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  1. Name: Lukas Jokic Age: 84 Race: Adunian Prior Relevant Experience: Served as a Holy Knight, protector of the High Pontiff. Theoretical degree in 1.8 PvP combat.
  2. I kinda like Vortex ig.

  3. Discord: Shmeepicus#4701IGN: ShmeepicusSkin name: EmeraldBid amount: 130
  4. Discord: Shmeepicus#4701IGN: ShmeepicusSkin name: EmeraldBid ammount: 110
  5. Name: Lukas Jokic Residence: the Streets ((MC Name)): Shmeepicus ((Discord)): Shmeepicus#4701 ((Timezone)): EST
  6. don't fall back into the trap
  7. Discord: shmeepicus#4701IGN: ShmeepicusSkin: Revolt and EmeraldBid: 50 - Revolt | 25 - Emerald
  8. The Holy Ser Lukas Jokic frowns somewhat upon reading the missive. "I'll give the writer the benefit of the doubt, given Owyn III's previous actions," he'd plainly remark, folding the notice up and placing it into his pocket.
  9. so when will ST budget increase so I can do events?

    1. Deer__


      When will it increase so I can have my vault items...

  10. key note on family
  11. based, Telanir man get your **** together and either do some stuff for the team or pick a new admin nah Arma will be back one day when I convince them to join my Elvenesse family at that note toss me another pls I left
  12. Never really got to speak with you personally but only ever heard good things from others. Good luck in the future and god speed. Thanks for the time you've committed over the last year.
  13. Everyday we stray further from god.
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