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  1. A scarred Wood Elf in armor finds a flier nailed to his front door in Linandria. He tears it down with some force and steps inside. "Well, I'm certainly not holding my breath," he remarks to the little room after reading the message. "If only we could have peace so easily." The flier lands atop a heap of faded and many-times-scraped papers on the Elf's little desk and he heads for bed.
  2. Come back and be admin pls

    1. h e x

      h e x

      why would you ever want this awful retard back

    2. char-char~


      i'll take urasept back if we get danny and viper with him

  3. Saying this is becoming a PvP factions server used to be a joke.

    1. Archipelego



    2. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      *Puffs pipe*

  4. That's a beautiful meme
  5. CB's are needed because of the amount of OOC motivation that goes into wars and conflict, and the unrealistic glee which nations take at waging war with each other.
  6. Have the people who want freebuild seen what it does? It's not pretty, ok?
  7. No please. Iterative improvements are the way to go. Let's not ditch all the super cool nexus items that makes this server unique and interesting just because of the grinding issues. Besides, I really don't want all the work I put into a custom item pack to go to waste :) Basically don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  8. Flaunting my erudition, I quote the words of Andrew Carnegie, my favorite industrialist.

  9. Alright, I personally like Nexus, even the timers, but I am annoyed by the amount of straight upgrades grinding can get you in terms of combat. Let's keep the cool stuff -- weird specialty items, all those gems that don't really have a use, the wacky million types of food, lances, warhammers, battleaxes, iron vs. flint arrows, even the different kinds of ingots if they are either actually made rare or changed to mostly cosmetic additions, all that cool custom stuff that sets us apart -- and take an axe to weapons with huge percentage bonuses (I don't even mind slight percentages) Nexus could be so cool, but it's not really being used in a helpful way.
  10. My guess is either being confused and lost, or immediately being roped into someone's quasi-feudal levy, jammed into two skype chats, made to get teamspeak, and then left to fend for themselves without any help in roleplay, which is what I imagine they came for.
  11. This is different. I agree with you?
  12. Where the server at yo


  13. Anyone else lagging to hell?

    1. Silverstatik
    2. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      Only in my brain tbh