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  1. Anessén's Path The Path of the First Vihaiir'Metta After Anessén Ka’uhane received the brown eagle tattoo on his torso and the warrior tattoo over his face, he was told about this tradition that was lost in time. A test to receive Nemglan’s blessing, in order for an elf of the Seed to earn the rights and privileges of a warrior. The Tahorran realized that he did not go through the trial of a warrior, and yet he received the markings. Time flowed and Anessén would not stop praying for Nemglan’s blessing before each salmon run, before each whale hunt an
  2. Vihaiir'Metta The Tahorrans Tahorran are proud warriors, who for centuries defended their ancestral riverlands from outside invaders. In order for an elf of the tribe to earn the rights and privileges of a warrior, they must earn the favour of the tribes’ patron, Nemglan. In the old ways the Tahorrans would catch a bird and bend their will to follow the Tahorran’s command, this going against the beliefs of the Mani of Freedom. And so the Princess of the birds of prey, told her children to fly up in the sky, away from the Mali’ame. Until one Tahorran prove to be worthy of
  3. Minecraft name: Joseph_V_B00 Character name: Anessén Character race: Elf Combat experience and preferred weapon(s): some combat experience on bows, but looking forward to train all aspects. Preferred weapons bows. Discord user: Joseph V B.#0198 Time zone: GMT-3
  4. JosephVB


    Anessén, or Joseph in the Common tongue, came into being on The Forest Realm of Irrinor. He was raised between the wooden elves. With his mother, he learned to respect all creatures and with this kindness flooded his heart. While his father taught and continues teaching him all what the wooden elves culture dictates and how the Wild Path dictates. He has no brothers, and for that he compensates with great friends. He has dated girls from but no one has matched what he is looking for in a woman. He is looking for a strong woman who will push him forward to surpass himself and someone he can rea
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