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  1. [Builder] Zarsies Submits To A S/M Relationship

    Stop taking our jobs! +1
  2. pink dictator wants the green badge of the lore

    Very knowledgeable member of our community. Has my full support, always. +1
  3. The Order of Xion

    A skeletal figure awakened from restless slumber, cadaverous expression remaining within the obscurity of the worn setting it reside within. Narcoleptic saunter aided a sluggish path, digits merely running over each crack in the damaged walls as it began to mutter. "Lest we forget the idiocy of our past kin. Mortalkind shall stand steadfast. Where broken Men shall learn. Nonetheless, this wretched realm continues to become more corrupt by Man and these will meet the grand reckoning of the Order. Fear the Old Dark." Beneath one final breath, "I have returned."
  4. ET Update Log - February

  5. Minecraft name: ImCookiie Discord: ImCookiie#0001 Time zone: GMT Describe your knowledge on the descendant races: Humans, the largest player-base on LotC at the moment, have few sub-races which span their location all across the map. Heartlanders, Highlanders, Adunian & Farfolk. Although they only live until 150 years old, humans tend to be the race that create and separate into vastly different cultures and settlements. The different sub-races will separate into kingdoms, settlements and carry on distinct beliefs and rule systems within them. Elves, likely the second most active player base, will span between three main (+ one additional) sub-races, those being Wood Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves & Snow Elves. Although the different races hold vastly different cultures also, they all share similar aspects. Elves will live much longer than other races, sometimes until 1000 years old. These sub-races will hold different faiths and beliefs that are furthered once within the community. Dwarves, reside within great cities often built into mountains, due to their passion of mining and are separated into four sub-races. Cave Dwarves, Mountain Dwarves, Forest Dwarves & Dark Dwarves reign the community within different clans, though often share the same religions and beliefs. They are set apart by their stature, being that dwarves only reach a maximum of 5 feet. Orcs, the fourth descendant race, are categorized into three sub-races, though all hold similar beliefs and are not as culturally varying as the other races. Descendants of Krug, the Uruks, Goblins and Ologs often reside within the capitol and are identified by their large stature, and heavy structures. Most orcs will weigh up to 400lbs or more, and will be significantly taller than a human male. Alongside other races, they hold their own language, “Blah”. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe relevant: I understand other races, such as Kharajyr, Halflings, Hou-Zi & Creatures (Construct, Spectral or Undead) in varying levels of knowledge, though a great part of LotC is magic, be it Arcane Magic, Deity Magic or Dark Magic. Although it may not be essential to the application process, new players will question those once on the server. Druidism, for example, a large community of magic holders will likely stand out to Wood Elves when they first join the server. This magic consists of the communion and control of nature, alongside its upkeep under the deity of three Aspects. Members who become Druids, will lead a Dedicancy before attunement where then, they can begin to learn the four types of magic available within the community; Nature’s Communion, Control Of Nature, Blight Healing, Nature’s Healing. Druidic Magic will also allow the most connected to nature to become shapeshifters. Alongside magic knowledge, an example of race knowledge would be the Kharajyr. This race separates into four sub-races. Kha’Leparda, Kha’Cheetrah, Kha’Pantera, Kha’Tigrasi all hold their own common language, which can be introduced into roleplay alongside IRL tongue. These spiritual creatures can often be found within dense forests, covered in fur in which its colour is dependent on the sub-race. Their structures will also vary, though they all share similarities between humans and felines. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team: I have held an interest for the Application Team for a long time, and I believe now to be the best time to apply since I have time to do so, and the drive to aid new players. I believe there are great members within the team, and would enjoy being a part of it. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications: OOC Chat, WS Chat, Help Chat are all items built-in to the server that can be used to help new players. Although, I believe AT members should make themselves available to help new players through the application progress, and after it also, should they require it. Entering LotC can be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t experienced roleplay before, so a new player should feel comfortable reaching out to an AT, be it on the forums, Discord or w/e. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made: There’s a lot of information that isn’t mentioned, or merely glazed over within the application progress that I believe would benefit new players, or even returning ones. An updated, simple guide on where, and who to go to once on the server would benefit everyone immensely, providing more activity to settlements and giving new players a sense of community as soon as they joined the server. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed: I’m a good boy. Tell a joke: What do you call a pile of kittens? . . A meow-ntain.
  6. [[ Art by the amazing, Megatruh ]] 9th of the First Seed, 1653 A bright, bellowing fire crackled within an otherwise silent scene, few figures presenting themselves around the radiant gleam of orange gradient. The shadows cast by the flames danced and distorted upon the landscape for a moment, as daylight began to dim over the immense mountains that enclosed all beings within the now darkened scene. As light faded, an array of vibrant colours painted the sky –– each stroke revealing a soft, pale array of crystal-like creatures above the group, whilst they began mutter inconversable speech under shaky breaths. An unusual sound that began as a cluttered hum of varying noises roared loudly within the setting as it grew louder. Hurried footsteps ran through the overgrown scene, towards the group surrounding the ever-growing source of light, and warmth. A childish voice began to mutter, most words incomprehensible. “H- Haelun. I wrote a letter.” Her being straightened its posture, a soft smile creasing childish features. The child remain silent for a moment, allowing the scene to return its previous serenity, before clearing her throat and reading from the neatly folded parchment aloud. Her tone was soft, honest though it would crack often times –– crystal-clear tears forming in the eyes of the mali’ame toddler. It would read, I cannot find you, though I attempt to every single day I awake. I cannot find you, though it seems I am the only one searching. Dearest Haelun, should this ever reach you, I beg that you return home for as I cannot breathe or live when you are not near. I understand that you required some time away, even if meant away from your family. Perhaps I don’t understand, yet I pretend to when I am told it must be this way. I wonder why you did not warn me of your time away, Haelun, though everyone continues to tell me you had no time. No time. You promised me all your time, should I ever require such, and I do now. I promise I do, if it will make you return home. I only wish for one more touch, one more kiss before you leave again, if you truly must do so. I have grown emptier, searching for what I cannot achieve. My family has been torn from me and those who I wish to aid me, do not. Perhaps they wish to only benefit themselves within their actions, and I am foolish to believe such poetic lies. They question my anger, my fear but I only wish to be held by you, once more. Will I ever find out where you truly went, Haelun? Kae Nae mayile, Velanna An undying, frantic admiration locked upon the canopy of luminous stars for a few moments. Anew, the child would clear her throat, raising closed fists to rub her darkened visage, sluggish saunter furthered towards the unresponsive audience –– mellow roars echoing within the grand structures as the flames rose once again, drumming against the broken soil rhythmically.
  7. trial gm app

  8. [Denied]Boomboxdoom23's World Dev Application

    I agree with some of the aspects you mentioned on the application, though this is incredibly bland and not having any examples of previous work is likely not the best decision for an application to enter such an important team that aids server-wide progression. -1 for now.
  9. Nice to Meet you!

    Welcome to the server! Glad to have you aboard. What race have you picked for your first character?
  10. Declaration of Summit

    "Only time shall tell what comes of this." An 'aheral commented, reading the missive fully before returning to her home.
  11. Departure of the Maheral

    "The moment our kin begin to depart from their own lands, is the moment this nation will crumble once and for all. How many more?" A darkened voice echoed in its solemn chambers, skeletal digits procuring the walls that enclosed the being within. Her speech was slow, almost chanted. "Will it take the departure of an entire population, to finally allow some sight of the destruction we cause to our own?"
  12. Show Your Pet Thread

  13. Time to step down

    You've done a great job as as Admin, and I congratulate you on all your hard work. Maxu, Paleo, thank you & good luck buddy.
  14. Veist's Lore Team Application

    I could not support him and his endeavours more, even if I tried. I have known Veist for a long time, and he has continuously proved that he more than capable of being a staff member, and a guide to the server's current and upcoming lore. He has the capability to remain unbiased, level-headed and focused whilst providing great creativity to all he does. He also has incredible knowledge of the server and its community as a whole, which is a plus. +1 forever and ever.
  15. Tahmas' Post-Cleanup MT Application

    Despite our disagreements in the past, I believe he has great worth ethic and the creativity for this role. +1