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  1. RP Name: Arnaud Guilloux MC Name: teawithBigman Voted: Yes
  2. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Arnaud Guilloux Age of the Alderman Candidate: 24 Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: Swint Street 1
  3. A morbidly obese man by the name of Clyde signs the form Holy Sir Santiago Altamirano wonders what these monsters will entail, and if they will cause problems with his fatherland, Hyspia. Folas Mendez simply tosses the paper across the room, not caring about anything that Peralien will do. Allegiance: The Desert Company Native or Current Nationality: Oren Name: Clyde Age: 47 What fears do you have: Idiots (Optional) Do you possess magic of any kind, if yes, what type: no (OOC: Discord ID:) zBIGMAN!#0489
  4. Holy Sir Santiago looks at the sky with tears in his eyes, holding regret for letting his brother venture off to find the murderers. He would enter a nearby church, and begin to mutter a prayer.
  5. Folas Mendez looks up to his father "Osanora is a traitorous nation to one of the most prestigious houses. All beginnings of evil and treachery will come to an end, may GOD help them."
  6. Holy Sir Santiago Altamirano would read over the poem, then commenting on it "Es amor"
  7. Emilio Mendez reads the letter once more, remarking "The time has come."
  8. Apoloniusz Bishop reads the missive smiling, too signing the Lorraine "You will continue to have GOD's blessing, you have made us oh so very proud."
  9. "Ave Sedan! Down with the tyrants!" Apoloniusz Bishop would shout as he finished reading the poem
  10. made you look

    1. ArizonaRanger


      Not looking.

  11. Charlie Seed signs the petition with joy.
  12. Santiago Chicote would read the letter, full of disgust for Antonio more so than ever before. "Why should our fellow Hyspians do this to each other, Antonio is a threat to the true Hyspian dream and Code of Hyspia. Carlos is a dear friend of all of us, he is what I would call a true Hyspian, and he has to be treated this way?! God bless Hyspia, down with the Apostate."
  13. Bigman31


    Santiago would be born in the Hyspian tribe with his family in 1775. His father was skilled with sword fighting, and his mother would normally stay at home and take care of him. His father would be in the HMA (Hyspian Monarchist Army), Santiago would find the military interesting and would be very interested in it from a young age. Through the years he would gain an inclined interest in the military, his father taking him to the barracks every now and then. Santiago would achieve a basic education, learning of Canonism and becoming a follower of the religion. Santiago would have an inclined in
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