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  2. THE BALLOT ((MC Name: Suicidium)) Name: Crineas d'Avre Vote 1: Kaelan Aldin Vote 2: Kaelan Aldin
  3. Eugeo de Astrea approached Leika in the study shortly after the missive was published, giving his daughter a ruffling of her hair as he scanned over the letters and agreements strewed across with a sigh escaping his person. " We do what we is necessary for our friends and family, and similarly they have our own backs. We will be victorious thanks to our ability to unite and always care for our people, and the initial aggression can be reversed. " He bespoke, seating besides her as he dipped his own quill into her ink. " You are brilliantly defending Elysium from one of the most self professed war nations on Almaris. " He assured his daughter now, and offered his own shoulder for her to rest on. "Get some rest now Leika. We have much work ahead of us." @Tigergiri
  4. Again this is meant to be a discussion, not a unilateral decision made by the attackers or defenders. And now you are even taking back the timings we had spoken of previously where there was compromise.
  5. Your answers to Drunkfailure was vague and a distinctive answer was not given on agreeing on allies. Obtaining his permission to post, I would say its ooc disinformation on the player to claim he is lying to you unless you accept 'Hmmm' as your form of agreement. After spring/easter break is a extensive finals and coursework for people already so its an concurrent issue and it is not an unreasonable request for me to be asking for the warclaim to be held on Week 5 of April when the offensive was posted on Week 3 of April. There is a precedence of this in recent months with the Haelun'or v Fenn conflict for example in February in which the defenders did not reach an agreement with the aggressors to hold on the immediate forthcoming weekend from the onset of war. With this discussion thus far, your only offered compromise has been a hour. A Saturday warclaim with 1.5-2 weeks remains to be our position and reasonably fair as a timeframe for both of our communities.
  6. I apologize for the personal offense that you and your community feel for the announcement as it was a misstep taken in hiatus and wasn't meant the way it was, with the severe analogy removed and its been an effort since to get rid of any potential or active toxicity, conflict is not optional and making it more palatable and engaging to the players between our communities is of mutual benefit. However my points were of gross incidents regarding how some Krugmar players had treated Elysium prior to this conflict. With the particular ERP slander in the public Krugmar discord and even in game in the middle of the Elysium Square being abominable and remains very contentious when the community holds many underaged players which we work with constantly to combat the plague of predators on this server. The ‘poop’ raiding was also very uncomfortable, with my community being disrespected and given taunts in looc during the incident which was eerie. To those concerned with seeing the evidence of this, you are free to message me regarding this on Crines#2975 but it is something to take into stride and move on from, which brings us to my next point. I hope and pledge for a clean slate and a renewed effort to not make this into a toxic conflict, seeing immersive demerits in a ban war which I find necessary to iterate. Both Tigergiri and myself are currently in finals and working to do what we can with the limited time and commitments we are carrying which is reflective of both our playerbases as well, so this is a two way street. Additionally, this coming weekend is bad for both our playerbases with it stated by my person consistently in the discussion to be moreover unfair to the defending side. While this list does include me it is not limited to me, if it was just myself I would be more than happy to let it go forward however it is not. I have discussed this with my community leaders before each post as we have tried to work on a better time and date. Regarding the accusations on Drunkfailure, his request was revolving foreign groups and mercenaries but I had spoken to him after new roleplay and ooc circumstances came to light. The 24th was pulled out of nowhere or basis with no consideration or feedback to Elysium's availability for that date. We were not consulted before it was put forward and now that we have been consulted I have expressed our concerns with it and offered numerous alternatives with a preference for moving it to the following Saturday the 30th at 4pm EST.
  7. Elysium has been far more flexible than Krugmar, we have offered several alternative dates, wars are grounded in mutual respect of which you are showing a lack of towards my own player base and insinuating a forfeit , we have agreed on 4pm est and have made it clear this coming weekend is terrible. You are being inflexible, and its malfeasance to just decide the date laterally. This is a discussion, and I iterate again that it is fair with the Orenian v Orenian warclaim being put to rest for the Krugmar v Elysium to happen on the timeslot.
  8. Eugeo de Astrea, remaining kept to his matters in Aeldin and the his daughter lit a candle in turn, which was placed besides Leika's study table, perusing through the declaration with his lips pursed in turn. " The notion of hospitality among brothers and sisters remains so, we will not grow and have new reliable allies and brothers and sisters with the Odinsons in turn. Listening to the shambolic reasons that the orcs have spewed is a disappointing development, and to be ignominious one's own family will be forever on their conscience and legacy. " Eugeo de Astrea sighs, stepping over to offer his daughter a ruffling of her hair, as he then said of it. " Our people, and our allies and many. The searing hope and determinable cannot be allowed to be brutalized by perfidious elements. Show hospitality to all who require it, and experience the joy of friendship. Love your family, in particular your spouse, and honor your commitments. " @Periphonics @Tigergiri
  9. The 30th of April(Saturday) will remain to be the most fair for both sides, with the war team having seemingly accepted the warclaim on the night of the 17th. I'd revert and iterate to the circumstances freeing the 30th of April timeframe. The proposals of forfeiting and the custom proposal is declined.
  10. Alright we agreed on 4pm EST. But Sundays are unacceptable and its objectively worst than the reasons cited for the Friday proposal I gave, it must be a Saturday. This coming weekend is especially bad, which is why I have presented Saturday the 30th especially now that the Oren Civil war has been decided which had the similarly fair warclaim arrangements for both sides.
  11. For the timing I agree with your point and I am listening to the concerns you have for it but also worry about the Asia/Pacific players with such an early time. I know GMT is a big part of your community, it is ours as well, but so is our Asia/Pacific players. So we can... try for 4pm-5pm EST at the earliest, moving the time upwards? I'd iterate the 29th or 30th timeframe however, the proposed April 24th is disagreeable for me and many of my leaders alongside me have already scheduled irl obligations to detail even my own person having commitments and obligations running through this period so your preface is a shared concern as I am far away from home to be with loved ones and handling work. Quick minute edit: Grammar mistake as I am on phone
  12. Orthodox Easter falls on the 24th, its a holiday that has been highlighted by some in my community. 6pm EST is midnight for Central European Time (CET) so I do understand your concerns, we can shift it to 5PM EST perhaps to accomodate more of the EU playerbases for our community. We can negotiate on the time a bit more, is 5pm EST doable to iterate again? We have quite a few asia/pacific players especially in leadership. Furthermore as stated before Sundays are just a non starter. All of our Asia Pacific player can't make Sundays as that is their monday morning and people have lives and things to do like work. I understand if Fridays people want free so why don't we look at Saturday the 30th at 5 pm EST? I'd iterate the 29th or 30th timeframe, it is strenuous and difficult for my community for the literal next week. A two week time period is ordinary, hope we can reach accords!
  13. Hiya! The warclaim being on a Sunday will be an atrocious timing significantly due to the large amounts of ANZAC and Asian players in the community as it will be on a Monday morning for them. I will ask for the warclaim - field battle to be scheduled on the 29th or 30th(Friday & Saturday) at 6 or 7PM EST? @DrunkPapaBear

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