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  1. Darrowmere’s Tavern blew up. Posted a piece about it! 

    1. J_Wolf


      What did you do? O_O



  2. Ember In The Darrows Ignition. Hurry, Eugeo! His bare legs moved like cold molasses, his hands like cold molasses. He wonders if this is real. If it’s a nightmare. It is real. He looked to El’ise, as she hobbles forward in the damp cellar that was heating up with an alarming ferocity. Her hands, so steady when she wielded her blade or reined horses that galloped across the fields, flutter like frantic birds, desperate for Eugeo to move faster. What an incredulous situation, for mere moments later, a tongue in cheek banter had been happening. The spectre, Camilla Windsor, had been provoked. No. No. No. The fiery embers consumed the shelves of Lotharingian & Savoyardic liquors, combusting the southeron drinks with an incessant, raging fury that grew beyond reasonable containment. Eugeo’s lean shadow was cast against the reddened illumination, falling as the cellar hatch was shut behind him. For a moment, there was a sigh of relief escaping Eugeo as he glanced to Sir Espen. The smells of pungent filth and brittle cold wafted in, as the patrons of the establishment came into view. A moment later, flames licked through the wooden flooring, signalling a grievous escalation. Safety is an illusion that is known never to be trusted. Eugeo worked quickly, yelling for everyone to run for their very lives. Perhaps that was the best providence of this evening, almost nobody got hurt. Relax, Estelle. A single savoyardic woman could only cower beneath her blankets trapped in her own stress and trauma as frantic sounds shouted, and failed to come to a conclusion on what was to be done..The fiery vortex swirled and immolated the premise beyond recognition as a dozen watched from the sides. Leaving only the charred fire and brimstone of the Rabbit’s Den to be lamented upon. Investigations were launched. Different, conflicting stories were told. One truth remained. Acquiesce in peace, Ye Ol’ Darrows Lavatory. Thank you for reading this.
  3. A long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl in a castle deep inside the forest. She was always alone, so she was lonely and bored. So one day, she left the castle to find herself a friend to play with. She offered them all sorts of amazing gifts, but nobody ever accepted her. Later on, she found out why. A monster who brings along the shadow of death. That’s what the people called her. “ She’s a monster. A monster. “ She was very angry at every living soul in the world. And she needed to take it out on someone. Ever since she unexpectedly saved the boy from dying, the scary shadow that always followed her around suddenly disappeared. And the boy always followed her around instead.He always went with her whether it was day or night and whether she was in the mountains or a field . On a clear and sunny day, the girl asked him this. “Hey, will you always stay by my side?” “Of course. I will never run away. “ “Even if I do this?” She held a butterfly, and tore it apart and the girl was all alone again, and the shadow of death came back and whispered this. “No one can ever stay by your side, because you’re a monster. Do not ever forget that. Do you understand?” “Yes, Mother.” As the story book closed, there were several feverish cries, followed by a shushing as a familiar boy with azure eyes remarked hastily to his younger counterpart only for her to bawl incessantly. He would be punished that day by their mother. In present times, as the older de Astrea explored the hustle and bustle of the city, he worried about her, but yet, knew that he could not dote and protect her. When you love something, you had to let it go, or it became nothing but the sin of obsession. Therein lies an issue, a plight exacerbated as he could do little to stop her from being pelted with food during her first visit to the city. Deliberations concluded. And as sure as the sun rises from the east, there was a foul stench of nightmares stitched into the future of the de Astrea, an unavoidable fate as the maelstrom of the realm hurled around them. Yielding to such circumstances was heretical. Therein lies a challenge for the heartlanders to struggle, to contest and resist fading into obscurity in the brief thread in time they accompanied. As the midnight oil burns, the older de Astrea reaches to rest an arm on the shoulder of the younger de Astra. “You will never be a monster. “ He tucked her to bed as a lethargic tranquility besmears them in slumber. His dreams drifting into idealizations of varying hopes for the future, of his own personal adoration of his sister manifesting to finding and protecting a proper home for the migratory family among the descendants. It was no mere feat to find a place to belong, with drifters often fading with the wind, as the relentless winds of fate blows upon all. Crucially, for the sails of his family to catch wind, it had to be patched and fixed...but, it remained so, that the very shedding terror they dread may return easily once again. Once more, his sleep was uneasy and filled with discomfort.
  4. The Darrowmere planners shudder, dreading to think about the lopsided male-female ratio and deliberates going a step even further.
  5. Tournament Registry Clan,Settlement,Nation – Representing Darrowmere Name – Eugeo [OOC] Discord- You have it [OOC] IGN – Suicidium (Contact LucasDaGamer#6193)
  6. Ulmsbottom Estate Ertaubleierwald Province, Canton of Vaud, Realm of Aeldin. Cascading waves veiled the stampede of hooves trampling across the trodden path. Shadows in motion through the seamless fog, nothing could fill the aching emptiness left within their hearts. There would be only despair this day. With the golden sun disappearing beneath the mountains, a looming silence arrived upon the fort. The gateman positioned upon the walls hammered ice off his windlass. There was fear of what was to come within him, yet his visage remained unchanged. All knew. Shrieking its protests, the portcullis rose as the riders entered. Piths of melancholy engulfed those that watched from the sides, the defining quintessence was that labels were abjured. Wonder means worry. The rules demand a show of indifference. Another gateman proclaimed their arrival, but there was no rush...For Lord Benedictus, in the flesh strode out to meet those who arrived. The rules call for casualness, for a pretense that guts are not churned with dread. He was only met with coldness and disdain, as a lock and chain were produced into sight. That was all it took for a man, once called the ‘Silver Bear’ in his realm to be caged. An irony, when he had tousled and fought for his people. Begrudging rivalries. Once swirling with oratory strength that was beholden to no man. Pervading a determination to succeed was a reminiscence of an age-old proverbial that totaled irony. Now what is only left is the consequences of his actions to be weighed in the afterlife. An ornate silver key was handed into the hands of a slender cloaked individual with hauntingly green eyes, A whispering echoed from the keep when the hood was pulled off to reveal Siegfried placing the key into a metallic lockbox completed with the Ashford seal. The night has come to its conclusion. There was no protest, no grand display of drama for the masses, nothing substantial for history to remember but yet another leader brought low by the whimsical changes of power. As the fog began to lift the very next morning, an unmarked ship slipped out of port by the seamless southern vineyards. An old Savoyard stood stoic as he watched the departure of the ship. Biding God above to bless his kin. Avoiding bloodshed needed a thread through a needle, necessitating surmountable circumstances. The wheels had begun to turn once more for this proud family that has always persevered above all else. Ooc summary. Explaining the absence of Eugeo’s father as being arrested in a power struggle, as well as serving as his reason for coming to Arcas. Keen on writing more familial roleplay and lore in the future! My discord and forums are always open if you are interested in helping or offering criticism. Hope you enjoy the read!
  7. ((Appreciate the heads up!!))
  8. A Darrowmere record, shelved within the town archives on the 5th of The Deep Cold, 1774 Gregarious individuals flock like birds of the same feather. An occasion was marked within the warm burrows of Darrowmere as citizens and visitors from afar came together in a night filled with revelry and stupor. Honoured guests graced the event, such as the newly coronated Norland King along with the Sea Prince of Elvenesse. There were displays of insurmountable strength through the presence of Chryssa Stormbringer, who squashed the intricacies of the Belmont drama with a monstrous will. Unforgettable it remains, of Elisabeth and Edward’s dedication towards maintaining a facade of order, and the former rose to the task of handling the healing of an injured guard by the name of Vincent Ofroi. A genteel Philomena tended to a young lad of Astrea who had too much to drink to his own home, a kindly gesture of benevolence for everyone to see. All of this happened under the watchful, brittle cold gaze of the Rabbit of Darrowmere, Dame Athri Onfroi who ensured the beer flowed seamlessly and order precariously maintained throughout the evening. A gist of the spontaneous situation which arose from capable tavernkeeping, the old heartlander traditions persist evermore within the hearth of Darrowmere as it spurs to march onwards with further festivities to spur activity daily in the budding, young town. There was a cruel, or perhaps humorous element of the festivities that shall be willfully purged into history, may it never cross the minds of the citizenry of Darrowmere ever again. Soon, more events of this ilk will arrive, and as the date of Darrowmere’s grand opening comes close, one can only hope for more heartlanders and other descendants amongst the realm to attend. OOC: I made a mistake of not taking screenshots to reference from, and I’m really keen on involving the character names and actions of more players on the next record. Will be a WIP project on making better records as things go along with this settlement.
  9. Suicidium

    Lacies music.

    Incredible pieces. Listened to the second one, Journey to Helena, repeatedly. Hope to be able to listen to more, soon. :)
  10. Mad Hatters Trading Co. Est. 1707 Assiduous, Fastidious & Tenacious. An enigmatic mercantile organization has unburrowed thyself at the promising town of Darrowmere. Its origins remained shrouded in rumours, and its lofty ambitions are known only to its enterprising ladies and gentlemen. A single queen of spades, wedged into a great oaken tree within the town, tells of certain existence. The Mad Hatters Trading Co. was revived in conjunction with the fluid state of affairs within Arcas, serving with its ample reserves for the heartlanders and other denizens of the budding town. Dutifully focused in the purposes of general goods, M.H.T.C, is interested in expanding through the recruitment of fresh blood within its whimsical ranks. Institutionalized with beliefs in the defence of the canonist faith and assistance to the unfortunate, characterized in a form in ancient common language as ‘Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum’ which is enshrined in the M.H.T..C’s elusive compass. Its long-term goals remain ambiguous. Therefore, study hands with an eye for profit are sought. Recruitment Form, to be mailed with its courier service paid for. Name: Introduction: OOC information: Username: Discord New and returning players are welcome to join, and interested players can be contacted through discord to discuss any questions. Suicidium | Crines#2975 No rabbits were harmed by the partners of this company.
  11. Anybody know of a decently active human tavern that is recruiting?

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    2. _NotChris


      Haense, Morg is the tavernkeep and is very active, his Discord is Lukky#5308

    3. Miniguy15736


      Yeah Morg’s pretty much always there in Haense’s tavern every time I see him, and he does a lot of rp with the other tavernkeeps who work there. One of the nicest and most welcoming guys I know, I’m sure he’d love to have you. 

    4. MadOne


      Yeah, Morgrainne’s tavern in Haense is active, and there are people working there along with him. 

  12. An additional bid of 6,500 was delivered, marked in the waxed seal of al-Hrun.
  13. An independent bid of 5,500 was delivered, marked in the waxed seal of al-Hrun.
  14. Hello Proteus! I would be glad to speak to you on a possible blood-related character, you may contact me through adding me on Crines#2975 to discuss, cheers!
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