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  1. Eliza nods slowly, reading over the letter. "I am sad to see you go, dear friend. I pray you find what you are looking for, and it brings you peace. You will always find a welcoming hearth here in Roza."
  2. Eliza prayed that the community would be safe and could finally live in peace. She then sent couriers out with copies of the missive to ensure the knowledge spread.
  3. Eliza read this notice with a heavy heart. "Brawly has done so much for us. If he should like to retire, I'll gladly allow him his well-deserved rest. But should he ever decide to take up these responsibilities again, I will support him completely."
  4. Gwyn is read Oisin's reply and pouts. "So, he's not coming home for a tea party with me?"
  5. Little Gwyn Buckfort asks a member of the household staff to help her write an open letter to her brother. Dear Oisin, that's my big brother, I miss you. Papa said you got mad and took Miss Diona away. I miss her, too. She said she was gonna get me some pajamas like her's, too. Please come home and tell Papa you're sorry. He's been so sad and bad things are happening. I'm not allowed to play outside the gates anymore. Papa said if people come on horses they'll kill me. Tell him I'm scared. And want him to come to a tea party with me. Okay that's all. Oh! Sign it Princess Gwyn Buckfort
  6. Princess Gwyn Buckfort grins at the ad, pointing to the strawberry tea and choccy cookie. "I'm gonna get one of those!!!" She rushes off to find her papa, hoping to cheer him up. Eliza smiles warmly as she heads home for some well-earned rest. "Oh, Otter! Always bringing the smiles. I'll be in there soon, friend." Briseis peeks out at the streets, seeing it all quiet and the dead cleaned up. She sighs. "Perhaps now it is safe to venture out for some tea..."
  7. Eliza weeps for the lives lost. She crumples up the missive and hurls it as far away from her as she can in anger and pain. "There is no honor in killing innocents. How dare they murder without question. These butchers have no place in this. This is strictly between two men and they need to stop this bloodshed NOW!"
  8. Eliza frowns. "Already conflict... Can we just have peace?"
  9. Username: gurlpirate RP Name: Eliza Raven-Sentinel Address: Raven Hall Vote: William Buckfort
  10. Eliza nods. "Whatever best takes care of the people, Your Majesty." She hides her bag of cabbages behind her back, hoping no one will take them from her as she needs them for Sunday dinner!
  11. Eliza beams at the invitation, thrilled for her friend. "Dear, Diona! I hope this is just the beginning of a joyful life here."
  12. Festival of Blooms A Rozanian maiden collecting flowers for the upcoming ball. Come One, Come All! The Kingdom of Rozania has declared itself open for anyone and everyone! To celebrate, the Rozanian people invite all to explore this new Kingdom filled with local shops, local brews and new friends not yet discovered. With a fully stocked tavern, blacksmith and shops all around, the people of Rozania look forward to meeting you and showing you this land they've worked so hard to create. To further celebrate this occasion, King of Rozania William I, will be holding a ball in the castle for those that wish to attend. Dancing and a feast will help top off this joyous festival! Please come adorned with a flower crown with colours of your choosing! Express yourself! Even Ser Wojtek will be available to dance, should you ask nicely and perhaps bring him treats! We hope you will make the trip to visit Rozania! [[-900, -420 East Hub]] Long live Rozania!
  13. The Grand Coronation of William I of Rozania To officially crown Ser William Buckfort as the foremost King of Rozania. The responsibility to lead the people of Rozania is not a light one, but it is one that Ser William Buckfort will take deeply seriously and great care in doing it well. All Rozanians are invited to attend and to bring a small item of personal relevance to give to our newly crowned King as a semblance of what his reign means to you. Examples could be a small painted or fancy rock to show hard work, little purses of dirt to signify growth and prosperity, a pin, doll, or something that matters to you. During this ceremony, Ser William will parade to the dais carrying a crate for the items to be gifted to him as he passes all Rozanians in attendance. At this time, anyone with a grievance will have the opportunity to strike the man with a stick upon his arms, legs and back. Striking upon the head, abdomen or groin are forbidden and will be met with force. Sticks will be in a barrel by the door for folks to collect and return at the entrance. This act will represent our new king starting with a clean slate as he begins his rule. Long Live King William I. Long Live Rozania.
  14. Gwyn Buckfort pouts as she tries to read through the rules, only knowing a few words, so far. Taking the paper to her father, she asks, "Papa, wass diss? I wanna ride the wheely-chair!" Eliza Raven-Sentinel simply shakes her head , chuckling. "Ah, William. This should bring some spirits up!" Briseis Astasel reads the missive with a confused expression. "What a strange idea....only William could come up with this." She hurries off to tell John with a laugh.
  15. Eliza reads about the rebellion and it's swift end. She furrows her brows in concern, her thoughts scattered. "I hope Lomiei and Johanna are alright. Ulrich, too."
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