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  1. Greetings. As far as I know, applications tend to take 1-2 days to be reviewed. It depends on the number of applications to-be claimed, and how busy the CT members are. At that, it shouldn't be too long, now.
  2. THE UNION OF THE TRESERY AND THE AUREON An announcement to the Citadel of Amaethea Written by Laedrad, of the Tresery 12th of Grand Harvest, Year 12 of the Second Age [ Art by Ling Xiang ] TO THE CITIZENRY OF AMAETHEA, One who finds unwavering admiration and passion for another has received the greatest gift of all — the abundance of love and the creation of life. We are thrilled to announce the eternal union between Laedrad and Tanila, to be held within the Citadel of Amaethea within few night-falls. All citizens of Amaethe
  3. It had been months. At each night-fall Laedrad returned home, the flock of chickens had become more overweight. The Tresery started to keep track of these odd antics, at some point — detailing the events in an old journal, stored at his bedside. Was it a crime of passion? Was it a generous hand too heavy? He might never find out...
  4. USERNAME: ImCookiie DISCORD: ImCookiie#0666 SKIN: Azure Autarch BID: 100 PREVIOUS BIDDER: AgentMemory
  5. As a reminder, this is a lore submission thread. Focus on that, instead of the mindless bickering amongst each other.
  6. "Have we ventured too far into the realm of the Unknown? Lest we find ourselves lost within it." The 'Ame exclaimed to the collection of ancient tomes that surrounded him, albeit choosing to fall silent thereafter — for there was no soul near, to hear the maddened ramblings of the elf.
  7. Laedrad Tresery is not a creature of extravagant intelligence. Life was simple, to him. He didn’t find comfort in the fighting-pits, nor the high seats of council — rather, he’d prefer to live a life of the present without worry of such. The boy pranced as if no danger could touch him, with an idle smile that always played at his features. Albeit, he had much to learn and the Lioness saw to it. He had been tasked with little instructions, or belongings, blindfolded and abandoned in an unknown location to him. He had two options — to return, or die trying. Laedrad departed into the
  8. This is a great idea. However, the red-lines aren't extensive enough in comparison to the rewards from this potion, in my opinion. How will the aftermath be moderated, in regards to powergaming?
  9. I don't know what to believe now.
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