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  1. The aformentioned Ritter laughed - peering over his kinsman's shoulder. He nodded fervently. "In due time- Sir."
  2. Sir Ludolf swung his blade high as the Herrenmeister spoke. "Proudly, will we fight in the name of Saint Tylos." He muttered, his sallet's visor clattering as it closed.
  3. Ludolf Ritter Barclay barked orders at his fellow men atop the walls of Neu Brandthof - in the early stages of the siege. He saw Maxwell tear off with the Caelians - taking them to safety.. Or so he'd thought. As the Bailiff descended down into the streets of Minitz, packed with Waldenians and Lechians alike. He hadn't noticed Maxwell's absence at the time - but had eventually realized the Lawspeaker had stood his ground in the gatehouse.. As the ships arrived in Savoy's bay - the Bailiff was filled with a sense of regret, was it? He couldn't really tell - maybe it was just his lost nostalgia.. However - he descended off of the ship and onto the beaches, it was a new day.
  4. Sir Ludolf Barclay plunged his dagger into the powered orb of the Dreadknight - deep in the caverns beneath Minitz and Adria. The Party of Ritters had it hard as they escaped through the caves - narrowly escaping with their lives more than once. He was exhausted when he returned to Minitz aside Sir Wilhelm, Sir Peter, Sir Ludwig and Theoderic, and yet happy to be alive.
  5. Somewhere in the heartlands, a Bailiff frowned. “I made the right choice, I’m sure of it.” He quietly muttered to himself..
  6. Sir Ludolf flew into a rage at the news that his son was fell upon by the Adrians, toppling over his desk.
  7. James von Reinmar kept a watchful eye 'pon the Adrian roads before departing with the company northwards, intent to deliver justice.
  8. “It’s Trial, by the way.” Sir Ludolf mutters aloud as he forces a random peasant to lift.
  9. Sir Ludolf Barclay wrote Emir a little letter wishing his family the best. "Good on Emir, one shouldn't let the honor of his wife be brought into question." He'd muse.
  10. Sir Ludolf prayed for the integrity of the Pontiff-Elect. "May he remain stalwart in the face of anathema hostility."
  11. “An honourable man, he is - the Count of Pacidia.” Sir Ludolf mused, once.
  12. Sir Ludolf lowered his head in prayer for the Pontiff. "You were a true servant of GOD - a pillar of our faith."
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