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  1. Put me in coach, I'll shoot to kill when I ban

  2. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ Greetings, friends. The Moderation Team is going to be reviewing applications, in the next two weeks. As COVID restrictions decrease & most of us return to habitual professional or educational routines, we are looking out for members that can accommodate to most time-zones. We are excited to introduce new (or returning) members to our roster, amidst an important renewal of our objectives, direction & mission. Alongside our most recent announcement, a Moderation Team Staff Guide is going to be published, with the intent to share our quotidian duties and responsibilities as members. We encourage all applicants to chat with us— to provide feedback, share suggestions or find us for a casual chit-chat. You can reach out to all members of the Moderation Team, for more information regarding applications. Change is inbound. Let's keep the conversation going. { https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/56-moderation-staff-application/ } Thanks! — ImCookiie
  3. ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ MODERATION TEAM The Moderation Team is responsible for quotidian duties regarding in-game management, up-keep of the server-forums and overwatch of server-discords. Our core duties include in-game tickets, conflict resolution and mediation of public and private reports. We are advocates for open and honest communication, but heed to the server-rules in mitigation and/or consequence. STRUCTURE The Moderation Team is enlisted with equal duties, regardless of its structure. At that, there are six (6) positions within the team that are accompanied in training and/or promotion procedures. ➢ In-Training members are new additions to the team, who are undergoing intensive training sessions during their first month on the Moderation Team roster. ➢ Moderation Team members have completed their training and are established participants in conflict-resolution and other topics unavailable to new(er) members. ➢ Moderation Team Secretary is a role dedicated to maintaining diaries and planification of meetings, producing agendas and taking minutes. ➢ Moderation Team Trainers are responsible for the introduction and training of new members, providing them with near-constant support and advice during their trial-month. ➢ Moderation Team Managers are responsible for direct aid to the Moderation Administrator, ensuring quotidian operations of the team are heeding to standards set in protocol. ➢ Moderation Team Administrator is responsible for the entire team and its status, maintaining open communication between the team and the remainder of Administration. The Moderation Team Administrator is also accountable for the general oversight of all team members and their respective projects, promoting completion within allocated time-frames. FOCUS GROUPS The Moderation Team does not include active focus-groups in our duties, focusing instead on projects that include project-leads and project-members. Our responsibilities are divided into three (3) main categories that encompass general-policies, conflict-management and in-game moderation. All Moderation Team members are capable of assisting with all of these, but are encouraged to participate in the sects most appealing to them. Our current projects can be found in the most recent Moderation Team update, published at each major update-log. ➢ For feedback, feel free to contact the current Moderation Team Administrator. APPLICABLE SKILLS ➢ Communication ➢ Problem Solving ➢ Attention to Detail ➢ Time Management ➢ Strategic Thinking APPLICATION LINK(S) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/56-moderation-staff-application/
  4. We hadn't even met in person, and still, the pain is just as inconsolable. You won't be forgotten, Garg.
  5. We're going to be reviewing applications, in the next few weeks. Apply now!

  6. { Art by Sandara } THE FISH AND THE FISHERMAN The short-lived tale of the Tresery that became a fisherman, in a day. Laedrad is a creature prone to mishap and troublesome ventures. If he was faced with a challenge— or the prospect of leaving the comfort of his bed on a cold morning— he’d find the bright-side, amidst low grumblings that exuded the moody 'Ame. The young Tresery had a quest to embark on, at the crack of a chilly autumn morning; preparing a small satchel of belongings that included a hand-crafted spear, a notebook, a meal and a spare set of garments. He departed into the grand forests that surrounded the Citadel at the first sign of sun-rise, surveying various rivers and lakes that he saw, to find the optimal location for his next adventure. Once he had arrived at a desired location, Laedrad descended onto the grass with a soft huff— golden-orbs surveying the calm motions of water that crashed against the shore; unpacking the leather-pouch to reveal the notebook which held previous teachings he had jotted down, and prepared to face a mortal enemy — drowning. There was no movement in the shallow depths of the silent-lake, apart from the random splashes of cold water produced by pebbles, or the soft whistles of wind against the trees. Laedrad waited patiently for a potential catch, regarding each odd movement in the water with the eyes of a predator. At the first sight of a fish— or what could have been— the Elf cried out to the sky, and tumbled towards the clearing of water. He grasped and grappled whatever he found beneath him with inelegance in his movements, sending immense amounts of cold, cold water above him. He had done it. The Tresery had begun his quest and successfully caught something, albeit it was not what he had set out to hunt. Once the drenched Elf stopped, he found that in his hands lay a fallen branch from a nearby tree and the fish that had startled him, simply stared at him from afar. “Don’t mock me, sardine. I haven’t done this before.” Laedrad commented aloud, an evident scowl manifesting upon his countenance. He growled loudly, raising his arm above his head in a valiant attempt to toss the wooden-stick at the soon-to-be seafood. Albeit when he thrusted his arm forth, the branch slammed forcefully against the back of his head. The Elf yelped abruptly, falling into the near-freezing pond. He trembled greatly, gasping for air once he had returned to his feet— the spare garments in his satchel finding a purpose, rather quickly. Few fish gathered around the Elf once the scene had returned to its calm state, and chose to create intricate paths around the immobile Tresery. He watched their movements carefully, akin to a battle where he studied their next attack; although he was not prey, this time. Laedrad found the spear he had constructed days prior to prove useful for such a quest. “I am one with the fish.” He meditated, ivory-teeth chattering against each other. Laedrad found comfort in their fluid motions, thin fingers replicating the movements above the water. He inhaled sharply, dipping his right arm into the water; he’d wait until the fish found themselves nearest and try to gently grasp their small beings at the tail. There were a multitude of unsuccessful attempts to catch the crimson-fish. Each time he’d thrust the head of the wooden-spear into the water, it’d crash in thunderous audio, frightening any living being that roamed around the Elf. He continued to study their movements, inhaling sharply at the sight of a valiant fish; thrusting the spear into the water again, in such forceful manner that it’d nearly attack his own foot. He spent hours trying to hunt a single fish— if he wished to return home and feast on it— until he became so tired, he could barely hold pointed-weapon. It was then he realised that he could not chase the fish in their habitat; his plan had suddenly become to wait patiently until a fish found itself amidst calm waters. The Elf then practiced control over the wooden-spear, piercing the water with enough strength to pierce the body of a fish, but not his own. “Again. Again. Again." The Sun began to fall over the horizon before Laedrad had caught his first fish. After hours of practice of his grip against the spear— the thrust that led into it the water and his militant stance— Laedrad had done it. He had successfully pierced unsuspecting prey through the quiet waves of the lake; tossing it to the shore. The Elf waited for the chaotic scene to fall silent again, and continued his quest. Once he had caught each of the five fish, he’d transport them to land hastily and provide them a swift death— a simple insertion of his short-blade at their neck with a gruesome crack down. Laedrad is a creature prone to mishap and troublesome ventures. He often finds himself in trouble, but procures resolution in the knowledge given to him— it might take him some time, or he might not be successful at all— although, the young Tresery does not cower from a challenge and chooses to relish in the hardships he faces. The Elf gathered his fish with a knotted-rope, collected his belongings and prepared for the hefty return to his humble abode. It had been a successful day.
  7. I don't think I count as a gamer... I'm bad at all games. Everything. We're here with equal purpose, to have fun and make great memories. Also, to hit on @Heero. Yes. You can handle the pain and suffering. Yellow, hands down. Check /bank. It's our secret. I had a Kha in Axios, but for a short time. I helped Geo and Rickson build our island, and made up some culture. It was great! YES! NO INTEREST. NO DEFAULT. JUST MINA. That's a difficult question. Haelun'or, most likely. Chi Monks... or Azdrazi. Arcanism was incredible for flavour, and that's the RP I participated in the most. We built up an arcade shield that encompassed Haelun'or, in 2020 and it was the most fun I had for a while. Aside from that, I tend to explore the extremes of magic, whenever possible. I'm just doing the best I can. I was born like this. I don't know. LotC is about what one makes of it. Don't become enthralled in the mundane things, and find a group of friends that transcend the server. LET'S DO IT NOW. I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I'm coming out, as a chocolate chip cookie. It's true. You are a great friend, and our conversations bring me happiness. Whenever. Let's get together. Make me a spook again. Lo-fi Hip Hop is what I listen to, in VC, every day. Ask anybody. Absolutely not. HELLO! Yes, I do. Of course. It feels like centuries ago, now. Exploring Fi'Ceru, Celein, Laureh'lin. I cherish the memories, so much.
  8. Laedrad is a WWE champion. You cannot make fun of him. I haven't had mac-and-cheese ever... Chipotle, Chipotle, Chipotle. You haven't met @ScreamingDingo... Vanilla. I'm afraid so. Thanks! It'll be our secret. He's outright bad. 11/10. Whenever I became a Frost Witch, and our group infiltrated Celein for months to murder all the children. You are. Why? It's hard to explain. I hate all Moderation Team members. Who are you? As soon as @Sykogenic creates one. Tell @Heero to accept me. As soon as possible, please. I am in love with all WT members, moreso @SoulReapingWolf. Yes! None of them. Yes... I am 47 years old. I'm that long one...
  9. Greetings, friends. I have been a member of LotC for SIX YEARS (and almost 24 hours). I joined the server with a good friend, @Chamosial, as innocent Wood Elf twins who were destined to be outstanding members of Laureh'lin. Chamosial almost fought @Leric for housing inside the nation-walls, and we began to spend hours farming oak and spruce trees at the resource island, to afford rent. We became dedicants within our first month, guided by @Grizzly Druid and @Eranikus. Life was great. We were terrified of all the elder archdruids— @Giga, @Delmodan and @Paleo but our guides forced us to interact with them. Our first quest as attuned druids was... Well, murdering other druids. Chamo and I were urgently unattuned and introduced to the world of spook-magic, and I realised that the adventure had just begun. We delved into the world of LotC, unaware of the memories ahead of us, the friendships we were bound to create and the endless moments of magic incoming. Now, SIX YEARS later... I have been a member of various staff-teams, participated in the wildest events and been involved in maddened schemes to murder kings and queens. Druidism, Fjarriagua, Blood Magic, and more. Wood Elf, High Elf, Dark Elf, Human, Halfling and Musin (?). At that, after so long, I have returned to basics and am a Druid again. Come visit! LotC has been an adventure so far, and despite whatever difficulties we encounter, its essence continues to reign. Nothing is more important or valuable than the friendships founded in mutual interest, and equal participation. Whenever this is all over, that is what I'm going to hold onto. A special shout-out to the friends I have created during the last SIX YEARS. I LOVE YOU. Ask me anything.
  10. "Mali'thill are bound to their status. However, Larihei does not advocate for schisms. Lest our kin be reminded of Nelecar and the fracture of Haelun'or, centuries ago. Our Citadel breathes in harmonious unification. We cannot tarnish the State in mindless, hopeful thoughts." The Elervathar admitted to the few persons that surrounded her, unable to conceal the evident arrogance the Woman had bound herself to. At that, she adorned a dulled expression— then occupied by the delusions of her past, twisted and weaved into tales of monsters and madness. Elesia shifted a singular index-finger to rub at her exhausted features, dark circles visible beneath her seclusion. Once departing from the dim Citadel, azure gaze squinted at the sun-light that beamed onto her, the Elervathar daughter realised change was inbound.
  11. We’re going to be reviewing Moderation Team applications (GMT & PST), in the next few days. Apply now! 

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      apply or ur stinky

  12. What is your favourite colour?
  13. { Art by Acidify } “Horned King, I am afraid for the future...” He knelt to the ground and bound himself to the tales of monsters. A silent, overbearing and colossal presence had accompanied his travel, until then. He hadn’t felt the relentless damage of the sun for months— but just as the climate changed, so did nature all around him. In fact, the woodland seemed to breathe. “What happened?” And overhead, the ancient branches wept with him. The Horned King heard them groan and sigh, mumbling their profound heartache in time with his own quiet sobbing. He did not understand their words, but their mournful tone was evident. At that, the Man faced the devastation— hundreds of animals slaughtered, either in natural evolution or crushed beneath the weight of those who fled in time. “We witness the consequences of the Unknown. ” An everlasting confinement of solitude dominated the Lion, until the momentous morning he emerged from the depths of destruction. He heard their final pleas and the continuous calls of vengeful purpose. He carried nostalgic demeanour as often as he carried his spear, and longed for the anguished ghost to depart soon. “A little longer...” He bound himself to the Vale then, until the gates came into view. No consolation, nor solace could comfort the Man in preparation for the adventure his kin and peers were obligated to venture into. Months prior, descendants had chosen to delve further into the dangers of the Unknown, and with it, our quest to combat it began. And for centuries, our hearts have beaten in defiance to corruption. Almaris might not ever know of our existence, but our enemies— they will know. OOC DATE & TIME: SATURDAY, 17TH OF JULY @ 5PM EST
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