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  1. weren’t you removed from staff in the past for abuse of PEX?

  2. darn moderator...


  3. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya!” Adeline commented.
  4. THE ILUMIRAN THE COLOSSAL SHIELD OF HAELUN’OR Written by Marailer Adeline Dagre’sae Issued on the 10th, of Sun’s Smile, 1755 “ Mali’thill of Haelun’or, with great pleasure I bring forth the promise of a new era to the Bastion of Knowledge— one that assures maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. We, the ever-evolving mali’aheral will no longer fear the Unknown but instead, venture into its abysmal depths in search of discoveries unaware to other descendants, granting our population its much deserved scientifical superiority. ” The four Mali’aheral came together in formation, incomprehensible chanting erupting from within the crowded environment. The Motherland began to rumble within their gentle movements, akin to a slow dance. As they moved in harmony, their figures remain rooted within sporadic speech and everlasting strength, each mage awakened from their restless slumber to reveal a manifestation of colourful auras emerging within and around their beings. The mages moved forth in an almighty gesture to release a multitude of arcane wisps— they varied in gradients, covering the sky above them in an array of colourful energy. Within moments of abrupt silence, a rippling of crimson began to establish above and around the City of Silver. A colossal shield began to solidify around Haelun’or, its physical state ranging in a multitude of gradients— presenting an overcast of rogue illuminations. Lareh’thilln persevered peacefully beneath, therein a capsule that barriered from the elements and nations beyond. “ Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Ay’Larihei! ”
  5. Who do YOU think you are?

    1. BrandNewKitten


      A boy with a dream

  6. THE ILUMIRAN ORDER Written by Marailer Adeline Dagre’sae Issued on the 9th, of The First Seed, 1755 As issued by the The Blessed Diarchy, the Ilumiran Order welcomes thee. We, the ever-evolving mali’thill of Haelun’or, have fallen stagnant to the belief that maehr’sae hiylun’ehya can be achieved only through the method of the lessers’ sword and shield. A gap in historical knowledge exists at this point, lest we reunite and accomplish that which our kin has failed to do, previously. What occurred before this cloudy time in history is a mystery to nearly all I have spoken to, for even most of the Mali’aheral do not recall— all but the departure of a group of impure. We are left only with the tales of the deconstruction of the Silver Council in this time, but accommodate and prosper in times of change. As the sun rises above the Bastion of Knowledge once again, it is clear to me that an impressive fate or destiny perpetually awaits us; and we have reached a turning point of progression and health for the City of Silver. We are not meant to live idly, we are not meant to settle and to live in peace, at least in our current state. I eagerly procure the answer to this, and henceforth the Ilumiran, alongside Mali’thill will be in pursuit of any discovery that allows us, our rightly deserved superiority. The Unknown— long have Larihei’s children became accustomed to fear and dare not venture beyond the conventional truth of reality. From this day forth, we refuse to settle within hollow actions or unavailing projections of purity. We, the mali’thill of Lareh'thilln, welcome a new era of progress, education, purity and knowledge. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Sincerely, Marailer, Adeline Dagre’sae Sohaer, Diamethor Elervarthar Maheral, Iaria Elervarthar
  7. Will you go out with me? >///<

  8. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Ailer. Accepted as a Disciple. Your application is pending. Accepted as a Disciple. Accepted as a Disciple. (( Please contact me on Discord for more information @ ImCookiie#4775. ))
  9. Adeline remained frozen within restless slumber, narcoleptic saunter leading her weakened being forth through her empty home, towards a window that maintain the setting dimly lit. An undying, frantic admiration locked upon the canopy of luminous stars for a brief moment. Few muttered pleads escaped withered lips, the skeletal robe-clad figure inhaled discernibly as heavy, distant paces continued to further her slumberous stance riddled with confusion and grief. “After all, you are now free. Though I only wish to have switched your place with mine, in that horrific moment. Ay’Larihei.”
  10. You’re wonderful.
  11. Adeline rummaged through an array of old, dusty and worn garments in an attempt to find the perfect outfit for the event. Her digits lay unto a flamboyant piece, swiftly dragging it out if its seemingly-eternal slumber, narcoleptic saunter leading her curved figure towards a large mirror. ”I suppose this’ll do...”
  12. Cuth’arlin “Aid us not in power, but loyalty and discipline.” Family Tree: Traits & Appearance: History & Etymology: Beliefs: OOC
  13. oh waddup

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      oh lawd hello

  14. ImCookiie


    Wowee! Your application has been accepted! You made all the necessary changes to your application! Welcome to LotC, Belug_The_Wolf! You will be implemented onto the server in a moment! While you wait, read some more lore! Haven’t joined our New Player Discord yet? That’s crazy! Come to the dark side! You can also contact me personally @ ImCookiie#0001, on the forums or In-Game! Welcome to Lord Of the Craft!
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