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    Would you look at that? LotC Twitter has returned!



    1. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      I saw that. Posts were being made and I saw them when checking twitter.

    2. Jonificus


      H-Haha yeah, lotc twitter.. Finally back!



    If you actively remove a Market Station near your nation without my knowledge, there shan't be another near by.

    The Wood Station shall be constructed somewhere else.


    Contact me if there any issues with their current locations, - Skype is ImCookiie_.


    How is everyone enjoying 5.0 so far?

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    2. Ballad2k


      i love 5.0 because cookiie is a gm

    3. AGiantPie


      Decision to not build capitals before release but give people creative to do it anyway seems counterproductive as there's nothing to enjoy yet.

    4. Time Lady of Kittens
  4. tbh hmu kk?

    1. ImCookiie


      tbh okk smh jfc hmu2

    2. Appetency


      Tbh ty ttyl kk?


    coming soon...

    (can you guess who made the cool 5.0 art?)



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    2. Ang


      don't feed smaw's giant ego

    3. Aengoth


      it was sandk1ng

    4. Elad™


      sandk1ng the prince that was promised


    coming soon...




    coming soon...

    1. Cooliomafia
    2. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      And by soon, you mean possibly in the next 10 years.

    3. Appetency


      give it a rest tbh




    : (

    1. Matheus


      Hahaha, nice meme.

  9. You've a distinct, rather particular method to handle varying situations which is hardly appreciable in the eyes of someone whom has been working with you for months. I'm surprised you were allowed to once again monitor and moderate the forums within the FM team, without application, for as you are harsh, often rush decisions and merely attempt to gain for yourself, what others cannot. I'm certain you understand what I speak of, though I shan't disclose that publicly. - Perhaps you shouldn't attempt to return to the GM Team yet, and take the time to truly understand and grasp your position as a Staff member. I've no personal issues with you though, once again, I've simply never appreciated the way you handle your positions, or the situations that arise with the same.
  10. woo! 1 year on lotc today xoxo

    1. Ballad2k
    2. Ang


      one year of playing blocks with your imagination


    When I was a child, I grew up by the river lea -

    There was something in the water, now that something's in me.

  12. Words at the bottom of the art (e.g. Dan Silverhair, Fancy Elf of the West): Eloh'ra Cuth'arlin, Lady of Corruption Position of character: Eloh'ra would be in a very "feminine" stance, her posture incredibly straightened though visibly degraded. Her dominant hand would be held before her figure, whilst the other would remain behind her; Her legs would be together also, almost in dominant grounds. I would also appreciate if you could make her figure oddly slim, boney w/e. Terrain character is on: No particular preference, perhaps some tainted land. Darkened soil, or something similar. Items in character's hand(s): Above the hand that is raised before her, a darkened orb would float there. Any other details: If possible, I would like some "void"-like particles around her being - almost radiating. Reference pics (If you want your MC skin used as ref, give me just the skin file, not a screenshot): http://imgur.com/kbVv7s3 http://imgur.com/a/58e75 Offer in return for the 'art' (If I feel like the offer is not adequate, I'll politely decline): Variety of Tomes at your disposal. Lots o' minae, even if you don't require them as much. Cool RP items that I've acquired and no longer need. PM on Skype if you wanna discuss anything else.




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    2. Trinn | nnirT
    3. Ang


      Trin's a big boy now. she can use big words now

    4. JaxOff_


      I just want love.