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  1. Alfred rejoiced from the confines of his own, isolated chambers.. His legacy, his tribe had been secured - and he returned to bed with a relieved huff.
  2. "The Orcs." Alfred told Ivan. "Wipe."
  3. Alfred recalled the man from his youth - one so who eagerly yearned for the Priesthood. GOD had seen it differently, in his eyes, and Alfred had connected with such a twist of fate. "A unifier of his people, same as Leon and I." - "I understand his plight. There aren't many of us left anymore, Ivan." He told the King of Haense, whilst on a hunt. @indiana105
  4. "The fruits of our labor are plentiful, this eve!" Alfred acclaimed with an elated grin. "Let our dynasty stand among Canondom for an eternity!"
  5. Alfred had spent his later years ruling over his people in the Ferdenwald - alongside his kin. But he hadn't yet forgotten where he had lived in his youth - Old Valdev. He smiled, talking idly to a retainer of his @Timer "O' dear cousin, I understand your plight - but take wisdom from my words, our tribes are stronger together."
  6. Alfred, Erwin's father grins with pure elation as his, and Siegmund's plans finally come to fruition.
  7. Over a pint of ale, with his retainer, Nikolaus , Alfred read the contents of the missive aloud. "For an innocent 'Lord Magister', it is very entertaining how proactive and quick they are in rebuking such a just cause, like uprooting darkspawn - is it not?" - "Innate bias against the Holy Mother Church, perhaps - or a futile attempt to defend friends." (@Timer)
  8. Alfred liked Caspian. He decided to attend - with a mention of it to a Ritter.
  9. EXPULSION OF THE VALITES Drafted by PRINCE ALFRED OF SUTICA Enshrined by THE GRAND REINMAREN MOOT In the year of our Lord 1974 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, Since its construction, the City of Kretzen has enjoyed unwavering prosperity, even amidst wartime. Few problems have presented themselves, none nearly as problematic as the actions of the outlander Valites, from south upon the settled isle. We, the Reinmaren have done our best to stay entirely separated from the affairs of these folk, and have been met with internal subversion. It is the tale of Stone that rings truest to us. He had come before Kretzen a weary traveler, and over the years settled in as a fair, blooded tribesman, named ‘Stein’. Within our wills, we had done our best to keep his mind clear of foreign, ill-fated heresies – though, unfortunately, was it not heresy to bring him down, but apostasy instead. He had rebuked the words of his brothers-in-arms, lying before the Chieftains, and GOD alike. It was the words of these perfidious folk to turn him from us, to turn him from our tribe. It is with this, that – verified by the Grand Reinmaren Moot, we seek to expel merchants, craftsmen, visitors, and all manner of men that are under the flag of the valeman – from our holding of Kretzen. If a Valite / outlander from the lands of Nevaehlen seeks entry - a letter, signed by either Prince Leon, Prince Alfred, or His Holiness, Caius I will be required at the gates. Anyone who fails to abide by the will of our sacred moot; will be subject entirely to the words of the Kanun, before the Lawspeaker in our Moothall. Let this bill, this declaration of the moot – be for the unified Reinmaren spirit, for those weakest among the tribe who fall to foreign subversion. They will not walk our streets, they will not sell and barter goods within our walls – they will not pollute the minds of our weakest. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, ALFRED, Prince in Reinmar and of Sutica, Duke of Reinmar, Count of Kretzen and Freimark, Baron of Madvon and Freising, Lord of Sankt Johannsburg, Neuburg, Wilheburg, Erwinsburg, Freiburg, and Rozenfeld, High Chieftain of the Reinmaren HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, LEON, Prince in Reinmar and of Minitz, Count of Neu Brandthof, Viscount of Tucay, Baron of Boriënwald, Lord of Durres, Chieftain of the Reinmaren, Warden of the Franklands and Ferdenwald HIS EXCELLENCY, GREGOR, Lawspeaker of Reinmar, Chefarzt of Reinmar, Ritter of the Order of Saint Tylos, Patriarch of House Stroheim, Baron of Langenkirch
  10. "This is good.." Alfred muttered to a courtier - reading over the declaration. King John had told him a saint day or two before, about the idea. "I put my faith in John and Catherine - that they won't entertain imperialist sentiments."
  12. Alfred, a Reinmaren Chieftain stood out atop a hill, which split the Ferdenwald from Haense's western border.. His cloak, looped tightly around his shoulders was battered by the wind. "I will not forget your words to me - Viktor."
  13. "i will now eat a crossbow bolt." alfred of sutica (real) said.
  14. Alfred, Prince in Reinmar files away his copy of the missive.. His gaze turns to his daughter. "Tell me, Juliya - what say you, about the Covenant?" He asked. "I think it carries with itself immense possibility - but ideally, will remain without our direct participation." @annabanana1014
  15. A RETURN TO TRADITION EINE RÜCKKEHR ZUR TRADITION | A RETURN TO TRADITION WARRIORS ASSEMBLY OF 1971 Issued by Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar In the year of our Lord 1971 ÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON REINMAR, FROM THIS DAY ONWARDS WE EMULATE OUR ANCESTORS, as in the times of antiquity did Reinmaren Chieftains gather their loyal Hird and Warriors alike to debate tactics, strategy, and future endeavors amid war. They stood under the same banner, as will we in our war against Ravenswood. As our ancestors did - we will lift the same spears, shed the same blood - and take the same rewards. It is with this - that the Reinmaren Chieftains, to further cooperation among the Host of St. Johann and the Order of St. Tylos - call both organizations to a unified Warriors Assembly. With this meeting, let there be no confusion among the ranks of Reinmaren as to the goals we seek to accomplish in this conflict. Tasks will be passed out - and duties will be delegated to those dutiful Reinmaren willing to take the mantle. It is paramount that not only the Host of St. Johann, and Order of St. Tylos show - but all those blooded tribesmen mandated for mobilization, to serve the Principality. A Reinmaren tribesman thereafter found to be in breach of the [1969 SUMMONING OF SPEARS] will be put to trial beneath the Grand Kanun at the hands of the Lawspeaker. If you are a Tribesman - or a burgher who has taken arms under our Royal Banner directly in this conflict; then you are invited to partake and voice your spirit. Though for burghers - it is asked that they speak secondarily to Theoderic’s blooded kin, the Reinmaren. Alongside this - the Princes of our fellow participants, Celia'nor and Koyo-Kuni are invited to bring their own parties to view our convention. We hope that this gathering will set the forefront for a further Warriors Assembly - only then amongst the entirety of our alliance. THE REINMAREN CONVENE. For a Warriors Assembly has been called - to be held in the year 1971. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, ALFRED, Prince in Reinmar and of Sutica, Duke of Reinmar, Count of Kretzen and Freimark, Baron of Madvon and Freising, Lord of Sankt Johannsburg, Neuburg, Wilheburg, Erwinsburg, Freiburg, and Rozenfeld, High Chieftain of the Reinmaren
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