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  1. Heyo! Is there an update for when the winners will be announced?
  2. Just participated in my first Battle of the Arts! It took a lot of work (and a sooner deadline than I expected because of a family road trip), but I made a product I was proud of! :D

  3. IGN: blazehunt3r Category: Music creation! :D Artwork: I'm proud of this, being a rhythm game enthusiast, and I've learned a lot of code and computer science by doing this! All credits and thanks are listed in the video description.
  4. actually, i've thought about it for a bit, and i don't think i'm going to do the 365 days of statuses any more. the last thing i need is another thing to stress about. i'll try to get back to it when it is reasonable to do so, but until then, i won't be trying for a chain of statuses.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lionbileti


      Take a break boss, you got this! 🙏

    3. Nozoa


      yea dude don't pressure yourself, last thing you want is being stuck with an obligation tying you to this server

    4. Unwillingly
  5. this time we're gonna make it to 365 days. mark my words


    day 2

  6. and yet, 40 was as far as we made it, sadly.


    day 1

  7. i am ready for the weekend i'ma just be honest


    day 40 (dang that's a big milestone)

  8. totally not on a forgetting streak O_o not gonna let this die


    day 39

  9. i didn't forget i didn't forget i almost did but i did not


    day 38

  10. christmas songs are stuck in my head again aaaaa


    day 37

    1. Nug


      as someone who works retail i cannot relate

  11. it's all fun and games during the weekend until monday rolls around


    day 36

  12. am i the only person who, no matter how long they sleep, never feels rested? trying to decide if it's just me or if other people have that problem too


    day 35

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    2. Shorsand


      could be a sleep disorder, ya.

      consuming caffeine, alcohol, medications, or other drugs before bed can also affect sleep quality.

      i have a similar issue. its lessened by trying to get to sleep/wake up the same time every day as much as possible and following general sleep hygiene practices. if all else fails, try asking your doc for a sleep study.


    3. Kuila


      I’m the same way if that’s any consolation !! not just you 

    4. Asuno


      Consistent sleep schedule helps for me, i suggest trying that if you haven't

  13. the lemon twist strawberry smoothie from smoothie king is the best smoothie. change my mind


    day 34

    1. WestCarolina


      Never been to a smoothie king before!

    2. Blazehunt3r


      @WestCarolina 10/10 would recommend it to fellow Caerme'onn

  14. we got the win in overtime! yeehaw!


    day 33 part 2

    1. Lionbileti



  15. book trivia competition today! wish me and my team luck! (part 2 update with results in around 30 mins!)


    day 33

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