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  1. Corwin von Alstreim, a hero of the Great War, and as a Dragon Knight a loyal enforcer of Godfrey II's legitimate Imperial and Divine authority, pinned to his coat his Ferrum Cross and all his service medals awarded for routing Josephite dogs, preparing to attend the Second Place Participation Trophy Festival. No doubt the elder had in his advanced age and impairment mistaken it for a victorious celebration of the flight of the Nenzing signatories, two-thirds of them having found themselves choking on Renatian steel within two Saint's Days of the proclamation.
  2. "On God?" said Trade King Corwin, folding the missive to forward it to a peculiar correspondent...
  3. RP Name: Percival Lucien Halcourt MC Name: LithiumSedai Voted: Yes
  4. Emperor Charles Edward Horen presumably ponders upon the ramifications of such a declaration, dedicating a sliver of his eternal tenure in the Seven Skies to this consideration.
  5. "Truly?" said Corwin von Alstreim upon reviewing the missive, appreciating the effort of his ancient ally to deliver it to him in large print.
  6. Holy Sir Armand's head slumped over his desk in prayer for his cousin the Duke, and for the madness to end.
  7. Any chance you could age up ol' Percy L. a little bit? Do whatever you like to his hairline, I'll send his dad skin over Discord if you're up for it!
  8. Old Man Corwin contemplated the Imperial missive, and the situation at hand. As he - to his knowledge - had never seen the newest Novellen claimant's face, in his thoughts he substituted it for the long-forgotten visage of an insignificant bureaucrat of old, of a once Imperial vassal turned rebel, and then ally envious of its former liege. The story goes that this creature, from a homestead thousands of miles away from the Imperial capital, had in his time taunted the dwarves to invade Imperial land and the capital on the very border, then in his machinations forced the armies of his kingdom t
  9. Though he in truth knew little of the man, or the rumors of him that made rounds in Providence, Holy Sir Armand nonetheless earnestly mourned his father-in-law, lighting a candle for him in the Basilica.
  10. What is your favorite book of all time?
  11. I would start with one, then probably go for a few more! Probably three in total, but no less than two. Dark violet I am very much glad I joined! The usual squabbles aside, I've met so many friends that now transcend the platform itself and I am much happier for it Best Girl is obviously @Areln's Laethesia (mad props to Yuliya tho!!!) Best Boy is @TankM1A2's very own Carlovac
  12. Same thing that happened to Sam the Savoyard... If you're looking for RP closure, I suggest reaching out to its last surviving member @Caranthir_ One particularly nostalgic memory I associate with a longer period is hanging out with the old Renatian core that became the foundation of the Red Dragon and the original Dragon Knights. Weekday evenings with no workload meant making history with one of the few groups I've really enjoyed VCing with - either in meaningful RP, PvP encounters that I was always certain we would win no matter the odds, or the occasional Hearts of Iro
  13. Standard five: What are some of your fondest RP experiences on the server? If you could be the NL of any existing LotC polity, past or present, which one would it be and why? Do you have a favorite LotC military uniform skin, and which one is it? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you miss the Imperium Renatum (Ave Godfrey) and why is it 10? What are your thoughts on Vortex and Surge? Some more: What was your favorite RP moment with me? Would you play an Alstreim? (!!!) ...What is your favorite song?
  14. Yeah? Yeah. My father does not work in law enforcement.
  15. "I like these divine rights," says Holy Sir Armand to a squire, instructing him to copy his cousins' missive. Somewhere else, Old Man Corwin would no doubt say the same, had he a copy for himself in large print.
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