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  2. An Oyashiman looked at the poster, saying the only thing on his mind with bulging eyes; "GAZONGA!"
  3. It's not that deep, I don't know any of the people here. I just looked at the post and wanted to put my own thoughts in it.
  4. Never did I state in what I said that being toxic is comparable to what he said to the aforementioned people, that was a passing comment in the introduction of my thoughts on the situation. I'm not sympathizing with his situation at all, I'm saying that having seen toxicity, albeit on a much more smaller and less severe scale, I can somewhat understand the perspectives of both sides -- the person and the people that they've affected -- as I tend to be friendly and talk to a bunch of people. That's all. It isn't that deep. Like I've stated and shown numerous times now, I do not condone his actions. I do not expect the people and the community to forgive him at all. I'm not telling the community to give him a second chance, I'm saying that it's reasonable for people to give him a second chance to earn that forgiveness should they wish to offer it, something that is their choice, and theirs only. I do not forgive him at all, and I cannot even say that I can forgive him if I wanted to as I'm separated from the situation. While I acknowledge that he's been remorseful and apologetic on the post, like I've said, I'm wary from seeing the arguments and debates from both sides.
  5. I don't think assuming the worst out of me when I was just giving my thoughts on the topic is the best move here. By edgy, I just swore at people and was toxic to be around when I first joined the server, and joined up with the Snow Elves. Like I said before, I'm not saying that people should forgive Charlemagne for what he's done. Not at all. I don't even know the guy, this is my perspective reading through everything here. I'm saying that I hope that his attempts of amending stuff is sincere and truthful should the community give him a chance. Expressing my thoughts on a forum-post and discussion, and immediately being accused of throwing out rape threats is something I truly did not expect.
  6. As someone who used to be in his own 'edgy' phase when I joined the server, I can understand and see both sides of the conversation. Obviously, people should be held accountable for their actions, and the stuff they've said -- along with the effect and community that they may give, though the capacity for change is prevalent as we grow up. Keep in mind that I'm not condoning Charlemagne and Co. for anything that he had done, I'm just providing my own thoughts on the topic. Hell, I've never even talked to the guy. However, recognizing the potential for change is important in this instance. We were all horrible once, as when we're younger, our morals and attitudes to things are still developing. More-so when we're surrounded by people and an audience that clamors and cheers for negativity. Obviously, this doesn't excuse what he did but I'm sure we could all remember the things and actions that we've done to antagonize others -- mistakes and beliefs made when our thoughts on topics weren't set in stone, or when we were surrounded in a toxic and bad environment. Such things, I've repeated, need to be remember as are people's capacity to learn and grow. Holding people accountable doesn't mean that they're forever condemned to their mistakes and deeds, but rather ensuring that they take responsibility for their actions, and continue to grow and learn from them. If the guy's apologized, and truly feels guilt and shame for what he had done before, then I find that it's reasonable to consider giving them a second chance -- not forgiveness, but rather acknowledgement. Acknowledge that people can learn and grow beyond the crude person that they were once before. I don't even expect the guy to be forgiven by the community or the people that he's affected from what I've seen and the responses, but rather what I'd hope to see is for people to see that the attempt for amends is there. Be wary by all means, but hopeful. Furthermore, I'd like to commend the posters for coming out with this. Showing evidence in a public forum, where names are attached, can be rather daunting. However, it's opened up an open dialogue and where all perspectives can be considered and discussed. EDIT: Having seen the recent posts on the AI thing, all I can say is man.
  7. Tried to give this a read to offer some feedback and advice, though formatting's all over the place -- some mechanics are redlines, vice versa, etc. Makes it tough to read. I'd fix up the formatting a little, furthermore the Wrath System is a tad bit confusing as well.
  8. Honestly, I'd say that it's just presentation that you need to work on. I feel as if once people see the name and the images here, they'll automatically assume that it's Oyashiman lore. I'd rename the lorepiece to something else, and replace the images but that's just me.
  9. grandfather me in or else it’s a -1 & I’m gonna make sure to tell ST to fail it in the reviews cheers mate hope u pick well
  10. "Another common Azdrazi Loss.." A mask-covered man mused!
  11. Because the majority of players are stuck in this section of the iceberg. Regardless, seriously speaking from what I've witnessed and seen, it's not a problem of the ST hating voidal magic.. it's an issue with players themselves being unable to form their own proper opinions, and instead parroting what they've said again and again, like a circlejerk, and these reflect IRP. Concepts and thoughts that would drive a person mad are instantly believed by the Ben Shapiro, Alchemy-Guzzling and Philosophy-Snorting populace of LoTC so easily and quickly as a way to downplay, disparage and demean Voidal Mages ICly and OOCly. These same people will IRPly go to cities, talk about how the void is bad, and carry the same atmosphere as these guys, rather than relying on IRP experience to decide wherever or not something is bad/good. Make your own opinions, read stuff and react accordingly to RP rather than looking toward forum posts and discord messages for your own beliefs. What you read OOCly shouldn't reflect what your character believes ICly.
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