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    Wilkin was born in a small town of other halflings. Morbod was a happy child and grew up alongside five other siblings and his bestfriend of all time, Billy Rabbits. Wilkin and Billy did a lot alongside each other and got into trouble with each other. They were quite the dynamic duo and always talked with each other about how they would explore the large city of Helena, vast mountains of Urguan and large rich druid city. Wilkin and Billy were strolling along the wheat fields of Brandybrook when they were ambushed by large orcs towering them by seven halflings! Wilkins fearful for his life dashed in an instant however that was the last day he would see Billy. Wilkins promised himself from that day on that he would never fear anything again because of the disappearance of his long-lost bestfriend. Wilkins grasped onto his belongings including a rusty shovel, and a bag full of loafs of bread. Wilkins hugged his parents farewell, and made his way forth towards Billy’s grave tears welling up in his eyes whilst he walked. “I will miss you, but I do this for you!” he’d cry out, his hand extended outwards placing a palm atop Billy’s tomb. “I know I will have a gre-at adventure and I will forever k-eep you in m-ind.” he said, in broken English. Wilkin’s then pushed himself onto his feet, grabbing at his bag and hoisting it over his shoulder with a sigh. Wilkin’s then walked towards the exit of Brandybrook. He’d tilt his head looking over his shoulder, “Farewell” he whispered under his breath and left the village. At the young age of 23 Wilkins in memory of his best-friend, Billy.
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