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  1. "It is not yet too late, but the hand of the clock ever inches towards midnight," commented Sir Daris Verethi upon receiving the latest Pontifical wisdom while on patrol with his crewmates. He pinned a familiar poster upon a crumbling marble pillar somewhere in Lurinite lands once more.
  2. Although a staple of medieval (fantasy) culture and featured prominently in media that have commonly inspired LotC RP through the years, such as A Song of Ice and Fire and its TV adaptations, jousting has seldom been in the spotlight within the past few years aside from an odd event. As someone fond of RP jousting tournaments, I am curious to hear our community's thoughts and opinions. If you're interested in sharing your thoughts, please take the poll and reply below.
  3. "One can always trust an Ork to be an Ork, but the pagan will drape himself in one hundred deceitful disguises groveling for help and understanding. The one hundred and first will deliver a knife into your back," wrote Jean Cardinal St. Godwin in reply to the Pontiff's wise response.
  4. Fav char of yours? Fav char of mine? What was your most fondly remembered RP encounter? Do you believe that Colonel Jaramy's death in a labor camp in Poznań in 1956 was orchestrated by the authorities of the Polish People's Republic, fearing his potential role in organizing a full-scale anti-communist uprising?
  5. Father Jean, whose sight had somewhat dimmed in the recent months, nearly missed his own name when he first read the letter. He crossed himself, turning his weary eyes to the Skies with little to comment other than: "I wonder what Mother would have said." One thing was certain: he made it a long way from the dungeons of Gwynon.
  6. As he watched the lifeless body of the King, surrounded by his grieving family, Father Jean was speechless in shock. His greatest friend and benefactor, his savior from the damp cells of Gwynon, gone. Merely an hour prior they had discussed mortality; he felt the cold grip of irony in that moment, seeing the King's worries become so brutally manifest. In his thoughts, he uttered a prayer, but he knew that was all he could do.
  7. Call me anti-RP, but I don't particularly understand the point of making every location accessible - every fortress so indefensible, every group so susceptible to attack and thievery. This may be a critique of a matter far more serious than redstone doors, but I believe that an egregious imbalance already exists where there is no entry barrier to committing villainy of any sort: any gathering of aspiring troublemakers can just create a dozen unkillable, throwaway personas and enjoy complete advantage of initiative in choosing where, when, or how they strike at their targets, with no obligation to justify their association and their goals in-character, no obligation to prove their foreknowledge of the ideal circumstances of their heist or assault (Can they prove their RP knowledge of guard unavailability at certain hours, or knowledge of their desired targeted items' locations?) , and no obligation to render themselves available for investigation and retaliation afterwards, contrary to the good-faith policies of RP give-and-take LotC espouses. Potential defenders enjoy no such boons: they must rally in certain ways, in certain locations, under certain time limits, and constantly justify their own involvement. My (I do note) subjective experience as someone who's done "villainy" is that I've never quite been interested in or able to justify to myself a particular need to breach a secret location or to steal anyone's item for any reason other than thinly-veiled OOC desire for humiliation; thus, I've never done it. Risking going completely off-topic, but I am curious about other people's experiences and explanations as to why unrestrained heists and absolute entry availability, given the aforementioned lack of RP restrictions, are essential for an RP story. That being said, I have never created an LotC redstone door myself, and aside from this debate, I ultimately have no stake in how its mechanics are to be handled by the rules in the future.
  8. The next morning, upon the locked doors of the derelict Merryweather Marshal's Office, was pressed the flower of a single white rose in the form of a seal. By the door was set a bottle of Walter's Waldenian Whiskey, one of the last remaining from the Knight-Immortal's ill-fated distillery.
  9. The officiating Bishop, Father Jean, was known to sorely despise weddings, and had begun his mental preparations for the event well in advance. However, once the occasion was formally announced and the Bishop reviewed the list of invitees, a particular name caught his eye. To know now that the esteemed Lord Jaramy, Colonel of the Lechians, could grace the wedding with his presence was reason enough for Jean to forget about his reservations.
  10. "The King who would be Sovereign - and the Beggar in his service who would be Baron thousandfold, and Prince, King and Emperor all at once," commented the Bishop of Saint Godwin, Father Jean - the former governor and scourge of the despised and excommunicated Stassies, whose status as rat-refugees in the Realm of Ravenmire yet remained a glaring issue, unsolved by the Sovereign's concession.
  11. Father Jean, a scion of the now-obscure Talraen lineage, and once a burglar and thief extraordinaire, jutted out his finger to point this passage to his brother, Tristan. @Caranthir_ "Centuries ago, a Talraen could almost be trusted with coin."
  12. "Look, Mother, I am a governor again," spoke the aforementioned Bishop to the paper, his eyes darting upwards. Whether a pious expression of thanks to the Lord, and appreciation of his deceased parent, or a gesture of utter irony and disdain, none could tell.
  13. Father Jean admired his likeness in the paper, though, truthfully, there was little to admire. As an afterthought, he murmured a hasty prayer for Their Royal Majesties.
  14. Sir Daris Verethi and his compatriots kept the courier detained at the Salvian legation in Whitespire, suspecting a plot or conspiracy of some sort. However, when his motives and authenticity were proven, Daris penned a reply and released the courier so it might be returned to the tribesman. @Norgeth TO MUNDOBERHT OF TUHROSWEYK, MESSENGER OF THE OWYNHAR ALLIANCE, Three blessings to you and Saint Ottomar's eternal grace and protection. I am overjoyed to know that this outlander Venerable of yours has not been forgotten here, and I assure you that his remains are safeguarded by our Syndicate and treated with utmost piety and respect that a brother of the Faith deserves. However, if your wish as his next of kin is to have them returned to the Outlands, to the custody of the Mother Church, I shall respect that wish and see to it that Ven. Fr. Wert's relics are shipped back to Aevos. Long has it been since the days of a Church infested with trickery and betrayal, and His Holiness is a Waldenian ally trusted by the Syndicate and a proven enemy of the Deceiver. Within a Saint's Week, our honor guard will have the body returned. WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE,
  15. "Let the enemies of Man once more shatter their blades upon this Covenant like teeth," prayed Jean Bishop St. Godwin, a veteran of the War in the Midlands. Imperial politics concerned him little, yet still the unity of mankind upon Aevos in contrast to the disparate realms of his homeland appealed to his faith.
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