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  1. Heard you're back, welcome back.

  2. Leopold Morovar would have a warm smile upon his face as he received the missive. "Time sure does fly fast." He'd say, murmuring to himself. "I of course will be sure to attend and look forward to the occasion."
  3. "What an interesting change of events." Chef Hogo Bojo, Geopolotical Mastermind of Almaris would say with a smirk before drinking a large bottle of Carrion Black.
  4. APPEAL ACCEPTED. Welcome back to the server.
  5. Favourite Administrator? ;)
  6. Very cool itdontmatta and the Mod Team. Keep up the hard work. o7
  7. Howdy folks, The Community team is here to give you an update on what's been going on and a brief look into the inside of staff life within the team. Over the past few weeks, we've been working hard at creating improvements within the team, including new reforms, quotas, and ideals for community outreach, and player retention with new, as well as lingering players. We’ve been noticing a somewhat of a decline in some matters and are taking the chance to draw back some attention towards it. With that being said, let me give you a little look into what's been done: The Community Team has brought back our focus on being ONE TEAM! Media, Wiki, Apps, Events, etc. have all spent a lot of time divided. Now everyone is once again a core member of the team and these have prior sub-teams been split into projects that members can choose to be a part of. Projects will be grouped together Media and Wiki has been formed into one grouping called “Content Creation” which will focus on overall content. This includes but is not limited to: the wiki, video editing, skinning, image rendering, media management, and more. Events will be drawn under a group called “Community Outreach'', in-charge of running community events and art contests. From deciding on themes, creating and writing posts, creating the items to be given out as prizes, and much more. This focus grouping will also look at player retention and overall community outreach on what players would like to see. Applications will now be shifted to once again be apart of a Team-Wide initiative, those members choosing not to participate in a focus grouping will be more heavily focused on other crucial interactions such as monk-guidances, answering questions, and applications. That being said, our interview discord has been updated to cater to these changes, and we will soon be taking a round of interviewees through the discord within the coming days. With change always comes a new generation and we're looking for people interested and willing to carry the team forward. If you're interested in knowing more, you can reach out to: @MayRndz - Reforms Coordinator @sarahbarah - General Manager @SaviourMeme - Content Creation Manager @Melpomenne - Community Outreach Manager @_mady07 - Lead Trainer Or you can apply here!
  8. More great contributions by the Tech Team, very cool. Thank you for your hard work on this, among everything else you've been doing @The60th.
  9. Hogo Bojo II would welcome his son into the Seven Skies. "Far too soon my son, far too soon. Although, I am glad to see you again at long last."
  10. I'm super excited to get to work on Map Development with everyone currently on the Project, and look forward to working alongside many more in the days to come.
  11. Aster Daesmon would smirk to his his father, Prince-Royarch Kosher Daesmon of Amathea. "A strong, although expected start to the conflict for the High Princedom."
  12. Chef Hogo Bojo, Geopolitical Mastermind of Almaris would receive the missive. "Again, I am so intrigued and surprised at all the many Geopolitical changes and Wars that have occurred on this continent, especially in such a short span of time. Despite the sheer size of this continent, and it being on quite a large scale, it is drenched in much blood over principals and land, despite there being so much of it." After muttering to himself, the man would take a large swig of Carrion Black, finishing the bottle off.
  13. Very neat. Looking forward to going on countryside rides with @aiden0023.
  14. Aster Daesmon would pat his Father on the back. "My greatest of congratulations." He'd say with a smirk. "You finally reached one of your longest most ambitious goals to date. Now starts the real challenge though. There is much work to be done after all towards accomplishing your ultimate goal for the Realm."
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