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  1. Who are you? I always see your name, but I never got to know you.
  2. Imagine someone who LOVES warhammer dwarves with their grudges, axes, gyrocopters - the general steampunk style. Do the dwarves run around demanding dwarven gyrocopters just to cry the moment they don't get them, over and over again? No. Because it's completely breaking the lore and coming up with such an idea is ridiculous, especially bring it up over and over again! I'm not saying he served the hate, no one does. But it was called for. You cannot spit on what people love and expect to be welcomed on a red carpet.
  3. IGN: Laeonanathan RP NAME: Khenarlum Doomforged AGE: 152 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Clan, maybe also Legion. Idk. I'm active. CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  4. 46 word pages of lore for one culture... Not that Im gonna read it, but when I need to know something about snelven culture I know that I probably can find everything here. Respect.
  5. "So does that mean dinner is coming to Ixltub for free now?" A Kharajyr says to himself upon reading the missive "Sounds like a great day."
  6. Amazing work :O we need a plugin like this: (jump to 2 min, it's german though but you'll see how it works anyways lol)
  7. "Pfff" Albrecht huffs out "I had to take Renzfeld down the last time, I wonder how long it takes until the Emperor feels to have it turned to ash once more. But I suppose, I shall visit one day... Probably soon, you never know..."
  8. Discord: Laeonathan#3614 IGN: Laeonathan Mewliet - Skins: Partial Armour 500 @DarkElfs
  9. So what are we gonna do when you're back?
  10. Discord: Laeonathan#3614 IGN: Laeonathan Skins: Partial Armour 400
  11. As he'd receive the news, Ixltub, who missed the battle would stare unbelieving at his friends who just told him the news before falling to his knees, covering his face into his paws - saying nothing...
  12. A concerned Adunian speaks to himself "Is the Crown of Oren, represented by the Clown of Oren, henceforth referred to as Sir Charles Galbraith, now doing nothing but summoning people to the court? I remember times such matters were resolved with honor" old Albrecht shakes his head
  13. That's why I went to bed rightaway. We have to few techs, and those we have are mostly making sure what we currently have isn't breaking down too. What did you expect?
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