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  1. 200k minas for the ectoplasm cake? pls? @ImStuckInHell
  2. On the shelves on heroes, both of history and myths, that stood in the Duke's personal library. Eugeo assuredly placed a portrait copy of Butter proudly on its own. "A respected servant of the people, both of its own kind and its host nation."
  3. Tragedy. It was a devastating strike when the news reached Eugeo, filled with grief and disbelief, he had shut himself in his office for weeks. He missed Absolon, utterly so, his very own brother, and now, it was as if his own heart was missing its pieces. They will be united one day, Eugeo steeled and hoped..
  4. Highly excited with seeing the potential of this. +1
  5. Another Wrymstalker raises a brow. " Vane is a friend since we were both youths, and he agreed to this gift. We have fought Azdrazi together for the entire bout of Almaris since they attacked our hunt for the wyvern. The scorches from a blade blessed with Xan will be mighty in the hands of a warrior king. " The displeased Wrymstalker remarked to the tavern of rumours.
  6. A simple letter was delivered by courier to Rosemary. "To Rosemary Gendik, the loss of your companion is an unfortunate affair, and its a heartfelt gesture of solidarity to dispatch my own funds as well to aid in the search. Providing a further 125 minas to the cause, let us hope that a bounty of 200 minas may be enough to seek out information on this senseless brutality." - Eugeo.
  7. DECLARATION OF NEUTRALITY 3rd of the First Seed, Year 55 of the Second Age A short, simple missive to the people of Elysium and all others who may concern. The people of Elysium continue to abide by the precedent of armed neutrality during these times of conflict, to ensure our safety, prosperity, and our rights unhindered. We attest that we have not heard of the Ithican group since the former days as Norlandic vassals and are therefore not harbouring them in our walls. The sovereignty of Elysium closely holds Xannic beliefs and thus shall not engage in conflict that does not directly hinder or harm the innocents of the realm in a creed revolving descendant conflict with de jure rationale. Our diplomatic envoys have worked tirelessly to ensure alliances with all parties in this conflict and will continue to ensure peaceful relations for all of our people. May honour be brought to the combatants’ banners, may they be swiftly and safely returned to their homes, and victory bring times of peace and recovery for all. Signed, Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium Aylin Reede de Astrea, Heir Apparent
  8. Eugeo de Astrea maintained his duty, toiling in his office as he dipped his quill into his ink as he continues onwards, determined to see to the successes of the fledging community.
  9. @JoanOfArcis an incredibly stellar dude that I will love to hang out more. 

    1. JoanOfArc


      <3 love you crines dude. you're a based and good man

  10. Eugeo de Astrea pauses in his usual routine, peering over to the poster as he hummed and nodded in turn. Stopping by the bank, he shall make his way to Blodyn Blooms within the Elysium Markets, keen on commissioning the fledging florists!
  11. Eugeo de Astrea scanned through the flyer, thoroughly impressed as he strides towards the bustling Elysian markets almost immediately. "Sylvari is a lovely, kindred being, and I am keen on supporting her endeavours, best I can" He echoes.
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