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  1. Player Report : MrSnowbal

    Hello, I was playing the ghoul in question. The situation shown in the screenshots occurred yesterday, and was accurately described; in addition to that, an instance of powergaming occurred in our encounter today as well, which I did not document as it was resolved, but the players listed above witnessed it and can confirm it if needed. EDIT: there's a screenshot dump of today's situation as well, my bad.
  2. A Response to Caius Sigismund Horen

    Aran Talraen, in the absence of Santegian knights to kill and capital cities to administrate, idly pens a response to the Santegian counter-argument. "I could not help but notice several major fallacies in your counter-argument, Santegian, so I would like to address each one individually. 'Santegia does not support any enemies of humanity. Although, one cannot say the same for Oren or the Church. The witnesses of the brutal transgressions committed on the righteous Demetrios Palaiologos clearly note the presence of an undead - an entity condemned by the Church itself. Yet, the Order of St. Lucien did not seem to care much about the creature, instead priming their focus on butchering an innocent preacher.' Santegian, I seem to recall your kingdom being one of the signatories of a certain Coalition, aimed towards the destruction of humanity's leading nation; the other signatories being pagan fire-worshipers, bloodthirsty orcish and dark elven slavers, and a renegade band of dwarves reported to torture and mutilate their human prisoners before murdering them in cold blood. I believe these qualify as collective enemies of humanity, do they not? The Holy Empire of Oren - which does not exist as a political entity anymore, Santegian - by its very definition as the uniting force of humanity could not side with an enemy of such, and neither can the Church - these are proper heretical statements. You claim of witnesses noting the presence of an undead monstrosity, but this remains unconfirmed and as such, classifies as slander against the Church, does it not, Santegian? 'I am loath to admit this, but the Canonist Church is far from bipartisan. It is supposed to be an impartial figure, above petty political squabbles; however, it only represents Oren’s best interest. I only need to quote the words of Elder Vladimir himself to justify the case, “This transcends morality… This is politics…”' Santegian, the Holy Empire of Oren, as I had already stated, does not exist as a political entity anymore. Your hatred towards the values the bastion of united humanity stood for is visibly showing. And yes - given that the Empire's interest was maintaining the unity of Man, I would indeed agree that the Church represents the same ideal. 'Such a view is relative, for in the eyes of the Santegians, we are to cleanse the Church of its corruptions, to reprimand those who have sinned against our people. They are guilty of perpetuating the elaborate ruse of wanting to unite humanity, while they continue to latch onto the last vestiges of Oren.' Santegian, what gives you the right to proclaim men of the Faith corrupt sinners, going as far to claim you are to cleanse them? Is this not heretical talk in the eyes of GOD and Man alike, Santegian? Once more, your hatred of an Empire that is no more consumes you - so I repeat, Santegian, Oren is no more. 'The qualities of one’s ancestors do not determine the actions of their descendants. Do not make make hasty judgments of collectives, but the individual. And if you are too stubborn to agree with such a statement, you may turn to your own ancestry and that of Oren to see the political roots of Canonism.' Santegian, you claim such, yet yours have committed numerous crimes against fellow Man, my family and countless others whose loved ones were lost in Courland's bloodthirsty rampage over Tahn. You claim such, Santegian, but resort to the very same argument reciting supposed atrocities committed in the name of Oren, ones that you had condemned an entire continent over, twice. Do you not see the hypocrisy of your words, Santegian? You speak of those crucified in Metz, once again calling it part of an Empire no longer present, but I know as well as you do, Santegian, that not a single innocent rests on Lucienist crosses adorning Rhodesia. Your fallacious claims, Santegian, are merely an excuse for your treachery and apostasy, motivated by greed and hatred towards an Empire long gone, manifesting as hatred towards everything Man truly stands for. You now stand against the Faith of Man, backs turned to our Lord the Creator, and for this, Santegian, men of the Faith are within their rights to cleanse your lands of this impurity, which I assure you they will commit to unless you repent - no matter how many of your comrades in heresy arrive to aid you. GOD wills it!"
  3. Writ of Disbandment - 1639

    Alstreim sighed with relief, suppressing horrific flashbacks of Elba, content knowing that the accursed kingdom that brought death and destruction upon his homeland will never rise again. He muttered a short prayer for the souls of his fallen comrades, merely boys as he once was, hopeful lives cut short by the Courlander onslaught.
  4. [CA] [Morghuul] LithiumSedai

    MC Name: LithiumSedai Character's Name: Renna Talraen Character's Age: 53 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Heartlander Human Transformed form: Morghuul Creator's MC Name: AcidGoosey Creator's RP Name: Gehrtarir Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Morghuuls are undead creatures, raised from the bodies of the dead; as such, they are soulless beings - save for their corrupted soul shadows enabling them some intelligence and sanity - and a mere shadow of their former selves. A Morghuul has no need for food or water, nor rest as they’re untiring; what sustains them is feeding on the life force of others, and without doing so regularly, they bring upon themselves further deterioration of their body and mind, turning into mindless beasts before fading away for good. If they so choose, however, a Morghuul can resort to being a necromancer’s servant in exchange for being fed life force. Morghuuls boast greater pain tolerance than mortals, and they cannot be truly killed; they simply return to life without needing to rely on the monks of the Cloud Temple, instead reforming in the abyss, and are fully aware of this fact. However, their decaying form and general lethargy prevent them from bearing heavy arms and armor, thus being far from ideal soldiers - especially considering their weakness to aurum weaponry, able to inflict great pain upon them, and being unable to survive decapitation or having their form split in half. Morghuuls are also susceptible to holy magic, and would do well to shy away from combat in the presence of a paladin or cleric. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: None. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: Yes. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
  5. In game Vip Problems

    The list of VIP perks displayed in-game is completely different than the one present on the store page - I believe that's the issue here, and an issue in general that needs to be resolved to avoid confusion.
  6. The Santegian Worm

    "Make no mistake; the heathen flame worshipers, half-men, tribal dagger-ears, and bloodthirsty greenskin slavers - all enemies of what Mankind stands for - are certain to rush to their aid, for a kingdom that has turned its back on the Faith, supporting its enemies and allowing degeneracy to thrive within their borders only to spite the Empire of Man and take part in butchering its citizens and dismembering its lands cannot seek the support of the faithful and civilized, no?" stated Aran Talraen in response to the King.
  7. A Condemnation of the Order of St. Lucien

    "And so the 'glorious' Kingdom of Santegia, an affront to our Faith and GOD, entrenches itself deeper in the grasp of heresy. Who would have thought?" remarks His Excellency, Aran Talraen, High Seneschal of the Imperial Crown, Rightful Administrator and Auditor General of the Imperial Capital of Adelburg, Overseer of Godfrey Avenue and Owyn's Lane, Protector of Chivay Lane, Bradshaw Street, and Philip Frederick Street, Resident of Manston Road, Proud Defender of Saxon Road and Sigismund Street, Housekeeper of John Frederick Grove, Adelheid Hall, Emperor's End, Caius' Alley, and Peter's Court, Chief Merchant of Pikeman's Square and Salvus Square, Knightslayer of Santegia and Faithful Servant of GOD.
  8. Tournament of Alban, 1639

    Minecraft Name: LithiumSedai Race: Human Duel/Joust: Duel
  9. Act of Regency

    Aran Talraen and his City Administration proudly hoist the Imperial banner high above the Adelburg City Hall, saluting the rightful Regency!
  10. To Save Humanity from Itself

    Aran Talraen, the young Seneschal and administrator of Adelburg, welcomes the rightful Regency's proclamation! "Ave Orenia! We shall crush these bandits!" he announces to the gathered stewards and Nauzicans within the Imperial Capital.
  11. Aran Talraen pens a response, with the assistance of his City Administration. "To the self proclaimed King of Renatus, I have seen fit to inform you that any claims of authority you, in a fit of delusion, believe to wield, are naught but invalid in the eyes of GOD and Man alike. Your heinous offenses of the earthly law and IMPERIAL AUTHORITY graced by the Lord, I assure you, have not gone unnoticed and shall not go unpunished. In the name of the legitimate IMPERIAL ADMINISTRATION, the Imperial Capital of Adelburg under my guidance and my City Administration denounce your treasonous claims and affirm our loyalty to the HOLY EMPIRE and the IMPERIAL CROWN. Should you not withdraw your murderous hordes of mercenaries plaguing our Capital, retribution shall be swift, and GOD's wrath terrible. His Excellency, Aran Talraen, High Seneschal of the Imperial Crown"
  12. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] oncenoeda

    I highly approve. +1
  13. I'd be greatly upset if his (entirely needless) re-application didn't go through. +1
  14. ADELBURG CHRONICLE - 1635/1636 Your source for news on housing, taxation, and events! In this issue: Housing updates! (Vacant properties available for rent!) Taxation overview! (All the useful services the city spends its revenue on!) Upcoming events! (Along with extensive information on how to get involved!) Local news and gossip! (For the most curious within the Holy Empire!) Housing Updates The Imperial Administration declares the following properties available for rent: Owyn's Lane 4 (100) Philip Frederick Street 5 (Guild Hall) (200) Caius' Alley 2 (25) In addition, the Imperial Administration wishes a warm welcome to those who have made Adelburg their home these two years! Dmitri If you're interested in obtaining a residence, contact the following Administrators: Seneschal - Aran Talraen (LithiumSedai) (Skype: live:lithiumsedai_1) (Discord: LithiumSedai#2394) Head Steward - Lionel Amador (EndCallCaesar) Steward - John Humphrey (MoralityMan) Taxation Overview 1635/1636 tax revenue, total amount: 3675 Mina The Administration urges all loyal citizens of the Empire to be mindful of their obligations, and contribute to the continued war effort - GOD stands with Oren, and with your help, we shall defeat the Coalition hordes! Every coin counts! Upcoming Events Until further notice, all upcoming events are to be considered canceled, in preparation for the upcoming clash between the mighty armies of the Imperium and the unruly hordes of the Coalition. Remain vigilant at all times, and seek solace in GOD. Local News and Gossip WAR! THE COALITION MOVES ON THE CAPITAL OF MAN - TO ARMS, CITIZENS OF THE EMPIRE - WE WILL CRUSH THEM! GOD STANDS WITH OREN! In other news: HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY CROWNED IN METZ - HIS HOLINESS AFFIRMS SUPPORT FOR THE FAITHFUL GOBLIN SLAVER INCURSIONS INTO ADELBURG REPELLED BY THE ORDER OF SAINT LUCIEN - DOZENS CRUCIFIED THE REITERS ABANDON ADELBURG - LOCAL TAVERN TO BE OCCUPIED BY NEW MANAGEMENT HIGH SENESCHAL MURDERED - ARAN TALRAEN DECLARED INTERIM SENESCHAL
  15. The Demise of Renna Talraen

    The voices droned on with their litany, unwavering even as the first arrow struck Renna's shoulder, piercing it fully - yet the halls of the Mordskov cathedral remained eerily silent following the shot, save for the High Seneschal's heavy footsteps. The voices, of course, plagued Renna's mind alone - solely her burden to bear, even in the cold embrace of death, swiftly approaching. Not a single thought lingered on the fate of Grand Master Lion, nor her friend Zanira, lost within the depths of the cathedral; the voices, instead, chided and praised her, in contrast and in unison. "You have failed your task," the first voice spoke in disdain, the cultist at the end of the hallway raising his bow once more as Renna succumbed to the pain, falling over the very last step of the stairway she lumbered over to. "So many sought relief. You've failed them all." "Oh, you have done well enough," the other chimed in, equally terrifying. "How many have you ended?" Her mind wandered off into the past, to memories of her life as a seamstress, Administrator, and murderer. Her first contract, a mere five hundred coins given for a shop owner's dress. A moment lost in time. Her first murder, oh so satisfying, better than all the coin of Axios! The hapless farm girl, lifeless on the rocks, blood dripping from the dagger as she turned to her companion with a mesmerizing grin. "You've done enough!" "You should have killed them all!" the voices resounded within her tormented mind as the cultist pulled on his string once more. The arrow struck her calf as she crawled atop the stairs, reaching for cover - yet all of her movements seemed instinctive, the woman lost within her macabre memories... The naive 'aheral, struck down over a lie spun about Canonism. Oh how sweetly the blood poured over the Sutican soil! Another of the unworthy, delivered to the Void's embrace! And yet another, drowned in the waters of the Sutican lake by her lover, Renna's hand idly spinning the crystal dagger about... Once more. She hid behind the corner, clutching her trusty weapon as the cultist's steps echoed across the hallway. She would not go down in vain, she had decided, gathering the last of her strength with a heavy breath. Another will fall to her blade before death takes her. "But you already have!" the terrifying voice mocked her. "You haven't killed them all!" But those criminals, were they not enough? Hers was the order that brought them demise, a trial arranged to send them to the grave. And what of the halflings? Both died well. "So satisfying..." the other voice murmured, the archer drawing ever closer. She had lived a good life. Her path from homeless wench to renown seamstress, and then to Imperial Administrator, was not easy. Raising her twins right, for a woman who could barely feel love, more than troublesome. But her true mission, her true calling as a serial killer, was what made it all worthwhile. Ever since she met Death itself at the age of seventeen, she knew how it would all be. And how it would end. Death comes to all. All dreams must end. With her last ungodly grin, Renna plunged her blade forth once the man appeared, releasing his arrow... "Another one... sent to the Void," she whispered with her last breath. As her eyes fell shut, Renna thought not of her sons, her friends, nor the fate of the Imperium. She thought of the satisfaction of ending one more unworthy life before her own. Her Excellency, Renna Talraen, High Seneschal of the Imperial Crown - Administrator, seamstress, mother, and murderer, was gone. Her Excellency Renna Talraen (1586 - 1636), Aurelia [Myserai], circa 1616 Shortly after, the Imperial Administration would find several sealed notes within her office, set to be delivered. @The Lion @Drzzter @DragonSpectral @EndCallCaesar @Crescendo @Sodaa @Myserai @Hakno and others: @Fygmor @Dewlox™ [Thanks for the RP!]