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  1. Percy, the newly appointed Amiratus of Balian, checked the aviary as he did daily- retrieving a letter from it. "Ah, the King is back? I didn't know he was even gone- or missing, I suppose? Oh well, some good news in wake of the return to war." He mumbled, tucking it into his clothing to show the Queen Sybille later. Whether or not he knew of his disappearance, if he was TRULY missing, it gave Percy some small measure of cheer to know his friend had returned.
  2. “One last pitiful act of rebellion. Winburgh shall burn along with any whom take up arms in this schism of the Church.” Percy de Lyons commented, taking up his blade, hopefully for the last time, during this conflict. “Kill the heretics, every last one!”
  3. +1 make pigs as tanky as Mythic+ raid bosses
  4. "Hey I think that guy is an Orc" says very intelligent Bjorn- his eyesight was 20/5. He saw him from 1000 feet away and could tell he was an Orc instantly cause hes so smart and awesome and he had the eyesight of a hawk.
  5. A newly-wed Percy sighed as he entered the Basilica of the Holy Supernals. He found himself before a slew of candles, knelt low and praying for his Mother's soul. A lone tear fell from the war-hardened mans' eye as his prayer finished, yet he pulled himself to his feet and lit a candle in her memory- checking in every few days to make sure it remained burning, and replacing it if the wax grew too low. "Until we meet again, Mother."
  6. “Peace at last…” Percy de Lyons commented idly, sighing as he sat beneath the ruins of Brasca Keep- no longer would he wait, ever on the eve of battle. No longer would he have to worry about the future- or if he would even have one. “The war is over. GOD bless the Covenant, GOD bless Man.” He mused, pulling himself to his feet and giving farewell to his friends that he had made during the war. He gathered his belongings, packed his saddlebags- and finally after eight long years, went home.
  7. "Three more years and the sun shall once more rise on Humanity." Percy de Lyons sat near a fire- in lands just north of Veletz, as he cooked a freshly caught rabbit over the flame. A half-hour perhaps passed as he rose to his feet, packed his things and began his march to Brasca.
  8. Yo this is dope af and really well priced
  9. "Woe to those vanquished." Uttered Percy de Lyons, tossing the missive into the fire. "Now we bear witness to the final death rattles of the defunct state of Adria-Veletz."
  10. “I pray that most Veletzers heed these words- for if they bear steel in their hand, they shall receive mine own.” Percy de Lyons commented, glancing down at his blade, Le Fléau de Veletz- ready to mar it with more Veletzian blood.
  11. "Such callous and cruel people." Lamented Percy de Lyons, shaking his head- "they are no kin of mine."
  12. “This is our response.” Percy offered, his horse marching past the men hanging on gallows at Hippo’s Gorge, taking him north.
  13. "If the Covenant agrees to this summit- the terms shall be dictated by the Victors." Percy de Lyons commented, nodding in agreement with the letter. "Should the terms not be amicable- then Winburgh shall burn, like the Petran monastery, like the throne of Cloudbreaker- and only its ashes shall sing of peace across Aevos."
  14. IGN: Shmeepicus RP Name: Kristof von Katzak Persona ID: #87101
  15. If anyone has a world-download/save of Asulon that isn't rendered unusable by corrupt chunks OR just generally has a save of Arethor, please shoot me a DM on discord @ shmeepicus :D

    1. xMuted


      I may have one dm me

    2. Nug


      arethor is still in a part of the asulon museum map, i remember heero showing it to me!! i think there's a warp for it on there if you have perms to it, but it might be a slightly older version of arethor

    3. Shmeepicus


      @Nug I am going to have to investigate this... cheers!

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