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  1. Alexandros read over the recently published paper. "Huh- this is actually.. pretty good, it's nice knowing Constantia is useful for something." He mumbled to himself, still slightly peeved at her chair thievery.
  2. I wait 20 hours for y'all to sign an item sometimes :| take away my Mod pex mr Admin!
  3. It’s on 1.9 to make wars not laggy shit fests- and they still are until there’s only like 100 people left. 1.8 is more fun but 1.9 is the way to go tbh.
  4. A certain teal-clad masked man, by the name of Bjorn- donning a mask from the sickness and naught more.. encouraged purchases from a certain Haenseman at his stall in Oren!
  5. An old soldier dunked some poor man's head in a horse trough. "Where is the lamp, Lebowski!" Dzmitry cried as he pulled the man's head from the muddied water- then dunking it back in.
  6. Cause he's a day one simple as. Yes, son. My favourite character was definitely Ivan while he was alive- haven't been extremely active since then but he's definitely one of my favourite characters and one of the coolest arc's (if not the coolest) I've had in a character. Favourite character not played by me was Xarkly's recent NL Sigismund- just did a generally great job with him and some of the posts he made during that time were unreal. I didn't get much chance to RP with him but the little bits I did see from a different perspective were great. Best RP moment will always be when Nectorist and co. ambushed Capace and I's Caunter characters in Dunharrow, Norland capital during the WotTE, was a big showdown and a very close pvp fight that was won by a half heart- where after all involved who lost were executed on the exception of two- though all who were on the losing side PK'd anyways. You're a gamer, plus based takes.
  7. Honestly I can't really say I have a favourite. Every nation I've played in (which is every one at this point) has had memorable moments. If I had to put down a favourite though the last few months in Oren under Nect and Eryane were awesome and Elvenesse had some good moments as well. Reccently I've found myself enjoying the quiet RP in Balian and the War RP over in Celianor. Worst situation- hm. Probably generally those folks who don't like the verdict you give and proceed to complain about it in DMs for hours on end. Have to say the worst one was handling a ticket involving CRP and the Ferrymen- got into real specifics about weapons block range in CRP and it was just a headache. Won't comment on worst player- don't think I've really dealt with super bad ones tbh. A lot of people are frustrated at the start but come around and apologize in the end (which usually leads to lessened punishment, at least if I'm dealing with you)
  8. There's a difference between you going "I want to get banned" to your friends and then telling a moderator, "I'll just take the repeated infractions so I don't have to follow the lore or rules of the server". Simple as. The rules are in place for a reason, as are the redlines in lore. There is not a single person on the server who is above them, best to learn that quickly. If Peralien wants to discuss the ban they can reach out to me over DMs- usernames on the left under my profile thingies.
  9. Ferrymen waited 45 mins for Oren to gather a decent rally yesterday. Idk what you’re on about.
  10. @MioRaid ladders! Finally!!!!1111!1!111 Thank you @The60th
  11. yes there is- no need to worry :)
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