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  1. LithiumSedai

    The Siege of White Peak

    Jan Ritter von Alstreim stood atop the shattered walls of Red Peak, Courlander blood dripping off his gauntlets as he waved the banner of Alstreim, the terrible crimson Bloodraven of Lorraine, in defiance of the fleeing Courlandic rats; haunting, almost daemonic laughter echoing across the fields of Ostmark following them! "Run like the rats you are - you won't escape. GOD's wrath is upon you. You should have struck me down sixty years ago." "The martyrs of Elba smile on this day."
  2. the dead of elba weep

  3. LithiumSedai


    "I do not deny having fought you, despite my last assault on Markev taking place over eleven years ago. And innocents have certainly died, as is the case with war. We are not your friends, but Renatus has, at least, generously offered you peace, and your civilians safety - perhaps my knowledge of the Northern War is rusty, but I do not recall Courland doing such, nor sparing your folk the slaughter. The enemy of your enemy is not your friend, and I pray you'll be spared the opportunity of witnessing such first-hand. Should Courland somehow prevail over Renatus, who do you think is next?"
  4. LithiumSedai


    "I seem to recall there being a recently signed non-aggression pact between us and the Dominion," mused Aran Talraen, famous Administrator, knightslayer, crusader and baron. "If the rumors about any harm coming to the Dominion host were true, then there would have been no one left to sign this pact, no? I do also remember nothing happening to the Haensetian delegation either, them having been allowed to freely walk away without any constructive proposals given - I suppose they prefer negotiating with the butchers of Elba, Vasiland, and St. Karlsburg instead?"
  5. maybe they won't burn the capital this time if we suck up to them xd #teamrat xdd

  6. LithiumSedai

    The end have cometh

    "You spat on your liege, plunged the realm into chaos, and betrayed our trust and friendship," exclaimed Aran Talraen upon hearing the news of Aldyth's demise, visibly shaken; his gaze wandering off towards the portrait of Charles Talraen, his grandfather, brutally murdered by Courlanders. "I never thought you to be such a coward. May GOD have mercy on your soul."
  7. REAFFIRMATION OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE RENATIAN CROWN 8th of Sun’s Smile, 1666 I, Aran Talraen, do affirm my allegiance, loyalty and service to the Crown of Renatus-Marna. The lands of Rennes, and House Talraen, will stand with unwavering loyalty and support to the Crown in the face of this so-called rebellion. Additionally, we will fight alongside the Crown with open arms in the ready efforts to crush any rebellion and the Stauntons alike. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna
  8. LithiumSedai

    The Final Call

    The wind howled and blew across the southern Highlands, echoing in the cold Renatian night with not a soul to hear; not one but a single man, knelt before the great cross on the hill. The man, draped in a worn, recognizable coat, kept firm in defiance of the gusts; his eyes locked on the battered cross before him. The old memorial stood tall in the night. It stood with a simple, etched inscription in Common and Waldenian, the words unrecognizable in the darkness, but the aged knight knew them by heart. = 1 6 0 3 - IN MEMORY OF THE GLORIOUS FALLEN AT ELBA - = "...Ruht in Frieden, Helden von Hanseti," he concluded his faint prayers, and the remainder of the inscription; at that, Jan Sigmar's posture faltered at last, and his hands quivered greatly as he pushed himself up to a painful stand, loosely clutching his trusty blade, Mordred, by his side. One last glance was sent towards the cross, a memorial to those fallen in the Courlandic onslaught more than sixty years ago; the burden of his friends' deaths weighing heavily on his tormented soul, in which a deep hatred burnt for all of the White Eagle's kin. Another glance sent over the treacherous Haensetian lands, whose denizens had forgotten its own brethren's heroic sacrifice at Elba, and who would likely side with the Courlandic butchers in the days to come, to spite the Renatian realm... and towards the oathbreaker's lands of Ostmark, pitifully surrendered to the Staunton pretender. "Until the bitter end once more," he muttered, grimacing heavily at the painful memories, and pausing to, reluctantly, thank GOD for the second chance given to him, to crush the Courlanders once and for all. "Be it mine or theirs."
  9. LithiumSedai

    [Rewrite]The Clerics of Tahariae

    ...? Basically... Anyone who's ever participated in combat, and anyone not a follower of Tahariae (so any fighter not a cleric?) is a valid target with the most rigorous interpretation of this tenet - and in a more liberal interpretation, literally anyone the cleric personally deems impure? Huh.
  10. LithiumSedai

    [Rewrite]The Clerics of Tahariae

    I practically stopped reading after this. How is it considered acceptable to essentially allow a cleric to pick and choose their targets based on their personal whims, and how is this not a lore-unfriendly perversion of what the clerics stand for, essentially turning clericalism into another combat magic (whose wielders can still, to my knowledge, equip full plate and heavy weapons and now strike anyone at will) without any reasonable limitations and with a side touch of healing?
  11. LithiumSedai

    Defamation of the Clerics

    A powerful masked man giggled immaturely upon reading the list of names, stuffing popcorn through the mouth slit of his mask.
  12. LithiumSedai

    Unwillinglame's AMA

    Why is Cyrene the best city guard of Atlas, and would the most powerful Waldenian man on Atlas be included in the aforementioned wild drinking spree?
  13. LithiumSedai

    The Great Elven Migration

    Aran Talraen, famous Administrator, knightslayer, crusader and baron, high-fived Exalted Owyn upon observing the exodus of millions of Dominion elves.
  14. LithiumSedai

    Why holy healing is not a bad thing

    While it has nothing to do with the subject at hand - anyone on a power trip who knowingly uses a combat magic to assault (not defend against!) someone they're obviously hostile to, and likely to call PvP, has only themselves to blame for the ensuing walk back from CT. PvP is GOD's gift to Man. Healing magic is alright, I guess.
  15. LithiumSedai

    bblackish's Application Team Application

    Most definitely yes. +1