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  1. ”My mother had golden hair, and my father hair like ash... A blacksmith he had been, like myself – not a guardsman, and she a tailor’s daughter. I miss them and the pines of my homeland- wait, where was I? Ah, a based letter.” The Trade King of Sutica slipped the missive into his collection.
  2. “Not for my sake, but for the salvation of our peoples,” the Trade King of Sutica chanted, penning his distinctive signature in Waldenian blackletter.
  3. You have my sword, my king. It’s the anniversary since war of 2 emps. Lets make a banger of a sequel.

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      haha what if we placed our minecraft beds beside each other...?

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      I’m fresh off a ban feeling like it’s 2019 and Narthman has summoned me to pvp for his cause. LETS GOOOOOOO

  4. The Trade King of Sutica, Corwin von Alstreim, penned his signature in spotless Waldenian blackletter. Hours later, he knelt in solemn prayer before a memorial cross. “O Gott, our Lord, I ask not for my own, selfish sake, but for the salvation of our peoples – Guide our blades towards the black, craven hearts of our oppressors, and turn them away from all in my birthplace of Hanseti who see reason.” [!] The Trade King’s signature is hereby affixed to the treaty.
  5. “Cry more dark mage,” said the Trade King, Corwin von Alstreim, perusing a few curious treaties.
  6. THE SUTICAN COUNCIL’S RESPONSE 11th of The Grand Harvest/Tobias’ Bounty, 1775 To the esteemed envoys of the Emperor of Man, and all freedom-loving peoples of the Realm, It saddens the Sutican Council, and the Free State in turn, to receive another missive laden with fabrications, threatening violence upon Sutican citizenry and governance by the hand of the Holy Orenian Empire, in gross violation of the Free State’s principles of peaceful neutrality. Past the initial confusion pertaining to the contents of the first missive, backed by the Orenian diplomatic corps, no formal and legal response had been issued by the Sutican Council to preposterous accusations laid forth within it. We regrettably find our hand forced in necessity to, at once, dispel these notions of slander penned by a once historically valued friend and ally of our State. The Sutican Council wishes to, beforehand, affirm that no personage claiming voidal horror heritage has ever sat upon the Council, or exchanged legal correspondence with the Holy Orenian Empire. Therefore we must first address the claims of supposed inherent tyranny within the Free State’s governance. The Free State of Sutica remains, to this day and since its independence obtained more than two centuries ago, a constitutional, semi-elective monarchy unique in its approach to popular administration, democracy, and amendments to its Supreme Writ guaranteeing unobstructed legislative prerogatives to our Council and the Triumvirate presiding over its affairs. All administrative decisions pertaining to the State require absolute assent of the Council and its Triumvirate, attained by a majority vote. Matters of great importance to the State are decided by a full citizen referendum. The Trade Monarch retains the role of a constitutional safeguard. The Free State rejects the laughable notion that its checks and balances which actively safeguard Sutica’s liberal freedoms are subject to tyranny. It baffles the Sutican Council that an absolute, feudal, imperialist monarchy - its divine right codified in its laws - entertaining a mock Parliament whose legislation serves as mere distraction to the oppressed masses of Orenia, may raise concerns of absolutism in a foreign state. No less do we reject the shameless intrusion into our sovereign, independent nation’s legal system. The Holy Orenian Empire has no mandate to demand that any Sutican national, much less the Trade Monarch himself, is subjected to trial in Orenian court, under Orenian laws, for a crime supposedly committed upon Sutican territory. It sickens the Sutican Council to see the Orenian Empire attempt to pass a blatant attempt on the Trade Monarch’s life as unwarranted murder, and further tack on irrelevant charges in defiance of our sovereign’s dignity. Furthermore, the Holy Orenian Empire currently boasts no treaties of extradition with the Free State, nor would any such hypothetical treaties fail to include diplomatic immunity for the two countries’ highest-ranking officials. We hereby remind the Holy Orenian Empire once more that all visitors to the Free State are equally subject to its laws as its citizens in its territory, as is accepted diplomatic custom within the civilized realms of Arcas. The Holy Orenian Empire will find that, though they possess no proof of Lord Peter Amadeus’ demise within the State to begin with, any harm that might have come to him had resulted from his own unlawful actions within our domain. We hereby cite the Sutican Codex of Law: I. Crimes of The Free State of Sutica; II. Pertaining Acts of Violence: e) Battery of a Higher Official (Class A) The unwanted, purposeful, and unlawful physical contact with intent to offend, or any action which would lead to the offending physical contact against a Grand Knight, Head Librarian, Minister, Advisor, or Trade Monarch of The Free State of Sutica II. Punishments: 4. Class A Crimes Class A (Major Crime): Execution The Sutican Council equally rejects the pinning of Princess Henrietta Alstion’s disappearance on the Trade Monarch, whose assumption of the Crown had occurred almost a decade following Her Serene Highness’ disappearance. The Sutican State has always deemed the Imperial House of Horen-Alstion its friends and benefactors, which is an opinion equally shared by the Trade Monarch despite his service to the Imperial House of Horen-Pertinax in the Great War. It is our solemn belief that the slanderous campaign against the Trade Monarch stems from his historical opposition to the Josephite regime, and that it reads as a poor attempt at leveraging Imperial force for the purpose of avenging these historical wartime woes. As one of the esteemed victor-states of the Great War, our participation having been spurred on by unwarranted raids on Sutica by the Josephite forces, the Free State adamantly refuses to entertain these preposterous demands. It further confuses the Sutican Council that these demands were followed by an offer of accession to the Holy Orenian Empire as one of its constituent vassal states. Notwithstanding the Free State’s history as the longest continuously sovereign nation of the Realm and its fully-accepted status as one of the Realm’s independent states, we find that the baseless accusations discussed above would have posed a logical obstacle to our Trade Monarch swearing fealty to the Holy Orenian Emperor - who appears to have penned the slanderous missives himself. Let us hypothetically entertain this possibility without regard for the Free State’s lawful freedoms enshrined in its constitution, and which give no mandate to any Sutican sovereign to willfully subject the State to foreign subservience. We find that one of the concepts of feudal vassalage prescribes a mutual bond between the vassal and his lord. In exchange for fealty, the lord bestows upon his vassal privileges and protection. It is baffling that the Holy Orenian Emperor would demand fealty of a man he seeks to behead in a show trial. It has led the Sutican Council to believe that, despite their honeyed words and offers of mutual companionship and prosperity, the Orenian Empire would wish to forgo Sutican inheritance and, perhaps, install an Orenian Governor-General to manage our State’s affairs in violation of our governance. The Free State very well remembers the fate of the Imperial realms of Curon and Kaedrin, stripped of not only their sovereignty, but also their citizenry in the name of a Helenan centralization plan. The Free State also wishes to inform the Holy Orenian Empire that the irony of there being several prominent unsolved murder cases within Helena, the most notable ones being that of His Imperial Majesty, Alexander Alstion, and His Holiness, Pontian III, is not lost on the Sutican Council. We have reasons to believe that, even if there had been no murder charges levied against our Trade Monarch, himself and ourselves would have met similar fates at the hands of Orenian assassins - those perhaps more skilled in the arts of murder than Lord Peter Amadeus. We do therefore humbly reject the offer of vassalage. Lastly, and in relation to these subjects, the Sutican Council and the Trade Monarch proclaim that in the case of his untimely disappearance, regardless of its origins, Mika Uialben of the Goldhands of Urguan shall serve as Lord Protector and Regent of the Free State until legitimate succession free of foreign influence can be achieved. The Sutican Council shall not entertain any military interventions pertaining to the points laid above. SUTICA ETERNAL
  7. ”He’s got my vote,” says von Alstreim, in awe at the effort put into the claimant coat of arms.
  8. LithiumSedai

    My Story

    Never forget that you’re a great person, strong and kind, and you’ve always been a good friend to me throughout our intertwined RP scenarios. You are loved!
  9. As a longtime skinner, I greatly appreciate the effort put into what might be the greatest guide for functional RP skins I’ve ever seen. +1
  10. Flay sleeper agent, ur time has come!

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      bandit lord corvinus flay reporting for duty

  11. The Trade Monarch pens his signature in Waldenian blackletter. “For peace and prosperity.”
  12. Corwin scanned through the article once more with Blair, blinking once he realized her assessment of the time passed since his accession was correct. Then he smacked her atop the head. “Bad Blair.”
  13. An elderly man known as Charles Talraen de Rennes perused the paper with delight. “If nothing else – Crownlands journalism will once more rival that of Haense,” he commented in approval. “It would certainly do them well to mention their direct predecessor in another publication – the old Helena Herald of my time – and its ancient forerunners once published by my ancestors, the Adelburg Chronicle and the Senntisten Scroll.” The Trade Monarch of Sutica, ever a collector of international publications of fact and fiction alike, found himself in equal part honored and surprised by the paper’s mention of him. A quick explanation of his title was penned by a squire, and then delivered to the editor via goblin laborer mail. “Lieber Editor, the Sutican State’s commitment to neutrality remains true regardless of His Majesty the Trade King’s heritage. The Blood-Raven of Lorraine is a symbol represented upon the sigil of Alstreim, dating from our forefather’s service in the conflicts plaguing the once-Kingdom of Lotharingia upon Axios. It has come to refer to our forefather himself upon his knighting in service of the King of Renatus-Marna and throughout his tenure as an Imperial Dragon Knight, both as a knightly moniker and a petty, hereditary title of our lineage. It does not represent the Norlandic territory of Darrowmere. We hope that this explanation satisfies your fine publication’s curiosity.”
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