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  1. i love that people hate medic rp so much that magic's written to skip the grey's anatomy episode. woo +1
  2. This is a magic that takes upward to [2] slots, where-as Voidstalking is a feat that doesn't take anything.
  3. Very happy and honored to have worked to this! B)
  4. "AHHHH JUSTICE FOR.." He turned to Oijin while raising his bokken, speaking afterward; "TEFT!"
  5. Assorted Figura Work Hello! It's great to talk to everyone again, we just wanted to showcase what our community has done with Figura so far. The Discord's up and running, all really friendly and willing to help -- downloading, scripting, modelling whatever's needed. If one has Figura installed, they can see these models on players! You can join the discord at; https://discord.gg/6yQ4Kgda Nonetheless, I'll get to it and show you some of the stuff we've worked towards making. Firstly are a few monster skins done by GammaByte. With the help of Mirvam, we were also able to add in scripts to have the eyes glow in the dark -- giving it a special effect when one uses Shaders. It also has an an idle animation and physics on the tail. Next are the Barrowton players who've really gotten into it to have wings and ornaments on their helmets, and face. These are Norgeth, SneakyBandit and Titanium430. Norgeth, Gaiusmarius8 and Askuzai have been dabbling with tools, animations and the stuff for that too. This has been a load of fun, and we've all enjoyed it -- albeit with some frustrations since a few of us were new to Blockbench. If you'd like to join us, perhaps install Figura and try out modelling yourself, enter the Discord and you'll be treated to a guide on how to install Figura, and a few videos of the basics on Blockbench. A few projects that we want to work on; - Scales and models for the different races, allowing an easy way for players to differentiate themselves from one another. Etc, Dwarf Model and Orc Model. - Sheathed Weaponry that one can easily use for immersion. If we get good at it, maybe animations for unsheathing the blade!
  6. An Oyashiman tended to his tree; nurturing and caring for it as the years passed, though for a brief moment, he paused as his mind grew drifted to different times. Silence passed, and he could've sworn that the world became quieter.
  7. Gamagoro reads the missive to keep up with the current plot of 'Keeping up with the Petranians'.
  8. "This person doesn't know about the elven clinic theory..." An Oyashiman murmured with apprehension.
  9. "Da fack? What happened to your pirate girlfriend, Marius-san?" The man asked.
  10. "From the streets did she emerge, and onto the streets she shall return." An Oyashiman mused in a sage-like tone. "And I say onto you, 'She is for the streets.' So be not weary when she must return from whence she came."
  11. https://discord.gg/6yQ4Kgda Join us here to figure out how to use Figura, etc!

  12. We've now made the discord, feel free to join, ask for help or models! https://discord.gg/6yQ4Kgda
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