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  1. Smaller maps would be much preferred, the current map size is too big kind of spread roleplay out a bit too much. I find myself running around the map to all of the cities to find most of them empty. Which also bring its to the amount of settlements or build land that are given to players, that seem to further stretch RP.
  2. I'm in vote of either full removal or limit what's sold on Auction. Would probably create more shop RP and merchant RP, if possible, to even create a plugin that can allow horses to pull cart across each city in attempt to sell items. Auction kinda limits player shop being visit much imo.
  3. Scarlet narrow her eyes, wondering why as the head of the clan, she needed to report to the King of Norland her choice for her own clan.
  4. An Alliance Between the Owl and Phoenix ⇺⁛ ↭⊶₰⊶↭ ⁛⇻ [!] From both clans of Anarórë & Valmi’uhier clan, a missive in the form of a letter was distributed to the members within. Carrying a notice of announcement for both sides, a message of a new found friendship: Year SA 59, Although most lliran of both clans have not had much encounter with each other nor had they have any reason to, on this certain day of the year a friendship has been established between the owl and the phoenix. This matter was proposed and brought upon the council table of both clans for discussion, some may have been hesitant on such a choice but after much talk, it seems like something new will be rather refreshing and beneficial for both sides. As of right now perhaps the both sides share nothing in common, no same goal or purpose, but with hope, representatives of both sides are hopeful in extending their friendships along to those in the clans. The call for alliance will be lasting, should either side be facing any troubles or hardship we will provide each other with help the best we can within our ability, we should not look at each other as strangers but fellow friends that will stand by your side in your time of need. As this choice is final and has been agreed on, the leaders wish for the cooperation of both sides to make this possible and a welcoming place of friends and family for both Anarórë & Valmi’uhier clan. Best wishes. ⇺⁛ ↭⊶₰⊶↭ ⁛⇻ Head of House Anarórë, Scarlet Amberace Anarórë Anarórë Clan Leader, Boots Anarórë Head Council of Clan Valmi’uhier, Veronna Heial’mal Valmi’uhier Head Council of Clan Valmi’uhier, Edvard Kervallen Heial’mal Valmi’uhier Anarórë Head Council of Clan Valmi’uhier, Isaac Daystar Heial’mal Valmi’uhier
  5. Scarlet would stare at the missive seeming to be deciding if she wanted to put her name down or not. After flipping a coin, she would scribble her name under the house of Draco, not hoping to win but to at least create a little competition for fun.
  6. United Provinces of Dùnrath Scholarships Program Sgoilearachdan Roinnean Aonaichte Dhùnrath Förenade Provinserna Ratteborgs Stipendium - ❃ - ⚘ - ❀ - ✿ - [!] Within a day, a missive has been pinned all across Dùnrath for the peaceful citizens within. Grabbing the attention of the curious eyes that happen to pass. Should anyone pluck the paper from its place, it would read: Latha math to all Dùnrath Citizens, Some of you may have heard of the news, some of you have not. For those that are still unaware, the University of Vaelya has opened its doors. Allowing us all to become a student once more, dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of education and knowledge. For those of Dùnrath Citizens who are interested in becoming a scholar, our Grand Governor of Dùnrath, Dùghlas Sutharlainn, has created a program. In exchange for aiding Dùnrath with your newly gained knowledge the government will offer to you a scholarship that will help cover your tuition. (Because you know nothing is free in life so yes you have to pay for each class) Should you wish to partake in such a program, seek your local librarian out with your name. - ❃ - ⚘ - ❀ - ✿ - Signed, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Culture - ❃ - ⚘ - ❀ - ✿ - [OOC Information]: Classes start tomorrow, sometimes in the afternoon or evening at EST time. Please fill out the form for university fast before coming to me for the scholarship program. DEADLINE: FRIDAY 29TH Link: https://forms.gle/uuu1mSHKn1UobLNy7
  7. It seems as if it was just yesterday when Ruina had hug her in joy, Scarlet was going to miss her dear llir and the adventure they went on. Wishing the two could have spent more time, she would weep for a fallen member of someone from her clan and family. "How dare you Ruina...leaving without a word."
  8. Even though with her bad history with the elf, Air was still someone she had poured her heart and soul to. If Scarlet had caught wind of the elf's death, she would have felt a ping of sadness something she thought she would never feel towards him ever again.
  9. The cries of the war can perhaps be heard from miles away, striking fear into those that awaits the return of their beloved, and those that they hold dear. Estella Decaden carried herself through the battleground as a proud Haense soldier along the side of her dear Auntie Brite, and her mother Isabella. That battle have carried on for long, she was tired. Weighted down by the heavy armor and the single blade she carried with both hands, still she dare not rest. Again and again she would swing her sword blindly at any that comes at her, heaving with every breath she buried herself into the battleground. Somewhere along the way she lost sight of her Auntie and Mother, but she cannot afford to stop and look for them, she knew that they were out there doing their best, so she had to do her part. But tired, the sword felt heavier and heavier by the minute...until her strength failed her. The coming blade that she failed to block would bury itself deep into her chest, her cry and rasp of pain echoed as she fell but was soon drowned out by the countless war-cries. She laid upon the dust covered battleground that trembled from the marching hooves and spears. The pain from her opened wound caused her not to hear the clashing of blades, but the constant rings that echo from her ears. She felt her attire below her armor soak with her own blood yet she was numb to the pain. As the battle rages on around her, all that came to her mind was not how afraid she was this morning — but her family. Her brown eyes gleamed with coming tears as she was struck with precious memories of her family in her final moment. Her Mother and Auntie were somewhere on the battleground still, hopefully alive. Her sister Rosa was god knows where, her brothers who she haven't seen for years, her aunties and uncles that she so wanted to see upon her return to Haense. She had yet to visited her Elysium friends. The cookies she had promised to Mister Boots. The flooding tears blocked her vision before clearing as they rolled down her cheek, mixing well with the dirt floor. But most of all she wanted to have that gathering with her family, it was her family that she missed the most throughout the years. She was filled with regrets for all that she has yet to do and say... With her last bit of strength her hand curled slowly into a fist as she try to cling onto the very image of her family, they were suppose to gather in celebration to the victory of war, the very image of a warm family with a warm meal...yet the image was slowly fading as did her strength....her hands going cold. "Rosa..." She mutter each name with each painful breath in hopes of clinging to that fading warmth in her head, wishing and hoping that her sister would go back in her place and take care of their mother. "Brothers..." Wishing she had more time to understand him during his time of need. "Brite...Boots." Wishing she could keep that promise of having that warm meal, the cookies she promised. "Mother..." She would rasp with falling tears, her dear mother that hugged her during her need. Her dear mother who took her in and gave her a warm family, her dear mother that tried her best for all of them even when she lost her beloved husband. Her mother that she loved so dearly. The love for her family and friends filled her with painful tears, there was no chance for her to say goodbye. Even if she did it was too late as the last bit of warmth slip from her eyes, leaving her lifeless body upon the battlefield. Lost until the war ended and the cries of victory can be heard...
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