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  1. Hi everyone! I’m looking for someone that wants to create another persona or someone who can help with some rp. A brief summary of the character: Merrik Haltuft is a 16 year old human boy (four years older than my character, so he will continue to age). His father’s name is Stanbury Haltuft, and his mother’s is up to the player. More family relations will be revealed in pms as well as his backstory. However, after set events, the player can continue to create the backstory for their own vision of him. Three traits are a necessity in playing his character: he is a thief, a sweet talker/charmer, (the third will be revealed in pms). However, through rp, these can be refined or taught out of the character. The beginning of rp will include the player using Merrik for (at least) light villainy, though, again, the character can be reformed through rp. A lot of the character is already created, but there is still a lot of him that the player has room to add to and mold to their liking. If you are interested or know of someone who is, please send a dm to my discord: Rayalia#0066
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    Feyla's first memory is that of being a young child, no older than four or five, wandering the wilds of Arcas alone, cold, tired, and hungry. Her next memory is of worn and leathered hands scooping her off the ground and carrying her away to warmth. Later in life, she would understand that Redwald, a human man who was getting on in years, was a traveler of the wilds who had happened upon a young, lost soul and took pity on it. She owed her life to him, for surely, should he have left her there, she would have died of starvation. Feyla considered Redwald to be a father. He taught Feyla all that she can claim to know. How to hunt game, how to survive in the wild, and later, how to trade. Redwald often liked to call her his apprentice. Her small stature that came with being a halfling was a blessing to her own survival in these years. The majority of her young life was spent wandering the wilds with Redwald, learning how to keep quiet in the thrill of a hunt. When she was in her 19th year of life, Redwald, knowing he was far too past his prime, took Feyla and moved to Sutica. He reasoned with Feyla, telling her that he wished to live out the last of his years in a calming bliss after a lifetime of traveling and surviving in the wilds. The next few years consisted of a life completely different - but not at all unwelcome - to the day-to-day unknowns of the wilds. Here, she did not need to worry about where her next meal would come from. Redwald always had food on the table and a small bit of coin saved for emergencies. It was in these years that Feyla learned more than just to hunt and gather - she learned to live. She discovered new interests and met an overabundance of folks. These were the years, in being a subject of Sutica, that Feyla remembered as being the calmest in all her life. During this time, Feyla visited the Library of Sutica quite often, keeping herself entertained. In her 23rd year of life, Feyla and Redwald became true citizens of Sutica, having lived there for four years. For the rest of her 23rd year, Feyla participated in the free trade and enterprise of Sutica. However, in these years, Feyla could never truly feel satisfied with her life. She was overcome with guilt at these feelings; Redwald had given her everything, including life, and yet she was dis-satisfied. She missed the adventure of the wilds but was grateful for the opportunities to discover new talents and interests not pertaining to the harsh day-to-day survival. When Redwald passed, Feyla was emotionally prepared - Redwald had been telling her for years that he had little time left. Once he was gone, however, Feyla found that she no longer had any reason to remain in Sutica. In her 24th year of life, Feyla gave up her rank of residency and left the only home she had ever known to return to a life of travel and adventure. Her first stop? To find a small settlement that she had seen mentioned in a book during her time in the Sutica Library. Feyla knew that this community that she searched for was west of Aegrothond – an elven settlement - where halflings just like her dwell. On this journey is where her new story begins, however, this time she would truly be alone...
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