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  1. Ser Corwin raises a mug of Waldenian lager to the ancestral allies of Alstreim. “Many a lich trembles at this pact.”
  2. A certain Imperial baron sends a bid of 1500 for the fort blueprints.
  3. HELENA PROPERTY AND FINANCES ACT Issued and Confirmed by the Lord High Seneschal, 8th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1728 TO ALL LOYAL SUBJECTS OF THE IMPERIAL CROWN: In accordance with the terms set forth by His Imperial Majesty and agreed upon by the Lord State Treasurer, the Office of the Lord High Seneschal has seen it fit to revise the taxation and property pricing codes of the Imperial Capital of Helena, previously established by the former regime and altered, without permission, by the Lord Maer’s Office. Thus, the Crown’s will, effective immediately, has decreed the alterations to be as follows: PROPERTY CODE A Merchant’s Stall in the Imperial Capital shall be priced at 100 Mina. A Home, Office, or Shop of small to moderate size, capable of housing no more than one person, shall be priced at 100 Mina. A Home, Office, or Shop of moderate to large size, capable of housing more than one person, shall be priced at 200 Mina. A Guild Hall or Manor, capable of housing a thriving enterprise or a family of the appropriate lineage, shall be priced at 3000 Mina. All full-blooded Descendants of good legal standing may obtain property in the Imperial Capital at the decreed prices. Canonist Humans shall have the right of priority. A Citizen of the Imperial Capital may not own more that one Stall and one Home, Office, Shop, Guild Hall or Manor unless explicitly granted this privilege by the Imperial Administration. TAXATION CODE A Merchant’s Stall, as defined above, shall be worth 75 Mina per Saint’s Week in fees. A Home, Office, or Shop, as defined above and regardless of size, shall be worth 75 Mina per Saint’s Week in fees. A Guild Hall or Manor, as defined above, shall be worth 150 Mina per Saint’s Week in fees. All property-owning Citizens of the Imperial Capital, regardless of rank or status, are obliged to conduct these payments in due manner, by Tobias’ Bounty ((Saturday)) every Saint’s Week, or face eviction and property repossession. Exemptions shall be granted to these categories as follows: Members of His Imperial Majesty’s Privy Council; Imperial Stewards of Helena; Guardsmen of Helena of the rank of Hussar and above; Property-owning Citizens personally exempt by His Imperial Majesty in writing. FINANCES Seventy-five percent of all property income and one hundred percent of all tax income shall be delivered to the Imperial Crown each Saint’s Week. The remaining twenty-five percent of all property income shall be granted as commission payment to the Imperial Stewards of Helena. All delivered income shall be split between the Imperial Treasury and the Office of the Lord High Seneschal. The Imperial Treasury shall collect sixty percent of this sum. The Office of the Lord High Seneschal shall support the Lord Maer’s Office with half of its remaining income each Saint’s Week. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Charles Edward of the House of Alstion, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Balemena, Lord High Seneschal of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown
  4. ”GOD save the Emperor,” mumbled Charles Talraen de Rennes, one of the monument’s designers along with the late Ser Frederick Baden. He followed up with an earnest prayer for the latter’s soul, the man who had been one of his few earnest friends, and a prayer for all the victims of the senseless civil war.
  5. The young Prince of Alstion, Charles Edward, vowed to set aside some of his precious time to aid his sister in overcoming her troubles, though unaware of the event. Weakness was a trait of lesser men, he thought. And unwavering resolve and purpose, that of a Dragon.
  6. Sign-up Format Character name: Charles Edward House: Alstion Age: Early twenties Rank: Prince of Alstion, Lord High Seneschal Do you reside at court?: In need of a suitable room Mcname: LithiumSedai Timezone: CEST Discord: LithiumSedai#2394
  7. REQUEST OF REAFFIRMATION OF KNIGHTHOOD Name (and House if applicable): Corwin Freiherr von Alstreim Degree of Knighthood (Squire, Knight Errant, Knight): Ritter Age: 30 Liege Lord: Kaiser Alexander II Date of Accolade (if possible): 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1720 Chapter/Order (if applicable): Order of the Golden Spurs
  8. CLARITY IN THE DARKEST OF TIMES Chaos has infested into the heart of humanity, a stagnant reign gave way to a bitterly short one marred with war and the prospect of total annihilation of the human race and an end to all we cherish. Our realm has been beset by countless perils, internally and externally. Foreign races pound on our gates as traitors rise up to stake their greed-filled claim to a broken throne. A Pretender has claimed the throne of man. With no right or legitimacy to their claim, pretenders will always seek to belittle their fellow man in making pacts with those on the outside. The Dwed of Urguan assume now that it is their divine right to select the Emperor of Oren. They are very mistaken. The laws of succession crafted by John VII before his abdication were not followed. Power was attempted to be seized illegally. This we cannot accept, a Carrion bastard raised on the words of half-men. It was almost one-hundred years ago that another dynastic line ruled the Holy Orenian Empire. Removed unjustly from their throne, they have lay in wait ever since. My name is Charles Edward Alstion. I am the descendant of near a dozen Emperors, and the son of John Alexander, Prince of Alstion, who now abdicates his own ancient claims to our legacy as Holy Orenian Emperors to myself. The iterations of the Empire that my progenitors ruled were never totally stable, but they were human. They protected humanity and did not consorts with half-men in order to secure their thrones. I cannot accept loss of the ancient territories of the descendants of Horen to Dwed and those with no legitimate claim. I cannot accept a Carrion for Emperor who would tear up the very foundations of our people. To those claiming Helena has fallen, this is an outright lie. Our capital city remains in the hands of our loyal administrators and they have bravely put up the fiercest of resistance to foreign invaders. Despite the constant threats to our very way of life, the rule of law, of order, and of peace shall reign. It is the duty of all men to serve their Empire and to serve their Emperor. It is within us all to resist with every last sweat those who would seek to destroy us. By the grace of God we shall overcome all threats, however dire, to the last. If the forces of evil attempt to make us or our people a subject of their tyrannical rule, then we shall all exert ourselves at once, and at full force, to drive them out as an enemy to the liberty of humanity. For as long as my imperial line survives, and for as long as fewer than one-hundred of us remain alive, we will never, under any single condition, allow ourselves to be subjugated. It is not for glory or for riches that I fight, nor for the honour of battle; but for the freedom of humanity, and for the supremacy of all Horenic peoples. MAY GOD PROTECT AND DEFEND US HIS IMPERIAL AND ROYAL MAJESTY, Charles I Edward of the House of Alstion, By the Grace of God Holy Orenian Emperor and rightful Emperor of Aeldin, Forever August, Apostolic King in Oren, of Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Vandoria, Aesterwald, Courland, Santegia and the Westerlands, Duke of the Crownlands and Blackmarsh, Count of Helena, Johannesburg, Krajia, Lorath and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood and Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Supreme Protector of Mankind, Master of the Lions of Man, etcetera.
  9. Regardless of my personal thoughts as one of the defenders on the RP and OOC origin of @TrendE’s endeavor, the fact remains that: 1) he proved to be OOCly cooperative and willing to discuss the situation with our side’s leaders; 2) not a single person on our side took issue with his conduct, nor had any hard feelings over the ordeal; 3) half the reasons provided for this measure were outright fabricated – or, at the very least, presented without any proof. This entire situation, and the utterly ridiculous formulations of the new conflict blacklist system, however bring to light dire issues much more disturbing than TrendE’s punishment – the continued utter removal of all staff responsibility and duties other than stifling and altering “dynamic” RP on a whim. It is much easier to just slap a “repeated” offender with a preposterous RP-influencing restrictive measure that holds no basis in server lore and rule-set than argue the terms of a villainy blacklist – or, even worse, actually communicate and defend your stance as a staff member.
  10. “It is the sacred quest of humanity and the Heiliges Reich to, one day, construct ironclad vessels much alike ships which are to, through arcane means, traverse the skies and the void that separates us from these worlds and bring to them the glory of Man,” wrote a certain powerful Waldenian man in response to the esteemed researcher.
  11. ”Fuckin’ yikes,” said Corwin Freiherr von Alstreim in true Cascadian youth fashion, having talked to the man mere Saint’s hours earlier.
  12. Here’s my hot take on the aforementioned “stop pvping us pls ;*(” stance – if you wish to play a villain people will respect, rather than roll their eyes at and call PvP the moment you roll up to them, you should: Become involved in the political scene of LotC, rather than shun it. Seriously, I’ve encountered so many people who wear their ignorance as a badge of honor. Make an effort to be presentable within the established communities rather than spend your time badmouthing [insert nation here] on the merit of [insert vague goon or clique-related critique here] while hiding in an edgy death castle charter god knows where. Make an effort to get yourself acquainted with the political goings of the server, and communities other than your evil dark mage evil coven of evil. Not only will it improve your experience, but it will also provide you with excellent opportunities for infiltration and subversion that will be dealt with in RP. Do away with the “spiteful witch” stereotypes. Understand that cooperative and dynamic RP goes both ways, and using your OP god-tier dark magicks to wipe the floor with whatever hapless soul looks your way the wrong way that day is neither fun nor good villainy RP. Messing with people who do not engage with you doesn’t provide either party with a worthwhile experience. If you’re a frost witch and some dude takes your bait, or if you’re a powerful necromancer and a group of wannabe heroes stands in your way, understand that it’s a scenario both sides gave their consent and dedication to, compared to ruining a random bystander’s life just because you’re an evil, quirky, bitchy mage. You will get PvPed. I would PvP you if you tried exploding my head with blood magic because I accidentally offended you. At the very least, if you must do this, provide your victim with a way of fighting back or retreating with minor consequences. Understand that having said OP god-tier dark magicks doesn’t make you a superior person. You’re not entitled to winning just because you think you should be feared in RP, or because you’ve spent months studying mineman lore. Planning a fun experience for everyone involved should be a priority, rather than flaunting your MAs. Understand that consequences apply to yourself as well, and not only to your victims. When was the last time anybody heard of a Naztherak user PKing? Why do dark mages insist on bullying RP spots where they’d been dealt with already? At the very least, if you’re unwilling to PK your character or roleplay the same consequences you expect your victims to endure, you should know when enough is enough and don’t return to a place where you’ve been executed or defeated in a fight.
  13. Charles Talraen de Rennes adds his ever-changing signature and his seal to the document, and so does Corwin Freiherr von Alstreim – albeit he penned his twice, once in fancy Waldenian blackletter. HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Charles-Edmond of the House of Talraen, Minister of the Interior and Arch-Seneschal of the Holy Orenian and Imperial Crown of Exalted Godfrey, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes ℭ𝔬𝔯𝔴𝔦𝔫 𝔉𝔯𝔢𝔦𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔯 𝔳𝔬𝔫 𝔄𝔩𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔦𝔪 HIS LORDSHIP, Ser Corwin of the House of Alstreim, Red Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon, Baronet of Alstreim, Blood Raven of Lorraine, Keeper of the Blood Chalice and the Opal Crown
  14. @Sporadic are you seriously implying that it’s a burden to support seven alternate month names so that more than 40% of the server’s playerbase doesn’t have to use ‘malin’s welcome’ as a month

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LithiumSedai


      If your playerbase is large enough (like the aforementioned 40%+ playerbase that prefers the Imperial calendar) and doesn’t want to use an inherently elven calendar, why not? If elves can make their gods and magics canon, why wouldn’t the Imperial calendar be recognized? 

    3. Dunstan


      How to make Imperial calendar. [Tutorial]

      Step 1: Open google drive.

      Step 2: Create a document

      Step 3: Come up with seven names for months

      Step 4: Link in imperial chats with @everyone ping

    4. LithiumSedai


      Implying that not sitting down in-game to RP writing the calendar edict before posting it makes it invalid? (Changing the calendar had been an active topic of discussion in RP ever since the Adelburg coup, by the way.) Implying that there’s an RP reason months of the year are called “seeds” or “elven days” and bear elven names, beyond OOC bias? Implying that it’s not how lore that carries importance beyond RP flair, such as living gods and magic they grant, is written?

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