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  1. “I told you I would outlive you,” Old Man Corwin spoke to the paper, haphazardly tossing it onto a pile of unsorted missives. The former monarch’s gaze surveyed the confines of his new residence, unsealed coffers and chests filled to the brim with the belongings of his modest family strewn about. He looked upon his mementos of defiance to the new order this fallen Kaiser had represented – a black, inscribed battle flag bearing a golden cross, a crimson, winged helm; a quartered sigil of a state now returned to lawlessness, an unfinished letter to his cousins across the sea, a treaty meant to reconcile the old and the new. For the first time ever, he felt cold indifference.
  2. ABDICATION OF THE SUTICAN THRONE 12th of The Deep Cold/Sigismund’s End, 1783 To all Our loving and faithful subjects of what degree and rank soever, Corwin, By the Grace of God, King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Sovereign Lord of the Whispering Isles, Triumvir of the State, etcetera delivers greetings. Without further pomp We do announce Our irrevocable determination to abdicate the Sutican Throne and abolish the Sutican Monarchy for Ourselves and all Our heirs. We do hereby forfeit the titles of Trade King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Triumvir of the State, and Sovereign Lord of the Whispering Isles. All constitutional and legislative power shall lie in the hands of the duly appointed Lord Protector, Mika Uialben-Goldhand. SUTICA ETERNAL GOD WITH US, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Corwin of the House of Alstreim, By the Grace of God, King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Triumvir of the State, Sovereign Lord of the Whispering Isles, Lord of Alstreim and Blackwater, Renatian Knight of Alstreim and Waldenia, Blood-Raven of Lorraine, Pilgrim to Aesterwald
  3. [!] An obituary is posted on the notice boards of Helena. R I P CHARLES-EDMOND TALRAEN DE RENNES Loving Father and Husband (12th of Sun’s Smile, 1684 - 2nd of Horen’s Calling, 1783) It is with great sadness that the House of Talraen announces the passing of Charles-Edmond Talraen, the former Baron Rennes, of natural causes on the 2nd of Horen’s Calling, 1783 at the age of ninety-eight. Born and raised in the Aeldinic countryside of Agathor, and an Imperial citizen since the age of eleven, Charles-Edmond was perhaps best known for continuing the legacy of Talraen de Rennes as capable Administrators in service of the Imperial Crown. He served as the Baron Rennes from 1695 to his abdication at the age of forty-eight in 1733; Deputy of Foreign Affairs from 1697 to 1699; Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1699 to 1702; Minister of the Interior and Arch-Seneschal from 1702 to 1725; Lord Regent in 1725. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Charles-Edmond had been instrumental in establishing relations with the Dwarven Kingdom of Agnarum and the Trade Federation of Sutica in the waning years of Atlas, despite his short tenure. Following his resignation, Charles-Edmond became the third Arch-Seneschal Talraen of the Imperial Crown, having been preceded by his grandfather - Blessed Aran Talraen de Rennes and his great-grandmother - Lady Renna Talraen. He was best known for reaffirming the Assault Act of 1686, resulting in harsh punishments for violent outbursts against Imperial Stewards and Elven subjects of the Crown, and devising a highly successful housing-and-opportunities program for the newly-built city of Helena upon Arcas, together with the Imperial Treasurer, Lord Azoth Hawksong. Under his guidance, the Ministry of the Interior compiled and published several inter-vassal treaties and a post-war census of Renatian nobility. From his appointment as Deputy of Foreign Affairs in 1697 to the Chamber’s ultimate dissolution in 1715, Charles-Edmond served a continuous term in the Imperial Parliament as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and a member of the Judiciary and Finance Committees. He joined the Imperial Preservation Party in 1702 and remained its staunch supporter until its dissolution, consistently pledging support to its monarchist and conservative bills and voting along party lines. Throughout the opening phase of the War of the Two Emperors, Charles-Edmond maintained a moderate stance on rebel activities, engaging in discourse with the Marnan claimant, Joseph the Pretender, and advocating lenient sentences and ransoms for captured Josephites in place of public executions. Following the Siege of Helena, the death of his brother Louis (allegedly at the hands of rebel forces) and the demise of his parents, Tristan and Aurora, to an Aeldinic plague, and the capture and execution of his closest friend, Ser Frederick Baden, his opinion of the Josephite movement shifted to that of cold hatred, manifesting in fanatical post-war opposition to the reformed Josephite Party and its ideals. Nonetheless, Charles-Edmond’s reputation as a merciful Renatian of the Great War earned him much admiration among certain opponents of Pertinaxi rule, resulting in a role instrumental to peace negotiations between the Imperium Renatum and the Golden City of Ves. Charles-Edmond remained an Imperial Administrator throughout the restoration of the Holy Orenian Empire, and he took part alongside Romulus Cascadia and William Alstion in the negotiation of the post-war Pax Orenica. The Cascadian collapse and abdication saw Charles-Edmond temporarily assume the role of Imperial Lord Regent together with Prince Persus Helane. The pair opposed an attempt by Lord Adrian Sarkozic to seize the Orenian throne by force and instead backed the claim of Prince Charles Edward Alstion, resulting in a stalemate in the succession crisis and the subsequent adoption of the Treaty of Ves, which saw Imperial authority restored through Pontifical mediation and bestowed upon Emperor Alexander II Alstion de Joannes. Charles-Edmond then resigned from office, ending his tenure as a bureaucrat of the Crown. Following the Emperor’s untimely death, he withdrew from public life and abdicated the Barony of Rennes to his firstborn son, Owyn Adrian. His pension was evenly split between his heirs and a donation to the Church. Charles-Edmond served with distinction in the Elven War and the War of the Two Emperors as an auxiliary Orderman of the Red Dragon, and as captain of his baronial levy, the Rennes Home Guard - which, however, never exceeded a modest size of five hundred armsmen even at its peak. Frequent skirmishes pitted Charles-Edmond’s units against elven archers and brigands, such as the infamous Reivers, and he received commendations and a personal decoration from Emperor Antonius, for his involvement in the capture and execution of the dark elven prince of Vira’ker, and a foiled attempt on Prince Persus’ life by a dark elven assassin. Throughout the civil war, Charles-Edmond and his levy avoided assignments against fellow humans, and instead sought combat against Fennic and Reiver regiments. One particularly brutal engagement manifested in the lifelong impairment of his left leg, leading to his distinct limp and adoption of his signature walking cane. During the Siege of Helena, the Rennes Home Guard assisted in defending Jan Sigmar Court, Helena’s baronial district, from Marnan looters. Following the battle, Charles-Edmond organized several efforts to aid and assist Renatian veterans and their families. Together with Ser Frederick Baden, he designed and raised a memorial to the Renatian fallen. Ser Frederick’s name was posthumously added to the list of fallen knights at the memorial’s unveiling, at Charles-Edmond’s behest. The Josephite resurgence saw the memorial torn down; despite an urgent decree of Alexander II demanding it restored, this never occurred. In response, and after decades of private complaints to Orenian ministries, Charles-Edmond published a missive addressed to the Basrid Ministry of the Arch-Chancellor, requesting its restoration. The new Orenian governance partly obliged, raising a new memorial - though it did little to change the revisionist attitudes of the modern Orenian public. He once more withdrew from the public eye after this publication. Charles-Edmond will be forever remembered by his beloved spouse of sixty-eight years, Emeline Ceriwyn, and their children, Adeline-Marie, Owyn-Adrian, and Victor; his nephews, Baldewin and Jules-Henri; his grand-nephew and grand-niece Guillaume and Fleurette-Elise, as well as his cousins Sebastian and Pierre-Luc. [!] A collection of Charles’ writings and decrees is listed by name along with the obituary, personal letters scheduled to be sent out at a later date.
  4. The Trade King of Sutica pens his signature in Waldenian blackletter above his grand title. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Corwin of the House of Alstreim, By the Grace of God, King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Triumvir of the State, Sovereign Lord of the Whispering Isles, Lord of Alstreim and Blackwater, Renatian Knight of Alstreim and Waldenia, Blood-Raven of Lorraine, Pilgrim to Aesterwald
  5. w0w why you gotta do me like that smh
  6. “A good life upon those who remained. Eternal rest with the Heroes of Man for those who did not,” wished an old Renatian knight known as Corwin von Alstreim, reminiscing of his old comrades, among them the former Reiter and Draughtsman. Renna Talraen trailed after Conan in the torturous afterlife known as the Seven Skies, banshee-screeching Priorist chants into his ear.
  7. ”But this is false!” cried out an ancient relic known as Charles Talraen de Rennes, penning a note to the esteemed author informing her that his very own great-grandmother, Renna Talraen, had served on the Imperial council of Oren as High Seneschal of the Imperial Crown in the 1620s.
  8. [!] An open letter makes its way to every corner of the realm. To the usurper bastard Antony de Sola, masquerading as the Holy Orenian Emperor Peter III Helane, CORWIN, By the Grace of God, King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Lord of Alstreim and Blackwater, Imperial Dragon Knight of Waldenia and Renatus, delivers greetings from the Sutican frontlines. It has truly pleased and amused me to receive a pair of autographed and addressed missives from your offices in Novellen. Being an avid collector of all sorts of hilarious fiction, it warms my Waldenian heart to know that an important and dignified monarch of your rank, whose valuable time is no doubt often occupied by a harem of Elfen concubines, had spared the effort of addressing myself as his dearest friend and companion. Perhaps the pleasant memories of our only meeting more than three decades ago, when I stood by as Herzog Godric introduced his boot to your skull, had left an impression; be assured that I fondly remember this occasion in equal measure. For that reason I will forgive the unfortunate disrespect to my titles and my Waldenian name, and you will permit me to address you in kind, dearest Antony. My Council had been kind enough to deliver a polite response to your diplomats, with the full presumption of your legitimacy and a formal rebuttal of your ridiculous claims. Let me assure you, Antony, that I personally subscribe to no such niceties - I address this letter to yourself, but to be viewed and read also by the enslaved peoples of Orenia under your yoke, to dispel once and for all the delusion of your righteousness and right of succession. You have deemed me a tyrant and usurper - I rebuke your claim. Sutica remains free; blood claims mean little to the affairs of the Sutican monarchy, for I had been uplifted by my predecessor, as she had been by hers, by the ancient custom of the Freistaat - yet still the blood that courses through my veins is fully Waldenian, and my name is truly Alstreim, but you are no Helane, you are an impostor who bears the crown of Horen seized by your Sarkozy puppeteer. I recall the days of my youth, and that I had spoken with the son of Antonius in the courts of Karlstadt and upon the streets of Helena - yet this Prinz looked nothing like yourself. A true son of Horen he had been, of his father, the Kaiser - the one that your puppeteers claim was since replaced by a lowly Ritter by the name of Calculus de Sola, made to resemble his image and deceive the realm. If you are not Antonius’ firstborn, if Calculus de Sola stood in his stead when you would have been born, who are you? The only usurper here is yourself - for you cannot be the Kaiser’s son, and can only be the bastard spawn of Ritter de Sola, if not another lowborn impostor. Raised in Ves, fed poisonous lies by your puppeteers who had taken up arms against the ones whose sacred heritage you claim, what right have you to the crowns of Orenia and Renatia Invicta? The answer is none. For if you had expected for me to yield to Orenian authority, to disavow my acts in the Rubern War on the merit of your titles - know that Alstreim recognizes no superior but Gott, and no Kaiser but Horen. You have deemed me a murderer - I rebuke your claim, for I had treated with Prinzessin Henrietta as my friend of Alstion, rather than my enemy of Sarkozy, she who had been forced into union with your unholy benefactors, beaten, restrained and abused, made to raise the spawn of those who had stolen her father’s rightful heritage. You’ve no right to speak her name, for you despised her and her lineage deeply, and before Gott I stand in her defense, in defense of her decision to free herself of your cabal. Know that before Him you will beg for her forgiveness rather than I. The spawn of Sarkozy who came to challenge me in my own domain? He deemed himself enough of a man to demand to meet me, face me with a brandished knife, to threaten me with hired knives, to raise his blade at me in your name - in all the civilized realms, including yours, one would call it an assassination attempt; thus I also deemed him a man rather than a child, disarmed him and ran him through with my sword. A scar now mars my visage as a memento of our encounter - and the outcome would have been your fate as well, had you come in person rather than sent your lordlings to try to end me. Let us speak of those who could not boast my luck, then, for genuine murder does plague your city of Helena rather than mine of Sutica. What of Alexander II and Johannes Achilius? What of Pontian III? You and your masters sought for them to disappear in the darkness much like you sought for me - but I lived, and in their name I shall face you. Then, let us speak of the promise you made to my Freistaat and myself; the one that your criers declare in crazed screams in every corner of the Kaiserreich you usurped; the one that delivers your cuirassiers by the dozens to my allies’ blades, staining them with blood the sheen of your uniforms much alike the days of our fateful meeting. Let us for the moment put aside the conundrums of murder and self-defense, legitimacy and usurpation, loyalty and deceit, tyranny and freedom - the crux of the matter remains that you wish to claim my head. Know that many better than you had tried - thirty in the Rubern War alone - and that with my blade and axe I delivered their souls to Gott instead. Were you a man, to you I would say: mein Herr, the two of us shall cross blades at the field of honor! and then I would depart victorious, with your head in tow and leaving your Elfen mistress weeping over your body, yet your death would have been worthy of a true Kaiser; but you are no such thing, and to insinuate you possessed any manly virtues at all would be an insult before Gott. Though I remain your elder by over a decade, you still remain old and decrepit, having led an amoral life of sin and debauchery - what hope have you to best a Ritter, he who had served Pertinax in a thousand victorious battles, he who walked the steps of Aesterwalder martyrs? Not even in your wildest thoughts and dreams! And though you shudder at the thought of facing me without a gate of iron bars between us and a pair of shackles around my wrists, you send your hordes to pillage and subjugate my lands while you yourself cower behind the walls of Helena, in the hopes of seizing me or having my Council deliver me to you; and with every coming hour, a hundred more bodies dressed in red shall decorate the Sutican plains - your men will die for a false Kaiser who dares not lead them in the field, should they not retreat. Know that I will personally lead my own as I have already, clad in the crimson plate of a Drachenritter, bearing the terrible banner of Alstreim on my back, my Ferrumkreuz gleaming in the morning sun; my Ceruleans will meet your Helenites in the field, and bei Gott, we shall crush them utterly and cast them back to the depths of Novellen. To you, Antony, I make my vow before Gott, our Lord, and the free peoples of Arcas that rise up in armed struggle alongside my Ceruleans. Should you, for once, falter in your cowardice and deign to stand before your Orenian masses in battle, know that I will seek you out in the fray and part your head from your body, as Gott is my witness; and should you instead scurry back to Novellen with whatever remains of your host, then the Begrudged shall lay waste to your castles, shatter the walls of your stolen city, and drag you out to face my blade and justice. You are no Ritter, you are no König, you are no Kaiser, you are not even a man - you are a rat, and you will die a rat; you could have lived out your days without crossing my path, reveling in your halls stolen from my Renatian kin - but that which is stolen is thrice-damned; you instead sought death, you sought to subdue my domain, and so I shall crush your regime and your armies, and drag your puppet-masters out of the shadows and into the blinding light and cast them away. Until next we meet, Antony. GOTT MIT UNS, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Corwin of the House of Alstreim, By the Grace of God, King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Triumvir of the State, Sovereign Lord of the Whispering Isles, Lord of Alstreim and Blackwater, Renatian Knight of Alstreim and Waldenia, Blood-Raven of Lorraine, Pilgrim to Aesterwald
  9. Corwin von Alstreim celebrates the upcoming four-hundredth anniversary of the Horen Empire and the hundredth of Aurelius’ empire, sharing a pint or two of Waldenian lager with an Imperial Prince in his keep. @Mickaelhz
  10. Corwin von Alstreim translates the leaflet from Josephite Newspeak to Common. “We have no soldiers left, we have no armor left, our dictionary lacks the definition of ‘tyrant’, die for us.” He chuckled. “I don’t mind if you do.”
  11. “Those are rookie numbers,” said Emperor Charles Edward to his good friend and former Regent, Persus – nonetheless indulging in a high-five.
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  13. ”My mother had golden hair, and my father hair like ash... A blacksmith he had been, like myself – not a guardsman, and she a tailor’s daughter. I miss them and the pines of my homeland- wait, where was I? Ah, a based letter.” The Trade King of Sutica slipped the missive into his collection.
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