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  1. Sitting at his not-so-humble winery, Raziel eats popcorn. "Damn, Cresence. They really attacked your marriage, there. That's tragic." As he opens a bottle of wine, he turns to his daughter. "Such is the folly of the Democracts: They elect one competent leader. But they do not let not him select the next, no! They let the crowd appoint another, as if a mage knows, how to rule. Or as if a fisherman knows. And so, you get fools in power. And they bicker amongst one another... endlessly..."
  2. "Aiyeis guild's on top I heard!" Exclaimed a certain friend of Aiyeis by the name of Raziel.
  3. A Gobbo-Engineer who had not been sighted since the days of Arcas is tempted to join the fun.
  4. The elf spoke through in his cellar, "Unity...? Does her kindred not stand behind the Dralguna? It appears, most of the devils already want her head. It was her scum, that brought them into this situation, no?" Raziel hummed, pondering for a moment.
  5. probs to the person who made the giant cave system under the map

  6. "So... ummm- now you have... oh am I even going to question it? No? Maybe. Probably not." Decided an old elven Vintner by the name of Iheiuh.
  7. anyone up for some winery roleplay dm me (Golem CAs included)

  8. Eredain Glennmaer considers showing up.
  9. when will Raziel and Grandma go on funny adventures again
  10. idea is cool why not stick to cool miudc metal without op factor?
  11. "Am I to question why there a Haenser named Albus Amador inside the Celia'nor on a ship of Dark Elves in the middle of the land?" Raziel moved on with life, yet for the rest of his life lingered a question in the background: What the ****?
  12. dynmap update when

  13. youve not seen my lore, it will soften your heart
  14. A happy Númenedan by the name of Eredain smiles proudly for Garenbrig.
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