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  1. Caspian rose from his seat after hearing the news, moving towards the door. “I believe I owe an old friend a visit.” He uttered, allowing a quick prayer to escape his breath as he paced down the corridor of his home.
  2. Caspian prays that Olivier sticks around, then praying for the late Queen.
  3. Ivan blinked as he fondly remembered shooing the Goat off, rather than having it ridden off by the "editor" Franc-whatever her name was.
  4. Day 270 without 1.8 PvP

  5. based and lionbiletipilled
  6. I have screenshots of the house if this does get accepted ^
  7. Ivan trotted around the manor at Kositz, as well as the streets of Providence. It wasn't often that he had the chance to speak with his father, and when he did, they were often short, to-the-point conversations, usually about his many questions regarding the happenings of the world. He still wonders sometimes how it all worked, though he was getting older and learning. Whenever the family got together, he'd peer towards the door, hoping that either his mother or father would enter and surprise the lot of them. No such happening would ever occur, not now, not ten years from now, not ever.
  8. IRP couriers? Kinda based. As long as there is a mechanic to replace it I see no issue with the removal of birds. Aviary plug-in would be cool to see as well but alas I do not know the feasibility of such a thing.
  9. Erilian sat still before hearing the thunderous crash of rock into rock from the East. “Well- I hope my horses are okay.” He mumbled, wondering if any of those who had committed this deed had thought of the ramifications a good hundred- if not a thousand- tons of earth colliding into the ground would have upon the whole of the continent, comparing it to the harm the tear was causing a few hundred meters in any direction.
  10. II.I. NAME: Caspian d'Arkent II.II. RACE: Heartlander II.III. DATE OF BIRTH: 1792 II.IV. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE ‘CODEX OF MEMBERSHIP (Y/N): Y II.V. CITIZEN OF THE EMPIRE (Y/N): Y II.VI. REASON OF APPLICATION TO THE UNION: I've been looking for political parties to join and perhaps- even run with. The Adrianite Party holds many policies and such that I agree with, many of which I would like to see implemented as well. Thusly, I decided to apply for membership to such party. II.VII. ((IN GAME NAME: )) Shmeepicus II.VIII. ((DISCORD: )) Shmeepicus#4701
  11. Erilian Oranor looked at his to-do list, before stroking out something on it. _______________________________ | Things to do today soonish. | | | | 1. Return to Elvenesse. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |_______________________________| He grunted then, standing up from his seat. "Always knew you were one of the bad guys, father." He joked to himself, setting off to Elvenesse after.
  12. must've been a lot of reserved comments
  13. An aging knight of the Empire read over the missive, pinching his nose as his eyes shut. "Should've just kept allowing them to vote in rulers and converted them. Same end result." He groaned to himself before glancing over at his blade, rising from his seat and picking it up before leaving the room.
  14. rebellion.exe kills me everytime
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