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  2. Incompetence of the Maheral An Announcement to the Silver State of Haelun’or Unity, as is purity, is disrupted when infidelity and tormenting weakness prompts derelict and unfounded peace in contrast to principle and ethic. And so, incompetence comes in many forms. Our own Maheral, behind the facade of regal image, lay a stunning display of incompetence. As days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, our Haelun'or has began to experience the consequences of his ineptitude. And so, hasty and ill-informed decisions, resulting in chaos and despair among the populace. Our neighbours watch in amusement as Haelun'or stagnates alongside its incompetent figurehead. And so, the Mali'thill of the Silver State of Haelun'or must unite. Our Haelun’or beckons thee, blessed children. Our architects, diplomats and medics. Our tavernkeep, butcher and artist. Our guardians of knowledge and people, our soldiers silver-clad until the bitter end. And so, our frustration knows no bounds and we musn't tolerate an inept leader. At the beginning of Haelun’or, our Citadel arose from dirt and debris — guided in the footsteps of our ancestors and most blessed bloodlines — to create our home, our refuge from the monsters of the realm, our blessed bastion of knowledge, progress and health. Let this serve as a cautionary tale, the consequences of ineptitude are far-reaching and harm us all. Maheral Seth Calith, it is time to accept fate. The Eternal Dove, Malaurir Elesia Elervathar MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  3. im just fuckin w yall happy pride month xoxo
  4. now why would you when if you that was the reason it can?
  5. A silent, overbearing and colossal presence had settled within the forests of the Vale. And overhead, the ancient branches wept in greusome pleas. The Horned King heard them groan and sigh, mumbling their profound heartache in time with his own quiet sobbing. He understood their cries, for the first time unable to rescue his children. “Has our home been tainted?” The Lion enquired to himself, searching for a desperate answer amidst the chaos he had created. He had bound himself to evident arrogance, crippled by his own inability to fulfill his duties, as a guardian and warrior. Laedrad shifted a singular finger to scratch at his exhausted features, dim circles evident beneath his fatigued seclusion. Other dreaded recollections appear and fade, not for the first time. As he wandered the depths of his meddled thoughts, he harboured hopeful quests centuries-old. •─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────• The Warden hadn't felt so disabled by their howls for years, unable to form a single thought to combat an irrational fear that nestled within him. After some time, Laedrad hid beneath a bestial magrove tree, nestled into the coarse roots of nature. Mahae created a terrible crescendo that couldn't be ignored, testifying to the suffering of the realm, itself. He longed for the mournful ghost to depart soon, albeit to no avail. “It hurts. It hurts, so much.” He sighed, infinite golden pools of chaotic energy roaming freely within his eyes. The Eternal Warden of Mahae found a new enemy, one that threatened him and his home.
  6. Good job, guys. I think it's important to reinforce quality, over quantity. Our community will benefit further, from two great pieces of content than seven mediocre videos. Editing, formatting, grammar and spelling are all important aspects, even in the more minute details.
  7. An indescribable loss, to his family and friends. He was an incredible human being. I’m going to miss you, so much.
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