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  1. A silent, overbearing and colossal presence had settled within the forests of the Vale. And overhead, the ancient branches wept in greusome pleas. The Horned King heard them groan and sigh, mumbling their profound heartache in time with his own quiet sobbing. He understood their cries, for the first time unable to rescue his children. “Has our home been tainted?” The Lion enquired to himself, searching for a desperate answer amidst the chaos he had created. He had bound himself to evident arrogance, crippled by his own inability to fulfill his duties, as a guardian and warrior. Laedrad shifted a singular finger to scratch at his exhausted features, dim circles evident beneath his fatigued seclusion. Other dreaded recollections appear and fade, not for the first time. As he wandered the depths of his meddled thoughts, he harboured hopeful quests centuries-old. •─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────• The Warden hadn't felt so disabled by their howls for years, unable to form a single thought to combat an irrational fear that nestled within him. After some time, Laedrad hid beneath a bestial magrove tree, nestled into the coarse roots of nature. Mahae created a terrible crescendo that couldn't be ignored, testifying to the suffering of the realm, itself. He longed for the mournful ghost to depart soon, albeit to no avail. “It hurts. It hurts, so much.” He sighed, infinite golden pools of chaotic energy roaming freely within his eyes. The Eternal Warden of Mahae found a new enemy, one that threatened him and his home.
  2. Good job, guys. I think it's important to reinforce quality, over quantity. Our community will benefit further, from two great pieces of content than seven mediocre videos. Editing, formatting, grammar and spelling are all important aspects, even in the more minute details.
  3. An indescribable loss, to his family and friends. He was an incredible human being. I’m going to miss you, so much.
  4. What would you do when you would do if when would you?
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  6. "Mmm, oui. Zis does seem more comfortable than hiding beneath sunflowerz while it rainz. " Oregano Baudelaire, mouth-full of cheese, commented to his brother. He bound himself to a quest now, finding a pencil larger than him to write his fellow big-eared kin. A better life awaited them.
  7. I N T R O D U C T I O N Centuries of war, death and misfortune have granted the Tresery lineage irrefutable prestige. On the far south-western apogee of Almaris, overlooking a vast and peaceful forest of untrampled earth. Wrought from the founding belief that our soul has a multitude of senses unreached, five manifest in a stunted, uninformed manner that avoids much of the deeper nature of life. Tresery are bound to centuries of servitude, towards eachother and the realm. A home to return to after battle, a shoulder to mourn upon and a voice to console their most desperate concerns. Mali’ame are cursed with eternal life, ridden with heartache and torment. Yet, Tresery choose to rejoice in failure and success alike, life and death. All Tresery share deep appreciation for their traditional artistry— tattoos, paintings, patterns, textiles and shrines brightened with hundreds of gradients to compliment the symbology of colour amidst the clan-members. At first, the Tresery bloodline were not creatures of extravagant indulgence or fortune. Life was simple to them. Alas, over centuries of comfort in the fighting-pits, the lineage found themselves upon the high seats of council— representing entire nations, their livelihood and protection from harm. Thus, the Tresery have a simple method to explore ethics; that everything with purpose is worthy. Emotions are neither positive, nor negative; rage is determined amidst its experience and motive behind it. Our realm is viewed as a blank canvas, each experience as a pigment within the image. What is the purpose of the colour blue? Is it right, or wrong? Neither, but a part of the composition. Modern times have dawned and most recent Chieftain, Laedrad Tresery has accepted fate as leader of the clan after the sudden disappearance of the Lioness, Andria Tresery. Most clan-members are oft bound to the duties of their settlement and the druidic path. As has been habitual for centuries, the lineage are venerated for warriorship and continue to be protectors of the realm for n, and the populace of their newfound refuge. The Wardens of Mahae, whose hearts beat in defiance to corruption. ORIGIN HISTORY THE BEGINNING... At the awful moment Malin disappeared amidst battle, mali’ame searched for new methods of survival, finding refuge in different climates, continents and customs of tales. Vecimus, the first Chieftain, guided the inaugural-clan towards the most expansive savannah of the realm, hopeful for a lifetime of abundance and good fortune. He governed the adults, educated the children and founded rituals for centuries ahead of them. THE WARDENS OF MAHAE, A tale centuries old, that spanned the continents. A beast that murdered without cause, that frightened the mightiest warriors, responsible for the disappearance of hundreds during their most fragile times. Until the awful night that legend became truth. A cub assigned the quest of gathering water for the tribe, who failed to return. At the next sun-rise, all hunters gathered and embarked on the quest to find the child, or bring their spear towards the heart of whatever harmed them. A bright sunset threatened, then an evening painted in warm tones of orange and gold. A pale crescent-moon shone over the horizon, creating delicate shadows that led the group towards their target, a cavern ridden with an awful stench and the decomposing descendants that created it. THE DOWNFALL OF TRESERY, Aegis found most recent presence of the bloodline, clan members were known to paint their eyelids white, as a boastful declaration of their detachment from sight. As one of the least important senses, clan members found it to be the most extreme ascension to power. And so, the tribe held equal respect to their pride and chronicles. As time elapsed, details of their eccounter with Mahae weren't shared outside the bloodline, protected amidst its members and short catalogue of chieftains. At most, others could find clan members honouring the wild spirit in the forests of Malinor. THE REBIRTH OF TRESERY... It had been centuries. As time transpired, Andria bound herself to restoring prestige the bloodline once had, returning it to former fame and renown amidst the mali’ame populace. The Warden, Kalius Tresery and his adolescent brother, Laedrad Tresery joined the Lioness at the rapture of Axios and found refuge in Almaris with the few members that remained alive. Kalius found comfort in the teachings of Xan upon their arrival and Laedrad was guided in the druidic path, heeding to the teachings of the Lioness. LIFE & CUSTOMS A shadow is cast in the presence of the realm, possessed of value and substance. Yet black is the presence of something or anything. White is the representation of ultimate order, a state of indefinite existence, of realism without form. Ancestors have dedicated centuries to procure meaning and purpose for these, listed below. •─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────• T H E I L M Y U M I E R Once an aspirant or acolyte has reached adulthood, a tattoo is created with resin collected from previous hunts and etched onto a Tresery bound to undergo this ancient ritual. A depiction of a lion is etched onto their chest in commemoration of their ascended persona and the future awaiting them. As utmost devotion to their clan, members of the bloodline have etched the tattoo onto their features, presenting their utter commitment to the entire realm. At that, this is the first tattoo the cub will have upon their being and signifies their undivided appraisal of the bloodline. R E L I G I O N & F A I T H The Wild Faith has been dominant within the bloodline for centuries, including modern association with Mani and their metaphor of nature and its primal strength. The Tresery have always been devoted to the wilderness and its kin, connected at mind and heart to its ancient roots. Members of the Druidic Order acknowledge the Aspects as guardians of the mortal and eternal realms, though unable to ever reimburse their refuge and wisdom. Above all, the Great Lion Mahae claims utmost guidance to the bloodline, resembling most often the values of this kin. Over recent centuries, others have claimed worship to Xan. The Aengul of Order And Guardianship is admired amongst the Tresery for its proclamation of duty above all — holy warriors of courage, prideful and fearless, capable of dispatching enemies to the realm. Chieftain Laedrad, of the Tresery The Eternal Warden of Mahae THE RITUAL OF MAHAE Centuries ago, the Tresery created a tribal dance as an eternal offering of gratitude to Mahae. The Lion granted the bloodline each of their most esteemed values — pride, courage, guidance and allegiance — and each member is entrusted to uphold and progress the noble tales of the bloodline. A Tresery is the embodiment of Mahae, bound to its strength and eternal wisdom. EDUCATION & CHILDHOOD The Tresery children or acolytes (most commonly referred to as cubs) are often taught to hunt, fight, craft and paint from their parents — how to create art from the tragedies and hardships of life — guiding them into a worthwhile ascension into adulthood. For centuries, no formal structure had been established for educational customs, until the announcement of seed trials available to members of the bloodline, or aspirant mali’ame. A Tresery acolyte must be taught the questions, reservations and qualms of life. One is expected to aid them in development of ancestral knowledge and practical hobbies that lead to prosperous professions. TRESERY TRAITS & TRIALS Leric, of the Tresery and Vailoen, of the Winterleaf Vailor, c. 1357 T R E S E R Y T R A I T S The Tresery bloodline are bound to equal attributes in all aspects of their evolution — extending for centuries and multiple generations, each presenting dominant genes when offspring are introduced to the realm. Male kin are often born with habitual bunches of midnight-black hair, whereas their female counterparts range from cocoa to dark-brown. Male and female kin are known for their dim features, tanned complexions and defined facial-features. Akin to tales of old, most clan members are born with the might of an enraged lion for better or worse. Tresery cubs are valiant and ignorant to the dangers of the world. Yet, these traits are admired amongst the lineage and trained to control. Lions of the bloodline learn to adopt fear as a natural instinct, instead utilising it for their advantage. •─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────• TRESERY TRIALS D E V O T I O N All aspirant clan members must perform an initiation rite, then bound to the bloodline in eternal commitment to its values, practices and beliefs. Elder members of the lineage lead the ritual and tribal dance, guiding the newcomers in their pursuit of the hunters, as the lion. As the ritual progresses, elder members of the bloodline watch the newcomer and their actions. The Tresery have been known to be judgmental and often violent in their introductions to the clan, deeming few worthy of their namesake. At the conclusion of this rite, if the newcomer is inducted into the clan, a singular paw is etched onto their skin and is then under the undivided protection of the seed. Once branded, the acolyte must uphold the values and ideals of the bloodline during their induction and thereafter. C O M B A T As is habitual, clan members are expected to uphold their duties as warriors and guardians of the realm. Courage and pride aren’t built upon tales, instead action and practice. All cubs and acolytes are taught that hardships are opportunities for education, whether met with failure or success. However, the bloodline is prideful. An acolyte inducted to the seed must complete the trial of combat, challenging members of three different seeds or clans and win each fight. All cubs must acknowledge each opponent as a warrior, worthy challengers of their battle whether successful or not. The trial of combat must be a declaration of respect for others. A successful acolyte is granted a tattoo as reward for their warriorship. G R E A T L I O N At the end of a successful induction into the clan, an acolyte is granted a final quest to be introduced as an official member of the bloodline and gifted the branding of a lion. A challenge known to them from their introduction to the seed, told from tales of centuries past, over and over. A bloodline erupted from battle, ancestors heeding to the namesake of guardians and protectors; an acolyte must hunt and kill a corrupted lion for their final quest. An elder member of the clan follows the cub during their pursuit, although cannot interfere or meddle in its completion. All acolytes participating in the hunt are granted a spear or bow and arrow, few rations and one canteen of water. Until the quest has been fulfilled, a cub cannot return home and must survive, enduring all conditions of the wilderness. As told in tales, unsuccessful participants do not return. Cubs that return home are encouraged to create ornaments or weapons from the remains of the beasts, consume other parts in offerings to Mahae and store the remainder for alchemical or ritualistic endeavours. •─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────• At the successful completion of their induction into the bloodline, cubs are recognised as official members of the clan and able to participate in all boons of the seed. Elder members of the lineage gift them an armour-set worn in the most severe battles, centuries past. A limited number of pieces were created during the plague that conquered Vailor, granted to the strongest warriors of the bloodline and upkept to perfect conditions. All members of the lineage who adorn this golden suit are considered guides and teachers amongst their kin. Feel free to contact me @ ImCookiie#3833 or interact with us in-game, for more information regarding the bloodline. Thanks! Author: ImCookiie Feedback: Delmodan & Sykogenic & Leric
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