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  1. ♬♬♬ Alright, its no secret that my foot has been out the door for a while, and due to a bunch of personal events that have happened in my life, I no longer truly have time to be the technician this server needs to get things together. I recently picked up a position where I work full time developing and no longer can work on the various projects I started here. This experience was invaluable, and the people I've met along the way, good and bad, have taught me a lot. Whether you agreed with my decision making from the start or never at all, matters not. Thanks for being a pal and making some of the god awful politics of this server more bearable. Ill be around if you want to talk or otherwise keep up with me after this, just toss me a friend request at nickrocky213#1380 A bit of advice for any future devs Anyways, its curtain call, see yall around.
  2. Tech Team Update: The Future of Vortex and LotC 1.16 There is an important topic in coding, finance, and even life, and it’s called the sunk cost fallacy. The idea goes that you shouldn’t consider what you’ve already put into something, as it is essentially a sunk cost - there is nothing you can do about it - what we can do is look to the future and see what we can do with the resources we have at our disposal. With that, after much thought, discussion, and community feedback, we’ve come to the decision that we’ll be removing many of the core elements of Vortex, and scaling back to a vanilla crafting system with our 1.16 update, which will be coming towards the end of the month. This decision was made for a few reasons, but the main one was the amount of time and effort that will be required to get Vortex to a state where both the staff and the players are happy with it. This time can be better spent working on other projects, such as planned recodes to item editing, shops, auctioneers, and bringing back some of our more fun plugins like hookah, caravans, and NPCs. So the question goes - have we wasted months and months of programming time working on content that we’ve decided to cut? Not necessarily, Vortex in and of itself has expanded various API’s we use for all of our plugins, and through those additions sprang the idea of these plugin rewrites. Vortex was a fantastic learning experience, and its removal is unlikely to be permanent. We still want to make a professions and crafting plugin down the line, and many of the resources and infrastructure we have made for Vortex will still be usable then, or in other projects between now and then, but the plugin simply isn’t a priority at this moment, and will be put on ice. When we revisit professions and crafting in the future, we’ll be taking a very different approach, and want to assure the community is more involved. An Honest Note from Nickrocky The removal of Vortex was completely, and wholly my call, no admin, manager, or even player was able to convince me to remove the plugin. The reason I decided to pull Vortex is for the explicit issue that I am progressively seeing more and more. Our plugins on LoTC are dated. Plain and simple, plugins are old, buggy, unresponsive, and antagonistically archaic, so much so that not even the shops plugin is willing to cooperate. Here is your obligatory Admin Approved™ leak of staff chat. What will be staying? In short, Vortex will be split off into two standalone plugins: Surge PvP with vanilla crafting recipes for each of the weapons, and Terra, which will be a version of the node system for gathering vanilla resources. Any existing resources, such as apple wood, maple wood, tin, copper, bronze, and lead will be usable in vanilla crafting as if they were regular wood, iron, gold, etc. What will Surge PVP look like without Vortex? Surge PVP has been extensively tested and refined over the past few months on our open beta server, and will be remaining on it’s own with vanilla recipes added to create ferrum gear, gambisons, and special arrows. Aurum will also be usable to create the same materials iron, though this will mainly be for the sake of roleplay items/aesthetics, as we still plan to create a custom resource pack for all of these armaments. Potion brewing and enchanting will still be unavailable. A final remark regarding Surge is that after ample testing on the OpenBeta, Development, and live servers we have determined that the need for a weapon cap is moot. We will be axing the weapon cap from Surge PvP and allowing individuals to carry items as they see fit. How will Terra work? It won’t be too different from the current node gathering system, though it will lack any Vortex resources. Botany nodes will remain unchanged, and the four hubs will be outfitted with a wide, abundant array of vanilla building materials, and a mining improvement. Vanilla crafting will be able to make stone, iron, and gold tools to use for resource gathering and building. What about Tile Improvements? Tile Improvements will be trimmed down to simpler ranching, a standard mine with coal, iron, gold, lapis, emeralds, and redstone, and ‘vanilla building resources’ - which can include lumber yards for vanilla woods, quarries, or other special materials. More information on this will be outlined in an upcoming post from the World Team Ranching improvements will have a 40% (subject to change) chance to give two animals when breeding, with normal breeding possible in any inhabited area. Full Information About 1.16 We are aiming for the end of the month to update Lord of the Craft to 1.16.5, and aside from the aforementioned changes, we have a lot of other exciting changes to release to the community. 1.16 Blocks and Items Many of the new resources building blocks will be made available through Terra nodes at the hubs, or vanilla crafting. This includes basalt, blackstone, chains (note: can not be used within 10 blocks of a bed), chiseled bricks, warped wood, crimson wood, warped and crimson fungi/flora, crying obsidian, quartz bricks, shroomlights, soul soil, soulfire lanterns/campfires/torches, redstone targets and new banner patterns. We haven’t thought of a good way to implement loadstones or netherrite, though may make them available as building blocks if we can do it cleanly. Tutorial Island and Genesis Treshure, WestCarolina, BathRugMan and some other staff members have been working on an awesome revamp for Tutorial Island, which will tie into the New Player guiding plugin, Genesis, which will guide new players to settlements after the tutorial. More information and a full reveal on the new tutorial island will be released down the line in it’s own post. ItemEdit Changes ItemEdit will be implementing a GUI based editor for items, while maintaining the legacy commands for others if they wish to still use them. Additionally this update will see some perk updates for certain VIP ranks, namely Coal, Iron, Bedrock, Ender, and Aether VIP. After a notable discussion in the Development part of Tech Team, we decided to lift the bar for editing items to at base allow an individual with Coal VIP to be able to sign, describe, and rename items. Editing items is a core part of creating an interactive world, and by limiting even an individual that has paid for a rank on our server from creating items fully we are doing the community a disservice. Further, we have decided to revert a change that was made by Korvic in his changes to ItemEdit that limited the number of lines that can be placed in a description. As of our 1.16.5 update for the server, this limit will be raised to 22 lines for all players, the same as Aether VIP currently has. Hookah Updates Hookah was removed from the launch of Almaris due to its old menus, odd data storage, and completely broken hallucinations. With this update of Hookah we will be modernizing the menus, changing some of our backend, and bringing back hallucinations. Additionally we are tinkering with some possible additions of scenarios, and other content for the plugin so stay tuned on that front. Other Projects As mentioned above, after the 1.16 update the Tech Team will be focusing on various other projects, such as shops, showcases, auction houses, fixing bookshelves, llama caravans, fixing NPCs, bringing back tents, recoding the Crown store, looking at VIP perks in general, streamlining various aspects of wars and region management to help Moderation and nation leaders, and so much more. We look forward to opening a new chapter of Lord of the Craft, and taking everything we’ve learned in the past year to make some great content for our community. — Tech Team Leadership | Llir, Nickrocky, and Vooper
  3. Lucien Arkin would begin to ready his sons Aerius and Igni for battle, as the Arkins have long pledged their swords to the Camians.
  4. This is also with the assumption that Vortex in and of itself wont be undergoing changes to ensure that it is far more streamlined and better polished. With a proper guide, wiki articles, and videos, Vortex will be a understandable plugin, the largest disconnect on its launch is due to the lack of proper material to teach players how to use the new system. I have my own ideas as well to allow for an integrated /vortex tutorial, where it will give the player information depending on the block they click. This as well as other measures have been taken to ease people into learning the plugin.
  5. As many of you may know, the new combat update for LOTC has been in the works for a while, a lot of tweaks were made following player feedback, and I don’t doubt that after this we will make many more. Today Surge 1.1 will be moving from Alpha to Beta, what this means is Coal VIP+ will now be able to access the beta server. If you are looking for instructions on how to join the open beta, just scroll past this next bit for now. Though I highly encourage everyone taking the time to read this to read the patch notes section and the content update section following it. Patch Notes Legend [+] Addition [~] Change/bugfix [-] Removal [#] Work in progress [!] Note Major Changes [~] Re Added the Weapon Cap [+] Added the ability to dual wield one handed weapons [-] Removal of the limit on allowing players to use Hotkey F to switch off hands with vortex items. [+] Added horse armor within Surge [+] Added Pikes as dismount weapons [+] Added Spears as a melee/short ranged piercing weapon [+] Added a 15 second cooldown after being forcefully dismounted by a pike [+] Added Shields properly into combat [~] Buffed Splintering on great axes to deal 80% of a shields current durability when the perk applies [~] Fixed various bugs regarding off hand’s and perk’s failing to apply. [~] Buffed Splintering to deal 100 durability damage to a shield when the perk applies on war axes [~] Buffed Piercing to deal 10% of an armor piece’s max durability when the perk applies [~] Increased damage by 1 heart on horseback for pikes and great axes [~] Modified all chances for a perk to apply on weapons [!] The perk chances for weapons can be found on their item descriptions. [-] Removed longbows and lances [!] When this change comes to main all long and short bows will merge into becoming just bows. Arrows [+] Addition of modular arrows [+] Implementation of Arrow perks, which give special effects when they hit players [!] Most Arrow perks happen 100% of the time, its just special abilities for arrows, see Arrow Perks under the Content section for more information regarding Arrow perks. [~] Increased the damage floor for arrows [~] Fixed bug where arrows dealt damage to Minecraft durability but not Vortex durability [-] Removal of vortex_arrow, old arrows will be turned into Flint-Applewood Basic Fletched Arrows. [#] Aquatic Fletching's are currently being worked on, this post will be updated when they are implemented fully. [#] While the arrow buffs are in they still require a fair bit of play testing before I would be comfortable calling them complete. Horses/Mounts [+] Addition of horses and tiers for horses [!] All horses currently on the map will be grandfathered into a tier based on their speed stat. [+] Addition of horse whistles [+] Addition of /bridle to allow for the theft of horses mechanically [!] On the main server proper roleplay must still be done to steal horses with /bridle. Further /bridle will not be able to be used on LoTC until Vortex 1.0.0. [+] Addition of Innate Armor + Armor toughness for horses [+] Addition of horse armors for each of the metal tiers in Vortex 1.0.0 Content Arrow Overview All arrows are now crafted from components, these components can be crafted by simply interacting with the woodworking table. The arrows are then crafted by having the items on you and interacting with the same table All arrows have 3 components the head, the arrow body, and the fletching Heads Flint - Effect: Cheap - Arrows are broken after they hit something, for instance if a flint arrow hits the ground the item breaks Bronze - Effect: Well Placed Shot - Arrows have a chance to become critical hit arrows. Ferrum - Effect: Skilled Hunter I - Arrows deal additional damage to low level hunting mobs Steel - Effect: Skilled Hunter II - Arrows deal additional damage to high level hunting mobs Aurum - Effect: Bane of the Undead II - Arrows deal more damage to mobs marked as undead Slayer Steel - Effect: Bane of the Undead I - Arrows deal more damage to mobs marked as undead Black Ferrum - Effect: Does extra durability damage to held shields per hit Bluesteel - Effect: Double Coated - If dipped in a potion effect, the duration of that effect is doubled. Arrow Body's All arrow bodies have three attributes on them, their carrying ability, their damage, and their velocity. Carrying ability is how many potion effects/special effects an arrow can carry. Velocity is how fast an arrow hits its target. Apple - 0 Carry, +25% damage, normal velocity Maple - 1 Carry, +25% damage, increased velocity Elm - 0 Carry, +50% damage, increased velocity Walnut - 2 Carry, +50% damage, decreased velocity Hickory - 1 Carry, +75% damage, decreased velocity Cherry - 0 Carry, +75% damage, normal velocity Twinwood - 1 Carry, +75% damage, normal velocity Fletching's Fletchings are another neat attribute buff but can seriously give you an upper hand especially if in some serious combat. Basic Fletching - Effect: Nothing Harpy Fletching - Effect: Deal an additional heart of damage to players at or below 50% Bokolo Fletching - Effect: Increased Bow Knockback (Punch 1) Aquatic Fletching - Effect: Currently WIP Weapon Cap A player at max can carry: 1 Carbarum Item 2 Shields 3 Weapons 5 Pieces of Armor For each item that is above the capacity you will be granted 1 additional level of slowness. For example, if a player has 5 items, they will be given slowness 2 for being over the cap. NOTE: Weapon Cap will have measures implemented on main to allow for the mass movement of weapons, and prevent ‘weapon griefing’ in pvp. Horses Horses are in the Beta test under supervision of me, I would like to arrange various cavalry tests for horses as they have been fully implemented. Dual Wielding Dual wielding is where a player can choose to use two one-handed weapons in their main and offhands. The result is 50% offhand’s chance to apply its perk being either added to the main hand or rolled for independently. Ex. Mainhand and Offhand are ferrum maces, the effect is that the main hand gives its +8% chance to stun and the offhand gives +4% chance to stun for a total chance of 12% to stun. Ex. Mainhand is a Ferrum Spear and offhand is a ferrum mace, the effect is that the main hand has a 28% chance to pierce the opponents armor, and the offhand gives the player a 4% chance to stun them. How to join the Open-Beta To join the open beta all you need to do is be on version 1.16.4+ and simply type /openbeta. At this time open beta is locked to Coal VIP+ but in the future I would like to test uncapped skirms for performance which will likely allow all players to participate. Basic Commands for the Open Beta /vortex kit list - Lists the kits for pvp /vrepair - Repairs your armor/weapons Beta-Resource Pack We were able to cobble together a pack for our beta test, it is completely optional though it will show you what weapons your opponent is using and lays out a base for people to expand upon with their own textures if they wish. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w6C8lt49vrUWrs3uYYY3cE6bxRV_oBPw/view?usp=sharing A note from Nickrocky First I would like to give a HUGE thanks to my Alpha Testers that helped me balance a ton of these new features and rebalance the old ones. Not to mention the countless hours of preliminary bug testing to clean up the beta experience. Now that the Surge 1.1 Beta is now fully in swing I will be focusing a ton of my efforts on continuing to work on the Vortex 1.0.0 patch but I will also be working on an ItemEdit update and the return of the Hookah plugin. Please keep in mind that I am only one person and I can't always answer everyone but I’ll try my best. Anyways, have fun with the Surge 1.1 beta, this has truly been a long time coming.
  6. We'll save Norland said the herrrrroooosssss... 

    1. Valannor


      We'll save Norland said they all~

  7. Lucien would look fairly confused at the document "I may be a foken drunkard, but last I checked Ancelie be the Master of Keys by my admission. Yer a treasurer, teh fok did they put in yer ale"
  8. Its honestly a balancing act, I snapped back a couple months ago and left LOTC for 2 ish months, remember to have a balance of IRL and online buds, it really helps to just go out and see friends in person. This server isnt the best place for people in a bad place, im not saying you are but, the sentiment of wanting to leave but feeling you cant isn't is fairly common on LOTC. My honest advise is play it day by day, if the server isnt bringing you a fun experience maybe try and spend some time irl instead. You never really have to quit LOTC fully, just remember there are always more things to do irl. Idk maybe vibe on lotc a couple hours and try to hit up some friends irl, even if its you guys chilling out in a park socially distanced.
  9. Lucien Arkin would begin to roll his barrels of cactus green from beneath the stairs of the palace, "A fantastic occasion, perhaps this one won't end with a new prince, a chicken, and three house fires. He'd say with a chuckle looking for some flint.
  10. What are your favorite seafood dishes, and why. I'll toss one into Vortex for you.
  11. Have a good retirement Mr mod admin. You haven't quite escaped LoTC just yet, but I'm ecstatic that we will finally have someone to work on the website.
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