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  1. The Duke of Elysium peruses the ledger of supplies from Liluth Solros, nodding to the exhaustive costs of the walls to be built by such impeccable efforts. His regrets, and pain from the Massacre of Elysium fresh on his mind. He recalls the reaction of the community as Elysium rebuilt..
  2. Eugeo de Astrea was devastated. Aobh. Kaelan. The simple tragedy has brought havoc to his best friends, and onto himself. As he held their child, a puny but remarkable child fitting from both great souls... He held hope.
  3. The Leader of Elysium mourns the losses his people amounted. He directs measures. He tries his best for the community. He'll tell his own family in turn, his demeanor stricken in grief. "Our position on condemning the execution of Orenian civilians remains unchanging. Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories with our friends there survive in time of sorrow. Times of difficult strife will have its conclusion. As long as hope lies to endure, Elysium can survive. "
  4. Similarly, it shall seem that the writer is completely omitting their own seal or signature as well. Hypocrisy. There is a sufficient enough verification in that the official declaration was stated with the Astrean crest, and this notice was placed up within the Kingdom of Norland with both ducal and national assent. I presume, as this originals can only be found within the Kingdom of Norland, that you are able to transverse into Norland and her vassals just fine to peruse and give your responses here. There is no attempt at all to subvert that the agricultural duchy is not the mil
  5. Amidst the hustle and bustle of logs being raised as the palisades continued to be raised in the northern remote quadrants of Elysium, Duke Eugeo would glance back to the Vanari aiding and championing the efforts for it alongside many others. His lips pursed as he states to her in response to southern based rumors. "All present were dressed in their casual clothes, and sweets was being presented to a child, Lex, during the time of the attack. There was no option for any Elysian to opt not to fight or flee. Lex himself, a child, was forced by the marauders to join the fight, not by his own ac
  6. Following the statement from the Duchy of Elysium. It is stated this writing written by Orenian captors are declared to be done under duress and threats of death in the Orenian Bastion and is respectfully retracted. Statement
  7. Published by the Duchy of Elysium It is a heinous, dishonourable affront and display to all Descendants to celebrate the massacre of women, children and innocent bystanders. Last Elven evening, Orenian marauders, officers of its own Imperial State Army, show their colours by representing the world leader of senseless barbarity and brutality. Blaming and attacking the agricultural vassal of Elysium for the wars being waged. Elysium, with her golden fields of rye, represents the hospitable nature of humanity. We are a kindred community focused onto helping its neighbours and fost
  8. From the Bastion late in the night, a document written by Philip Augustus was released with the signature of the Elysian Duke.
  9. Suicidium


    Will miss you rift. Thank you for all you did for the team and community. Don't forget to check your DMs to play the future GW2 Cynthia expansion with Kai and I :3
  10. The Duke of Elysium would hold a steadfast smile as he conversed with Corbin, hearing of the news with a pleasant countenance as he remarked his intentions to attend. It was a humbling moment, as he recalled meeting both Maduz and Corbin for the very first times. " May they find bliss in their lifetime..."
  11. Eugeo, sighing gently as he receives the missive from his orcish friends and allies would sigh gently in turn. Mumbling a prayer in the soul of the deceased Rex in finding his soul cherished by the spirits. He would then glance to Lunah, informing her in turn. "Whomever it may be, Krugmar will be forever embodied by Rex Zhot’Rax contributions to his people and community. He will be missed, as he is, here in Elysium"
  12. The Duke of Elysium would prepare his coat, nodding to himself as he nodded singularly to Saki. " I will be more than happy to walk you down the Aisle, it is my honor to do so" His remarks finished, he would smile, being quite excited for the wedding!
  13. As a flower thou wither in the absence of light With no rays and no heed where the agony hides When the bloom is no longer a forthcoming bright And the singing is now not a prayer, but cry In the wisdom and bravery thou reckon the faith And the spirit takes over misdeeds that were made As a flower thou wither in the absence of light Though thy soul is remembered, embodying might You cannot control everything, but you can at least play the odds The Astrean banner falters... As the embers of the auburn lights of the rolling wheat fields of Ducal Elysium burns brig
  14. A great roleplayer. Will recommend to be their sibling!
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