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  1. A public missive was posted across Oren and Haense. "A proclamation of faith? I will address these points you brought 'fore the public of Oren in order. Firstly, the matter of you claiming these latest wars to be ones of pride. Your late Husband, Philip Aurelian, supported the war against the Dwarves. Do you now speak ill of his name? Do you believe he to be prideful? You beg talk of hubris, yet, when my sister, Anastasya and I attended her late father-in-laws memorial, you shouted down upon us at the procession, asking us why we dared show our face there. Then you begin to talk about the tapestry of Man, as if it were something you were befit to speak of anywhom. The ‘Pontiff’ as he is so called, is naught but a puppet, swaying too and fro upon a rope crafted by Haeseni weavers. Many of us peers, and heirs, were present when Philip III and Anastasya marched across Unification Bridge, yet we supported him after Philip II disappeared into the night, we supported him, our Emperor, Philip III. The loss of faith you speak of was brought by the one you call the Vicar of GOD, yet he is not a Vicar. He does not follow GOD’s will, using the Church as a political platform to bring strife and ruin upon his flock. You speak of the Empress and Emperor acquiring power of their own, yet when Philip III returned you were not seen for months. Now, after very few public appearances, you bring forth this claim. You have been most publicly known by the Orenian people to be seen in the private chambers of the Grand King of Urguan. I saw you there myself, close by his side and meeting with our enemy, whispering of treason in the long night. Do you not see the hypocrisy in your words? You have done nothing to show that you will bring us a better Oren. You have not been a part of the empire, and you are only a woman seeking titles and power to feel better about the support that you do not have. The only thing that you do have, Charlotte, is empty words on a meaningless piece of paper. When you look upon this Empire, do you see the people that have fought and bled for each other? Do you see the many people who have suffered under the hand of a Pontiff who has forsaken them? You talk about the lack of unity, the lack of faith, yet you attempt to divide your people from foreign soil after we have declared unity against the ‘Pontiff ‘ who attempts to install a foreign claimant. You did not stand with us, no. You stand for yourself as you always have. The Orenian people see that you are nothing but selfish, meaningless, and power-hungry. You circled around this Empire like a vulture, waiting for a time to strike. However, your attempts are laughable by all of those within the place that you claim as your “home”. As affirmed before all the Adriatic Court, the citizens of the Empire stand with each other against foreign threats. You are nothing more than a foreign threat. You are not one of us, nor will you ever be, the most you will ever become is a traitor to our cause." Go back to Urguan. You were better off there, mistress of the Dwarven King. Signed, Ivan var Ruthern, Heir to the Duchy of Reutov
  2. My cat would like to put forth his claim to the Imperial Throne.. hes of Horen descent, purchased by Anne.

  3. Ivan was abysmally demolished by a thirteen year old in a game of checkers. He glanced up at Philip, "oh my, you just watched the end of this didn't vy? How embarassing.." he'd comment of the checkers game the Emperor had just witnessed. @Nectorist
  4. Ivan var Ruthern chuckled as he read the open missive. "It's almost as if the Dwarves weren't the good guys."
  5. No personal message I’m crying rn. In other words, first joining the team a bit later after you had, you were one of the people I looked up to. Not afraid to speak your mind when you needed to and always kept a cool head. Been a real pleasure working with ya man. Hope school goes well and all the best. o7 thank you for your service
  6. I hate every nation that exists on Almaris. Thought Ivan var Ruthern. “I hate the Dwarves the most though.”
  7. Caspian threw a big right hook at Maisie’s head as she entered the Seven Skies. “That’s for nearly choking me to death! But welcome, sister.”
  8. Ivan reads over the entirety of the contents, nodding happily. Though he was somewhat disheartened by the tax portion. "Maybe I should go for a Principality.. they pay 10 marks more than I do for my small little shop in the Capital!"
  9. Ivan var Ruthern was thoroughly confused. "I thought the High Elven state elected their leaders? Why do the Northern savages refer to her as a princess?" A man of Raevir blood gave two thumbs up, nicknamed the Brash by his kin. "Alright, sure. Don't care much for Elven politics anywhom, WHY not!"
  10. Caspian smiled to the aged man as he made it to the seven skies, "it's been quite some time, brother." He greeted him, happy to finally be reunited with one of his kin.
  11. A Truce Broken The Lord Ivan var Ruthern sat still within his room in Kositz, wondering to himself: How do I tell the Grand King what tragedy has befallen me on the eve where we agreed to peace? I can not condemn him, for he was not responsible for the actions of his ill-decisioned kin. It was not the Grand King who had ordered the Irehearts to cut my tongue from my mouth. I can only hope that he hears me, that he respects me, despite what transgressions I may have bestowed upon him in months prior. "To His Majesty, the Grand King of Urguan, I wrote to you, not three months prior, begging for peace for a celebration of our holidays. A celebration of Tuvmas, Dwedmas and Krugmas. You accepted my plea, a most noble display in my own opinion. I write to you today, not to shame you nor undermine your position, as you were not present to oversee these matters that I speak of. I rode with a Dwarf, bearing those facial markings that one could not mistake for anything other than an Ireheart. I escorted him through Providence, yet I was transgressed against. Ulfric, you are a man for whom I respect dearly. I remember those hours, months ago where we had a long conversation regarding the war and the sadness of it. I have a profound respect for you, as well as a number on your council. The Ireheart’s are those I have grievance with, for their brash, insubordinate ideals are a cancer that plagues your Kingdom. I sat in their halls today, under a white flag, a flag of truce, only to be met with hatred by all but one Ragrin Ireheart. I came with him to Urguan, to discuss the case of a potential grievance committed against a mere child, and one who I'd heard referred to as Bakir entered the hall, quick to strike against me. I desperately tried to explain my situation to him, that I was here only to help serve justice against one who would harm a child, that I was there under your own blessing and that my intent was not one of malice or spite. I was there, genuinely to assist you and your own kin. My pleas were not listened to, as he struck me. I drew my sword, laying it down before him and was thus unarmed, I asked if I could leave, peacefully, my weapon laid before him as I stood. He refused. A group of these men came down into the hall, drawing blades upon me, one man under a white flag as I had stated before. They called me scum, a filthy Orenian and said they did not answer to you. Yet, I had shown my good will, my intent for peace as we both had intended, yet again, they did not listen. The Dwarves who bore green marks dragged me before their pit of combat, thrusting sword into my hand and there I was felled, having already been weakened by blows delivered by their so-called “Clan Leader”. Once more, they dragged me out of the pit, making a mockery of me despite my attempts at a singular day of peace. I pleaded again, “Lord Ireheart, this day is a day of peace, signed by your own Grand King, would you dare to go against his wish?” His response was that the hall was his, his command was his own. These are your own supporters, the folk YOU call to war? If not for the ex-Grand King Levian’Tol as well as a number of council members, I fear my life would have been forfeit. My tongue was cut from my mouth. It is for that reason I write to you rather than speak to you face to face. For I can no longer speak, that most precious means of communication was taken from me, the Ireheart’s cauterizing my tongue to ensure it could not be reattached. Yet, somehow, that is not where it ended. They dragged me from the gates of your city, dragged me, they did not allow me to ride the steed which I had accompanied Ragrin upon as an escort.. and when I arrived at the tavern of our original agreement, to celebrate this holiday together, they threw me upon the ground, my nose and wrist broken, my tongue cut from my mouth and the flesh ripped from my knees. They grasped me by my scalp, by my hair and held me before the place that we had both agreed peace was to be upon, eventually thrusting me to the ground when the most honourable Ferrymen stated they would not stand with them. My respect is eternal.. and I believe it will never fade, regardless of what the outcome is on the battlefield. You spoke to me not like a King, that day, but as a soldier, acknowledging that the war would not be a pleasant one. Ulfric Frostbread, Grand King of Urguan. I believe I hold more respect for you than the men who have sworn to defend your word and honour, as was evident when those who fall under your Kingdom dishonoured your own pact today, disavowing your own word and proving that they can not hold to oaths you had signed with your own name. Please, Ulfric, punish them for their transgressions, for I was there on your promise. If not for the promise you made of peace, I would not have been there at all." Sincerely, Lord Ivan var Ruthern
  12. Ivan watched as his sister removed the man's head clean from his shoulders. "And so it goes.. mercy given to a man, part of a group that shows none, robbing citizens unarmed as they make way to our city. Nie longer, I say." The young heir commented, a profound respect developed for the man as he held steadfast in his last moments, a respect that he shared for a good amount of the Ferrymen. A capable man, who had shown courage in his last breaths drawn.
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