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  1. "Peace" is all Erik muttered out, as he finally could rest without nightmares. Most wonderful for him!
  2. "Ave Adria." a no-longer-priest spoke, cleaning his blade from the blood of two enemies. The now named Erik Euler then sighed. "They chose this path, so be it..."
  3. "It's just the roaches, really... Adria stands behind its Duke!" he exclaimed loudly, raising his warhammer in the air. "We fought for Adria before, no? Its just like 200 years ago!" Albrecht asked his other ancient friend. @Jaxon
  4. "How wonderful, the letter's only fourty years too late!" a high elven lord happily spoke as he got his proof of nobility "I think our mail system has deteriorated quite a bit."
  5. Another Adrian warrior joins Kaplans chant "Ave Adria, Ave Heinrik!" he said a many times...
  6. "Again you useless buffalo, the Adrian people elected Heinrik and stands behind him - how often must he be reminded of such?" a tall knight wondered as he read the piece of propaganda. He just tossed it away.
  7. [!] This can be found in the Celianorian Library The Great Yisar written by: Lord Raziel Aevaris-Amethil Acaellir; Raziel’s Star-Yisar upon the Cliff of the High Elven Capital Fi’Andria (97 SA) Description The Yisar is a magnificent creature; created by voidal mages it is like an animal, luckily however druidic entities have been tested to be unable to tame them. The ritual was first performed by Dal’lisse Oussana, a brilliant magi turned shaman. Depending on the magic channeled into the ritual, they are wondrous in many ways: They may become fiery lizards or crystalline salamanders, or take on the shape of other animals, if life evocation is used properly - or be pitch black and sprinkled with stars, if translocation is applied. While not all magic has been tested to create Yisars, it can be safely assumed that any type will yield results. The Yisar is most commonly found within Celia’nor; due to the people’s love for stars they largely have Star-Yisars. They cannot naturally reproduce. It needs to be noted however, that they are, while incredibly tame to descendants have an immense hunger, devouring all kinds of edible material as well as items of magic properties, such a arcanium or quietus crystals. No reports of Yisars attacking people have been heard. Their Use As they have roughly the size of a horse and their intelligence, they make for excellent mounts for both magi and non-magi - yet they are far superior to them in looks and magic properties: If A magi has bonded long enough with one, typically seven to eight years, they become akin to a focus and will be able to spew a magi’s spells out. The Creation The ritual itself is rather easy - if enough magi are present. I personally advise gathering 2-3 of your fellow magi; note however that you will be quite exhausted after the ritual. What you will physically need is a titan’s eye or quietus crystal, covered by magegold wire. Gather next to an obelisk. Then, you force your mana inside, steadily. Once the egg-to-be starts glowing the needed life evocationist shall summon lizards or salamander blood and cover the entire egg with it until it starts melting. Once this happens you quickly need to focus on the magic you want your Yisar to mimic. If you are successful, the mix of mana, magegold wire and crystal will become an egg. This egg needs to be hatched after about 15 days by exerting one’s mana into it until it cracks. A little Yisar will crawl out, and start growing to maturity in about a year’s time. ilMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya
  8. No drinking water? @AnimeWolf0080will haunt you in your dreams...
  9. "I love Petra, I love Petrans and I lve Archduchess" Ser Harlingen spoke, for the first time it seemed happy...
  10. Within the named Fi'Andria an Elven Lord wonders who even this Heinrik Sarkozic is. "Human politcs? Do these idiotic Aaunites think Elvendom cares for such... do we? I don't! But those Adrians... they make the best yoghurt! Leave us out of your stupid wars!" Lord Raziel Aevaris just shook his head.
  11. The strongest playerbases in EU times are Celia'nor and Adria, both are quite wonderful communities! Personally, their EU-friendliness was originally the reason I joined both groups.
  12. "They asked me to disrobe in front of 70 people! More than they ever got together to fight us... I denied such disgusting request, of course! AVE ADRIA." Erik Euler then announced as he was back home where he was greeted by many people, pondering what to do next. Actually associated with Dragonkin? Who knows what he would do next. But one was sure: He would fight for Duma, Duke and Adria!
  13. "I apologize for stealing your glory, Val" he spoke to his favourite relative. "Such can be corrected next time, ti? he then suggested to her. @Moribundity
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