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  1. Introduction and Boundaries With the Edict of Settlement (1854) the Kharajyr of the Cliff, often referred to as ‘the Pale’ were granted the right to form their own Government, as well as the right to enact their own legislation, on the following matters: Courts and judicature, including law enforcement. Education. Health. Religion. Agriculture and construction. In accordance to the aforementioned Edict, laws on these matters may contradict Orenian law, yet not the constitution of the Holy Orenian Empire. In all other matters which are not mentioned within this document, the Orenian Revised Code is applied, though executed by the Warden of the Cliff, as long as the crime is committed on the lands of the Kharajyr Cliff. Therefore, this document is an addition to the Orenian Revised Code and is only applied on the lands of the Kharajyr Cliff. I. About the Government of the Kharajyr Cliff 1. The head the government of the Kharajyr is the Warden of the Cliff. The Warden holds all final executive, legislative and judicative power within the Cliff, and hence only answers to Their Imperial Majesties within the lands of the Kharajyr Cliff. 2. The heir to the Kharajyr cliff shall be appointed by the current Warden of the Cliff upon the ascension to the position. 2.1 If no heir has been declared, the eldest cub of the Warden shall be considered the heir. 2.2 If the Warden has no cub, all Kharajyr inhabitants may choose their new Warden from one of amongst them. 3. The Warden shall appoint two Elder members of the community to counsel him or her. 4. The Warden may only be of Kharajyr race. II. On the matters of Courts and Judicature 1. The judge in all matters of law is the Warden of the Cliff and it the Warden’s duty to apply the law. 2. In case of absence of the Warden, the appointed representative holds the duty and right to apply the law. III. On the matters of Religion 1. All inhabitants and visitors may enjoy the right of religious freedom. 1.1 This includes, yet is not limited to the following religions; Canonism, Muuna-Worship, Malinism, Shamanism. 1.2 The worship of Iblees, Azdramoth or other Demonic Monsters are explicitly excluded from this freedom of religion. If one is found worshipping of these, said person shall be banished from the Kharajyr cliff, until said person openly denounces their vile faith and pays a fine of 5000 minas. 2. Canonism and Muuna-Worship shall be privileged with the right for their faithful to construct a shrine, temple or church within the lands of the Kharajyr Cliff. 3. Tainting or slandering the name of GOD or the Muuna is illegal and may be fined with up to 300 minas. IV. On the matters of Agriculture and Construction, Education and Health 1. All fields, farms and stables of the Kharajyr Cliff are considered public property and may therefore be used by all its inhabitants. 2. An official permittance by the Warden of the Cliff is needed before the construction of a new building, farm or stable. In case this procedure is not applied, a fine of 30 minas may be raised in favor of community. 3. It is the duty of the Keeper of Traditions to educate the Cubs and Adults in the ancient traditions and the history of the Kharajyr. The Keeper may ensure the traditions are not slandered by word and is allowed to raise fines of up to 10 minas if one does so. 4. It is the duty of the Healer to ensure the physical well-being of its citizens. Signed, The Warden of the Cliff, Ixltub Morthawl
  2. "by GOD" Ixltub gasps "Attacking the Lectors? Those Irehearts hold nothing Holy! I shall ride to Du Loc and supply them soon!"
  3. "Wonder, child" the Kha says, with a gentle smile "This land was given to us, long before the loss of the south. Several years, in fact. And the law and constitution of the Empire binds us just like you. We serve the Empire no different then you, child. And in GOD we are all sons and daughters of Horen."
  4. "The Empire has been very kind to us" Ixltub yells, as he holds the document in his paws, showing it to his fellow Kharajyr "Let us repay their kindness with kindness"
  5. "Disgusting!" a Kharajyr remarks from his village "Does this vile and demonic d'Arkent have no respect for GOD?"
  6. How do you not always forget about your aniversery. Maybe I'll actually not forget my fourth.
  7. "This Banjo" a Kharajyr would start, clearly in awe "Is truely a man of honor"
  8. GG everyone I had my fun today! First non-lag warclaim in ages it was sooooo great! Too bad I died so early

  9. [Insert fashionable and toxic shitpost against Haelun'or here]

  10. Ixltub reads the advertisement "The Kharajyr approve of his place, it's a lovely one. Very kind people there, great food." he smiles "We should come visit our friends in the south again" @Nestro_Miner
  11. I never FTBed, nor do I care if people do. The point of is that there is no scene like that, isn't it? I personally think romance RP is gross, but if people are into that... I don't give a shit.
  12. "Long may they reign!" Ixltub exclaims
  13. That are most groups. If you're european and are looking for a small group that mainly chills and does calm RP I suggest making a Kharajyr. :) However there are many more smaller RP groups like Halflings. I also noted Haelun'or is very active in European times. They are rather political though.
  14. Can't wait for 3 hours of clicking till 1AM on my favourite RP server!

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