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  1. At night, between his dreams of home and family and harrowing nightmares and fever dreams of bloody battles past, the Trade King envisioned, in a fantasy, his Royal Salvian fleet sailing into Merryweather Bay, Alstreim banners fluttering over the masts of faithful Johannes Rex and Adalheidis Regina, those famed ships of the line; the harbingers of Royal authority of the rightful sovereign. In his slumber, he smiled the Sun's Smile.
  2. Sorry to hear about your eyes. I know things were sometimes tense and stressful, but I'll always look fondly upon our cooperation, especially the square redesign. Much love and keep safe - before you go, there's a question or two I'd like to ask (and @Arelntoo I think...): 1. How much did Blair ultimately find out about Corwin, and... 2. did she seriously think Corwin kept bodies in his basement? ;))
  3. "I-I-I'll b-be there! I-I think," mumbled Percival to the delivered note, astonished that he had received a letter from His Imperial Majesty himself. His shaky hands trembled in preparation for another, no doubt terrifying, social event.
  4. It's great how you can shame people for not PKing on the forums again now that Renatus is gone and there will never be a war in which someone can stomp on the Orenian emperor's skull again or execute all signatories of the Orenian rebellion in a single day - back then it was harassment, now it's not!

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    2. tasty_cheesecake


      What I'm saying is making those types of posts is (or should be, if rules have not changed) still not allowed. I have believed for many years that the monks are dumb and one of the worst things about RP on lotc, and have sort of rp'd the "undead" thing for a number of years. In principle I don't think it's a bad rule and if people harass each other for not PKing that's on them, and should in theory be disallowed under rules for harassment. The death rule as written now just codifies how it's been.

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      This is a perplexing post, mind if I PM about it?

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      This all pretty straightforward actually

  5. "The indiscriminate slaughter of clergymen sounds like a prime addition to another list of grievances some claimant somewhere will post in about half a century, just saying." The old Waldenian known as Corwin von Alstreim pointed out through a chuckle to his companion, though any tirades about the irony of Haeseni hypocrisy were quick forgotten in favor of the advertised play. "My, another one from Frau Yuliya's catalogue!..."
  6. "Sutican law doesn't exist," says the Trade King of Sutica to himself upon somehow receiving the note in Krähenstadt, tossing it crumpled straight into his fireplace and penning a scalding note to be pinned to his mailbox, demanding to unsubscribe from further correspondence by Elfen degenerates pretend-playing to be statesmen.
  7. "Y-Yeah!" declared Percival Lucien, though in truth he cared little.
  8. Holy Sir Armand wept openly at the confirmation of his holy brother's martyrdom. No relief but death would spare him the shame of not having fallen by Sir Nicolas' side; though he, too, had followed his oath by saving the life of Cardinal Manfried, before God he felt like a coward and a traitor for letting the Holy Mother Church fall victim to apostate swords. "He was the best of us. Dieu, forgive me; forgive them, for they know not what they had done."
  9. Charles de Rennes offered his friend a hearty welcome in the Seven Skies, where eternal bliss was victory enough.
  10. "Nicht mein Zirkus, nicht meine Affen," grumbled an ancient Waldenian, crumpling up and tossing the missive over his desk before locking the front door thrice. Despite the immense respect he'd had for the late Pontiff, the old man felt abandoned by the Church in his hour of need as a Canonist monarch surrounded by Elfen serpents - much alike his forefather, thrice Crusader, whose contributions had been cast away by the Josephite pretender priests in the Great War. "Saint Edmond and Blessed Aran, pray for us," chanted the Apostolic General, Holy Sir Armand - pinning a Crusade
  11. The proprietor of Alstreim Stahl pens an endorsement of his business partners.
  12. "I could not be more honored to call Sir Nicolas my brother under God," earnestly spoke Holy Sir Armand upon reviewing the thesis.
  13. "And though they are many, the strength of God does not serve the wicked," the Knight-Regent, Armand-Philippe de Rennes, reminded the sworn brethren of his Order with a passage from the Canon, nodding in satisfaction at their valiant conduct at the riots in their shining, fluted plate.
  14. A single tear stained the brief note and the obituary Corwin had received. A wistful smile played on his lips between earnest prayers for the Pontiff's soul, as the old man set off to light another candle in the endless sea of flames representing countless friends - and once foes - now long gone, awaiting Paradise in eternity. He whispered to the parchment in his wrinkled hand: "A lasting torch in the lasting darkness neither burns out nor loses its bright light."
  15. The one and rightful Canonist Trade King of Sutica knelt, tracing the Lorraine across his cuirass; thanking the Almighty Creator for sparing him from Elfen malaria and brainrot during his tenure - for he at least knew what a diocese was.
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