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  1. Lord of the Craft, It is with the greatest of sorrow and a heavy heart to inform you all that Dantory, a longtime member of our community, has unfortunately passed on. Dantory first joined back in March 8th, 2015, and throughout his time on the server has forged friendships with many. He will always be known for his friendliness, trademark positive outlook, creativity, and innovative ideas. Although he has passed on, he will not be forgotten, and will be remembered by all those who had the pleasure of interacting with him. Although I personally had only known Dantory for a short while, I came to know him as a funny individual who was always a pleasure to talk to, and one whom I shall miss greatly. May you rest in peace, and it was truly a gift getting to know you. A memorial statue has been placed in the Cloud Temple for those who wish to pay respects to him in-game. I encourage those of you who knew him to celebrate his memory and pay your respects on his forum profile or this post. Our thoughts also go out to the family during this time. May you rest in peace and be remembered always.
  2. Prince Frederick I of Sedan would welcome his wife with a warm smile to the Seven Skies. “We are reunited at long last.” He’d say simply, overjoyed to see her once again.
  3. "May vy rest in peace vyr Majesty and rest well in the Seven Skies." Stanimar Kvazyev would murmur beneath his breath as he signed the Lorraine Cross and gave the now deceased Monach a few moments of silence as a sign of respect.
  4. Roleplay Name: Hogo Bojo Username: HogoBojo Discord: HogoBojo#0001 What you want: Something alchemical
  5. Dear [Recipient], I am writing to you on behalf of the Elves of [Location]. It has come to our attention that you have been [Action that is causing harm or offense]. We hereby order you to cease and desist from any further [Same action] immediately. Failure to comply with this order will result in [Consequences]. We take this matter very seriously and will not tolerate [Action] that causes harm to our community or infringes upon our rights. Sincerely, [Your Name], Elf of [Location]
  6. I wish you nothing but the best of luck moving forward friend. o7
  7. “A fealty well made.” Stanimar Kvazyev would say with a smirk and a nod towards his Father, ready for the work to come.
  8. “What the fuck!” The Elderly Chef Hogo exclaims to himself in distraught, his voice echoing off of the many trees nearby. For the man lost a travel companion whom he considered a friend. After calming down slightly, the man proceeded to pick up his things and started walking, realizing that now he was all alone in Karkosa and was subjected to travel by his lonesome yet again.
  9. How did you get so cracked at Fortnite Minecraft PvP?
  10. Frederick I, Prince of Sedan smiles from the Seven Skies as he sees the new Bull, proud that he served his faith until his last breath on the Mortal Plane.
  11. Hogo Bojo, Geopolitical Mastermind of Almaris would scratch his chin as he recieved the missive. "Quite an interesting development to be sure, however I can niet say that I am surprised. Only time will tell how the second Acre Rebellion shall transpire. Shall it be victory again for them, or otherwise."
  12. Frederick I, Prince of Sedan appreciates the invite, however is unable to attend due to him currently residing in the Seven Skies.
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