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  1. Her eyes still on the girl, Eliza steps backward once again. She stares at the hand that was held reaching out to her. "Wh- What? You-" Shaking her head, she takes another step back, heart pounding, thoughts reeling. Hearing the voices at the entrance of the cave, she frowns further. Who is Brawly threatening? She wonders. That can't be a good sign. With a look of fear and concern, Eliza returns her focus to the girl. "If I help you, will you hurt me or my friend?" She asks softly.
  2. Eliza cringes at the sight before her. The bloodied girl had to be dead, or near its door, in her state. Zach was lucky to only have been wounded. She hurries forward and, should Zach allow, ties a ribbon from her pack around his wound as a tourniquet. "Can you walk?" She asks the younger fellow, grateful for Brawly's intimidating presence. At the arrival of the letter, Eliza simply stared at the words for a moment. "Is there no end to this madness?" She asks softly. "Who would want to hold a party in a burned down town?" With a sigh, she pockets the paper and mumbles to herself. "I don't know if I can go back there..."
  3. Standing from her crouch and brushing splinters from her shoulders, Eliza nods to Brawly at his words, watching him step out into the cold. She takes a deep breath, then sighs. 'One more rescue attempt, I suppose. At least I'm not the one needing rescued...' The lady mutters to herself calmly. Collecting her bear fur cloak and affixing the clasp, Eliza steps out into the frozen air and follows Brawly at a slight distance, drawing her cutlass.
  4. Eliza had just sat down when Brawly arrived. Her body stiff from the cold and worry that crept into her bones. She'd stood, grasping Brawly's hand warmly, relaxing at his presence. Eliza had always trusted Brawly and was grateful to have him with her in such a strange place. She was about to ask him what he was doing there when they all paused at the sound of the wail. Standing with Zach and heading to the window, she caught sight of the young girl and the source of such a terrifying sound. At Zach's response, she nearly objected. "What if she needs help?" But at Brawly's words, she stopped. The once-monster hunter hadn't encountered of what the man spoke, but she'd heard tales. Shaking her head Eliza took a long breath and returned to her seat near the fire. "What's this all about?" She asked suddenly, her voice sharp and clear.
  5. The letter she'd read again and again, hoping to find any hint as to the true intentions of it's writer. Eliza Raven paced in the Providence tavern where she'd found a seat much like the one she'd called her own in Helena and met so many friends now long gone. Her hands twisted and slacked as she considered her options, weighing them each carefully in her mind and heart. She could take precautions, writing to someone she trusted. But would it matter in the end? Eliza shook her head. No. Her friends had moved on from her long ago and her family was scattered, silent or dead. No, it would make no difference. Her death may be near, but the Adunian was no coward. She would meet with the younger Calding, despite the worry it caused her. Throwing the necessary items into a pack, Eliza decided to write one small note. Her heart clenched at the deja vu she felt at it's penning, but completed it and called "Annil!" from the balcony. Placing the folded letter on the railing, the once-Duchess waited briefly before heading off towards the dreaded snow and bitter cold she so despised. @ThatTromboneGuy
  6. Jane O'Rourke would be inconsolable at the news of her youngest son's death. Her soul fractured further and she locked herself into her room, hiding from the rest of her family as Jane wept for days on end. Jane, once a lively and firey woman now lay closed off from the world as she settled into her pain and grief. She knew she should be there for the family that remained, but Jane couldn't face them. The woman longed to hold her children and be held by her husband. However, Jane refused to seek them out.
  7. A frown and look of confusion crossed Eliza's face at the man's words. She crosses her arms. "You said you wanted to help Rozania." She looked out at the charred debris and her heart ached. Catching sight of Reyna, she recognized her but not well enough to recall her name. The Adunian offered Reyna a small smile and continued on. "You must understand how deeply I care for my people. We may be separated, but I still wish to protect them and offer them what I can. Of course I would want to feel you out." Dropping her hands to her sides, her right hand toyed with a necklace that was partially hidden by a scarf, while her left fiddled with the pommel of her cutlass.
  8. Playing this game, Eliza realized, was going to be harder than she'd imagined. Pausing for an instant, she watched Delra Sprint towards Dante with a sigh of relief. The Adunian wanted to know what this Zach fellow was up to, but didn't want him to be suspicious of her. She'd almost broken her guise as the man had beat Dante and possibly killed him right before her eyes. Taking a quick step, she followed Zach now to wherever he headed. She didn't trust him, but had a horrible feeling that not following would somehow make things worse. With a quick glance back to Delra, and a silent prayer, Eliza shuffled after Zach through the snow. "Why did you kill him?" She asked carefully, softly. Honestly, she sounded bored and that may have frightened her more than this man did.
  9. Eliza Raven stood next to Zach, watching everything happen in silence. The Adunian woman's eyes showed only a bit of fear and then concern for the Halfling she'd considered killing not long ago. That was a strange lapse... I wasn't in control, she thought to herself. This fellow had been charming as soon as she'd stepped into the tavern in Haense and they'd struck up conversation. Per her son's instructions, she had gone to the cold city of Karosgrad in search of some new friends. William had been clear she'd wasted enough time being unhappy and should do something about it. Eliza had agreed, mostly, and headed to Haense despite her hatred of the cold. Now, bundled in her bear skin cloak, off a bear she'd killed herself, she simply watched. Trying to understand the dynamics of the relationships and the backstory, her mind reeled. What had the man said before? 'Trust me. I know what's best for them.' She'd heard similar sentiment from someone else, long ago. But maybe this fellow really meant it. Her fingers twitched as she watched Dante be beaten into the snow. She didn't know her place anymore. A Duchess without a people was just a commoner with a fancy name. She was no one special. Biting her lip, Eliza nodded slowly as Zach spoke to her, not taking her sad, tired eyes off Dante or Delra.
  10. William's warm hand on her shoulder seemed to ground her suddenly. She looked at the man she called her son with wild, frightened eyes. "You have to run..." Eliza said hoarsely. "William! You have to get out! Get them all out!" She began to cry harder now, shoulders shaking from trying to keep the fear and other emotions back. Her gaze sweeps over those that remained on the ground, trying to catch their eyes and portray the urgency in her own. "Get down from here and get everyone out, William." She said, looking back to him. Eliza hacked several deep coughs into her arm.
  11. Eliza was already looking for a way down from the grotesque hill she found herself upon. She twisted upon the thing, trying to keep herself calm. Looking about from the height advantage, she shook her head, tears stinging her eyes as smoke blew over them. Coughing, rubbing her eyes with the back of her forearm, she turned and looked at the devastation around them. "We.... We have to... Get out!" She shouted to her friends, coughing. Seeing the swift moving flames, Eliza began to panic, her movement frozen as the facts of the day began to crash upon her.
  12. gurlpirate

    A Lordship

    To Dante Lo, @Nathaniel Calding Your loyalty and relentless hard work for your peoples and your land is truly inspiring. Your patriotism is beautiful to behold, as is your heart. The people of Rozania know you as a Halfling of your word, and these days that is rare. You have defended those unable to do so in battle, asking for nothing in return. Your bravery is remarkable, and none can deny your love of your people. For these honors, we bestow upon you the title of Lord. Thank you for your services and devotion, Lord Lo. Duchess of Rozania
  13. Horror. The disgust and terror Eliza felt as she could no longer move and was face to face with fellow Rozanians barely recognizable in their charred flesh could only be described as repugnance. She fought an intense wave of nausea as someone's hand pressed into her cheek and she smelled them. Closing her eyes, she pushed herself upwards, she hoped. With all her strength, the Lady shoved and pulled and kicked, trying to get out of the pile. She forced herself to ignore what it was she was climbing through, for her sanity. That wasn't the baker that'd made her favorite pastries. That wasn't a fish monger that'd haggled prices with her. And that wasn't a little kid she'd seen playing in the square every afternoon. She couldn't think that way or she'd never make it out of here. Don't look at the faces, just Get! Out! In a gap between the broken forms about her there shone a hand! Reaching for her! With a shout, Eliza kicked hard shoving herself up and reaching back for the blue hand. It didn't matter to whom it belonged. If they were helping her out, she'd accept it. A thought came to her... If Xerxes had all these things thrown onto her, surely Silas and Brawly were covered as well. A new form of panic took over her as she continued forward. "Brawly?! Silas?!" @ThatTromboneGuy@Tk4522 The smell was enough to have her empty her stomach right as she replenished her air from her shout. Somewhere far away she thought she heard William call out for her. What was happening to him now? Did he need her help!? Eliza let out an undignified whimper as her panic began to take hold. @titanicbomber
  14. With Silas and Brawly at her sides, Eliza's heart swelled. She managed a brief, appreciative glance at each of them. These two men had never let her down, she reminded her still muddled memory. These two, and a few others, never would let her down. "Lord Brawly speaks the truth. Rozania isn't simple homes and stone walls. Rozania is family, is love and acceptance. Rozania cannot die, least of all by you." Her words were strong, confident and fierce. If this were to be her death, at least it was for the cause she believed with her whole heart. With that, she pointed the dagger at Xerxes' face in invitation, a proud smirk on her face.
  15. Eliza stood before a window, the blade Silas had given her in a limp hold at her side. She stared, tears streaming down her face in silence. The expression on that Lady's face a combination of so many emotions; rage, pain, disappointment, terror, heartbreak and a deep weariness. "I don't bring pain and terror." Her voice was soft, words spoken through clenched teeth. "I do not leave death in my wake. I do not destroy lives. I have helped bring hope to people that had none, have loved those with no one in their corner. I will not stop that mission. Not now, not ever." The elder Duchess turns to Nadia, her grip tightening around the hilt of the blade, unsure what Silas expected her to do with it, but it made her feel grounded. She took a step towards the dais. "Let. Them. Go." Fierce love and determination blazed in Eliza's eyes and in her voice. Another step. "Or we both burn, Xerxes." She left the tears slipping down her cheeks as she stepped again. The Raven of Rozania continued to cry silently as she moved. The tears of her aching soul dripping onto the necklaces Silas had placed about her neck. She cried for her people, frightened and dying in the streets. She cried for the city she'd helped build and had tried to lead. She cried for those she loved in this room...all of them. For Silas and the life they'd never have. For William and her failings at parenting him. For Nadia, Delra, Dante and their beautiful souls and bravery. As she approached the dais, she met Nadia's eyes, though they weren't really hers. The Adunian offered her friend a sorrowful smile as she drew nearer, praying she wouldn't have to do what she feared. Eliza Raven stood before Xerxes. There was no more fear in her face, only a wildly fierce determination. "Leave now."
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