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  1. Y'all crying without even having seen anything about the plugin. Why not just wait and check it out?
  2. Had nothing to do with it.
  3. They are new, that might be it.
  4. 8.0: Settlements 2 Hello everyone! I’m Laeonathan, the new Settlement/Nation Manager of the World Team. It’s been a while since our last post but we can finally give you some updates on 8.0 settlements and nations. The pre-build phase is now over with all builds finished. They are currently being placed into the new map. As soon as that’s done we’ll jump to setting up the paths and roads connecting them. We’d like to thank all the talented builders from the many nations who put effort into their builds. Additional to those settlements who meet the activity requirements, we have accepted the following applications: Yamakura (Settlement) Freeport (Settlement) – Dyl#5096 Va'teyatl (Lair) – chaos#7283 They will be able to start building up their settlement as soon as the map starts. There have been twenty applications, but we only accepted these 3 named above and you’re right to wonder why. The main reason groups we passed over is because many of these ideas would be much better served going to players themselves for land instead of relying on the staff for land. We believe it’s better for the server if land is given out by kings, instead of staff. This why we want to encourage everyone who didn’t get a response from us to figure something out with a nation. We know that not everyone will succeed with it. But if we’d be accepting all of the applications, we’d end up with more independent polities then we have average players online. Here are the 8.0 Nations and their respective leaders: Aegrothond - wanderous#8112 Druids - Luci#2666 Eternal Uzg - Benjamin Walker#0877 Haelun’or - Pastry#0256 Haense - Bub#9995 Norland - DAENGIE#9198 Oren - dream#9012 Sutica - mika1278#0993 Urguan - Seo#0650 When messaging them with your idea for a settlement, always keep in mind they have an idea for their nation as themselves and that you will have to find a compromise together with them – given they want any vassals. Nevertheless, lair applications will be opening again as soon as the map releases. If you have a very creative idea, feel free to apply after the release! There’ll be another post regarding the rules for nations/settlements/lairs in 8.0 coming up before launch. But one thing about activity in the first few months can be said already: We will track it, but there won’t be any consequences until the grace period is over so people can get their feet underneath them. In case you have any questions, ask them! If you don’t want to do that over the forums feel free to message me on discord! (Laeonathan#3614)
  5. “Da foak are dese worthless ‘umans after again? Didn’t dey get claimin’ odda people’s belongings is a bad idea foa dem?” Lhaen Grandaxe says in utter confusion, before suddenly grinning “Ah’m luuking forward foa eet, newatheless, aven’t smashed ‘uman ‘eads in a while”
  6. Wow people getting hyped. Junar didn’t even show the best biomes yet. :3 – Shotout to Florensics, who world painted most of the map and holy ****, it’s amazing!
  7. IGN: LaeonathanRP Name: Lhaen GrandaxeCandidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  8. Albrecht sighs deeply “Zese ungrateful Imperials are again preparing to start another war of aggression. Disgusting. When will someone bring ze Emperor to justice?”
  9. “Culture festivities!” Nathanael Dubois sighs “I could imagine nothing more... exciting.” the boys says, obviously bored
  10. “Oi, oi! A fist foight!” yells Lhaen Grandaxe, cheering about the anouncement “Where da ‘eck do Ah soign up for da lil’ foight to ‘ona da brath?”
  11. I think charters sgouldn’t be solely given out because of activity. It should also be taken into account, how the build quality is, as well how much new roleplay a charter could provide. So I believe a Kha settelemnt should have it easier to get a first charter then another 10000 human or elven one – simply because they provide new RP. Also, please have the people design their stuff first and have it checked so we don’t get even more stuff build without love.... But good work in general, world team!
  12. I think, a first thing would be to bring raids back. When I joined the server 10 people could raid. Now it’s 3, and since then I haven’t see a single raid. Raids used to be frequent – probably too frequent. There needs to be a nice balance. But no raids at all is no good balance either... 10 People per raid + a cooldown on raids would be nice. I don’t see how long it would be, probably a few days, like 3 maybe even 7 or 10. Also, if we want wars again to work, downgrading the server to 1.12/1.13 would be a good thing, so the server doesn’t lag to **** all the time. None of the recent WCs have been fun (probably for all side) because of the lag...
  13. “Hail da Clan Mot’a!” Khenarlum Grandaxe would yell
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