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  1. My parting request to the server is that someone FIX THE RIVERS!  Especially that dead end pond under the ruins behind the Druids, it's just ASKING to run free down that valley.

  2. ok I love atlas but WHY can we NEVER have maps with WATER THAT MAKES SENSE

  3. Common rp disputes

    People ought to also win with grace. Makes taking an L easier.
  4. The Ball of Caras Eldar

    Emanaf Delsaran happens upon an invitation in his apartment while changing out of his sooty, sweat-stained formal clothes. "What a fantastic time," he grumbles, crumpling the sheet and adding it to the basket of kindling beside his stove.
  5. Still miss pikes

  6. [Your View] Freebuild

    Nations should take responsibility for policing freebuild areas in their territory, and crack down on freebuild settlements which are detrimental.
  7. Trade routes (Idea)

    Follow your dreams!
  8. 6.0 FAQ

    I think that's because we use 1.9 pvp. Could be wrong though.
  9. Serious Props to whomever made our current sitting plugin! it's working so well, especially compared to what we used to have.

  10. buff gets another one

  11. [VOTE][Feedback] What's better than Nexus?

    Alch fire is sweet, other potions idk. Even if we get rid of Nexus somehow, can we PRETTY PLEASE keep all the beautiful warhammers and pikes and spears and all the crazy food and the staffs and different wood bows and ingots and all that wonderful unique stuff??/ even if it's just cosmetic.
  12. Come back and be admin pls

    1. simp


      i'll take urasept back if we get danny and viper with him