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  1. LithiumSedai

    Karimir's Lore Moderator Application

    can confirm +1
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    Ragnio's Lore Master Application

    Proved to be a skilled lore-man on multiple occasions. +1
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    Does Blah put you off?

  4. ROYAL LETTERS FOR THE COUNTY OF ALDENBURG ✠ Issued and Confirmed by His Royal Majesty, the King of Renatus-Marna, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 11th of Horen’s Welcome, 1676 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, In response to recent reports regarding the Countess of Aldenburg, Lady Adette Schulze, the Countess has been deemed mentally unfit by the Royal Throne to govern the territory of Aldenburg. The reasonings for such range from a poor state of mental health to suspected crimes and conspiracy directed towards the Crown of Renatus-Marna. As such, the House of Schulze shall be stripped of its titles and land. However, such a move leaves open a swath of territory ungoverned within Renatian borders. Thus, It has pleased the Royal Throne to reward the service of Our leal subject, Yanalia Kavietsby, with a tenure in fealty to Our Royal Crown, beneath His Royal Majesty, Aurelius Horen. Accordingly, with this grace of God and the counsel of Our court, We do enfeoff Yanalia Kavietsby to the County of Aldenburg, as Lord Protector, a role they and their legitimate issue shall hold in trust to Our throne for the duration of their loyal service. They are enjoined to maintain the law of Our realm, to abide peacefully by Our rule, and to rise to Our defense when necessary. In return, and as a sign of Our august graciousness, We do privilege their head to levy law and taxes upon their vassals. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Senntisten, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, etcetera.
  5. LithiumSedai

    Carolustadt At Dawn

    Aran Talraen de Rennes, famous Administrator, knightslayer, crusader and baron, stood atop the palace plateau of Carolstadt with his entourage of stewards, nodding in approval as he compared the new capital's blueprints to the progress before his eyes. "It is only fitting that the greatest nation of Man will boast the greatest capital of all," he mused out loud.
  6. LithiumSedai

    This Server is Dying

    I fail to see how any part of my response was unnecessarily toxic, or toxic at all - I merely pointed out the hypocrisy in your statement with simple facts. Is it not true that a faction you are (or, if you insist, were) part of had used and abused the war rules to their full extent to avoid a legitimate warclaim while still participating in skirmishes against Renatus on alts, going as far as to establish an alliance with the kingdom that had utterly ravaged Haense and displayed cruelty yet unseen in human conflicts, against any RP sense? (I respect Ark for his post breaking this alliance, no matter how late in the war it eventually came.) Has your character, whose actions you feel have resulted in a personal attack on you, not participated in all this by marrying Tobias Staunton? Are you aware that my character, as a veteran of Elba, has had to deal with this entirely out-of-character motivated mess? Call me biased, but I'm glad Renatus has broken their spine yet again. I have nothing to add regarding the second part of my post, as I feel it provides enough of a response to your statement, and what you believe are the facts regarding nation activity. It's not in any way an attack on you, and if you consider it as such, I'd carefully read your statement to see what could have possibly provoked such a response. (Hint: Dewper makes a very fair point.)
  7. LithiumSedai

    [Death Post] The Fated Day has come.

    Jan Ritter von Alstreim blinked upon receiving the news, casting a wary glance over his evidently cursed fist - first a man whose nose had taken its brunt, and now another he had threatened with punching, both meeting their ends within days. "A shame I didn't get to punch Toby Junior," he muttered in clear bewilderment, following with an earnest prayer in Waldenian for Magnus' soul.
  8. LithiumSedai

    This Server is Dying

    I agree entirely, although vassals have been a staple of human RP for ages. I do have to add that the rules/staff prevent the Renatian capital from being moved to Belvitz - nations technically cannot own freebuilds, nor move their nation tiles, and prolonged inactivity on their nation tile would result in them losing nation status, even if said playerbase was fully active elsewhere. Whether that's an argument for proceeding with the construction efforts or against the amount of bureaucracy LotC rules have turned into is for someone other to judge. Norland had been taken over by Renatus at one point earlier, and nothing came of it so Norland was released of its vassalage; part of the Norlander playerbase did end up RPing in Renatus while the rest weren't so keen on RP either way to begin with; an example needed to be made of Norland; it would have drawn activity away from Renatus. I do see your point, however! Well said. Disallowing rescue raids at the beginning of the map, and not releasing war rules until a couple months in, in addition to allowing freebuild to run wild in anticipation of the region plugin has ruined countless RP situations since.
  9. LithiumSedai

    This Server is Dying

    Funny you should say that, coming from a playerbase that's avoided confrontation with another, supposedly inactive playerbase for more than twenty RP years in an unprecedented display of cowardice and staff bias, going as far as forming ties with a freebuild faction historically responsible for stifling the war rules on the merit of having utterly destroyed your faction once (looking at you, Hanseti-persona-married-to-a-Staunton, spouse of a man whose family wrecked numerous human RP hubs and sold human land to dwarves). If it were truly as inactive as you say, why avoid a warclaim? Surely all the RP the staff was protecting would have been able to raise you a levy strong enough to beat a '''dead''' nation? Despite all this, I have no out-of-character qualms with the playerbase of Haense and welcome the ceasefire in effect, but to imply that 1) no human nation other than Haense is active based off biased and anecdotal evidence - when Adria/Belvitz, one of the most active RP hubs on the server, is a duchy of Renatus, and the Renatian Crownlands themselves are in the middle of an extensive construction overhaul (following an extensive serial killer/striga hunt event in Senntisten, I might add) aided by none other than the supposedly non-existent Santegian citizenry (and to add a subjective experience of my own, I'd encountered as many players in Santegia off peak hours as I have in Haense during peak hours), and that 2) the supposed dire state of human RP is the fault of these established nations - when it's various independent freebuild duchies that go entirely unregulated, sucking RP out of these nations and adamantly rejecting the prospect of human unity - is, frankly, silly. Let us not point fingers at "these people who were granted nation status", because "these people" make up the core of human roleplay, history and culture, and "these people" find being called out in a post spreading misinformation rather preposterous.
  10. LithiumSedai

    Nin's Passing [PK]

    A certain powerful Waldenian man shrugged upon receiving news of the Ascended's demise, his last memory of the man being smashing his nose. "...Shouldn't have attacked my wife. Rest easy, though," he remarked, murmuring a faint prayer per usual.
  11. LithiumSedai

    Remove or Nerf Freebuild

    The argument of those insisting that freebuild thrives simply because the established nations have nothing to offer is, in my opinion, a joke and an utter misrepresentation of the playerbase - while I don't wish to belittle the efforts of the likes of Holm or Belvitz, it's a fact that freebuild draws in players from nations by the virtue of merely existing; for a lot of people, being able to declare yourself Duke or King without months or even years of political effort and RP, or simply being able to live somewhere without having to learn an established nation's customs and laws and adhere to their traditions is enough of a reason to abandon said nations. Let us not pretend that the majority of freebuild players care for going about proper RP procedure of handling affairs, or for the trust and effort that would have been required to establish a town, duchy, or kingdom had it not been for freebuild. While I don't mind the existence of freebuild in some capacity, and admire the efforts of freebuild hubs such as Holm, and in a way enjoy having the freedom to create my own housing, or even landmarks and monuments that can impact the server narrative in a positive manner, there's a reason the established nations enjoy the privileges and support they have - they're the work of hundreds of players and months of effort undertaken, with lore and history that cannot ever be rivaled by flavor-of-the-month independent duchies.
  12. LithiumSedai

    I've been around for a year apparently

    When will you finally come play a human in Renatus?
  13. LithiumSedai

    Unwillingly's Application Team Application

    Unwillingly's real nice and definitely deserving of the role. +1 h
  14. [!] Another large poster is stamped on top of the previous announcements! ATTENTION SENNTISTEN CITIZENS ✠ The tireless efforts of the Renatian Legion and the Office of the Seneschal, led by our celebrated Investigation Team, have finally brought the bloody ordeal in our fair Capital to an end. The heinous criminal plaguing our lands, responsible for numerous gruesome murders within the city walls, has been brought to justice. His remains, purified by the flame and cleansed of his sins, shall be publicly displayed as a lesson to all who dare threaten the safety of our beloved citizens. With this, our Office has deemed it fit to lift the STATE OF EMERGENCY imposed upon the Renatian Crownlands, thus abolishing MARTIAL LAW in the Royal City of Senntisten. While order has indeed prevailed on this day, it would serve us well to express our gratitude to those whose investigation led to the murderer's capture. We hereby commend Sergeant ALDONZA CERVANTES and Steward ADELHEID FRAU von ALSTREIM for their diligent efforts and display of detective prowess. On their behalf, the Investigation Team shall receive a sum of 750 mina previously allocated to the murderer's bounty. Another 750 mina shall therefore be granted to His Excellency, the Grand Marshal, for the Legion's efforts in the capture of this criminal. Further privileges will be granted by the Office to the Lady of Alstreim, and we hereby invite the high command of the Renatian Legion to bestow similar honors upon Sergeant Cervantes. May our City continue to prosper in these dark times. IN NOMINE DEI HIS EXCELLENCY, Aran of the House of Talraen, Seneschal of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes
  15. "Who?" ask a knight, Seneschal, and Morghuul in unison.