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  1. StaticCarbon


    Durzag was born in San'Strok on 1787 to his mother Dura and late father Vurbag who had passed before his birth. His parents worked the fields for there jobs, it was one day while they were working a pack of wolves attacked, his dad protected his mother but lost his life in the process. Since early childhood Durzag was always getting into trouble by "making things" and not fighting and playing with other kid orcs. As he grew up he became drawn to the forge. The Spirit that Durzag chose to follow was the Greater Spirit Gentharuz, hoping his faith will bring strength to his creations. Wanting to
  2. Thank you, that seemed to have been the problem.
  3. StaticCarbon


    Durzag was born in a small village in the eastern savannas of Arcas. He had a normal upbringing. When he was 12 he started to have a fascination with how things worked and how they where made, because of this he naturally felt drawn to the Greater Spirit Trokorl in which he felt a similarity to. When he was 18 he could not stand living in his village where knowledge was is short supply, so he decided to adventure out into the world to find more knowledge and like minded orcs!
  4. It appears I'm unable to apply for whitelisting, I fill out the form fine, but when I try to upload a skin it just says there was an error, then it lists the skin as failed. Since it's required to upload a skin, I'm guessing this is why I can't apply. -Thanks
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