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  1. An announcement would be posted throughout Norland, which reads: A Challenge of Strength and Stamina Norlandic Triathlon With its peaking mountains and unruly sea, navigating Norland is no easy task. Only those with strength and stamina have the ability to conquer Norland’s rugged terrain. As such, we, the Queen’s Committee, would like to provide all those who embody these traits to take part in Norland’s first Triathlon competition. The competition will involve three parts: running on foot, swimming, and racing on horseback. The eve
  2. Rowanna would view the announcement, shrug, and sign her name. IGN: Cxnductixn RP Name: Rowanna Vildr Nation/Settlement/Charter: Norland
  3. The Bonds of Matrimony In a realm of struggle and hardship, little good is often vocalized. Regardless of the hardship we face, nothing is stronger than the true love that finds dominance in our auspicious hearts. To all those who read this, you are cordially invited to attend the union between Rowanna McGregor and Edric “Witchslayer” taking place on the 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1804. The union will be authenticated under the Red Faith, and as such will commence at the Hearth Temple located next to the Palace in Varhelm, Norland. Celebrations will take place in the Ashwood Tavern l
  4. annikat8


    Rowanna McGregor is a 19 year old Highlander woman who recently migrated to the Kingdom of Oren from her home in Norland. She's the orphaned daughter of the young Highlander couple Merrie and Filmore McGregor (they don't exist in-game I hope that's okay!) They died six months prior to now, so Rowanna has hardened from the experience, but she feels the harsh, work-oriented life in Norland doesn't suit her and would rather pursuit her goal of becoming a historian. She would like to study religious history of the Church of the Canon. She grew up with influences in the Red Faith, but h
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