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  1. As many of you may know, the new combat update for LOTC has been in the works for a while, a lot of tweaks were made following player feedback, and I don’t doubt that after this we will make many more. Today Surge 1.1 will be moving from Alpha to Beta, what this means is Coal VIP+ will now be able to access the beta server. If you are looking for instructions on how to join the open beta, just scroll past this next bit for now. Though I highly encourage everyone taking the time to read this to read the patch notes section and the content update section following it. Patch Notes
  2. We'll save Norland said the herrrrroooosssss... 

    1. altiar1011


      We'll save Norland said they all~

  3. Lucien would look fairly confused at the document "I may be a foken drunkard, but last I checked Ancelie be the Master of Keys by my admission. Yer a treasurer, teh fok did they put in yer ale"
  4. Its honestly a balancing act, I snapped back a couple months ago and left LOTC for 2 ish months, remember to have a balance of IRL and online buds, it really helps to just go out and see friends in person. This server isnt the best place for people in a bad place, im not saying you are but, the sentiment of wanting to leave but feeling you cant isn't is fairly common on LOTC. My honest advise is play it day by day, if the server isnt bringing you a fun experience maybe try and spend some time irl instead. You never really have to quit LOTC fully, just remember there are always more things
  5. Lucien Arkin would begin to roll his barrels of cactus green from beneath the stairs of the palace, "A fantastic occasion, perhaps this one won't end with a new prince, a chicken, and three house fires. He'd say with a chuckle looking for some flint.
  6. What are your favorite seafood dishes, and why. I'll toss one into Vortex for you.
  7. Have a good retirement Mr mod admin. You haven't quite escaped LoTC just yet, but I'm ecstatic that we will finally have someone to work on the website.
  8. Lucien would look upon the paper with a laugh, "It seems a lot has changed since Arcas, at least the ISA had the courtesy to interact with us and the Orc's when we had to retrieve the body of a child from Morsgrad. It seems that the walls of Providence are due for a promotion!"
  9. I additionally wasn't the one that granted the ferry, it was granted to us by World Management before I was even a Tech so :shrug:. Anyways, those three ferries are the only free ferries, they were given as promised. Though in the future people will be able to do intra-travel after we further iron out the kinks in the system.
  10. Don't worry Alty! That is a courtesy ferry which is not encompassed in this post. No slights or biases were had to any one nation! Additionally Haelun'or was given a ferry at the start of the map, and the North/South Ferry was also granted. Those are the only free ferries and were promised pre-map launch to nations.
  11. Lucien Arkin would look upon the new map with a smile, "Aye, the coffers of the Haenseti were as plentiful as rumored, a fine acquisition for a strong independent Haense."
  12. Lucien Arkin would pluck a New Reza Tax slip from his limited belongings he brought from Arcas and roll a nicely packed blunt in his honor, "Only the finest men know the best paper for any occasion".
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