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  1. "Admitting to failing to purge ghosts which are literally undead regardless of if they are 'harmless' or not.. Thank you for your resignation, Brian de Ryder. Your perverted desires with undead is the exact 'Sutican' behavior that you're accusing others of" - Eugeo.
  2. Eugeo lets out a gentle sigh as he looks over the missive, going to glance over to his family and loves ones, as he would then motion along to a single candlelit flickering upon the counter they were sharing. Retrieving a single cookie, he looked it over, one of very few left in the original Matilda barrel as he nodded, savouring its taste as he muses. "I'd see you in the afterline beyond, old friend"
  3. Eugeo lights a candle for the formidable fighter.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hkn-LSh7es Meredith Dutiful Human Woman in her 40s Blinded on her left eye Soft-spoken A resident of the City of Elysium and a beloved friend to those that know her has gotten missing and was last seen leaving the city. It is presumed that she has likely been abducted or even killed on the dangerous and perilous roads. It is often that apathy rules the denizens of the descendants of Almaris but it is implored for those that might know details to come forward, in exchange for compensation, for Meredith is a kind-hearted soul which tends to the livestock of the city and the Ironguard Keep for the O’haras, meticulous in her duties. It is with a heavy heart that the Duke of Elysium and Heir Apparent issue a bounty to the public for information on her wellbeing or whereabouts, and for correspondence to be delivered to the City of Elysium. Eugeo de Astrea Aylin de Astrea OOC: If we’re offline, Crines#2975 or Charbi#1309 for a heads up to receive a bird or forum message!
  5. Harmony with nature, balanced as one. Crops to harvest, work to be done. Green green fields, fresh mountain air. Home cooked meals, elder care. Peace and happiness, no despair... A world of something special, something rare, something nothing can compare. An open letter to the Esteemed Members of the King’s Council of Norland & Indomitable People of Norland: It has been an illustrious four decades with the Kingdom of Norland, with the community of Elysium persisting to be a flourishing vassal community with distinctive ethos and pathos with many lifelong friendships formed between the people in the wider Norland community. It is with a heavy heart that we, your loyal vassal and breadbasket of the North, must depart Norland and seek refuge in pastures new. We have served Norlandic Kings Halvar, Sven, and Vane with much pride. The Rangers, our arm of the Northguard, have served dutifully during the Orenian war, and though we love the hearty hospitality the North has provided us, our unconventional customs, our growing “melting pot” population, and our being an impediment for newcomers to reach the blessed capital, have all served in our decision to charter our course into the horizon, like young Bokolos finally leaving the nest. We leave with the hopes that you will visit our new home for much merriment and feasting, as well as the hopes that we’ll be able to return to your meadehalls and break bread. With it, we would like to offer a treatise between our people to carry on in this good faith and relation: a trade agreement to have a market stall between our capitals and a non-aggression pact. Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium Aylin de Astrea, Former Chief Diplomat to Norland, Heir Apparent & Head Diplomat to Elysium
  6. Thank you @Llirand the rest of the team for their work!
  7. "A remarkable work ethic, brother." Eugeo de Astrea commented as he gazed over the company headquarters within the Duchy of Elysium, thoroughly impressed by the efforts of his kin and community as he takes a gentle sigh after. "We'll work through the challenges as they come.."
  8. Overseeing several creates being carried to be onboarded the Ferry, there was gentle breeze that rolled from the lake and bristles the clothes that the Duke wore. Challenges and Strife remained rampant, and the onus fell to smaller communities to survive against extraneous circumstances. "May Kindness Prevail. " Eugeo mutters softly into the passing wind, gazing back to the golden hues of Elysium behind him.
  9. Harmony with nature, balanced as one. Crops to harvest, work to be done. Green green fields, fresh mountain air. Home cooked meals, elder care. Peace and happiness, no despair... A world of something special, something rare, something nothing can compare. To the denizens of Elysium, in times of plight and strife, peace may become difficult, as nebulous agents of duplicity seek to paint a false truth that does not reflect the testament of witnesses and guardsmen alike which were present, and shall be weighed against the annals of time. We needn’t draw arms against men of Mareno and the Ferrymen, and hadn't, for as a realm and community that has been plundered by lies and deceived by the machinations of power that be to have many of our lives and resources be robbed for the benefits of foreigners that only have their own best interests at heart. May the ardent people of Elysium, through cooperation and the merits of mutual benefit and righteousness that, in tandem, continue to uplift the community as a linchpin of a growing hospitable heraldry that invests in her people and respective families and clans towards greater heights Though thy adversaries wish to silence thee, Do not falter, defy them to the end. Blockladed, Raided, and Humiliated by the coalition that has been spoken of, the community shall strive to continue to survive and work for a hopeful future in which we are not exploited in such vile manners. A detailed statement on the Elysium affair that fateful evening: Decurion Togrim Heartstring-Vanari received a missive from the Ferrymen Fortress notifying him that they were coming to raid upon the Norlandic duchy of Elysium. In light of such news, our Rangers were naturally ordered to prepare for said attack which thankfully, never came in a normalized rally against the numerous raiding and hostile activities Ferrymen has conducted on its own homelands. Already on high alert at this announcement, there was already a rally at the gatehouse when the Mareno Company arrived with a small escort of Ferrymen.. These known bandits have consistently harmed our people time and time again, entering our walls with little provocation and demanding coin and blood alike to soothe their sadistic desires.They were allowed in and had been informed of the missive originating from the Ferrymen Fortress down the valley and was subsequently offering the Maranos a more suitable meeting spot, (the tavern interior was suggested, where two meetings the same year with Jace Mareno and his company has already concluded without any problems ) to which they refused calling our people hostile in turn and growing suddenly irate which surprised the defenders present in shock and awe as they turned in dramatic fashion to run towards the walls, children in tow, and vault over it to return towards the Ferrymen Fortress down the valley. It was then, several patrolmen noticed another group of Ferrymen, an entire warband worth, sitting upon a thatched roofed home, and when they were approached, they ran in the same manner in which the Mareno entourage had left. This clearly established that the Ferrymen associates had mustered within the city and had already shown themselves to be able to be defeated with ease, the defenders of other nations with those numbers alone. To emphasize once more and explain the reason for this behaviour, it was the decision of our military leadership to keep our rally together as we were on high alert for a possible raid and proven right in their warband found within their city moments after the Mareno entourage departed. Personal Record by the Head Rangers of Elysium TO THE INHABITANTS OF ALMARIS Perhaps these misty woods will shimmer bright A statement is issued to categorically condemn the disparaging echoes made by one The Mareno Company against the Duchy and Her Humble People. In accordance with the meeting that Cyrus Mareno has lambasted to have occurred within the Duchy, comes with astounding dishonesty which by its essence is necessary for the outstanding merits required for merchants to practice their crafts with a respectable light. There was a fragrant arrogance that was displayed initially upon entry to the gatehouse, for barely a hour prior, a missive was delivered by bird, originating from the Mareno-Ferrymen Fortress, where the Mareno Family host as their hub of operations and choice location of meeting of mercantile matters, as informed by the esteemed Jace Mareno. The missive inked out a declaration of violence and brutality, where the Ferrymen declared their malevolent desire to raid our community that very evening, as they had done many times after the conclusion of the Norland-Oren War. A war in which the Ferrymen served as allies, taking payment of 5000 minas, and occupying the very entrance of the Kingdom of Norland, (given to them by then-Marshal Donovon who has since disappeared) seizing control of its river to Lake Eada, and subsequently transforming a fort into a Fortress after which the Ferrymen coalition constructed a barricade into the Kingdom and charging a toll of 50 minas and relieving many travellers, including Norlanders regardless of their place or origins of their belongings. Upon the removal of the checkpoint by Norlanic Leadership, its leaders only received death threats which are very much achievable for the same men standing accused of having killed the High Pontiff of the Canonist Church during the war. It is true, that the war caused a great measure of hardship and blood spilled for the Norlandic people, left suffering the brunt of Orenian warbands and reprisals, with tens of thousands of minas forked out by the Kingdom as reparations to Oren through a truce never materialised, with the Ferrymen willing to assault whomever they wished to on a whim upon usage of the roads besides their Fortress to plunder and extort an incredible amount of wealth for themselves. As relentless as it was, there also stood an incredible overlay of danger, where members of the Ferrymen Faction, upon brutalizing and beating up a soldier of the Northguard in front of the Keep, informed them of their right decision to live in Varhelm, of its superiority, and subsequently bashed and humiliated Elysium to the young soldier, before sending him on his way. This was frankly an unsurprising notion of, and now established mantra, of inciting further war and conflict to further their own agendas. As disheartening as it is, the pendulum swings harshly in their favour, for in the months prior to this incident, the Mareno Company has paid visits to Elysium with escorts of Ferrymen, which was allowed in good faith, to discuss trade matters and discuss a roadside stall option for the Mareno franchise and a decision had to postponed in light of extensive renovation works being continuously conducted to strengthen the roadside regions, and gatehouse in which they were insistent to have against the designated marketplace. These discussions would never conclude, for upon the men and women of the Mareno Company arriving to an active military curfew in effect from the raiding declaration issued from the Ferrymen Fortress, Cyrus Mareno proclaimed that no raid would happen whilst he was in the city, and did not entertain the prospect of delaying the meeting for a more appropriate time. They were allowed into the city, to meet with the Elysian representatives and as the tavern was prepared with offerings of mead and food, the children mentioned in the declaration tactlessly insulted the defenders present with claims on their hygiene, and it was swiftly followed by accusations of the defenders present to be threatening the Marenos. It is astonishing, and once more, a completely unreasonable agenda pushed by the Mareno Company for their own benefits that the defenders present which were under strict orders of non-aggression by both Elysium and Norland to have been aggressive. The Mareno adults present grew increasingly irate, behaving similarly to their own Ferrymen counterparts in insulting those present and left the city by their own accords, leaping from the walls as, without warning, a warband of five separate Ferrymen and having appearances similarly to the raiders that had often raided Elysium, were found sitting within the city by the returning defenders, swiftly running and leaping from the walls in a similar fashion than the Mareno Company earlier. Truth be told, the embargo was made to devastate smaller communities like ourselves, and has seen the poisonous blade of allegations and degradation to continue in tandem with the enforcement of an atmosphere of fear and beleaguerment to plague the roads and people of Elysium and to continuously flaunt their might and activity as a warlike faction of formidable warriors under the mask of banditry, and their ties with the Mareno Company has created a coalition of epic proportions that can only be rivalled by the greatest of nations on the realm. Once more, we’re left to the whims and selfishness of the Mareno Company to dictate terms and terrorize the community similarly to the men they had hired, using our people, and resources as mere actors in their play and rise for power and wealth. It is truly unfortunate. Yet it remains, to suffer their devilish ploys and ideations when the diplomatic channels were completely open, when absolutely nothing has been conducted with the Mareno company ever since and their stalls just as frequented by Elysians elsewhere on the continent such as Vortice. Their union of Ferrymen and Mareno Traders operating out of their fortress have demonstrated their martial strength and control of the entire valley, and now even a humiliating trade embargo and once more seeks to devastate the community. We shall hold resilience, and keep an olive branch open to our neighbours, however violent and aggressive, to return to the meeting table to break bread, share mead, and conduct business once more. I wish kindness to the rest of the realm, and our friends in Krugmar, Oren, Urguan, and Vortice, and in light of such mercantile deception waged harshly against us in unison of the Ferrymen, the community shall work together to formulate a means to work against suffering great financial hardship under the embargo. Duke Eugeo de Astrea Elysium Trading Commission
  10. There was a distinctive melancholy within the de Astrean Estate. Of memories, and of the many goofy encounters and harmless jests that the friends had shared. They had been both married, with divergent paths but trusted one another all the same, respecting each other boundaries as earnest friends. The enigmatic, saddened individual would ponder, on how long, would they be able to return to their cheerful banters when he joins his fallen friends and family in their eternal rest.
  11. Suicidium

    A Father's Plea

    The flummoxed lord stared upon the charred roof of one of the original homes made by his late beloved sister. He puts himself to rest, making mind to attend a local festivity within the Duchy late the elven day, further gripped in melancholy from the constant defiles made on the quaint community.
  12. Eugeo grinned as he helped Matilda with preparations for the community fiesta, optimistic of its success!
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