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  1. Dzmitry stood up (like a real Orenian) and came inside for cookies.
  2. Hi Greehn. I'd like a formal apology for how you've been acting towards me recently. It is not right to make fun of me, it is actually pretty hurtful. I'd like a public apology, either by thread or discord announcement. Thanks.

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    2. Gandhi


      frankly i think hes pushing it over the line, greehn is a notorious bully n should be BANNEDRonnie-Dean-Coleman-4.jpg

    3. argonian


      why is he wearing swimming googles @Gandhi

    4. Gandhi


      it's me irl u dont wanna ask that question again. @argonian


  3. stop this fishacus slander on my name

    1. Shmeepicus


      im not a fish guys

  4. A learned scholar, perplexed by the words he had just read, wrote a reply. "To the 'Patriarch' of Novellen- it would seem you do not know history as well as you would think. When the second civil war, orchestrated by your ancestors constant need for expansionism and control concluded- all the known kin of this defunct King vanished into thin air- save perhaps one or two. As such, the Kingdom of Balian- by and large still standing due to feats of good administration rather than warmongering, took up the mantle as Patriarch of Novellen, given that all men of Frederick's line were presumed dead or rather, were missing for many long years. The line of Frederick never really amounted to much- it ruled over a defunct state for a period of fifteen years before collapsing to it's own vassals. Treachery begets treachery I suppose. Frederick Aurelian- an author of this misive and whomst I presume is one of the lost sons- fled and was not seen for many years. Besides being stripped of all titles, the family was also stripped of both nobility and royalty, nothing more than mere peasants. It is difficult to be Patriarch of a Royal or Imperial house if you are not of noble blood- and clause seven of the missive entitled 'ORENIA DIRUTA EST' clearly stated that any of King Frederick's line were revoked of such privilege. It would appear that this brood of Stassion does not know history as well as one would think. Furthermore- if we are applying monikers- perhaps Frederick Aurelian would be deemed, Frederick Aurelian 'the Cowardly'- for his fleeing of the heartlands and many years spent in hiding." Signed, Dzmitry Barrow
  5. thas a lot of throwaway Helf personas loooool

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    2. ReveredOwl


      its all the same people who get involved in every warclaim every time and the staff just let them do it

    3. TeawithFrisket


      1 hour ago, ReveredOwl said:

      its all the same people who get involved in every warclaim every time and the staff just let them do it

      Tbh I don’t think they will be allowed to enter- watch something will pop in during this war, the new rules will be tested- the stage is set for a conversation upon improvement of the new war rules. I wish staff luck tho!

    4. Shmeepicus


      couldn't have put it better @ReveredOwl we've oft been on diff sides of LoTC history- but ion really play anymore and couldn't care much- just something I've noticed

  6. Harassment or a malicious spreading of rumours to disrepute an individual or individuals should be included on this list I feel. Otherwise, good post.
  7. Exactly what I was looking to hear, thanks Spoopy!
  8. In that case- if you have an answer, I would also be curious to know what attempts Moderation would make to prevent settlements from just logging off or clearing out as soon as they get a raid notice. I know some settlements enjoy the Pv- I mean MRP they get and would be more than willing to stay for a fight. However I'd agree that raids would then need some form of IRP knowledge- or clearing out could be considered metagaming, no? Something akin to the watchtower thing that was mentioned earlier. Is there a possibility of a command being able to be made? E.g. I am in a raiding party about to raid Haense. Perhaps there is the possibility of a command where you'd type /raid Kingdom_of_Haense or the realm name, and anyone apart of that realm in the realm plugin gets a notification in their chat bar, mentioning a raiding force being spotted on the Kingdom's border or some sense. I'm not super tech savvy so I'm not sure how feasible that is, just a thought though.
  9. I'd assume knowing a raid is coming and logging off to avoid it would be grounds for combat-logging (without reason- if someone has to dip to eat dinner or go to work, I'd hope that'd be okay). If you look at some war raid rules that occurred in Almaris- people would actually rally up for a fight. While it isn't much different than just having a skirmish (besides bragging rights)- it at least makes it so cities and nations aren't being raided at 10-11 PM at night just for some poor fleepers to have to do capture RP for 2 hours without possibly having a defence. It worked for war raids last map I don't see why it wouldn't here with proper observation.
  10. Probably the most coherent and well put post on this entire thread. Nectorist hit the nail on the head but you drove it into the board. I don't think I said anywhere that the server was bad. I said the server and rules could still do with improvement. Good chance they will always need improvement. As another player who joined in that era- I can agree with you and say that the server is in a much better spot now than it was then- but my point stands, things will always need fixing. That's just how it works. You will appease one part of the community and in that action upset another.
  11. You pretty much hit the nail on the head- but just because things aren't as bad now as they were years ago, doesn't mean they couldn't do with some improvement.
  12. alright bro not with this shit again please
  13. This is kinda dope fr fr
  14. The Mods who changed PvP to MRP need to be held accountable for their crimes against us.

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