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  1. LOL @rukio ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. MC Name: Shmeepicus (the Shitter) Current Tier: B Desired Tier: A Reason to be Moved: We went even on PvP Legacy when I was 12 deep - also shotcalled in 2 skirms against Dogged and Emery where they got beat like the Ferrydudes beat us.
  3. "I love the ISA." Commented Caspian d'Arkent, grandson of the late General, Peter d'Arkent.
  4. RP Name: Caspian d'Arkent MC Name: Shmeepicus Voted: Yes
  5. RP Name: Caspian d'Arkent MC Name: Shmeepicus Voted: Yes
  6. IGN: ShmeepicusCharacter name: Erilian Which game(s) are you signing up for: Strength, Precision
  7. "Can we make this class-action?" Queried Caspian as he heard of the lawsuit.
  8. OOC SIGN UP: IRP name: Caspian d’Arkent Discord: Shmeepicus#4701 IGN Name: Shmeepicus Age: 22
  9. Caspian's eyes widened as his sister left her room. "Been a while." He'd offer softly, bearing many more scars prior to his last visit to Sunholdt.
  10. Caspian blinked as he was very angry because his family wasn't invited specifically!
  11. Caspian d'Arkent remembered killing two humans and a dwarf on the road whilst still in the tavern. "They fought like peasants!" He wheezed.
  12. Sedan, make sure you grab this on the way out. 




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  13. Heavy is the L...

  14. Caspian d'Arkent let out a loud, hearty laugh in the tavern as he took a sip from his Pale Azog Ale. Wiping a tear from his eye, he barely managed to say, "Th-they forfeited over the loss of the B-bishop house. MY OWN DOING! Must've resulted in a coordinated surrender!" He said, bursting out into laughter again. "It's too bad, honestly. I was looking forward to watching the traitors dangle lifelessly from a rope!"
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