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  1. Adelburg Chronicle - 1633

    ADELBURG CHRONICLE - 1633 Your source for news on housing, taxation, and events! In this issue: Housing updates! (Vacant properties available for rent!) Taxation overview! (All the useful services the city spends its revenue on!) Upcoming events! (Along with extensive information on how to get involved!) Local news and gossip! (For the most curious within the Holy Empire!) Housing Updates: The Imperial Administration declares the following properties available for rent: Godfrey Avenue 1 (150) Owyn's Lane 2 (50) and 3 (100) Sigismund Street 1 (100) Adelheid Hall 1 (50) Emperor's End 1, 2, and 3 (25 each) Caius' Alley 2 and 3 (25 each) If you're interested in obtaining a residence, talk to the following Administrators: Seneschal - Renna Talraen (LithiumSedai) (Skype: live:lithiumsedai_1) (Discord: LithiumSedai#2394) Steward - Lionel Amador (EndCallCaesar) Taxation Overview: 1633 tax revenue, total amount: 2475 Mina Our income has been steady this year - and in addition to this, several debtors have come forward with their due payments, raising our total revenue even higher! The Administration is assured to put this income to good use - most notably towards our upcoming events and celebrations for the good folk of the Holy Empire! The war has taken a toll on the land, but it has not sunk our victorious spirits! In addition to this, a thousand mina shall be dedicated to bettering the conditions of our brave soldiers on the front lines, bringing our glorious Empire ever closer to victory. Upcoming Events: Citizens of Adelburg, rejoice! Our esteemed Event Planner, Miss Hanya Lancefeld, has returned this season to ensure an effective beginning to our festivities period! The exact nature of these events is, as of now, still a closely guarded secret, but we've no doubt it shall be announced shortly. Local News and Gossip: The Imperial Administration is looking to replenish its ranks with able Stewards! Our recruitment procedure will be announced soon; until then, contact Her Excellency, Renna Talraen, with any possible questions.
  2. One of the best skin-makers on LOTC. Don't like my opinion?



  3. Adelburg Chronicle - 1632

    ADELBURG CHRONICLE - 1632 Your source for news on housing, taxation, and events! In this issue: Housing updates! (Vacant properties available for rent!) Taxation overview! (All the useful services the city spends its revenue on!) Upcoming events! (Along with extensive information on how to get involved!) Local news and gossip! (For the most curious within the Holy Empire!) Housing Updates: The Imperial Administration declares the following properties available for rent: Godfrey Avenue 1 (150) Owyn's Lane 2 (50) and 3 (100) Sigismund Street 1 (100) Adelheid Hall 1 (50) Emperor's End 1, 2, and 3 (25 each) In addition, the Imperial Administration wishes a warm welcome to those who have made Adelburg their home this year! Sigmund Alstreim Markus Tristan of Adelburg and his family If you're interested in obtaining a residence, talk to the following Administrators: Seneschal - John Lane (Senda_Yohst) (Skype: j.h.j.laanen) (Discord: Senda#4621) Deputy Seneschal - Renna Talraen (LithiumSedai) (Skype: live:lithiumsedai_1) (Discord: LithiumSedai#2394) Steward - Lionel Amador (EndCallCaesar) Steward - Vivian Sforza (ElevenJellyBeans) Taxation Overview: 1632 tax revenue, total amount: 2200 Mina As of now, no plans have been made to immediately spend this amount; it shall be put to use once the need arises, likely towards supporting the 6th Imperial! This year we've seen a small decline in our tax revenue, although it has remained quite consistent on average - this year's dip can be attributed to war weariness, although the Imperial Administration strongly encourages all citizens to be mindful of their obligations towards the Crown - tax evasion will not be tolerated. With great reluctance, we are forced to announce a new wave of evictions, and our desire is to bring forth a new generation of citizens who will ensure the prosperous growth of our Empire and its Capital. However, we are also pleased to announce the overwhelming success of our taxation procedure updates - our new Tax Office has made tax collection simpler and intuitive. Upcoming Events: To be announced! Local News and Gossip: After three years of diligent and loyal service, the Imperial Administration regretfully announces the retirement of His Excellency, John Lane, High Seneschal of the Imperial Crown. The acting Deputy Seneschal, Her Excellency, Renna Talraen, shall therefore take on the duties of the Seneschal, ensuring the stability and prosperity of the Imperial Capital of Adelburg, the Imperial Crownlands, and the Holy Empire of Oren itself, with blessings from His Imperial Majesty and following in the legacy of the retiring Seneschal. His Excellency has graced the Chronicle and all loyal Imperial subjects with his statement: In other news, rumor has it that in addition to the Imperial Brigade's upcoming renovation of the barracks, and the upcoming opening of a theater, the announced library/school construction effort, led by Mister Athelstan, is nearing completion. More exciting updates to follow!
  4. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    An OOC-targeted, murderboner-fueled, and powergamed-to-hell encounter that resulted in an inexperienced Olog player dying (when, by all means, he should have easily come on top) is no basis for instating CAs just because the said Olog took his time to emote his response (and a forced death). New players should be guided carefully, not forced into powergamey pixel hunts and power trips. Even if the said Olog was inherently in the wrong, it's by no means a reflection of all orc and Olog players, no?
  5. Steel Company; 2-11

    With a loud sigh, Renna Talraen slammed the ledger shut. It was not the chill of wind, howling between the towers of Adelburg and seeping into her office, nor the extensive marks indicating discrepancies, adorning the Administration records, that irked her, no. She reclined in her seat, casting a brief glance towards the flickering flames that illuminated the spacious room before delving into her thoughts. It has been there for a while, she thought to herself. She sat there in silence for a brief moment, her gaze wandering away to a spot in the distance, idly twirling a lock of her once dark hair, now nearly grey. How long has it been since the first time? Twenty years? Renna sighed once more, raising her hand towards the light to examine it. As steady as ever, she noted, but yet burdened by unease. It has been far too long since she grasped a dagger. Years since her trusty blades had brought relief to one of the unworthy. Her inner voice suddenly resounded within her mind, so charming, yet so terrifying, sending a nervous tremor down her spine. "Do not forget. The task never ends. Never!" it echoed. The other voice responded, exalted and vigorous. "The Law must be upheld. The Empire is sacred." Renna eagerly nodded in agreement, completely swayed, sending a stream of thoughts to them both. "It is our duty," she confirmed. "I vowed to serve the realm of Man. I swore my undying loyalty." Her mind hastily wandered off - towards thoughts of service and honor, memories of staunch Imperial loyalists she admired. Those who brought her home back. His Imperial Majesty, noble and glorious on his throne. Felix Fitch, a hardened veteran. Ser Lion, a man of legends. The first voice then interjected, slicing deep through her memories as if it were her flesh. "No. It does not matter. The task never ends. Do not forget." "Do you not recall?" she desperately bargained. "One does not exclude the other. We cleanse the world through our service. The Law must be upheld," she concluded, the other voice sending forth whispers of approval. She thought of the criminals her vigilance brought to justice. To a swift death, towards final relief and a step closer towards completing her task. It was the right thing to do. Her friends, her heroes would have approved. Renna leapt from her chair, lunging forth towards the desk. Her gaze locked onto a piece of parchment, displayed beside her ledger. She quickly scanned through the report - one of the Marked Men, of their dealings with Ser Lion and his assortment of adventures and squires. "You see?" she whispered, a hint of desperation in her tone. "They do the same. The task inches ever closer to completion. Relief must be brought to the unworthy. The Law must be upheld." "That is not enough," the terrible voice resounded again, almost as if mocking her. "It is your clouded judgment that assigns their actions meaning and importance. What you do matters. The task never ends." Renna said nothing, letting the voices fade into the void. But she needed confirmation; her hand crept towards the quill, a blank parchment brought to the desk. Moments later, a majestic raven already braved the wind, set for Mordskov - carrying a letter that read: "Ser Lion, The word of your continuous brave deeds has reached your friend in Adelburg. I wish to find out more about this company of yours - would you be so kind to inform me about it at your earliest convenience? I look forward to hearing from you, or meeting you in our Capital once more. Yours truly, Renna Talraen"
  6. Reimbursement

    Same. EDIT: Gear was returned, thanks GMs
  7. Elasha Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

    Alstreim thinks it through, sitting by the counter in the Linandrian bar. "Aye, th' tiny elf now hunts down spooks too? Wha' a time t' be alive," he idly mutters to himself, slamming his bottle of ale down on the counter.
  8. Alstreim takes note of the response while roaming the streets of Linandria. He simply nods, then makes his way towards the tavern for yet another ale.
  9. A Beacon in the Twilight

    Alstreim sharpens his axe.
  10. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] The Lion

    It's already been mentioned above, but I will confirm: talking to him in-game is incredibly pleasant every time I meet him, and he's always in the process of creating fun roleplay for the players he encounters on his way. +1
  11. [Trial][Game Team] Balthasar's Second Application

    Was a pleasure working with him, I highly approve! +1
  12. Housing Update, 1630

    HOUSING UPDATE [!] A notice is posted on the Adelburg board, accompanied with masterfully drawn sketches: Citizens of the Holy Empire of Oren, The Imperial Administration hereby informs you of housing available in the Imperial Capital of Adelburg, following the recent wave of evictions. The locations available for rent are as follows: Manston Road 2 Price: 500 Minas Yearly Tax: 75 Minas Adelheid Hall 2 and 6 Price: 50 Minas each Yearly Tax: 50 Minas each Emperor's End 1 and 2 Price: 50 Minas each Yearly Tax: 50 Minas each To obtain ownership of any of these properties, contact any of our esteemed Stewards, who can be found in our Town Hall on Godfrey Avenue 6. An update will follow regarding our latest performed activity check at the end of our taxation period. Her Excellency, Renna Talraen, High Seneschal of the Imperial Crown
  13. Adelburg Masquerade, 1629

    ADELBURG MASQUERADE [!] Colorful posters detailing the city of Adelburg are posted all across the realms: The Imperial Administration cordially invites ladies and gentlemen of all realms, all ages and standings, be they young or old, of nobility, gentry or common folk, man or elf, to join us in our grand festivities - the Fancy Masquerade of Adelburg, set to be held on the 11th of The Grand Harvest! The theme for this occasion is tastefully dualistic - have your masks represent either the Sun or the Moon, the brightness of day or the elegance of night! We're expecting you - be our guests! Renna Talraen, Imperial Administrator, Steward-General of Adelburg Hanya Lancefeld, Imperial Administrator, Event-Planner of Adelburg [OOC] Lovely Miss Hanya is organizing a fancy masquerade in Adelburg! The theme is Sun and Moon, be there at 6pm EST on Saturday!
  14. [Accepted] [Pending]Papi and her third [ACTOR] application

    Certainly has experience roleplaying and setting up events (adelburg festival best festival), so why not? +1
  15. Reinstating the Four

    I don't recall any direct interaction with these fellas, but to me it's quite obvious they were doing their job well, and the community seems to agree. If they wish to return, bring them back by all means. +1