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  1. From what we talked about in pms, I know that you're supposed to be able to put the roleplay items into item frames but we can't because its bugged, is there a way to place them? Also, is there a way to remove the tag on something? I have a family banner that technically, it is a roleplay item, but It's really only going to be placed.
  2. Not going to lie, I liked the forums a few days ago, I like the like clear background, just change the image to something a little darker bc it was kind of hard to read things at the top bc it was so light


    1. Potatatoes


      but I hate the box to respond, change it back maybe it can be changed soon, but it's probably close to the least of your worries. it looks yuck

    2. FlemishSupremacy


      I want to be able to look at multiple pages of recent threads again, i might miss something important!

    3. rukio


      ur opinion is wrong, transparent/colorful background is distracting af 

  3. Someone teach me how to do the skins


  4. Discord: Potatatoes#0500 IGN: Potatatoes Skin name: Mythos Bid amount: 355
  5. Cadieux joyfully smiles, throwing his hands upwards, exclaiming "We are ze best!"
  6. I'd be more than willing to give you my stuff to help you make it. Also, I'm sure there would be others in Elvenesse willing to help.
  7. Hi, I know how you feel. Until some form of obtaining them will be available please try to use sea lanterns. I know it's inconvenient but its the best I could think of.
  8. Please explain why you chose one over the other.
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