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  1. I'll put this here, @armajesty honestly even though you were super busy with real life, you genuinely tried your hardest to keep the boat from sinking. I admire your work you put in, and the outreach to other teams for help when you couldn't do something. You did what you could and I hardcore respect that, I know your team hasn't been in the best of places as of late, and I hope now even with your departure Fie will be able to hold it together. Have fun grinding for dollars instead of pixels. You'll be missed, see ya around
  2. Happy New Years! With today's content patch we fixed a couple bugs, properly nerfed the proficiency modifier for Ferrum, and added Alchemy Nodes back. Legend [+] Addition [~] Change/bugfix [-] Removal [#] Work in progress [!] Note Reimplemented Alchemy Herb Nodes [+] Added the ability to place Alchemy Herb nodes throughout Almaris (Note: the story team is still working on placing all of the nodes) [!] The Story Team is currently actively working to place all of the Botany Nodes [~] Tracking was properly fixed for botany nodes [#] Alchemist shears have two dur
  3. Whats that... the sound of a train... Nope its the sound of techlock that's about to slap the hell out of this piece (I like the idea of trains for fast travel and all but uh, the line has got to get drawn in the sand. Steampower should stay at the current status quo)
  4. Already in the works, we want to basically encompass Vortex stuff first, but want to keep it compatible with other peoples personal texture packs. I.E our textures dont change block textures, and such.
  5. The Ashwood Tree A distant relative to the Elderwood tree, the Ashwood Tree has adapted itself to survive in areas that have become overcrowded with flora. The Ashwood Tree is native to the small continent of Vailor, although not exclusively so, they are rarer in other locations. The Ashwood Tree is considered a symbol of the Norlandic people, and as such they have seen fit to bring the original Ashwood tree from Seahelm and its descendant seeds and saplings with them whenever the descendants are forced to migrate to new lands, planting it in the middle of their settlements. The
  6. This was already taken into consideration for our next map, there is a plugin that is currently in development (though it isn't on the tech discord yet because I’ve been busy) that will allow nations to have a form of fast travel. Though, I don’t think I can say much more than that at this time.
  7. +1 This is a LOT better than the former crater 2x over fantastic job as always. (Bacardi is also carrying me when it comes to building assets I need for Vortex)
  8. Lucien would take a heavy hit before murmuring to himself ”It’s time to make some fine rag-rugs”
  9. Hey all, with this post I’m going to shed a bit of light on Surge PvP and try and answer a ton of common questions about the system. To start I’ll explain the basic concepts, and from there we can tackle some of the bigger features. Before we do anything else though... “What is Surge?” Surge is the new PvP system we are adopting for 8.0 (Almaris), it will be replacing the current 1.8 PvP system we have on Arcas. This new system implements various armor types, weapon types, and special effects to spice up PvP and make things feel a lot more fresh and fun. Weapon Cla
  10. On the tech side of things we have five dungeons planned but they are all fairly mechanical and were only really planned for Vortex use (so like as of rn keefy’s thing is separate from our stuff) , through those dungeons we were going to have neat stuff, further with 1.17 on the horizon, I was talking with some other techs about the possibility of a random rogue like dungeon as well that we could do by messing with the cave generation code. Anyways, the thing we want for vortex dungeons as of right now is basically Darksouls meets Legend of Zelda, we want hard harsh mechanics for mobs that are
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