the temporary tent; in the road, he saw the dark elf who raised him laying in the grass with blood spilled around the floor and in the body, Sha’nara was shocked and panic and trying to process on his mind with his current situation. The dark elf was alive but barely breathing, the dark elf unfinished with his sentence without revealing who did this. Sha’nara was full of question in mind with grieve. He swore to himself that he will not stop until he will gets the justice, he developed his personality of being coldblooded elf because of the past, in the year of 1734 until the current year he become an adventurer wandering across the Arcas to find the person who killed the dark elf and looking of his future and his fate.
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