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  1. Alfred rode out to a wayshrine, decorating St. Tylos of Kalden. He knelt before it in prayer, with a Ritter upon his flank. After silent moments of deliberation, the Duke rose to his feet, mumbling to the Ritter present. ".. And now - we await the consensus of the Clergymen, not the Laity."
  2. Alfred, the Prince of Sutica, looked over the declaration. His fingers tightened on the paper, before the man tucked it away into his desk. He offered a prompt glance out the window of his chambers, before flipping through a copy of the Grand Kanun of Minitz. After a moment - he'd closed it shut and put it away. "Hm.. Eh, whatever." He threw his shoulders up into a shrug, dozing off into a nap.
  3. Alfred received the letter, alongside the news of Karl's passing. He keeled over at his desk - slamming a hand & shattering a small jar of writing ink. He held himself there, for a moment. He hadn't seen Karl in years, decades even - and yet it still weighed upon his heart like a pile of bricks. The Duke finally took time to read over what he'd been sent - having recuperated aptly enough. "A gift.." He spelled, lips pressing into thin lines - veiling a slight smile at the commendations levied upon him. "I ought to fetch you a bust - in our Palace, for your service, godfather." Finally, he unlocked a chest that dwelled within the corners of his chambers, high in Kanunsberg. From which - he removed a small bottle of Godsflame. Alfred turned upon his heels and departed, hastily leaving the safety of Minitz's towering walls. The man sought to seclude himself within the Langkette, bringing himself as close to Arturix the Frank's camp as possible. By which point - he'd hurl the potion at the walls of the camp in the dead of night, and promptly withdraw down to home.
  4. Alfred furiously fumbled around his chambers - looking for a gift for his cousin..
  5. i cant believe they let you run a nation

    1. Crevel


      he went from a smart fella to a fart smella

    2. Gandhi


      im very good at this very very very very good you can trust me and i do NOT smell farts

  6. Alfred had his men stack his own personal collection of Carrion Black atop the walls of Kanunsberg.. If it was true - he'd need to be rid of it. He mulled over a final bottle.
  7. goodbye petsch - ur a real 1.
  8. Alfred prayed for his friend, and former liege - Aleksandr, same with his heir..
  9. Alfred Barclay rushes into Leon Barclay's chambers - waving a missive around and shouting wildly to his kinsman. "PEACE! PEACE O' FELLOW PRINCE LEON!" ( @BuilderBagel)
  10. Alfred tore down his awesome poster of Ivan Aleksandr with rage. "NOO!!!!! I. HATE. BASTARDS!" He screamed through the halls of Sankt Johannsburg.
  11. "Wer Rastet, Der Rostet." Echoed Leon's Counterpart, the Duke of Reinmar, Alfred.
  12. "Where is the stallion you all promised us decades ago!" Cried Alfred, falling to his knees with a big :( on his face.
  13. Alfred, the Prince of Sutica turned his eyes to Leon - gripping the missive in his hands. A slight grin fell upon his features, as he offered a nod to his counterpart. "We can only hope, Leon. Do not jump to a conclusion.. I assume this only means reconciliation with the Holy Mother Church."
  14. Gandhi


    "Yup, yup, yup - very cool." Alfred muttered, nodding proudly at Theodosia's work.
  15. Alfred dons his nice little hat under his circlet.
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