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  1. The nonchalant, and often dour Amelia Varoche lets a slight grin encroach onto her face, pleased a ball is coming to town. She sends a letter to one of her many fashion forward friends, requesting a dress.
  2. IL COMPLOTTO DELLA MOGLIE A play by A. P. Varoche Published in 1912 Semi-inspired by the story of Emigliana of Napoliza, Duchess of Adria CAST Paloma – The mistress of Salvatore, a bawdy woman dressed in scandalous and revealing clothing. Salvatore – Paloma’s lover and the husband of Anna. Tall, broad and handsome with dark hair. Anna – Salvatore’s wife, paranoid and driven to insanity by the actions of Salvatore. SETTING Set in late 1700s, early 1800s in a Providence-esque city somewhere in the heartlands. A vast, wild kingdom, our story follows a high-ranking noble, his wife driven to madness, and his mistress. ACT I | La Padrona ACT II | La Trama ACT III | L'omicidio
  3. Amelia quietly sends in an application for the Herbertine university; pursuing a double major in poetry and theatre.
  4. how do y'all rp for more than an hour...?? like once i get to 45 minutes of rp im pushing it and my eyes get tired

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. alexmagus


      20 minutes of rp, 6 hours of wandering randomly about the wilderness aimlessly

    3. Greehn


      20 minutes of rp, 6 hours of explaining to the vc why i'm a functional human being but just a little slow

    4. _Sheylo_


      20 minutes of rp, 6 hours of parkouring around whilst a wither away on the server that is LOTC.

  5. ! THIS IS AN OOC POST ! hey are you an adrian with a desire to be fashionable? a passion for fashion? well! do i have a deal for you... today (feb 20th 2023) i am hosting a skin raffle that ends on friday (feb 24th 2023) for all my lovely little adrians living in adria... in velec. but wait! there's a catch, your persona must be actively roleplaying in adria or have a house in adria or be an adrian citizen (i will check and know if you've roleplayed in adria before. trust me). "oh wow erin why are you doing this you're so kind" omg haha thanks... well loyal citizen of adria i am doing this to give back to the adrian community or something. adria has offered really fun rp for me and i'd like to see it thrive in the future, at least for another year -- so this is my way of giving back to the community (the only way i know how tbh). "oh ok cool but how do i enter" oh my god i'm sooo glad you asked... well, simply follow these easy steps!! :D proof you live/rp in adria (a screenshot of your home with your name on a sign, a screenshot of you actively roleplaying in adria, or something else that signifies you've roleplayed in adria) your minecraft ign your ADRIAN characters name (optional) your discord IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE PROOF THAT YOU RP IN ADRIA I AM TAKING YOU OFF THE RAFFLE LIST!!!!!!! BE WARNED !!!! "but how do we know if we want your skins erin???" oh wow! i almost forgot about that :D well one its FREE, but if you're not amused by the idea of a FREE SKIN FOR FREE then here are some recent skins i've done for amelia look how decadent she is... :) IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR IF I MISSED ANYTHING LET ME KNOW AND I WILL CLARIFY!!! oh also if u want a better chance at winning this u can pay me five mina and i'll add ur name once more to the spinny wheel... u can only do this 3 times tho..
  6. "They let a woman on the team! How feminist of them..." Amelia sarcastically replied to herself, not really aware of what Folkball was.
  7. After saying her daily prayers in her room, Amelia read the missive - a brow quirking as she decoded each fancy archaeology term with her trusted dictionary. She gave a firm nod in affirmation, carefully folding the report into a square and placing it in a box.
  8. wait crumena isn't a woman???
  9. when is aauns communist revolution??
  10. oh ymg vod please stop revolutionizing skinning i can barely keep up with the new style of human skins.... i cant keep doing this guys pleas....e.... (this is actually rlly cool and i like it!! it'd be nice if i could wrap my head around modeling)
  11. The winds screamed on this particular night as a lone wanderer stopped in a tavern on her way to the Duchy of Adria. She plucked a wine glass - half full - from a table. Her cheeks painted a muted red to complement her sun kissed skin, her prominent black mole still there after all these years. The Fortunate spoke to a messenger boy, demanding he inform the Adrians of her arrival. He refused at first, and - unfortunately - the Fortunate had to pay him a hefty fee of fifty mina. As the sun rose over the purple, star splattered sky the messenger came running into Adria. “The Fortunate is coming! The Fortunate is coming!” He screeched, his voice hoarse after a good few minutes of screeching. The boy hung a poster up, stating when she would come. THE FORTUNATE COMES TO TOWN After several decades of absence due to a number of unfortunate series of events, Francesca the Fortunate has found her way back to Almaris. She arrives in one saint’s week from tomorrow, providing fortunes to every Adrian searching for their future. For a small fee of five mina, any Adrian wishing to know their future will be told what will happen to them. All proceeds earned from this event will be gifted back to the Adrian people at the end of the saint’s day.
  12. Strolling through Old Vienne, Amelia notices that the tavern is open. She decides to become an alcoholic, just as any good Illatian would.
  13. freja look at me... this isn't u...

  14. LITTLE ILLATIA: AMELIA VAROCHE’S DIARY plz don’t metagame D: 2nd of the Sun’s smile, 1906 To-Do List Study Raev Write a Letter back to the Duchess Austina Meet Alia Lorina was attacked yesterday by some man. He was screaming about poisonous berries. I was so mad I let him have a piece of my mind… I feel bad about yelling at him, Lorina wasn’t too mad about it. I still haven’t met ‘Alia’, I’m starting to think she’s not real. I wish my mother didn’t die, I wish she was still here with us, braiding my hair or teaching Lorina the proper way to be a lady (Lorina’s actually really good at being ‘proper’). I don’t remember much of what she looks like, but I can remember her voice. It was sweet, and lilting– when she was sick it was coarse and almost oily. She was interrupted by coughs between every sentence. I can barely remember her eyes, the shape of her nose, her hair color… Am I a bad daughter? Do I not pay enough attention? If she was here, everything would be so much easier. There was another attack on Adria just last month. Some wizard-mage-witch crept out of the woods and fell unconscious. Something was in the sky– it’s hard to tell what it was. I can’t remember, really. It flew around in the sky for a while, Jan and a soldier tried killing it… It didn’t really work. But I remember some four beings descended from the sky called out four names. Suzana and Kzenia Sarkozic were called out, I know that for sure. The witch-mage-wizard woke up and they debated killing it. “Don’t kill it! He has answers!” “Kill him! He’s Iblees-spawn!” “Don’t kill him or you’ll kill us all!”. I think the mage unleashed the spirits in the sky… It was horrifying. I’m worried for the two Sarkozic sisters, I think they’re both under ten. Why would a Demon want two girls under the age of ten? They’ve not committed any sins, they’re too young to truly do anything. I pray they’ll make it out of this alive. The Duchess Austina wrote me back (I wrote her a letter, asking to be a lady-in-waiting)! If it wasn’t for the looming threat over Adria, I’d be jumping for joy. She recommended we meet for lunch some day, and that I’d be a great candidate to be a lady-in-waiting. I still have to write her back, though. I’m unsure of when I can write her back, however– Adria hasn’t any writing paper (odd) and the only place that does is Old Vienne. I don’t really want to travel through the Witches Woods to get a piece of paper, though. It’s a bit intimidating to do that right now.
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