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  1. My post is more of a love letter to hand to hand combat than anything really. i would be happy even if i would get a invisible sword called fist in the crafting options.
  2. Greeting my name is Gryptor and i am new to this server. i am writing this because i just felt like it. Before coming to this server i played Pathfinder second edition (well i am still technically playing). in Pathfinder there exist the class called the Monk. the expert to hand to hand combat. i fell in love with the class and the idea of instead of crushing your enemies with weapons. You would punch them to death instead. So when i came to LotC. I thought i would bring some of that mentality with me. Sadly LotC world isn't that kind Fist combat. It'
  3. and i (who never has done anytype of pvp in this server) am sad that there isn't fist weapon type that allows you to fight on par with swords, axes and spears. well i guess you can always dream.
  4. Torryg was in a small human village in Arcas. As he was trying to avoid making loud sounds while stealing eggs from the villages chicken coop. Suddenly he heard two humans walking closer to the coop while talking with each other. "A mug of beer is always good after a hard days work." "It sure is. By the way have you heard rumors about the Teyatl Caravan? The one that accepts people from any race to join them to their journey to Almaris?" "I have. They intend to start a trading company or something like that in there, but why does it matter to us anyway?" "i guess yo
  5. Gryptor


    Born to a nomadic tribe of orcs. He spend most of his childhood with his Tribe. his tribes hunting grounds existed to the west of Haelun'or. There where some people that didn't like the fact that there were a orc tribe so close to a "civilized city" so the tribe would get assaulted by groups from other races occasionally, but the tribe could drive these raiders usually away. elves where most eager ones of these. everything was fine a group of high elves lured an adult basilisk to attack the tribe in the middle of the night. While the basilisk was attacking the orcs that were fighting back th
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