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  1. Rha'kir can be seen reading the interview from his hangmat, drinking a Pina Cotalatl in the grove. In a humid and warm area, hanging with his feet in the cooling water. He smirked as he read his interview before going to feed the axolotl's in the water.
  2. "What the **** is happening" Rha'kir stated
  3. Rha'kir, as he had returned to the camp with injuries, had to unexpectedly leave the battle due to (ooc) happenings. He was injured, but when his fellow Kha returned from the battlefield. He dropped to his knees. A pang of absolutely misery and guilt struck his heart. After all, it was Rha'kir who opted to all the Kha to go on the expedition. And it was him who took them all to battle. He felt horrible, absolutely miserable at the news. He remained near the campfire, not responding to anyone. He either strayed near the other kha or the totem they had made for Xo'tletl's passing. Ab
  4. Rha'kir remembers how this individual almost murdered an expedition member. "Oh dear"
  5. nononononnonononoonooononon
  6. Username: chaosgamer_ Discord: chaos#7283 RP Name: Rha’kir How many Tickets: 4
  7. True, but if in my 3 years of playing, I have neve found, located, or encountered a strigae player. It's not stuff to just freely give away but the hardest part of trying to become part of a strict, secret spook group is actually being able to find them
  8. I like this, can we get more of these watered down spooks so we can have more of a fantasy theme? Including of course that the strong variants remain hidden and isolated
  9. I mean the idea is fun, execution wil just need a whole bunch of work to ever make it possible
  10. [!] A note would later be delivered to all those who have thus far participated in the lottery. "Due to unseen events, this one shall have to cancel this lottery for the betterment of this one's mental health. All those who have already paid can seek contact with me in regards of the money they had already put in. This one apologizes for the inconvenience." OOC: I realized this was the worst idea because I have exams coming up xD
  11. "So how about Haense in tall this? They're also canonist?" Rha'kir asked, no one in particular.
  12. [!] A little parchment is attached later on: "Mina made by the lottery is to be donated to various causes such as war efforts, struggling individuals, and a portion will be given to the Treasury of the Mitzuul Grove so they may buy a bank. OOC: Forgot to add this in the original post
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