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  1. { Art by Biegeltoren for Haelun'or} On Elheial'lauriran of Haelun'or An announcement to the Silver State of Haelun'or As Issued from the Most Blessed, Maheral Elesia Elervathar 10th of The First Seed, Year 60 of the Second Age An epoch to lay the foundations of permanent progress. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! You are the chosen one, child. Blessed by Larihei’s realisation of the nature of the State and our inherited Nature, I will guide you into the future. A completed century will only be the start. Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar Our humble and peaceful domain, of stone, of spruce and untrampled earth. Let all doubt in the unadulterated Silver State perish. Our eternal quest as Mali’aheral of Haelun’or remains to adhere to the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Over a millennia, the modern age has introduced new troubles to our Citadel and our most recent battle is to regulate the system. Maheral Elesia Elervathar reintroduces elheial’lauriran — a council consisting of the most esteemed members of our society, capable of aiding the Maheral on all matters regarding cultural affairs. In addition to Lauriran, all Malauriran of the Motherland are invited to partake in discussions, considering the nature of these issues. ELHEIAL'LAURIRAN OF HAELUN'OR Subject to alterations, per the requirements of the Silver State of Haelun'or Maheral Elesia Elervathar Usamea An'asul Aiera Sullas Alfér Elibar'acal Anethra Uradir Seth Calith "Rise, rise, rise... ...maehr'sae hiylun'ehya will unleash our full potential." The Blessed Child, Maheral Elesia Elervathar MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  2. { Art by Pengzhen Zhang } The Elervathar Talonnii Act An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from the Most Blessed, Maheral Elesia Elervathar 20th of The Deep Cold, Year 59 of the Second Age Our bloodlines are sacred, for centuries families notable and nought had their histories etched into the Bloodline Archives. We have all been blinded in egalitarianism for a while now, feigned belief that Mali’aheral are bound to superiority. Yet, we have witnessed moments of chaos, when our motherland was tainted and not all our kin battled. And so, to record and celebrate our most revered bloodlines, to grant privileges and benefits to those who prove their allegiance to their ancestors and furthermore, the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, the Talonnii system is to be established, anew. Our humble and peaceful domain, of stone, of spruce and untrampled earth. In spite of its sheer opulence and enthralling splendour, the Silver State is in a never-ending construction and will always harbour more room for evolution and progress. To ensure the continuance of a functioning and stable Silver State, and to correct the corruptive and degenerative nature of former structures, a new rule of law, with statutes to uphold and protect. A system developed centuries ago, which has proven its potency and power in practical tests alone, now to be reassembled in this document. THE DEFINITION OF A TALONNII ARTICLE 1. An elder bloodline of Haelun’or, inhabiting the Silver State for, at least, twenty-five years & contributing to the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya via leadership or preeminent service. ARTICLE 2. An elder bloodline of Haelun’or with unaltered and valid proof of unblemished blood-line, in regards to our ancient tales, which has been documented in the Bloodline Archives. ARTICLE 3. An elder bloodline of Haelun’or that consists of FOUR members who reside and contribute to the Silver State, except in odd cases in accordance with the Maheral. ARTICLE 4. Each bloodline of Haelun’or must have a Matriarch or Patriarch, known as Laurir. Laurir are bound to their responsibilities, each ascension inherited via absolute primogeniture. Once a bloodline garners this title, the eldest mali’thill of the kin is granted the role. ARTICLE 5. The Maheral of the Silver State of Haelun’or can install a bloodline in official proclamation, and each edict must be recorded in the archives of the Silver Council. THE PRIVILEGES OF A TALONNII ARTICLE 6. A Talonnii is granted special consideration regarding integral institutions of the Silver State. ARTICLE 7. A Talonnii laurir is granted a seat on elheial’lauriran, the Council of Nobles. ARTICLE 8. A Talonnii member is allowed to advise on laws and reforms of the Council of Haelun’or. THE DESTRUCTION OF A TALONNII ARTICLE 9. A Talonnii can be erased from the Bloodline Archives if there are no members remaining within the Silver State of Haelun’or, for a period of twenty-five years. ARTICLE 10. A Talonnii can be erased from the Bloodline Archives if a trial has been conducted, deeming the bloodline and all its kin impure.. ARTICLE 11. The Maheral can erase a bloodline in official proclamation, and regrant the title if the bloodline chooses to appeal the decision, in centuries to come. "Blessed be our Silver Sect... ...who works for the betterment of our race and the venerated maehr'sae hiylun'ehya." The Blessed Child, Maheral Elesia Elervathar MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA
  3. Alas, the King shall rise… 

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  5. { Art by Yalun } On the Rebirth of Haelun'or An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or As Issued from the Most Blessed, Maheral Elesia Elervathar 11th of The Deep Cold, Year 56 of the Second Age At the beginning of Haelun’or, our Citadel arose from dirt and debris — guided in the footsteps of our ancestors and most blessed bloodlines — to create our home, our refuge from the monsters of the realm, our blessed bastion of knowledge, progress and health. Our first Maheral, our Haelun, instilled in us the ideals of a perfect nation. Our second Maheral taught us the importance of intelligence. Our third Maheral guided us with unmatched wisdom, creating a settlement in which the meritorious arose. Maheral Uradir reminded us to upkeep our bastion, we must fight for it. I ascended to the position of Maheral in a different time to our predecessors, a time when Haelun’or had fallen to corruption, stagnation and quotidian threats — when consequence fractured our people into factions all over the realm. Our efforts in the Silver State of Haelun’or have been to unite and reconstruct a sense of allegiance to the motherland, an unwavering understanding of our culture and ancient traditions. Now, our diligent quest is to rebuild a harmonious state for the mali’aheral, an ambition to overcome the inherent issues of the past. Mali’thill continue to return home, to find peace, progress and health. Unity, as is purity, is disrupted when infidelity and tormenting weakness prompts derelict and unfounded peace in contrast to principle and ethic. Mali’aheral have found progress at the disposal of wrong ideals and weak-minded individuals, building a coalition of principled pursuits, rejecting the destructive voices of impure dissent which the different factions of the realm had sown. While the Maheral simply is, as Malaurir Lucion Sullas once said, the Maheral is more important than her mortal presence. Mali’thill are bound to preach progress and health. Maheral Elesia Elervathar, the Dove, is now the cornerstone in a castle that has fallen to ruin, vehement on the reconstruction of our home, a reunification of our people, which will take centuries. As rats in a fully stocked pantry, or bees amidst a field of blossoming flowers, this time of uncertainty and confusion allowed agents of chaos to enact revenge, planting their seeds of corruption amongst our innocent citizenry. It was in this chaos that we, the purest Mali’thill, lost our composure and our Blessed Silver State. At the time of Fi’halen, our kin often said lomian’onn, meaning from fragments, a proverb to return to in these troubled times. Malauriran, Heial’thilln, Heial’lauriran and the different bodies of the Silver State will continue to upkeep our motherland and protect our hearts, which beat in defiance to corruption — at any cost. And so, we must weep, to the death of our allies and the united Haelun’or which forfeited with her downfall. After centuries of chaos, all factions of the Blessed Bastion of Silver must find an equal objective, to return their attention towards progress and health, to reign superior as the motherland has done for millennia. “Rise - rise - rise… …maehr’sae hiylun’ehya will unleash our full potential.” The Blessed Child, Elesia Elervathar MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
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    "Claimant to Haelun'or— rightful heir, at that. No rightful leader should create their path amidst bodies. Haelun'or is ours indeed, to defend and uphold." The Blessed Child, Elesia Elervathar, confessed to the glass of red-wine at her side. A silent, overbearing and colossal presence settled beside her — the Maheral heard the Citadel groan and sigh, mumbling her profound heartache in time with her own quiet sobbing. And for the first time, she understood their cries. "At once, let me gather with them." Usamea An'asul had been summoned, granted the quest to deliver a message.
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  9. An Elervathar Contribution To the Silver State of Haelun’or 7th of The First Seed, Year 55 of the Second Age [ Art by Andreas Rocha ] “Another sun onto Haelun’or…” Elesia Elervathar had bound herself to old tradition, a tall glass of wine held at the tip of her fingers, swirling the crimson liquid around it anxiously. Her mind wandered between the table and the door behind her, unable to conceal each twitch or tremble. Alcohol couldn’t ease her thoughts, the chatter from the Citadel bringing her great discomfort. “We return to the Silver State.” Her retort eager, aimed to convince herself more than others. There was a moment of mute thought, as she attempted to regain the wisdom of her grandfather Iatrilemar Elervathar, the confidence of her mother Iaria and the fervor of her father Dimaethor Elervathar. A promised successor, alone. “ — And for centuries, the Elervathar talonnii have reigned superior as bastions of knowledge and progress for the Citadel and its children. On this morning, to commemorate the return of an incredible lineage, the Elervathar grant Haelun’or ancient relics from centuries past. We, children of Larihei, do not adhere to the lessers’ sword and shield...” Elesia had embarked on maddened ramblings, as though all the unanswered questions of the past within her mind ached — the Elervathar carried nostalgic demeanour as often as she carried her mother’s habitual arrogance, ocean-blue orbs squinted at the sunrise that beamed onto her with radiant warmth. “As the sun rises above the Silver State once again, it is clear to me that an impressive fate or destiny perpetually awaits us, and we have reached a turning point for progression and health within the walls of our Citadel. We are not meant to live idly, we are not meant to settle and to live in peace, at least in our current state.” Other dreaded recollections appear and fade, not for the first time. As she wandered the depths of her own meddled thoughts, she harboured hopeful ideals centuries-old. “Long have the children of Larihei become accustomed to fear, daring not venture past the conventional truth of our mortal realm. And now, we refuse to settle within hollow actions or unavailing projections of what is pure. We welcome a new era of progress, education and health.” Elesia granted the room a final digestive observation, soft countenance creased into a weak grin that tugged at the corners of her mouth. Another call, to the cat that followed her. “Come along. We’ve quite the trip.” “ — And so, the Elervathar return to Haelun’or with an incomparable donation of five-thousand minae, incalculable relics of forgotten times and knowledge from all continents and realms, tomes and parchments centuries old. Ay'Haelun'or.” MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA The Blessed Child, Elesia Elervathar
  10. "Another sun onto Haelun'or..." The Elervathar bound herself to overwhelming nostalgic feeling, pleading beneath a hushed breath. Her demeanour had changed as the seasons did too, a hopeful mission twisted into tales of monsters and madness.
  11. Don’t blame the victims. We cannot, in good faith, develop and implement clauses against members of the server our staff is obligated to protect and safeguard from perpetrators. At the moment we create an obstacle for the victims, for the sake of predators, we have made an irreversible mistake. It’s time to be held accountable & make a change.
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