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  2. You've a distinct, rather particular method to handle varying situations which is hardly appreciable in the eyes of someone whom has been working with you for months. I'm surprised you were allowed to once again monitor and moderate the forums within the FM team, without application, for as you are harsh, often rush decisions and merely attempt to gain for yourself, what others cannot. I'm certain you understand what I speak of, though I shan't disclose that publicly. - Perhaps you shouldn't attempt to return to the GM Team yet, and take the time to truly understand and grasp your position as a Staff member. I've no personal issues with you though, once again, I've simply never appreciated the way you handle your positions, or the situations that arise with the same.
  3. Words at the bottom of the art (e.g. Dan Silverhair, Fancy Elf of the West): Eloh'ra Cuth'arlin, Lady of Corruption Position of character: Eloh'ra would be in a very "feminine" stance, her posture incredibly straightened though visibly degraded. Her dominant hand would be held before her figure, whilst the other would remain behind her; Her legs would be together also, almost in dominant grounds. I would also appreciate if you could make her figure oddly slim, boney w/e. Terrain character is on: No particular preference, perhaps some tainted land. Darkened soil, or something similar. Items in character's hand(s): Above the hand that is raised before her, a darkened orb would float there. Any other details: If possible, I would like some "void"-like particles around her being - almost radiating. Reference pics (If you want your MC skin used as ref, give me just the skin file, not a screenshot): http://imgur.com/kbVv7s3 http://imgur.com/a/58e75 Offer in return for the 'art' (If I feel like the offer is not adequate, I'll politely decline): Variety of Tomes at your disposal. Lots o' minae, even if you don't require them as much. Cool RP items that I've acquired and no longer need. PM on Skype if you wanna discuss anything else.
  4. Often times, players log onto LotC without much actual playable time and the addition of something like this would only remove a large potion of daily players whom RP, or even only practice few activities before logging off. Even if this option was toggle able, it would create an incredibly unfair and unstable ground for the server's travel. - Besides, as stated above, FT is a means of travelling rapidly between locations of the server. If you wish to spend actual time doing so, you can either walk to the desired location or boat! The villainy RP that would derive from this would not be up to par either. Perhaps if it was thought of differently, it could work. Otherwise, it doesn't fit the server imo.
  5. Your ban shall remain permanent until further notice. Denied.
  6. Do not let this happen again, lest the punishment be harsher. Welcome back.
  7. Prior to the final verdict, I would like to apologize for the incredible amount of time it took me to review and discuss this Ban appeal thoroughly. Nevertheless, after various discussions within the Forum Department and those whom had been previously involved in this specific situation, we have decided upon the following; Bear in mind, this was also altered due to your mild cooperation during this time. You will be unbanned from the Lotc Forums and In-Game, though with the following repercussions to efficiently balance the harshness of your previous ban. Keep in mind, that in the future, all the previous issues witnessed where you were present will have a much harsher influence upon the discussion, should it happen once again. Your Warning Point count will be decreased to 5, those of which you may appeal to the respective Forum Moderators or the current Department Director; These shall serve as your final warning, so to truly allow for a period of time where FMs should not need to continuously watch over your actions within the LotC Forums. I appreciate that you have spent quite some time attempting to regain access to the same, but I have also had to deal with the incredible amount of “memes” while we conversed, which did not portray that you actually desired to be part of the community again. Ban Appeal Closed.
  8. Trade Completed.
  9. I really like your art style! I would most definitely pay some minas for your work! I can't wait to see you on the server also. : )
  10. Yet another parchment lay above the rest. "30,000 minae for her figure."
  11. A coffee coloured parchment lay weakly, worn beside the oaken beam. "I am willing to offer 10,000 minae for the Witch, though I must examine her well-being beforehand."
  12. This appeal is under discussion within the Forum Department.
  13. Firstly, Prior to my final verdict, I will be clarifying to everyone that commented on the Ban Appeal previously, how the situation became apparent to the Forum Department, furthering that also where then a ban was issued after various discussions within the Work Chat(s). Using the Report function on the forums, be it within a thread or elsewhere, will allow whomever seeks it full access to the same; Being that DPM reported his conversation with Cracker, using a racial slur, the report filed caused further investigation. As I stated previously, once a report is issued, every Staff member related to the situation will have undying, full access to the possible problematic medium. This allowed members of the Forum Department, and consequently, GMs and Admins to witness the other images present within the conversation shared between DPM and Cracker. This, of course, began a discussion between both teams where it was concluded that, after the ban had been issued, Cracker had no problem with the messages he had received. Although, rules are indeed rules and shouldn’t be altered immensely due to the essence of the situation at hand. The Forum Department was correct in the actions taken yesterday night, the same finalized by me (ImCookiie). Essentially, DPM was banned for the nudity and racial slurs found within the conversation and the report also, - not for his misuse of the Report function. Onto the final verdict, You must fulfill the punishment still, however, that shall be reduced to a period of two (2) weeks where after its automatic completion, your account will be under Moderated Content for another week. Keep in mind that I was extremely lenient given the fact that you were also incredibly cooperative when dealing with the situation at hand. You must also understand that while no one was truly harmed this time, it does not mean in a different setting, it would not occur that someone found the images shared disturbing. Take this time to reflect, to understand fully why you cannot repeat the same (within the LotC Forums) and to review how the Report function truly works. The account that created this appeal shall be marked as an Appeal Account and any other use of the same shall result in furthering the ban upon your main account, and the restriction of content posting on this account also. This is your only warning. Thanks for the cooperation, ImCookiie. Ban Appeal Closed.
  14. I'm so glad that he's returned, - There is no one like him. To not pick accept him onto the team would be foolish. +1
  15. MC name: ImCookiie Character's name and age: Eloh’ra Siil’crux, 150+ Character’s Race: Mali’aheral What magic will you be learning?: Soul Puppetry Who will be teaching you?: Elwyn [ Crazed ] Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: N/A