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  1. The news of the loss of Esmond came quickly to Eliza Raven's ears. Her shoulders slumped and her fragile heart cracked at the weight of her sorrow. Eliza thought long about Aylin, an old friend she'd not seen in many years. "How she must feel..." The Adunian muttered as she wiped at her eyes, knowing full well the pain of losing a lover. With a long, shaky breath, Eliza poured herself a shot of cinnamon whiskey; this had become her ritual anytime she heard someone she'd cared for had died. Letting the alcohol burn her throat and tongue for a moment, Eliza closed her eyes. "Another good man gone far too soon. With many to miss him."
  2. Gwyn wept. Oh, how she cried for hours and then days for her parents. She knew not everyone loved William as he could be mean, misunderstood. But his youngest daughter had adored him. She'd delighted in making him smile, in laughing with him. The teenager, preparing her departure from Rozania, dug out her nicest black gown and donned it. With eyes still red and tears streaming down her face, Gwyn Buckfort looked at herself in an old mirror. Such pain in her expression as this young girl to became orphaned and homeless in such a small time span. What would she do? Where would she go? Initially, Eliza Raven had thought William had gone off to retire with his beloved wife. She'd wished him a happy life, though he had disappeared without a word. They'd been friends for decades, even after he had said he loved her and then cheated on her. Even after he and Arazo had conspired to murder her and failed. Even after... The lady shook her head, wiping her eyes and wrapping an arm about her middle, as though it would keep her from falling apart as her heart ached. Regardless of their past, William had loved her and she'd loved him; though not always romantically, but a deep love of friendship and understanding. She didn't know what to do, now. So many she loved had left her, now... Eliza felt terribly alone and without direction.
  3. Eliza prayed that the community would be safe and could finally live in peace. She then sent couriers out with copies of the missive to ensure the knowledge spread.
  4. Eliza read this notice with a heavy heart. "Brawly has done so much for us. If he should like to retire, I'll gladly allow him his well-deserved rest. But should he ever decide to take up these responsibilities again, I will support him completely."
  5. Eliza sighed at his calling her by the wrong name, yet again. She prepares to write a response. "Dear Nesrin, The Buckfort family and all of Sarissa send their warmest regards and deep joy at your upcoming nuptials. We wish you all the best in your new life. Congratulations! Ser William Buckfort and all of Sarissa"
  6. Eliza swiftly pens a reply to her old friend. "Dear William, "I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with you in an effort to grow our dream. Thank you for your kind words and the gift of a home for myself and my family. I hope our families will forever be connected by friendship and loyalty. Yours, Captain Eliza"
  7. Posted in Yong Ping and around the Sarissan camp there is a missive. "To The Residents of Yong Ping, "Sarissans wish to thank you for your generous acceptance and welcome as we took refuge and rest upon your shores. The kindness we have experienced from the moment we arrived will never be forgotten. "In a show of friendship and thanks, Sarissans would like to invite all that call Yong Ping home to a Family Feast at the camp we have been lucky enough to call home for the past two years." [[OOC: Thursday, 19 Aug - 2:00pm eastern]]
  8. Eliza Raven-Sentinel sits at a very small desk in her ship, The Unkindness, to pen a missive she would later tack onto message boards all round Almaris. “Lovers, Husbands, Wives, Bachelors, and everyone in-between: Have you ever been in a situation with your significant other that you didn’t know how to handle? Do you long to woo a special lady, but can’t figure out how to do it? Do you feel trapped in a relationship and need to talk with someone? The Raven of Sarissa is here for you. This lady of no standing is eager to lend a listening ear and her abundance of time to you and your concerns. She is thrilled to help those that need it regardless, but especially in matters of the heart. If you feel the need to reach out to someone, send your letters to Eliza Raven-Sentinel, and she will get back with you as soon as she is able.”
  9. "Not a thing, my friend!" She says with a smile. "Eliza is just my name!"
  10. Eliza shakes her head as she reads the invitation. "How many times do I have to tell him... Eliza is not short for Elizabeth."
  11. Eliza Raven-Sentinel flushes as she reads her name in the credits. She chuckles, shaking her head as she finishes the book William had so graciously left in her mailbox.
  12. Jane Rourke-Hartcold cried for the lives ended, for the hearts that were filled with pain and fear. Her own heart ached. She hugged her children close, making sure each one knew she loved them, no matter what. But then, Jane's heart hoped. She hoped her family would be stronger after this. She hoped nothing like this would ever happen again. And finally, she hoped justice would seek out those that had brought so much pain upon her family. She would not fear, she would prepare. For that was the O'Rourke way.
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