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  1. look im in this screenshot very quite late to this but i wish you the best lion. even if at times you and i had conflicting morals, you always had a good heart; i cherished the communities you made, savoy, oren, oshima. even if we weren't as close as i would've liked, you were one of the few people willing to defend my tomfoolery and utter bitchery; for which i respect u lots for. i hope that, in time, i'll be able to look back and think "lion would be proud of where i am now :)". stay safe lion, go where the wind takes you !
  2. ya i did do that lol. i won't deny my history of being a ***** to people on this server. i owned up to my mistakes. i say what i think in the moment. i don't have a filter. but i dont see why u would critique me having a username (missannedrey) when if i recall correctly another player had a username like massagenist (a play on the word misogynist) without bringing that up. if u want to believe that is harming men on the server than i dont see why you wouldn't bring the other username up and while i don't know the whole story behind said players username, again it doesn't make sense to me to bring this up. also another few things) 1, why is everyone taking the first few lines so seriously i was joking 2. heres the screenshot with said player that many of u so desperately did not think was real thank u bye xx
  3. Hi. I’ve recently quit from LoTc, and it’s been one of the best things to happen to me. I feel freer, happier, nicer, kinder, sexier, beautifuler, my skin has cleared up, I now have 1200 in savings. My life is very good right now. Perfect, one might even say. Yet, every so often I find myself reminiscing on nights in the summer of 2020, when we’d stay up until 4am fighting against a raid, or romanticizing the Orenian and Haeseni courts– how to make them better, how to make them more fun. But I also remember the absolute loads of manure me and old friends would endure for many reasons. I remember one specific instance with a player who will not be named. For those of you who don’t know I’m a trans girl, and I was talking about being trans in the Oren discord in the summer months of 2020. Out of the blue I got a DM from this player calling me “secretly a man”. I, like any other good willed transsexual, sent a screenshot and video to a now quit moderator (in the discord and on LOTC). I wasn’t really met with anything other than “Oh :( that sucks :(“ and him possibly being kicked if player #1 did it again. I’ve also heard and seen many experiences of racism against my friends; and while I’m not qualified to speak on these experiences– as they weren’t mine– it does pose the question, why does LOTC allow this to happen? Why can these people get off scot free? Why don’t we take it more seriously? Why is this server so horrible to members of the LGBTQ+ community and to POC? I, and my old friends, have experienced a horrifying number of incidents similar to the one I’ve shared. Whether it’s being called the t slur, the f slur, some nasty– yet creative– unkind words. For a server who so desperately wants to seem woke and a “safe space”, you don’t do a good job at it. For those of you about to type a lovely little paragraph or 10 about how “lotc is open to everyone and you just want to be woke and none of these things ever happen!” or whatever, one I implore you to think about why you believe that and two, if you’re still really feeling that way you’re allowed to feel that way. I can’t change that, and I won’t argue with you about how these things really happen. To moderators and admins who truly do want to make a change regarding the issue of transphobia, homophobia and racism on lotc, I want to know why these issues (in my experience) have often led to a slap on the wrist or an apology from someone who doesn’t really mean it. I think this was long overdue. I didn’t want to write this for a long period of time because frankly, I believed moderation and administration just didn’t care that much. But it’s something that I know many people– trans, gay, black, indigenous, etc, have experienced on this god-forbidden game. I’m not expecting a nice conversation in regards to this, so that’s why I’m not going to respond to this that much- if at all. My mental health is already spiraling and I don’t need it to spiral any further. With my love, ydegirl
  4. always remember this server is a festering place for incels

    1. ydegirl


      like lotc harbors a culture of racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc, and when the mods don't really do anything about it you start to remember why people quit the server in the first place

  5. GREED + LUST A Thesis on selfishness in three acts Penned by Sister Helen Published 1879 CAST Michael – An old, selfish merchant. Witty and often sarcastic and unserious. Alessandra - Michaels wife, worrying, pious and devout to Michael. Often warns him of his selfishness and what trouble it could cause. Esmeralda – A beautiful young witch clad in extravagant robes– she offers Michael immortality, only for him to turn into a ghoul. ACT I ACT II ACT III
  6. ROLEPLAY - Rp Name: Clodagh Age: 19 Role Interested In: Scholar Classes Interested in(For Students): Arcane Theory/Basics, Magical Creatures Reason for wanting to join the Academy?: I'm interested in joining the Arcanic Celian Academy to further my (little) knowledge on Magical Creatures. I dream of becoming a magical zoologist, one day- and I believe that here is the best place to begin. Yours truly, Clodagh. OOC - MC Name: ydegirl Discord: naiad#5403 Time Zone: EST (Detroit, Michigan)
  7. A young blonde Waldenian rushes the missive to her mistress, Mathilde ( @slattador ) "Look, Missus Mathilde!" She exclaimed, shoving the missive into the woman's pale face.
  8. nub wae son or orc hating dwarf daughter

  9. never had a hamster but we had a bird that we were taking care of (it wasn't anyones pet bird it was just halloween and dying) so the cat ate it lol
  10. slay slem with yaass hair and pronouns

  11. The tow-colored countess does not roll in her grave. Rather, she decides to haunt Conrad from the depths of the eternal infierno she lived in.
  12. whats a hot lotc take y'all have

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    2. Traveller


      doing nothing but endless cycle of tavern -> ball -> court rp is boring and CAs like kha/wonk/musin are underrated and it'd be cool and they would been seen more highly if they had their own communities like how elves have cnor, humans have oren/haense etc, but this obv wont happen bc they arent popular/played enough.

    3. tasty_cheesecake


      we somehow have some of the stupidest yet most competent sets of mods rn. this speaks more to how insidious and evil prev sets of mods were.

    4. amyselia


      this game is about narratives. taking rp even a little serious ooc'ly is a huge waste of time/energy/emotion that could be spent on building new narratives when shit happens instead of hitching a fit

  13. omg u should join mi halfling family the shortheads!
  14. how do u rp so good + what tips would u give to ppl looking to expand their rp emotes?
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