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  1. "Ave Stassion" Exclaimed a proud yet poorly educated guardsman, raising his sword up into the height.
  2. Sam: > Drops Artificery > Comes up with ideas to buff it > Love it.
  3. "Oh man! You should call her Lady Valindra. It really makes her go insane." Commented a fellow 'fenn-in-denial.
  4. Raziel Amethil had no idea what was happening when was in his winecellar preparing the jars of next years harvest, "I wonder what kind of wine Valindra would enjoy... oh- well. She's probably still mad about something."
  5. Raziel Amethil is happy to be invited and makes preparations to ensure the next years harvest will be good and served at the feast!
  6. Georg Euler stared in annoyance at the treaty. The sigils were not centered properly and the rage started consuming him.
  7. "What a pathetic lie. You gross barbarian were torturing an innocent person. This is why swords were drawn." Grumbled an elf in spite to the false crusader. "Your attempt of murder was the reason swords were drawn." "Also it was your folk refusing to be tested, was it not?"
  8. "Sounds like an Imperial Alliance against Haense." Noted an elf, with a smile. "Well... what is it, in the end?"
  9. "Alas, maybe I will have to jump over my shadow and work with Hokhmatians." Raziel grumbled, handing the missive to the Lubba. @mika1278
  10. [!] This missive can be found all around the world. ♫♬ A Guide to the Village of Celia’lin Home of the Celian People Published 145 SA. / 1941 IA. The Village Starting off as a little winery with white walls, purple roofs, a yellow tree and a pond in which the ducks quacked once more was established a mere two years ago by a few Celian Settlers. Yet soon, this small winery turned into a village, with many Celianorians making their way there. Many of them nostalgic of their old home Fi’Andria, these elves soon created a small community. The Opening Festivities of the Winery. Most people within the village pursue wine-, juice- or drinkmaking as well as farming. Often they will venture outside their little village to sell their goods. Typically, they make their way to Petra, Haense and Aaun, where they strike deals with the local human population. The Celianorians messing around at their pond. The Location (OOC: Coordinates 3700 -100. Best head there from Aaun or Lurin.) The Village of Celia’lin is located in the Most Serene State of Lurin, easily to be found on the way from Aaun towards Lurin. The white houses and purple roofs are hard to miss amongst the small vineyards surrounding the village. ilMaehr’sae ilkun’ehya ay’pueran; Raziel Amethil-Ibarellan, Vintner-Captain & Protector of the Celian People OOC: We are largely European & American, most active between 11 am est and 5 pm est. https://discord.gg/y3MRDP5XGJ
  11. as an elf player I endorse this. I think you've missed a cultural opportunity here, I demand to be discriminated
  12. "Oh Ava, are you still not over what had happened? Have you not understood, what I have done?" Raziel wondered, upon hearing the news. "But so be it, we shall talk."
  13. "Orcs never change." Raziel stated with a mere, careless shrug. "Have fun with them. We had to contain their aggression numerous times. Worked only temporarely."
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