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  1. With all The chaos that had been happening in Nueva Tierra, Sofia remained sound asleep in her and Antonio's room...unaware the surroundings at the time. However, she woke up to the sight of Antonio missing...this was something strange to her as he'd normally stay in late till late morning. But with a shrug and a sigh, Sofia left the building and went onto the streets to continue working on the weapon she was forging. Suddenly some guards there would have told her what has happened with Antonio and would rush towards the road to Varhlen without a moments notice. As Sofia would stroll through the streets. She would be really nervous to see her fiance...would he be dead? or imprisoned..she wouldn't know. While walking she would spot a hanging corpse. It was Antonio..her eyes would widen and would force her to rush over to see if it she was seeing things, she wasn't. By the time she got to the hanging corpse she'd fall on her knees..tears building in her eyes. "Why....?" Is the only thing that can come out of her stuttered speech as she sobbed. Was this the future she had asked for, her family back in Sutica already abandoned her and with the only person taking care of her gone..she felt more alone than ever. After some long minutes sobbing on the streets, she'd notice the copy of his will. As she read it her eyes would tear up even more, leaving her to take care of their child alone.. and the town?! Sofia couldn't help but feel frustrated at him, even though she loved him dearly, but he left her like this. The overwhelming of different emotions kept flowing through her mind...she pulled out a dagger and thought about slicing her own neck before being held back by the guard that came with her. She'd drop the dagger and punch the floor...rage would begin to fill her mind now, Sofia one way or another would find those responsible for this.. It wasn't the end. "long...l-ive Hyspia" Are the only stuttered words Sofia can make out through her sobbing, but now hateful state...
  2. phunter648


    Sofia Mendez was born in the Hyspian Tribe in 1790 to Anthony Mendez and an unknown Mother. Sofia grew up on the outskirts of Hyspia, Sofia would frequently sneak into the Capital of Tierra Natal and visit her Cousin Carlos Mendez. The two had an inseparable friendship, Carlos would watch over her on her trips to the Capital. But when Sofia was just 6 her and her family were preparing to leave Arcas, yet her father, disgruntled with Cesar I's deals with The Baron of Osanora. Took his young daughter and remaining wealth and left, heading to Oren, Anthony and Sofia boarded the Orenian Ships, sailing to Almaris. Once arriving in Almaris they settled outside the Orenian Capital of Providence. After long years of restless work, Sofia remembered her Cousin Carlos, curious at what happened to the rest of Mendez and Hyspia. Sofia spent years putting down these thoughts. But when Sofia was just 15 her father passed away from an unknown disease, she set out in search of Hyspia and her family. By now Sofia has set out to Osanora, set on finding her family.
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