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  1. Ayo @seannie build a village of ten houses, give none of your vassals land and have every member of Aaun fight each other to the death for a home
  2. Issued by HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, King of Balian On the 23rd of Sun's Smile 48 BA With the growing population of the Kingdom of Balian and the prosperous families which live within, it is of great importance to His Royal Majesty that the upstanding reputation and importance of the peerage and royal families to uphold their lineage while simultaneously avoiding overproduction of the noble and royal titles and claims. ON THAT OF ROYALTY The offspring of the King or Queen shall bear the titles of Prince or Princess of Balian from birth to death, regardless of their marriage unless stripped by the Sovereign of Balian. The offspring of the Crown Prince or Princess will bear the titles of Prince or Princess of Balian. Those born of a Prince or Princess of Balian who are not the Crown Prince or Princess will be referred to as Lord or Lady of Balian and will be considered nobility and no longer a part of the immediate Royal Family. Should a Prince or Princess marry into a peerage or a separate kingdom, the title of their children will be defaulted to that of the peerage or royal household they are a part of. If a Prince or Princess marries and has children with a person of nobility that is not heir to a peerage, their children shall take up the title of Lord and Lady of that peerage due to their royal parentage. The children of a Lord or Lady of Balian will then be referred to as Miss or Mister and be considered within the social class of Gentry and then eventually their children will be Miss or Mister of the Commoner class. This will be the case unless the Lord or Lady of Balian marries into a royal household or that of a mainline noble peerage. In the case of a marriage into the Royal Household, the one marrying in will take up the title of Prince or Princess Consort of Balian and their children will henceforth be known as Lord or Lady and their children will take up the title of Miss and Mister. ON THAT OF NOBILITY The children of a peer will be referred to as Lord or Lady of their peerage title. The children of the heir to a peerage will also be referred to as Lord or Lady while the children of a lord or lady who does not inherit the peerage will henceforth be known as Miss and Mister of their peerage title. These children will still be of noble blood but will not be allowed the honorific title of Lord or Lady due to their distance from the mainline of the peerage. Should the succession of the peerage be changed, so will the titles of those within the family depending on how the mainline of the family shifts. Upon marrying into a separate peerage or noble family, the noble will then take up the title of their husband or wife and their children shall bear the title suitable for their station depending on if the marriage is within the Kingdom of Balian. Should a marriage into a separate peerage and nation occur, the noble and their future children will follow the title etiquette of that particular nation. Should a member of the nobility marry into the Royal Household, they will take up the title of their spouse as Prince or Princess of Balian, save for the Crown Prince or Princess who will eventually elevate to that of King or Queen Consort. ON THAT OF GENTRY The Gentry of Balian shall be made up of those granted Knighthoods and special honorifics which have been given by the Sovereign of Balian directly. They will be addressed as Sir or Dame and will be the holder of the honorific within their family. The children of the Gentry holder will be referred to as Miss or Mister unless given an honorific like their parent. The Gentry title will not be passed down between parent to child and once the holder of the Gentry honorific passes, the family will revert back into the Commoner class. As members of the Gentry class are permitted to marry within nobility, their title will solely depend on the rank of nobility they marry into. The members of the Gentry will then bear the title of their spouse along with their knighthood or honorific bestowed upon them by the Crown. Should a member of the nobility marry into the Gentry class, they will take up the title of Miss or Mister and lose the honorific of Lord or Lady. ON THAT OF MARRIAGE To ensure the prestige of the nobility and the importance of further progress within the realm, those of the Common class are not permitted to marry a peer or mainline inheritor of a noble peerage. Commoners are permitted marrying rights to those of noble blood but who are not inheritors of a noble peerage title. Those of the Gentry class are permitted to marry member of the noble class including a peer and inheritor of a noble peerage title. Upon the publishing of this act, the restrictions and regulations will be in effect officially. Anyone born before this publication will be permitted to keep their titles as is and only those born after will be expected to follow the regulations of this missive. Should any confusion be found within this missive, the citizenry are encouraged to reach out to His Majesty the King or Her Highness the Princess Royal for further clarification. SIGNED, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Count of Monteres, Viscount of Eflen, Baron of Brucca and Valens, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Elena Casimira, The Princess Royal of Balian, Countess of Rosemoor
  3. Alexander I cowers in terror upon hearing of the foretold return of the Black Hand.
  4. A Balianite fan is knocked in the head by an aerial pint of ale. He glances around- looking for the thrower. Stories are told in days passing of a great and glorious brawl between the Minitz Mootgoer fans and the Atrus Stars' fans alike. Alexander, makes a comment about it to his daughters. "Well- both us and the Minitz folk are quite passionate about the sport.. hopefully no one was hurt too seriously." He chuckled after hearing of the debacle.
  5. @everyone Guys the durability bug is real w/ /glow- it only applies to breaking blocks. I don't believe it affects PvP. Thank you- good night.

  6. After many years of silence, a letter is delivered to Theophilus Saffar. To the Second Vizier of the Principality of Ba'as, At first- let me give my warmest apologies for the years that have passed since this letter was delivered. I believe myself to be a man who would allow his children the option to forge their own futures, I will not pledge my Son and Heir to be wed to one of your Princesses- though I will accept them as guests in my home so that they might, on their own accord, develop a relationship with Hadrian. I can make no promises on their future- for I will not involve myself in their affairs. He is free to make his own decisions, as I was when I was his age. That is not to say that a wedding will not occur- for it very much could. I take it that you and your Principality follow our progress with a very scrutinous eye- and I hope that the changes and reforms that we have implemented guide us on a path towards this new identity and culture that we have so desperately needed. Our findings on the Lothar Stones- and our mission in acquiring them, has so far been for naught. Though, we are intending on a reformation of our military that should help in this process, I wish not to get too much into the details in the case that this letter is intercepted by malicious parties- but know that I believe we are on the right path. Shalassanan Doxos has been an immense asset to us- so much so that I fear we may have deprived yourself of a great mind, though his willingness to give us assistance where we need it- and his expertise with a pen is something I have seen very few able to accomplish to date. I appreciate your decision, as well as his, in aiding us in this continent. We will send these five carracks you requested- in return for the possibility of a future marriage between our two Houses. I will, again, say it is no certainty- though given your aid through Shalassanan thus far- I feel the least I can do is help you with this issue you have been having. I look forward to meeting these Princesses. Warmest Regards, Alexander I, King of Balian
  7. Alexander rolled his eyes as he read over the last charge. "Sir Valentine and Sir Paul should be stripped of their Knighthood- for they are no honourable men. Calling an eleven-year old and thirteen year-old 'combatants' when the alleged actions took place. They must be weak men if they were unable to disarm them." He sighed then. "At least the boys live- and at least a verdict has been given."
  8. TO THOSE WHO ARE LOST 13th of Lothar’s Gift, in the Year of Our Lord, 42 B.A. There is nothing more devastating than the loss of one’s homeland- as I can testify personally. Permanent exile- is something that I had struggled with during my youth in the deserts of Almaris’ southern continent. Once again, nearly a Saint’s year later- conflict has separated peoples in the fragile state of the old Heartlands. Petra endured a civil war- where family fought family, friend fought friend, and comrade fought comrade. It is a struggle with little glory and little celebration. To those that have been forced from their homes- a small number of refugees have made their way to Balian- and within Balian’s walls no repercussions shall come to find them. We remain neutral on this cause- Renilde I has upheld her legitimate rule over Petra. However, the Refugees will be safe from external threats so long as the Kingdom is under my command. I have heard rumour that Petran loyalists stalk the countryside- looking for those that sided with my brother. Whether this is true or not, I shall address it irregardless. Any remnants of violence or hatred were left on the field of battle- now comes the displacement of children, women, and men who were unable to fight. They will find safety within these walls- and if any come looking to do them harm, may God help them. This will be my one and only warning- do not come here looking for trouble, for you will find something much worse. AD GLORIAM DEI, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Alexander I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca, Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and Protector of the South, etcetera
  9. Alexander sighed. "This couldn't have waited until after the Dragon?"
  10. I've considered doing a book myself from my own characters perspective- will definitely have to give this a read! Huge kudos to you man, must've taken a lot of effort and patience and I look forward to seeing the finished product.
  11. yes. this is a paradox, Evonpirevonpirevonpirevonpirevonpirevonpirevonpirevonpirevonpirevonpirevonpire ~
  12. Alexander read over the missive, chuckling a bit. "His Eminence, Teodosio- claimed it was fabricated rumour that the Pontiff had given the go ahead for this raid to occur. It wouldn't surprise me, to be frank." He offered, leaving the paper on his desk as he left the office.
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