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  1. APPOINTMENT AND PUBLIC RESTRUCTURING ACT Issued and confirmed by His Excellency, Charles-Edmond of the House of Talraen, Minister of the Interior of the Imperial Crown of Godfrey, 10th of Sigismund’s End, 1702 TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN, Through earthly wisdom and divine grace has the Imperial Crown seen it fit to replace and do away with the structures of old hindering our progress, tasking our Ministry of the Interior with safeguarding our Divine Imperium’s domestic and administrative affairs. With this endeavor comes the responsibility of ushering in substantial change, for the betterment of our citizens’ daily dealings; our Administration thus must take on the heavy burden of tackling the challenges presented before our collective of officials. It is with our common goals in mind that the Ministry hereby declares the following Act of law valid immediately. I. APPOINTMENTS In accordance with His Divine Imperial Majesty’s wishes and commands, the following individuals shall assume these duties at once: LORD CHARLES-EDMOND, BARON OF RENNES shall be appointed MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR. SER UTHRED, IMPERIAL KNIGHT OF GROMACH shall be appointed DEPUTY MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR. LORD AZOTH HAWKSONG shall be appointed SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY. LADY LAETHESIA shall be appointed HEAD STEWARD. LORD CHARLES-EDMOND, BARON OF RENNES shall be temporarily appointed AUDITOR-GENERAL. Suitable individuals shall be appointed CHIEF OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND ARCHITECTURE and CHIEF OF AGRICULTURE AND MINING once deemed necessary by the Minister. II. RESTRUCTURING In accordance with His Divine Imperial Majesty’s wishes and commands, the following decrees are now active: The former structure of the Imperial Arch-Seneschalty is now DISBANDED. Any Steward of Carolustadt not appointed Chief of Department must formally apply to reattain their status. Any applicants shall be rigorously tested and expected to perform their duties with diligence. All sealed crates, banners, posters and such currently occupying public space within the Capital shall be seized in three Saint’s days’ time. Any sealed crates, banners, posters and such placed within public space without an official’s permission afterwards shall be promptly removed, and their owner fined two hundred and fifty mina per object. Unreported alterations to exteriors of Imperial property shall no longer be tolerated. Any such transgression shall warrant a fine of a thousand mina regardless of severity. Failure to restore the original state of the altered exterior, and fine evasion, shall warrant further charges and immediate, permanent eviction with no appeal. Reported and documented expansions of Imperial property shall be allowed at a flat charge of five hundred mina per basement dug. Unreported expansions shall no longer be tolerated and shall warrant a fine of two thousand mina. Severe offenses and failure to comply shall result in further charges and immediate, permanent eviction with no appeal. The Assault Act of 1686 is hereby reaffirmed and amended. Unwarranted assault on an Imperial subject of noble blood within the city borders shall result in immediate sanction matching the prescribed punishment for assault on an Imperial Steward, based on racial lines. IN NOMINE DEI HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Charles-Edmond of the House of Talraen, Minister of the Interior and Arch-Seneschal of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey and the Imperium Septimus, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes
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    Name (RP/Mcname): Charles-Edmond Talraen de Rennes (LithiumSedai) Residence: Carolustadt Race: Human Age: Roughly 18
  3. LithiumSedai

    A Time For Fire, A Time For Steel, A Time for Blood.

    ”Mein Gott!” cried out Jan Sigmar, the famed Savior of Sutica, nearly choking on his Waldenian brezel. Correcting the fit of his crown, disturbed by his bewilderment, the knight put aside the works of von Spivey he’d been studying to thoroughly examine the reports of gang violence in Sutica, comparable to murder rates of Holm and Little Norland.
  4. LithiumSedai

    The Virtue of Poverty and the State

    The young noble lad known as Charles-Edmond Talraen de Rennes, famous Minister, baron and white knight extraordinaire, laughs at the peasant.
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    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    The young lad known as Charles-Edmond Talraen de Rennes sends a letter of approval from his office in the capital!
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    Tournament of Markev

    MC Name: LithiumSedai RP Name: Ser Jan Sigmar of Alstreim Age: 109 Title: Imperial Dragon Knight of Alstreim, Renatus and Waldenia, Bloodraven of Lorraine, Keeper of the Blood Chalice, Savior and Liberator of the Sutican Realm Holdings: Freehold of Alstreim, Fort Blackwater Heritage: Born to Wilhelm and Elsa of Alstreim Events: J O U S T
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    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Oh boy.
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    MC Name: LithiumSedai RP Name: Ser Jan Sigmar of Alstreim Age: 108 Title: Imperial Dragon Knight of Alstreim, Renatus and Waldenia, Bloodraven of Lorraine, Keeper of the Blood Chalice, Savior and Liberator of the Sutican Realm Holdings: Freehold of Alstreim, Fort Blackwater Heritage: Born to Wilhelm and Elsa of Alstreim Events: J O U S T
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    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    Infertility? What infertility?!
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    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    Curse you ET for making me have to copy-paste my original reply.
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    Setting Sail, Coming Home

    As he rested upon the weathered dock, impressions of His Divine Imperial Majesty’s coronation fading; gazing across the vast blackness of the ocean before him, Aran felt peace at last. To have finally discarded the Qalasheen robes of the Camel Bandits to once more embrace his signature black plate of the State Army and gotten rid of the tangled mess his hair had become, brought the old man, who now stood dressed as in his prime, relief he attributed to GOD’s mercy alone. Through the grace of the Almighty he was relieved of his paranoid delusions and forged conspiracies, if only for a short while – even if temporary, and even if sparked by an elf’s advice, it made him see clearly for the first time in years. His inner peace stayed unbroken even through the raucous cough escaping him; the hit his health had taken proved impossible to mend, and Aran knew he would not have long left. A veteran of the Bloody Road and the Third Crusade, hero of the Czena War, once a boy who defied King Aurelius in the name of a dead Empire and lived, passing away in a warm, cozy bed? He chuckled at the irony, but could only be thankful for the wisdom to make the right choice, to not take the fall forgotten and alone. Somewhere in the north of Aeldin, said the map and the letters: he would see them again. His wrinkled visage shifted briefly in joy. Aldren and Melody, Reyne and Hazel; his own children, Tristan and Circe; not a single disagreement mattered anymore – he would reunite with them one last time in this life. He thought of those no longer with them, too; allowing his steady stream of thoughts to be briefly shaken by a bout of pain, Aran thought of his beloved dead. Father, John. Mother, Renna. His beloved wife, Marinna. His beloved wife, Yulianna. He loved them as they loved him, despite his absence and his numerous mistakes. They would sail with him too, he had decided, sending word (and coin) ahead of the family mausoleum he wanted made for them all. He hoped they would find the strength to forgive him, when they meet in the Seven Skies at last. --- “Seigneur,” suddenly spoke the man clad in mail and plate, the flickering flames of Aran’s lantern beside dancing in reflection upon the soldier’s kettle helm. Aran hadn’t heard his approach. “We’ve nothing left to carry. The Spirit of Rennes is ready to set sail.” ”Good. They await,” said Aran Talraen de Rennes. Once a famous Administrator, knightslayer, crusader and baron; now an elderly, tired man setting sail towards his home – not Adelburg, Senntisten, Carolustadt nor Rennes, but the place he would live his final days in, surrounded by those he loved most. It was all that mattered. [!] The following letter would be delivered to the Imperial Advisory Council, the Imperial Arch-Seneschalty, and what remained of the Talraen household in Carolustadt: To the esteemed Lords and Ladies of His Divine Imperial Majesty’s Privy Council, Administrators of the Office of the Imperial Arch-Seneschal, and all loyal subjects of the Barony of Rennes: Per my final decree as Arch-Seneschal and Baron, let this letter serve as my last will and notice of resignation. The disease that has taken my aged mind and body has left me in a state unable to dutifully proceed with my obligations towards His Imperial Majesty, the Lands of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, and the Barony of Rennes; thus, I hereby resign from my post as Arch-Seneschal of the Lands of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, and abdicate the titles of Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes. It is my hope that the hard-working men and women of the Imperial Administration shall proceed with their commitments to their duties as dictated by my decrees, until the Divine Imperial Throne sees it fit to bestow upon them a successor to the Office more worthy than I had been. It has been an honor to serve the Realm of Man since the age of thirteen, and alongside my loyal Stewards and Auditors. I leave the titles of Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes and all my remaining possessions and belongings to my sole legal heir remaining upon the lands of Atlas, my grandson Charles Edmond Talraen. It is my final wish that, should His Divine Imperial Majesty deem it fit, he confirm this appointment, and that my personal belongings my grandson will have no use for are further distributed according to my private decrees. IN NOMINE DEI HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Arch-Seneschal of the Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey and the Imperium Septimus, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes
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    The powerful Waldenian man known as King Jan Sigmar, a veteran and lucky survivor of Oren’s disastrous defeats at Jornheim Fields and Fort Kovakirr nearly sixty years ago now stood triumphant beside his fellow Dragon Knights, the banner of Alstreim raised high to join the victorious Imperial sigil. Ninety years a soldier, the knight stood weathered, old and bruised – but unbroken, chanting the glorious anthem of the Imperial Fatherland.
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    Unfitting demise

    It took a long while for the news of his beloved wife’s cruel demise to reach Aran Talraen de Rennes, once famous Administrator, knightslayer, crusader and baron – now twice widower, and a broken man with a tormented mind. Holed up in Talraen Manor, hearing of the terrifying account of Yulianna’s death did little to relieve Aran’s addled mind; an echo of a hysterical, shrill bout of laughter soon resounded across the manor’s halls, devoid of life. Dressed in unusual garb – that of a Qalasheen insurgent – he frantically wrote letters, casting wary, crazed glances towards what seemed to be ever-encroaching shadows of his room. He’s come to a realization at last, he decided in a lowly murmur, squeezing a newly-taken white rose with little regard for the thorns piercing and bloodying his skin. “It’s a conspiracy, that’s what it is.”
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    [Denied]L1L_PLugg13's Game Moderator Application

    Don’t see why not. +1
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    In the same freezing night, the wind howled and blew around the spire of Blackwater, a mere half a mile across the narrow Sutican strait; heavy raindrops beat upon the tower’s flattened peak, carrying with them the scent of the approaching Vaeyl blizzard. Soaked, torn banners, quartered in azure-gold, crimson-black - cross and royal raven, fluttered over the heads of four men that, against all reason, chose to brave the storm out in the open. Below them the fortress stood silent - no refugee nor levyman would aimlessly wander the muddy grounds - but Jan Sigmar knew full well it was not out of fear of necromancers nor murderous stalkers in the night, as it has been for years in the city ahead, merely common sense. No bloodthirsty orc nor dark elven bandit ever set foot in this town, patrolled by brave men and elves who had taken up arms in defense of the Apostolic cause. The flickering of shielded lanterns briefly illuminated the thin circle of gold set upon Jan Sigmar’s head; the Waldenian seldom bore the Opal Crown, his by right. Tonight was different. Gazing across the dark waters, flanked by his bannermen in magnificent Aurelian plate, he sought the Sutican walls through the veil of rain. His people were dying there, with no guidance nor leadership, left by the wretched sky-daemons to starve under the Lich-Queen’s yoke. “...Aye, yer Majesty, them’s were th’ rogue magi!” The fourth figure broke the silence. Taken from his thoughts, the Apostolic King exhaled, turned away from the wall’s edge. His gaze narrowed upon an elf clad in simple, flowing robes; a poor shield from the raging elements. “Rogue magi?” he repeated, his anger subsiding, to be replaced with earnest curiosity. The King observed and examined his guest’s attire; an indentured servant of the Federation, he thought, risking his pay and a brutal lashing should anyone learn of his visit to Blackwater. A form of slavery long banished from the civilized world; one more reason to bring the Federation to justice. “As clear as day, yer Majesty, if y’allow it, ravagin’ th’ square, frightenin’ us good folk!” cried the elf, voice raising in complaint. The guards inched their visored sallets towards him in concern - but Jan knew no innocent man would fall to their greatswords, a fate many a victim of a certain morning star could not share. “Beg yer Apostolic pardon, yer Majesty, but th’ ol’ Lord Faroe, th’ Protector, he’d ‘ave never allowed it!” “You know I cannot send my men to protect you as long as the Sky-Daemons allow the undead to rest upon my throne,” spoke the King in a firm tone, concealing any semblance of pity towards the poor elf. He allowed himself a pause to consider his earlier words. Despite what one might have thought of the so-called tyrant of Sutica, a cleric-turned-daemon as the stories say, Lord Faroe had never abandoned his people. He always stood firm and defiant in defense of Sutica - his legacy the Lich spat upon was relentless purging of the damned that threatened the city day by day. “An’ why nae? Y’were there with Lord Faroe at Ceru, Tahariae bless ‘is soul, leadin’ us ‘gainst them dark druids an’ their livin’ corpses!” The elf stubbornly insisted, daring to match the Apostolic King’s gaze. Jan Sigmar stared back - although, for a moment, memories overwhelmed him. Few seemed to remember what they had done, but Jan Sigmar did and always would. The blackened fields of Ceru would never fade from his memory - the glorious, bloody day upon which Alstreim’s Deathwatch of Lorraine, Lord Protector Karyssmov Faroe, and Lord General Rhillen led the forces of Sutica to victory against darkness. Their blades clashed with the spears and shields of score upon score of skeleton and ghoul, until the undead were driven back into the sea and from the city of quartz. It was not a selfless sacrifice, no - but he and his men had fought for their homes, their friends, and what they believed in. “Ja, I was - at least one man values the life we saved,” Jan muttered in a low tone. “The Sky-Daemons prevent the Apostolic Levy from shielding you. Why won’t the Lich-Queen and her Cerulean Watch save you?” he queried, knowing that no force but Cyrene herself, and her Ascended, roamed the walls in defense. “Well, m’lord, I dunno nothin’ of liches an’ th’ sort, but th’ Princess an’ th’ Council are busy doin’ work, as they say. If tha’s wha’ they call courtin’ in th’ tavern all day long. Damned be th’ Sky-Daemon sort, save us from this plight!” Blinking in disbelief upon his informant, the aged King closed his eyes shut. His gloved hand inched towards his pocket to grasp at the Cross of Lorraine contained within, seeking the Lord’s guidance. This was no time for a break. “Ja,” Jan said, cracking a faint smile amidst a weary nod. “We can do that.”