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  1. “Almost beneath a Dragon’s honor to trample upon these miserable bands,” remarked the Prince of Alstion, present in the pitifully quick engagement alongside his Horenic kin – having leapt across the bandit battlements on his charger adorned with purple and black, striking down orcs with his lance.
  2. “A failed rebel field commander whose ragtag bands of armed peasants could not score any victories even with Elfen backing; a pretend-ruler who based his right on a Saint’s hour’s worth of squatting in the palace with a rally of ten half-men; a brat who threatened Helena with nonhuman-backed genocide once driven out of the city by a token Alstion warband; a cutthroat whose hands were stained by the blood of a thousand Lorrainian townsfolk; a snake who conspired to murder his liege and tarnish his legitimate lineage so he might rule over Man as Lord-Protector, and whose plots extend to this day, for through inexplicable sky-daemon sorcery his son will be Emperor one day – though the vassals rejected his rule. Truly, the greatest man of our generation.” An old Renatian spits on the usurper’s legacy.
  3. The Prince of Alstion, known as Charles Edward, took a moment’s rest following the siege – his newly-forged black plate adorned with Horenic regalia bearing not a single dent, for the orcish hordes did little but make pathetic attempts to flee his sword and the blades of his retinue. His gaze wandered towards his kinsman, the victorious commander, and then to himself – noting a discrepancy in comparison to the slaughter at Vintas. This time the armies of Man were triumphant, and back then they hadn’t been. He wondered about the shortcomings of the Carrion strike force then, and the realization soon dawned upon him, in the form of a distant whisper carrying the voice of a Waldenian loyalist. ”No Horen, no win.”
  4. The Waldenian known as Corwin Freiherr von Alstreim, the hereditary Blood Raven of Lorraine, spits on the quill-pusher whose ego couldn’t stand a memorial to Renatian veterans. ”Should I live as long as my poor cousin, I’ll see the day history is righted.” He mutters a heartfelt prayer for the fallen of Lorraine.
  5. Somewhere, a certain powerful Waldenian man honors the International Pretend-To-Be-A-Lich Day, checking under his bed for those famed subjects of undead’s nightmares, King Kairn and King Jan Sigmar. Faithful to his portrayal of a cowardly lich-queen, he shuddered in fear despite finding no one – the Sutican Crown slipping off his auburn curls at that.
  6. LithiumSedai


    ”The universe was not the same without him,” remarked a Waldenian in regards to the Grand Magus.
  7. The Prince of Alstion saw it fit to escort his sister to the Pontiff’s residence, observing the ordeal from some distance – a brief glance cast over his battered suit of black plate and his bloodied sword, souvenirs from the orcish trenches. Showing no interest in drawing nearer or acquainting himself with the home’s numerous residents, his purple-and-black cape fluttered in the wind as he, too, departed the scene sometime after the Duchess. “May he recover quickly, and make his opinion known.”
  8. Prince Charles Edward rubs at his chin. ((Looking forward to see what this might entail!
  9. ”Toes toes toes toes toes toes TOES,” chanted the Prince of Alstion, Charles Edward.
  10. PACT OF THE MOUNTAIN Writ 1733 The Realms of Men may not forever be entirely united, however, it is the duty of all humans to share respect for one another and have the ability to fight by one another’s side when the calling is there. The men of Morsgrad shall not forget the attack upon them, and lack of apology, by the Mokh-Uruk and their peoples; furthermore they will not forget the Reivers who sport the company of Uruk attempting to sabotage the internal affairs of our Realm. Let this pact be the rejuvenation of good-will between the people of the Empire and the men of Morsgrad; there will be blood to have as we march together in war adhering to the following terms: The renewal of the non-aggression pact, that had previously been drafted in the “Treaty of Morsgrad” in the year of 1731. The prior document having expired with the death of Edvard II and the ascension of his successor. The renewal of the acknowledgement of sovereignty of both nations over their perspective lands, that had previously been drafted in the “Treaty of Morsgrad” in the year of 1731. The prior document having expired with the death of Edvard II and the ascension of his successor. To reiterate the peninsula to the north of the neck in its entirety is acknowledged as the Northmarch, falling under the exclusive independent jurisdiction of the House Ruric by way of Edvardsson. The realms of Kaedrin, Haense, Curon and the Crownlands are all acknowledged to be the rightful territories of the Orenian Empire. Governed by Adrian of Sarkozic in the absence of an appropriate Emperor and until one ascends to the throne. The signatories shall acknowledge the religious autonomy of the alternate signatory. With the state religion of either state being kept in their respective territories. No effort shall be made to impose either faith on one another. The signatories shall adhere to the basic principles of a defensive pact, each will come to the others aid during times when they are aggressed upon. In adherence to this, the Duchy of Morsgrad shall participate in the ongoing conflict between Uruk and Man. While the signatories do not outright agree to an offensive alliance in this pact, it offers the option for both parties to ascend to one if both are in agreement to do such. This treaty shall remain in effect until either one of the two signatories passes away or until the terms of this pact are violated by either party - in this case, diplomatic efforts are expected to be made to rectify the violations. Signed Dutifully, Adrian Sarkozic, Lord Protector of the Holy Orenian Empire Godric Edvardsson Ruric, Duke of Morsgrad
  11. “Ah, what a marvel of Highlander architecture! And what a look these Carrion banners give to this reconstruction of Reza- wait, what?” A confused Heartlander of the Imperial Crownlands scratches his head.
  12. Corwin von Alstreim, the last living direct relative of the legendary Ser Jan Sigmar, pinned his Ferrum Cross to his sash once more and unfurled his banner of the Blood Raven, setting off to reunite with his brothers. A letter had been sent to the Freikorps command beforehand. (OOC Name: LithiumSedai ) Name: CORWIN FREIHERR von ALSTREIM (BARONET and KNIGHT of ALSTREIM) ℭ𝔬𝔯𝔴𝔦𝔫 𝔉𝔯𝔢𝔦𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔯 𝔳𝔬𝔫 𝔄𝔩𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔦𝔪 Age: ADULT of LEGAL AGE Sex: TAKEN, sorry Experience: AELDINIC raids in service of KAISER AURELIUS WAR of the TWO EMPERORS, post-SIEGE of HELENA Seen things you people wouldn’t believe Etc. ✠ GOTT MIT UNS (GOD WITH US)
  13. ”True and independent journalism lives on,” remarked one Waldenian loyalist of Horen, slipping the controversial yet brave report into his collection of cherished works, right by the treatises of Herr von Spivey.
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