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  1. "Well, not even I knew that" Albrecht Euler says, quite surprised "I haven't heard the name of the Duchy for a long time. Maybe not in eighty years. But Adria is always a wonderful thing to remember... It reminds me of my youth and my old friends" the presumably last living Adrian Dog utters with a small tear running down his face
  2. Skin Name: Witcher from the Witcher Skinner’s Username: Laeonathan Discord: Laeonathan#3614 Bid: 200 mina
  3. "Important Note: This system is subject to change with time & feedback. Fast Travel between settlements within a Nation will be addressed after the initial trial period of the plugin." About the cost: Even far distances like Talon's-Norland only cost ~1000 Mina
  4. Hard to believe, we're still around and have a good handful of active players. :P
  5. I think the issue with 1.9 is that we have to many health, or too little damage... if so, it'd work I guess. Maybe. Or we stick to 1.8.
  6. Apollo: 70 Magdalena: 50 Mali rites: 50 Laeonathan#3614
  7. Laeonathan

    SkiN Auction

    Discord: Laeonathan#3614 Skin: Foresty Robes Bid: 200 let's start high
  8. Best Prince of Ves was?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Laeonathan
    3. 1_Language_1


      AW LOL I only got to be prince for two weeks because I had to step down for calculus.. I would have stayed longer if I knew the class was going to be that easy.

    4. Laeonathan


      Too bad, was really fun. I just came back to LOTC and Ves is kinda my favourite memory ngl... probably noob time nostalgia

  9. Holy ******* ****, how many tickets does moderation get? O.o
  10. What did I just get into
  11. A good mix is certainly needed. Big Nations shouldnt just fall apart. But if everyone banded together to take a big nation or coalition like the Iron Accord, Oren or Elvennese down... some of them might crumble. Maybe Norland gets crusaded again and burned to the ground. To break off cliques there should be coup rules... but hey, they are still not there. I remember when the Ves Republic or Adria or Kaedrin was couped 3 times and everyone forced their new regime on it. Everyone said it was chaos and killed the nation, but I honestly had fun seeing the world burn. Also, my character can still t
  12. Heyho Matt, it's nice to see people actually returning! We could certainly offer you a place in the Kharajyr Remnant Caravan if you wanna play a Kha again... small, less active group and certainly not perfect lol. We do a lot of trading RP, wander to places... we often change location and we currently camp at Talon's Grotto. In case you are interrested, feel to message chaos#7283 or me (Laeonathan#3614) on discord!
  13. 100% If my Nations gets killed I a) try to revive under another one b) join a different one War rules should change to more dynamic possibilites. But hey we want no one to lose stuff. Another issue I see: Staff and Nation leadership. People who are in Nation leadership shouldn't be management... how could that ever go well? Also what Grool said, old cliques controlling **** - but that all plays together, I suppose.
  14. We have the Tomblands, the Elven City, the Desert Ruin, Lost Balian and a small ruined keep. Doubt thats it. What I believe is the following: Nothing is going on. Let's face it: Conflict is essential but it's not happening. If I wouldn't have gotten to fight bandits an Orenian Legionary, if there wouldn't have been wars and all this feeling of an extremely dynamic history I can be part of, I certainly wouldn't have stayed. There anything dynamic. The war rules are made to make the server stagnant. We don't see silly bandit PvPers. But actual conflicts. I think
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