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  1. Andora sat alone in her home, the letter that had been delivered to her clutched tightly in both hands. She read it over and over again, but it didn't help her wrap her mind around it in any way. What felt like an eternity passed, before she simply dropped the page and left her apartment, going on a new wild adventure to distract herself from the thought. Aspen Solros slowly rolled her wheelchair back and forth after reading the note, looking down at the prison that her failing legs had created for her. It was then that she decided that six years of pitying herself was enough, and thus the young girl rolled over to her crutches, stood, and left, determined to find a way to make her mother proud.
  2. An aging woman sat in the basement of her home, safe from the raging storm above alongside her husband and young children. She didn't know of the unfortunate circumstances her brother found himself in below the harsh desert sands, and thus simply continued to pray for his safety alongside the rest of her family.
  3. An elderly Norlandic woman couldn't help but chuckle when she heard news of Elysium's propaganda. "Gettin' mad at orcs for bein' violent is like being upset vit' elves for niet bein' able t' 'ave kids, or dvarves for... being s'ort or vhatever." She spoke aloud to herself. "Jus' stop lettin' 'em pus' vy 'round."
  4. Rosalind sharpens her axe.
  5. "Vhat t' ****..." An aging Norlandic woman muttered to herself upon hearing news of the 'ame's passing. "'ow'd I outlive 'im. I t'ought Air'd be livin' forever." Rosalind Vildr added, before breathing a quiet sigh and returning to her tavern to simply continue working.
  6. Rosalind Vildr stood behind the counter of Alisgrad's tavern, watching the crimson downpour while idly sipping from her drink. She wasn't taking any caution, nor bothering to protect herself from the rain, simply vibing during the continent-wide crisis.
  7. Amelia Iekami sat curled up on her bed, blankly staring forwards as she struggled to recollect that night's events, where her own father had been so brutally murdered. Although, one thing that never left her mind was the image of Genkai's bloodied body lying in the dirt.
  8. "Huh... the war's finally over..." Andora Guenevere muttered to herself as she heard the news. "Well then, who wants to take bets on how long it'll be before Elysium and/or Krugmar start the next one?" She then called out into the tavern at which she worked
  9. "Why can't you just agree that you're both in the wrong and go your seperate ways?" Andora Guenevere questioned aloud to an empty room upon reading the missive. "Although, I suppose this is what Elysium gets for trying to make a non agression pact with orcs... ah well, at least now I get to watch two places I hate try to destroy each other."
  10. Upon hearing the unfortunate news of Iolas' passing, a young elven woman in Nor'asath's tavern gave a simple frown, only uttering a quiet, almost even angered, "why didn't you say goodbye..."
  11. Hmmmm... not a bad idea We'll timeskip a thousand years in the future, when everyone will be dead, and start the zombie apocolypse in a more modern setting
  12. Ban. All. Medics. I'm sure the medic RPer who's helping you has done ooc things in the past...
  13. I'm so glad you agree Medic RP is a real issue
  14. Glad I could help I am gonna have to get you banned though, medic rper
  15. Carebear, I genuinely hate you
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