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  1. LithiumSedai


  2. LithiumSedai

    The Passing Of Catherine

    The blonde woman’s companion, Charles, says vaguely in response: “I need to do a nobility census sometime soon.” ”...But I suppose we could, should I fetch me some mourner’s clothes.”
  3. LithiumSedai

    The Imperial Sanoist Republican Party

    Locked in an Aeldinic sky-daemon cage, the famous minister and baron Charles de Rennes gasped at the mention of republicanism! He made a mental note to raise funds for the Canonist and Royal Army of Renatus.
  4. LithiumSedai


    ”I put my reading night on hold for this?” lamented Ser Jan Sigmar, the Blood Raven, the old Waldenian having abandoned his collection of fan-fiction and his glasses to join his Dragon Knight brethren in the onslaught – only to be greeted by a most pathetic display of incompetence by the faceless band of mooks at the bridge, his axe now stained with their blood. “Surely, they’ll send someone more challenging next time.”
  5. LithiumSedai

    = Vale, Eques Magnam =

    ”Danke,” said the Waldenian man known as Jan Ritter von Alstreim.
  6. LithiumSedai

    = Vale, Eques Magnam =

    The powerful Waldenian man known as Ser Jan Sigmar, the Blood Raven, also an admirer of fan-fiction and scientific works alike, set aside said works of Herr von Spivey to pen an excited fan letter to his newest favorite author! @Voidal_ Lieber Autor, I consider myself one of your most faithful and greatest fans, and your works on par with other classics of alternate history fiction such as The Desolation of Oren, The Final Call, and The Lusty Kharajyr Maid; truly, such an eloquent writer has not graced the realms with their presence since the likes of Herr Toby “The Rat King” Junior. To see our Kaiser praised as an immortal deity adds an interesting dimension to your fan-fiction, a refreshing idea in the sea of mediocre war-and-hammer works popular in the early days of our Reich, and the addition of Herr Darius as a recurring character had definitely been a bold move, well received within the former and fiery Adrian realm. I do have an earnest inquiry regarding the consistency of your plot lines and points of divergence, however; does your latest work take part in an alternate universe where Herr Darius’ bold killer, Herr Are’dal, hadn’t been brutally slain in the Imperial throne room with the Adrian retinue, or has said Herr Are’dal developed necromantic powers akin to those of the Reiver company and Lich-Queen Cyrene? I believe it would serve the integrity of your work well to clarify this plot point, as your faithful fans spend their nights wondering which of these two theories is correct. I eagerly await your response. GOTT MIT UNS 𝔍𝔞𝔫 ℜ𝔦𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔯 𝔳𝔬𝔫 𝔄𝔩𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔢𝔦𝔪 Ser Jan Sigmar, Imperial Dragon Knight of Alstreim, Renatus and Waldenia, The Blood Raven of Lorraine, Keeper of the Blood Chalice and the Opal Crown, Savior and Liberator of the Sutican Realm
  7. how’s the ape-ostolic kingdom of sutica doing 🙂

  8. LithiumSedai


    “Ave Imperium,” declared Jan Sigmar, the Blood Raven; bringing back from the scorched Raevir lands the victorious banner of Alstreim, as in the triumphant battles of old, and an axe bloodied by dozens of Adrian rebels.
  9. LithiumSedai

    Minutes of Adrian Duma, 10th Owyn's Flame 1710

    Charles-Edmond Talraen de Rennes, famous Minister, baron, and white knight extraordinaire, dismisses the report as an obvious Reiver forgery of malicious intent, having never heard of a month named Malin’s Welcome.
  10. LithiumSedai

    The Archbishops Response

    Jan Sigmar’s even more epic laughter resounded louder than Dael’s, for the powerful Waldenian knew even more: the fact that nothing encourages Imperial stability more than the prospect of butchering droves of uppity non-humans who back daemons, the fact that Johannesburg had been evacuated before the explosion, and that the end of Tahn came from the horrors of Mordskov and not the Imperial wastelands. “What about that one time when the Ascended broke their tenets to serve as a personal guard to a crazed princess now sighted running with the daemonfolk, after having already broken them countless times – once almost bringing upon a worldwide disaster?”
  11. LINE OF SUCCESSION OF THE EMPIRE OF MAN “In Nomine Dei.” Issued and confirmed by His Imperial Majesty, Antonius of the House of Horen, 4th of Sigismund’s End, 1709 The Empire of Man adheres to absolute lateral succession, wherein the crowned monarch has the right to name his heir, whether it be the eldest or youngest, from brother, to uncle. Ergo preventing the problematic clog of devious monarchs to take the throne, and ensuring that it is a strong, pious Prince to ascend the throne, and reign both their Horen lineage and Crown alike through a golden succession. Provided one is from the lineage of the Exalted Godfrey and the Crowned Pertinax Horen of yore and derive from the blood of one Antonius Horen, Fidei Defensor, then one may potentially have a claimant upon the throne. Only he, who has been named Crown Prince to the Crown, may supplement their true claimant to the throne. The current Imperial dynasty to reign the Empire of Man is the House of Horen, with its current succession limited to those of pure Horen descent, ergo relinquishing any claimant the branches of the House of Horen. Such examples of invalid branches include that of Horen-Marna, Horen-Cantal, Jrent, etc. Those who are of pure Horen, and, or, legitimised into the pure-blooded succession of Horen, may pose a claim to the Empire of Man and a claimant to the Dual Monarchy of Renatus-Marna. Such legitimization applies to both bastards and those within Horen branches. In the event of the Monarch passing, before he can name a claimant to the throne, a succession crisis occurs, and it falls to the Privy Council of the Imperium to back the eldest child of the previous reigning Monarch. Therefore, the throne is never vacant, and absolute coronation isn’t a necessity for one to take the Crown of the Imperium. INCUMBENT MONARCH: Antonius I Horen HEIR APPARENT: Antonius II Horen, eldest child of Antonius I Horen. In the event of both the Monarch and the Heir Apparent’s death, then the line of succession is as followed, personally selected in the event of an absolute crisis by the crowned Monarch of the Imperium. Likewise, in the case of a female heir apparent, her Highness shall retain inheritance until the next male in succession is of 16 years of age. His Imperial Highness, Persus Horen, second son of Antonius I Horen Her Imperial Highness, Amelia Philippa, first daughter of Charles Horen Her Imperial Highness, Maria Viktoria Horen, first daughter of Arpad Ivanovich His Imperial Highness, Marton Horen, son of Mariusz Horen
  12. LithiumSedai

    Death of Cassius

    ”All dreams must end,” mumbled the ancient Waldenian knight known as Jan Sigmar, the Blood Raven, upon hearing of the passing of a yet another legendary hero of Mankind; for a fleeting moment, it was as if he could see the Horenic flag of purple, black and gold fluttering in the wind once more, that triumphant banner of Man waved over the ashes of Imperial enemies at San’Kala and Kaz’Ulrah by Cassius, prince and commander.
  13. LithiumSedai

    The Sack of St. Helena

    The powerful Waldenian man known as Jan Ritter von Alstreim sheds a single tear – not for the slain women and children, but for the pathetic rally of bandits who dare not face the Emperor’s finest, having lost every single major battle they’d fought in the past seventy years and utterly refusing to accept their countless deaths; resorting instead to taking pride in civilian massacres or defeating elven children upon the roads, to hide their shame. He then continues his vacation in the tropical realms of Sutica.
  14. LithiumSedai

    The Sack of St. Helena

    ”truly an epic fight lads” declared wise dark elf bandit of norlandic descent, having come victorious and on top after an hour-long duel with the orenian finest – a peasant child with a wooden sword; truly, all the undeserved victories of the orenian horde gained through sky-daemon sorcery (vjorhelm, ruriksgrad, castle mehran) paled in comparison to the epic, titanic struggle of two equal forces – the morally good dark elven bandits of norlandic descent and orenian “e-girls”, as the sky-daemons would put it
  15. does new sevenna still have the statue of renna

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      @Xarkly pls this is important info

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      what about all the horen statues