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  1. I think you never interacted with the feral 2'1 monster you called adorable bean. Jokes aside: Nice skins!
  2. Raziel Amethil readies some gemstones!
  3. So happy you're sharing this experience :) The lore is certainly intimidating, not just for new players. It still scares me, after almost four years... I agree, @DISCOLIQUIDis certainly one of the, if not the best roleplayer I've ever seen here. Their emotes are funny, fast, detailed and just so... unexpected?
  4. How does it feel, to wield such power?



    1. argonian


      im ashamed i didnt fill all 3

  5. "Didn't he just return to the Kingdom?" a certain Rivian wonders...
  6. 4k x 4k is about 1/4 the size of Almaris. Unless its all land, its way to small. 5.5 k x 5.5 k seems a lot more reasonable.
  7. Thats literally Almaris. 3/4 of them have been used.
  8. "The Mali'valah are partly Mali afterall" a young elven Lord said, brushing over his chin "Welcome, lliran - it only befits that we help you!"
  9. Builder Kings are the greatest... I cry.
  10. PMs are overrated

  11. Was this Pfp taken of you while trying to make the website?
  12. You're right. WT was the best team! Totally... totally...
  13. 3... 2... 1...  Complains incoming.

  14. "Ay'Malin'or!" Raziel Amethil exclaimed "A fine choice!"
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