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  1. I am once again asking to be able to rename pvp items

  2. Please Sir, may I rename pvpitems?

  3. Arhiln, enjoying the brilliant southern sunlight and a large breakfast while Wynanya was reading, shakes his head. "It couldn't be abridged," he explains, "otherwise someone might say I was being selective!" He considers the little book with a frown before going on: "Though there's something to what you say -- I wish I didn't have to include all those crank proposals at the end."
  4. Slim volumes, almost pamphlets, of some fifteen pages and bound in heavy card stock, appear for sale across Almaris, and several copies are exhibited in a number of libraries. EYEWITNESS REPORT ON THE FIRST SESSION OF THE CONCLAVE OF EBONWOOD Written by ARHILN SULICELIA, of Nevaehlen Preface The present Author, having no part in the lamentable conflict over the governance of the Silver State of Haelun'or, desires to present this, his report on the events of the first session of the Conclave of Ebonwood, that he may, by the impartial, unimpassioned statement of the course of events, forestall any of the various parties to the said conflict, now engaged in the printing of pamphlets and broadsheets, from taking improper liberties in their relation of these events in the promotion of their respective interests. The following report was written in the conclave chamber and in "real time" while the conclave was in session; it covers all the several days of deliberation, from the first speech of the convenor in the presence of the princes to the final adjournment amid less than one dozen common Elves and petty officers; the greatest effort was engaged to summarize the remarks of all speakers who took the floor, as well as those speakers who, though strictly out of order, contributed to the course of discussion. It absolutely reflects the feeling in the room at the instant of writing, being wholly unedited except to correct spelling and to remove some reflection on the oration of certain speakers which might have cast their rhetorical abilities in an unfavorable light. Coming as it does from a pen wholly impartial on the principal issue under discussion, it is this Author's hope its publication serves to establish conclusively not only the strict facts of what happened in the council chamber, but also of the general character or feeling in the room throughout. The Report Begun in the Town Hall in Ephesius on 6th of Snow's Maiden, in the year of Aegis eighteen hundred and fifty-five and the fifty-ninth year of Almaris. Attendees voting: Minuvas Melphestaus, Prince of Ebonwood (for Ebonwood) Captain Lord Hieran Livarai de Melphestaus, I.S.A., High Seneschal of Ephesius (for Ebonwood) Aver'wyn R'ikarth de Melphestaus, Gwaithor of Ephesius (for Clan R'ikarth) Wynanya Daemyar de Melphestaus, Elestel of the Glen (acting), Gwaithor of Ephesius (for Ebonwood) Princess Ivarielle (for her nation) Prince Amaesil Vuln'miruel, Priest of Amaethon, High Warden (for Elvendom) Braxus Ni'leya, Sohaer (for the Silver State, later replaced in voting by Aiera Sullas, Okarir'maehr) Conclave opens about noon on the 6th Snow's Maiden, with convenor's remarks on the goals of the Conclave, viz., to discern "Malin's Will" by means of council. The presence of both the present Sohaer and Ivarielle, who has publicly contested his office, set the tone. Both have brought substantial escorts, heavily armed and armored. These escorts, being Elves, are admitted to the conclave hall. Ivarielle's partisans take one corner of the room to themselves and turn their backs on the table where Braxus sits; Ivarielle herself faces him. (Note: The scribe did not have an ideal vantage to view the exact disposition of the crowd; he was nonetheless able to hear the course of discussion perfectly.) The convenor proposes to discuss the problems of Haelun'or, first yielding the floor to the Sohaer, who mounts a dispassionate defense of his reign. He accuses Ivarielle of thuggery and disrespect for the traditions of Haelun'or, thereby questioning the legitimacy of her claim to the city. The convenor supersedes Ivarielle's reply to ask the Sohaer respond to accusations of slave-taking made by the High Prince of Elvenesse; the Sohaer absolutely denies them, questions the High Prince's sources of information, and states his party is in the process of rapprochement with the High Prince. The convenor yields the floor to Ivarielle for her reply. She has placed several helmets on her side of the table before rising to speak. She claims the Sohaer was elected under false pretenses and reiterates her intention of seizing Haelun'or by force. She then demands Braxus surrender unconditionally, claiming his failure to do so already is further indication of his unsuitability for leadership, and makes increasingly transparent threats. The Prince-Heir of Elvenesse arrived during the previous remarks. Braxus repeats his initial objections to Ivarielle and calls her a Ferryman; she responds with incredulity and escorts on both sides lay weapons to hand. Much disordered yelling and cries by both sides; the convenor attempts to maintain order. The Sohaer and his escort leave, taunted by Ivarielle's party. Order is restored. High Elves (but not of Braxus's party, which has left) continue objections to Ivarielle, both from the floor and without it; Ivarielle replies that continuing the present administration in Haelun'or will lead to war, while she will restore peace, and promises that "when I take my city home, [sic] I will pardon you. Every last one of you. Braxus included." She reiterates the validity of her claim by military superiority. The convenor reprimands those speaking out of turn. The convenor proposes the question of whether or not the Sohaer had taken Dark Elf slaves; Prince Amaesil offers to speak before it is decided and receives the floor. He states the child in question was enslaved and accuses the Sohaer (now absent) of cowardice; the convenor looks for a reply from councillors of the Silver State, who remain in the conclave. The Prince-Heir threatens death to slavers. Aiera Sullas, Okarir'maehr, offers to reply for the Silver State. Disorder breaks out again, with Elves from various corners proposing to re-establish Malinor and construct a New Laurelin, or to pursue unified war against the Dwarves. All proposals are made from outside the floor. The convenor allows this discussion while the Okarir'maehr prepares her reply. Aiera states the slavery controversy was the result of one Sulii'ceru, whose action the Silver State deplores; the Prince-Heir immediately demands he be surrendered to Elvenesse for execution. This is well-received from several quarters of the room. THE CONVENOR THEREFORE DECLARES the question of whether the slavery occured to be settled, and proposes the next question, that the Sohaer and the said Sulii'ceru be surrendered to Elvenesse for trial and punishment. (Refer to remarks by the Prince-Heir for the likely outcome thereof.) Voting begins immediately: On the question of: Sulii’ceru Braxus Amaesil: Ti Ti Ivarielle Ti Ti Wynanya Ti Ti Aiera Ti Abst. Aver’wyn Ti Ti Melphestaus Ti Ti Hieran Ti Ti THE CONCLAVE THEREFORE DETERMINES that Braxus and Sulii'ceru should be tried in Elvenesse for having taken a slave. At the close of voting, Ivarielle withdraws and offers to make Amaesil her proxy. The convenor proposes the next question, on the proper leadership of the Silver State, yielding the floor to one Luthriel, who relates her personal history with Haelun'or at great length, including her work as an intelligence agent for one Orinmon. Minuvas withdraws as convenor in favor of Wynanya, who yields the floor to Usamea. Usamea expresses her distaste for Braxus's leadership, but states Ivarielle is even less popular in Haelun'or. She objects to the conclave considering the present question as an abridgement of the sovereignty of the Silver State. Luthriel continues her account of life in the Silver State, and the violence done upon her therein. The state of the floor is uncertain. The crowd by this point has dwindled to only just over one dozen, with only Wynanya remaining out of the voting members, none of the principals or their parties in attendance except the Councillors for the Silver State, and only a handful of the Ebonwood attendees remaining. Conversation is more general among the dwindling crowd. Luthriel continues her statement on the wrongs done to her by Braxus's party, before observing the evil she perceives in the Sohaer is limited to the jurisdiction of the Silver State, while the evil she perceives in Ivarielle is more likely to spread, through her encouragement of war. Luthriel makes an opaque analogy to the alleged supremacy of the Canonist God over Malin and reiterates her summary before retiring. The convenor yields the floor to "llir [sic] of the Silver State", Usamea replies to the effect that though Braxus is unpopular, Ivarielle's rule would necessarily be imposed through force and therefore cannot be countenanced. She promises that "those who have broken our laws shall face the pariran'tir". The crowd is now entirely High Elves, and the convenor. Disagreement is expressed with no regard for the possession of the floor. The parties discuss the state of military actions against the Silver State, and the legitimacy thereof. Further discussion off the floor omitted (all restatement or contention of previous points). The convenor yields the floor to one Valindra. Valindra expostulates the flaws of the present administration of Haelun'or at length. She establishes her trust in Ivarielle's promises to the citizens of Haelun'or. She proposes a negotiated settlement between Ivarielle and the Sohaer, then proposes an elected monarch govern all Elves (cf. the government of Malinor). The convenor adjourns the meeting in the morning on the 11th.
  5. Every time I PvP on this server I come away feeling small and mean-spirited.

    1. The Media Wizard

      The Media Wizard

      It can happen. No need to feel that way for this one: it was some interesting roleplay and I enjoyed it. Thank you for taking part in it, my guy!

    2. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      My man really clicked the "Font" button on a status reply.

  6. boomer moment More seriously though, can we please stop sneering at so-called "slice-of-life" players. I get it, I get sick of people's twee affects sometimes too, but all this complaining about bad war has built up this bizarre strawman of tea-partying, child-roleplaying, will-never-raise-one's voice characters (and players!). People like this probably exist somewhere, but that's not what matters: it's rude to go around denigrating people because they aren't interested in fighting in the war du jour for whatever reason, and the idea that these people (if they exist as described) are the reason there's a "lack of consequences" is, I think, a real obfuscation of who holds power in nations and in the server administration.
  7. I will never "loft" a "gauntlet"

  8. I just wanna grill :(

  9. Fun to know you're still around chief

    1. Your Favorite Impure

      Your Favorite Impure

      'Eeeey, likewise my man

  10. Glad to hear there’s more transport in the works! My sticking point with the boats is waiting on a WT for the teleportation — automating that would be ideal, even if WT is needed to set everything up the first time. then again I’m not doing much nautical RP right now so it’s not a personal priority.
  11. More short distance fast travels (especially boats) would go a long way. Create a strong network of routes between nations that don’t rely on CT and the warps — they’re one of the weakest parts of the map. A related feature I’d like to see is teleports to at-sea versions of boats for RP purposes. Iirc this used to be done with the boat in a pocket dimension to avoid people using the system for travel, but any way to “set sail” without staff involvement would be great.
  12. Extremely disappointed that Surge/Terra items now can't be renamed.  Vortex items could be, and Surge items still have the Vortex registry field, so what's changed?

    1. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      Even if Vortex items can't be renamed for some reason, it should at least be possible to make them into roleplay items so they can be renamed.

  13. congrats on your app!

  14. Do people still say pugsy?

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    2. Telanir


      it is a legacy that is forever etched into the annals and traditions of lotc

    3. Nathan_Barnett36


      Hell yeah, that was my last ban actually, just got unbanned recently

    4. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      On 11/15/2021 at 3:58 PM, Nathan_Barnett36 said:

      Hell yeah, that was my last ban actually, just got unbanned recently

      nathan barnett, now there's a name I haven't seen in years.

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