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  1. I appreciate the feedback from those whom have made it constructive. Apart from the original planning of the same, I can be of assurance that the current, and progressing Market Stations are not in their most final state, given that I intended to create threads or even small-ish "personal" feedback groups that allowed me clarity of the community's feelings and ideas towards the shops - I am not active within every Capital, or nation even and understand that I cannot merely take one's like or dislike of the implementation into consideration. The current Market Stations will be closed until further discussion of the topic, being that I will contact some of you personally in order to create and alter the same to a standard the community finds will aid the evolving economy and its primary users. Given my statement I want to assure those whom wish to be truly heard above the ****-posting, that they will be heard and we will work towards the betterment of this idea. Unless others wish to add unto this thread's original idea, I will be closing it in the next 24 hours.
  2. RP Information -- Name: Estelle Cuth'arlin Age: 200+ Race: Mali'aheral Topic of book for application: The theory of all. OOC Information -- MC Name: ImCookiie

    Would you look at that? LotC Twitter has returned!



    1. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      I saw that. Posts were being made and I saw them when checking twitter.

    2. Jonificus


      H-Haha yeah, lotc twitter.. Finally back!



    If you actively remove a Market Station near your nation without my knowledge, there shan't be another near by.

    The Wood Station shall be constructed somewhere else.


    Contact me if there any issues with their current locations, - Skype is ImCookiie_.


    How is everyone enjoying 5.0 so far?

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    2. Ballad2k


      i love 5.0 because cookiie is a gm

    3. AGiantPie


      Decision to not build capitals before release but give people creative to do it anyway seems counterproductive as there's nothing to enjoy yet.

    4. Time Lady of Kittens
  6. tbh hmu kk?

    1. ImCookiie


      tbh okk smh jfc hmu2

    2. Appetency


      Tbh ty ttyl kk?

  7. Woo! New map!
  8. I intend to create a dedicated thread for feedback on the topic of Market Stations though I will assure you that no merchant RP, nor the entirety of your nation will be so deeply affected by this alteration, that it cannot function again. Perhaps I did not explain myself extremely well within the very short explanation and introduction of this new system, though I will gather feedback prior to the release and once again, after. - What I would like you to understand before anything, is that I understand why your concerns were raised, though I also understand that I cannot progress without the feedback of the community. I will be creating the Prior to Release; Your View feedback thread in the coming day or two, where can discuss the topic further. I appreciate that you allow me clarity of your concerns, and I shall do the same soon. Thanks!
  9. Greetings, fellow LotC’ers! All the following content is aimed to promote the good functionality of a hopeful transition, filled with warm and fuzzy feelings. We aim to maintain clear communication between the teams and audience, providing innovation and constant perseverance within the community. As you all know, 5.0 is rapidly approaching us and whilst there is still some time to go, many alterations will follow the same; I present to you today, some of those which I have been working upon, and continue to! Onto the topics! Voting Competitions Following the transition to 5.0, Voting Competitions will reveal their return. At the end of each month, all votes will be counted and the player with the most amount will receive something special, be it minae or custom items provided by the Staff Members involved with this project. We hope to continue the prior tradition in a better light, and further its length for as long as possible. In order to enter, you merely vote on the websites available and presented to you within the LotC Forums; While you may not win the competition every month, you still acquire some great items and minae along the way! Vote here; https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/323-vote/ Market Stations Alongside the much awaited progression to another map, we are going to introduce and implement the addition of Market Stations! Market Stations are varying areas spotted around the map of Axios where players may decide to sell or acquire an assorted array of valuables and goods; given that some are harder to locate than others, providing a challenge as well as great adventures for everyone! The following Market Stations will be available from the release of 5.0, whilst many others (which will remain undisclosed for now) shall appear further on in the month, and the duration of the map. Keep in mind however, not every equal Station will hold the same items; Mineral Materials Compressed Mineral Materials Special Mineral Materials Singular Mineral Materials Lumber Produce Woodworking Produce Natural Produce Miscellaneous Produce Oh.. This is a thing too. Idk..
  10. Please remain civil within your discussions. Forum Moderators have been instructed to issue warning points from this point onward.

    coming soon...

    (can you guess who made the cool 5.0 art?)



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      don't feed smaw's giant ego

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      it was sandk1ng

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      sandk1ng the prince that was promised


    coming soon...




    coming soon...

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      The Elfen Lie

      And by soon, you mean possibly in the next 10 years.

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      give it a rest tbh




    : (

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      Hahaha, nice meme.