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  1. Lucien Arkin would look upon the document with a cheery nod “Aye, its time to remember what it means to be human”
  2. +1 this looks really solid and I’m super impressed that you guys wrote this up so fast. edited: miss read something
  3. … Ok I guess Ill start from the top, the war-zone's that currently exist ARE temporary, the idea is that we will move back to using the war server for conflicts after Tech team finishes reprogramming the plugin. The biggest issue with the lag on LOTC isn’t the fact that people are PvPing. Its the people those PvP events bring. In the Sutica V Oren war both sides brought 130+ people. Minecraft isn't really designed to run more than 100 people without some sort of weird optimization gimmick or sharding those players over multiple servers. The reason why servers like Hypixel and the like can function is the fact that they run on really old Minecraft versions that perform better at higher player counts AND they use sharding to distribute those high player populations across multiple servers. I know its genuinely been a long time since the war server was actually usable (iirc like 7-9 ish months now), but just know that we are actively working on getting the war server back on its feet. We opened a tech discord where people can ask questions about various projects that we are working on, and we have an entire category dedicated to answering questions about the war server. The short of it is this, the war server needed to be reprogrammed from the ground up to ensure that we can minimize lag, and various bugs from some of our messier ports to new versions. The war server plugin is currently in progress, and when its complete we will try a mock war claim on that server. If the server is A ok, then we will start using it for warclaims and fights between nations. If that server completely breaks we will look into porting the war server back to 1.12 (if possible) to try and mitigate some of our lag issues from version inefficiencies. If you have any other questions you want to ask us directly, or even want to see some of the other projects we are working on you can join the tech discord here: https://discord.gg/snEAeYx
  4. At the end of the day people forget that really we are just volunteers just doing work to make the server a better place, the sad truth of the matter is that its a lot easier to screech about whats wrong with the server than it is to praise things that are great. At least from a tech point of view we have tried to lower that wall to try and communicate more with the community, though I think its important to stress this. Just because your voice is heard, doesn’t mean that everything you want to happen will happen. Some staff teams let people have more input than others, and its completely up to the team to decide how they use that input. Regardless of if they listen or not its on us as players and staff to actually keep things chivalrous so that useful communication CAN be heard. Edit: Nice Gemini beat me to it
  5. Let be painfully clear about this though... No races will be receiving bonuses that can directly translate into PvP bonuses. The bonuses given to races will be only affecting game play within Vortex. That being said, you are free to view the current plans and ask questions about the professions plugin via the new Tech Team Discord https://discord.gg/snEAeYx
  6. Lucien Arkin would read the missive “Perhaps a trip to the markets in Helena is in order, it would be interesting to see what they sell in the south”
  7. I’ll say it again, I believe your judgement is a tad hasty. As for TA’s/FA’s for professions I will guarantee you that this WILL NOT happen. If you have any questions or suggestions you can guide them to us in the discord server
  8. Honestly, I’d wait for any pre-judgement on our “economy fixes” until you see all of the work at play here. If you have any questions feel free to reach out in that discord. This isn’t supposed to be hurr-durr grind all day, heres a new part time job.
  9. Lucien would sit reading the paper a bit confused, “This looks to be truce not a peace treaty, quite an interesting place to pause. Time to get back to building I guess, the city has much to do”
  10. Lucien Arkin would sit upon the root of the Ashwood Tree shaking his head, “Who’s gonna tell these lads that the dwed’s are better in metalworking than any human”
  11. 8.0 Team, beautiful landscapes = beautiful builds, can’t wait to see what people do with it
  12. I wouldn’t say entire, though I don’t think anyone enjoyed running around getting shot practically instantly because everyone pre-loaded crossbows before they went banditing. Besides they aren’t too awful.
  13. Name of your plant/reagent: Ashwood Tree Alchemical Sign(s) (put N/A if none): N/A Alchemical Symbol(s) (Put N/A if none): N/A Appearance: A distant relative to the Elderwood tree, the Ashwood Tree has adapted itself to survive in areas that have become overcrowded with flora. The Ashwood Tree is native to the small continent of Athera, on the island of Avar, although not exclusively so, they are rarer in other locations. The Ashwood Tree is considered a symbol of the Norlandic peoples, and as such they have seen fit to bring the original Ashwood tree from Seahelm and its descendant seeds and saplings with them whenever the descendants are forced to migrate to new lands, planting it in the middle of their settlements. The Ashwood tree is also typically depicted with empty nooses or bodies hanging from its large barren branches, as the Ashwood Tree is used quite frequently to hang criminals as its strong branches will not break under the weight of even the largest descendant creature. Gaining most of its nutrients for the year through its root system, the Ashwood Tree needs to maintain a nutrient strong soil, for this reason, Ashwood trees usually grow around water, where tides can bring in silty soil to the tree, alternatively the tree will grow in forests, where it will alight, starting a forest fire causing the soil to become “supercharged” with nutrients. The Ashwood Tree sprouts leaves in spring, soaking up much needed sunlight to create its sap during the summer. The tree’s sap matures within the tree during the fall, when the winter comes it will burn off its sap and remaining leaves for the year. Location: Ashwood trees prefer temperate climates, though can survive in colder environments (although the tree may need to be manually lit in frigid conditions). At present the trees exist exclusively in Norlandic hands, thanks to so few being saved from their home continent of Athera (though could be planted elsewhere if its seeds were to be accessed). Raw effect(s) of the plant/reagent: Leaves The Ashwood tree has a palmate leaf structure, with three main veins coming from the Petiole of the leaf, similar to that of a maple tree’s. The leaf has a powerful woody, oaky smell, and is often used to make strong incense. The leaves can be ground into powder and mixed with the sap of the Ashwood tree, when the concoction is lit, the smoke becomes a powerful hallucinogen, often used by priests to aid them in vision quests. These leaves only grow in the spring, and fall off in the Autumn. Ashwood Sap The Ashwood tree produces sap year round which is highly flammable, it burns incredibly hot (1100° C), and is used up as fuel. When the tree is alight, it is not the bark burning, but the sap that has been produced over the year. The Ashwood sap is commonly used as fuel for lanterns, stoves, etc and also works as a powerful sterilizer and disinfectant, when applied to wounds, it stings. (Much like the feel of alcohol on an open wound.) Ashwood sap is typically used to brew strong drinks, as the sap is alcoholic in nature. Ashwood Seed The Ashwood Tree drops a single seed every ten years in the spring, the tree grows a black swell in it’s branches during the summer, then over the course of the years following, it will swell bigger and bigger until it drops from the branches, too heavy to continue to be supported by the tree. These seeds will remain fertile for a year, but after that, they will be dead, and will slowly decay away. The seed, on average weighs 600 pounds, it is 2 meters wide (2 blocks), and 2 meters tall(2 blocks). This seed takes multiple people to move, often taking at least six people to transport it properly, due to it’s awkward shape. During the tree’s adolescence, it will not produce Ashwood seeds, Typically an Ashwood tree takes about ten years to reach maturity, at which time, it will begin to produce seeds. Bark and wood Both the bark and wood of the Ashwood tree are incredibly strong, they are considered to be immune to all physical damage while they are still alive and attached to the actual tree itself. Though this doesn’t exempt the tree from damage via burning from magical fires. Every so often, branches will fall from the tree naturally, This is called shedding, the Ashwood Tree will shed in several cases; the tree will shed to remove branches that are low on the trunk, as they produce little energy, the Ashwood tree will also shed branches if a branch produces less energy during the spring than it uses up, for example branches that may be in the shade. This small amount of Ashwood loses it’s overwhelming protections; and instead inherits properties similar to iron. There have been no recorded ways to shape the Ashwood trees, mundane or magical. It is impossible to forcefully shape the tree, as it will grow however it wishes. It is immune to being shaped by magics, and will die if it does not get it’s basic needs, even if someone attempts to forcefully keep it alive with magic. Once the branches have fallen from the tree, they may be shaped with a secretive technique, one which is closely guarded. Harvesting: Leaves When the Ashwood tree sheds branches it also will shed leaves. These leaves become extremely flammable as they dry quickly when disconnected from the tree. If the heat from its environment doesn’t combust it’s leaves, they can be collected from the ground. Ashwood Sap The sap can be collected carefully by scraping it off of the higher parts of the tree where the sap is secreted. This can only be collected in fall months in moderation, as without the sap the tree will become unhealthy. Ashwood Seed The means in collecting an Ashwood seed is a very closely guarded secret, only known by a select few. Bark and wood The tree is unable to be cut, shaped, or forcefully worked while living. The only workable Ashwood is of dead Ashwood trees, and branches shed off of living Ashwood trees. Though the working of Ashwood products is a closely guarded secret. Red Lines: General Ashwood Tree Redlines You cannot plant the tree underground as it requires sunlight to live. The Ashwood tree may be burned by only Voidal fire. Ashwood trees can grow to a height of 50 meters(50 blocks), and about 25 meters(25 blocks) wide in their trunks. It is extremely hard commune with the tree via magical means, the Ashwood tree has a spirit indicative of the Norlandic people, it holds a tight stubborn mentality. It is extremely unwilling to change, and is even less likely to be influenced. Ashwood as a material may be flame retardant, but it holds heat well, meaning Ashwood products have the chance to burn you if exposed to hot temperatures. The means of collecting a seed from the tree is a closely guarded secret. The branches of the tree may be shaped using a closely guarded secret. The distillation of the sap into liquor is a relatively closely guarded secret. The seed for the tree requires six people to carry it. The sap holds a flame well, it can only be extinguished by completely suffocating the flame in a non-flammable material (Ex. pouring sand over it, gravel, etc.) If the sap is ignited in combat, it will remain alight for three emotes, until it has completely burned off. If the sap is thrown while in a vessel, it will start only on one block, spreading to a 3x3 after two emotes before burning out. You cannot “secretly” interact with the tree, it’s a tree, whatever you are doing to it in broad daylight, you are doing to it in broad daylight, everyone can see you. Ashwood trees must be burned annually to shed its sap, and strengthen its bark. If the tree does not burn, it will grow sickly, and will die with continued neglect. If for some reason the Ashwood tree does not light itself, it can be lit manually through means of any ordinary fire applied to the volatile sap. The first year a tree goes without burning, it will produce a noticeably thinner canopy the following spring. After the second year without burning, the tree will fail to produce viscous enough sap for the next winter and will die within the following year. (What this means, is you MUST have your tree lit in game, and not just sitting unlit. You will not be forced to extinguish and relight an Ashwood Tree every two real days.) Ashwood Bark and Branches Redlines As stated above, the protective nature of the wood and bark itself is greatly reduced once it falls from the tree, leaving it flame retardant and similar protective properties to iron. Despite having iron properties, Ashwood cannot be worked via blacksmithing. It must be worked via woodworking processes, but with much greater difficulty. Techniques of working this material is a secret kept within closely-knit groups of artisans within the Norlandic peoples. Ashwood branches when exposed to extreme temperatures (1500°+ C) will degrade and weaken, till slowly turning itself to ash. Ashwood is a fairly dense material, as such it dissipates heat slowly, though Ashwood doesn’t act as an insulator. Ashwood can still very capably burn someone after being exposed to heat for a duration of time. Ashwood Sap Redlines Only a certain amount of Ashwood Sap can be gathered at a time (only two buckets every day for a large tree [20 blocks or taller], and a bucket a day for a small tree[20 blocks or shorter]), as the sap is required to keep the tree burning throughout the winter. Ashwood Sap cannot be consumed raw. It must be processed into food or drink in order to be consumed. You require a non-flammable vessel to hold the extremely volatile sap, as well as a set of leather gloves and a specialized draw knife used to scrape the Ashwood. Ashwood Sap can only be gathered after the tree reaches the age of ten as it needs the sap to mature at its younger years. Ashwood Leaves Redlines Ashwood leaves are extremely brittle and crunchy, requiring a container(I.e a box, a pail, etc) to carry them Credits: @nickrocky213, @AstriaS, @Master Baiter, @Draiden Changelog: 7/28/2020: Alchemical Signs were removed due to complications with Alchemy. Sap yields of the tree were adjusted to properly scale. Removed a pointless Redline on the consumption of Ashwood Leaves.
  14. Sorry for the bit of a REALLY late response, but I’m working on a fixes for ItemEdit.
  15. Noctis would laugh at the poorly composed missive “Finally! They deliver comedy to my door rather than a request!” He would pause trying to gain some sense of composure. “Find some better actors, I hear quite a few cities dabble in the art of theater.”
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