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  1. Rha’kir signed the petition, for he also wanted people rights for Kha. It was only fair to advance the Gobbo’s in the same quest
  2. -Kharajyr Astronomy- (Disclaimer: all of this is cultural and not actual lore.) [!] A kharajyr's depiction of Metztli, standing in the sands of time [!] Astronomy The studies of the Kharajyr of old focused heavily on the study of Astronomy. Most of the ancient Kharajyr passed on this knowledge down, making it a still practiced study among Kharajyr and various other individuals who learned it from them. The study of astronomy itself focused on the stars, meteors, the sun, and the moon. Any phenomenon that occurred in the grey skies was considered a part of
  3. Exactly, hence why I decided to write this post :D
  4. No, we aren't shelved So, why am I writing this? It appears that there was a misunderstanding during one of the shelvings. Recently, with a few new Kharajyr players joining the community, they said that they thought we were shelved. The conversations started out: "Yeah I would love to make a Kha but I heard they got shelved so I was too late :/". This also happened with just general players where they would be confused when I told them "Kha aren't shelved". And this completely backtracks to the point where there a leak within the ST, and that leak was about how the Khara
  5. Username: chaosgamer_ Name of the skin: Sunrise armor (Steve) Bid amount: 35 minas
  6. Rha'kir can be seen cleaning his black steel armor suit while also preparing his alchemical weapons, his normal weaponry, his medicine, his survival gear, and the list goes on about how the Kharajyr overprepares.
  7. -Teyatl Medicine and Survival Store- [!] Source: austinstar.hubpages. com [!] The Kharajyr craftsmen and medics from the Teyatl caravan come to the Holy Orenian Empire in pursuit of healing the population. It came to their attention, as on their travels, sick and injured Descendants came on their path. Out of mercy, they treated these individuals with their medicine. Worried that many of these adventuring travelers will succumb to their injuries, when no medic is around, they put down a collection of their own medicine. These craftsmen and medics have b
  8. Can I get an Aztec skin? For the Kharajyr interest? hold on I’ll get a ref basically very colorful robes, skirts, tunics decorated with feathers and other trinkets
  9. Give me more alchemy stuff to make I love this
  10. "Hey! Those are the guys that robbed this one!" Rha'kir would call out
  11. O damn I missed this this morning. Anyhow, thank you Ryloth and Joel to inform him while I was asleep. i’ll shoot you a DM on discord @argonian
  12. Name: Rha’kir Race: Kharajyr Are you entering the Raffle?: yes Are you entering the Competition?: no (Oocly I got nothing to do but take part in events or do trade right now)
  13. Rha'kir would look worried at the missive. A terrorist attack should never be dismissed but the Kha wondered how this will play out. A dark elf would hurriedly look over the missive. Even though he was sick, he prepared to send a letter to his family.
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