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  1. [!] A poster is pinned to the noticeboard of the Tipsy Tree Tavern For the past two elven days I have been in search for a guide within the Mothergrove. As the Teacher Availability logbook grows shorter and shorter with each passing hour - I wish to nip it in the bud and claim my place as soon as possible. You should find me in the main square, the library or wreaking havoc in the streets of Elvenesse. - Gaehr'ee, an aspiring and hopeful student in the Druidic arts. discord : bloodshedchan#4742
  2. bloodshedchan


    Born just outside the glorious city of Amaethea, taking his first breaths in the forests. To be cradled for a little longer in the arms of his Mali'fenn mother, doing usual baby activities with a little more crying than usual. Without a true father and an education from only what his stepfather and mother taught him, he knew next to naught around Mali'ame culture. Never really being welcomed into any tribes as he never went into the city or spoke to others, learning only what he must as his folks did not have much time for him. Including that of the wild faith, the different types of folk arou
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