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  1. I know I've only really known you for like.. 3 months or so, but I truly do wish you the best and you're free to DM me whenever you want. Unfortunately, a lot of staff couldn't give a shit, which has made me think about quitting a couple times
  2. Emandriel would be sitting in the Vortice tavern as he received the news. His eyes began to swell with tears, as his brain just completely shut down. "N.. ne ne." He'd repeat to himself, shaking his head many times. "He was.. was just here, ve all played hide and seek." He'd drop whatever he were holding, leaving the tavern. He'd head to his house and Vortice to reflect.
  3. Emandriel would smile upon reading this. "Ich can't wait for the books to be put to good use."
  4. Mining_Cats


    As a son of Tahlia ap Tahorran and Ehrendil Taliame'onn, Emandriel was born into the culture of the wood elves, the elnarnsae’ame, and begun at a young age the worship of Nemglan and the Aspects that help keep the nature in balance. At a young age, he would be seen typically around his mother, barely around his father. But, at the age of five, Ehrendil had left after his mother had divorced him. Years later, the boy would get the news that his own mother took her life. Since then, Emandriel would normally be seen around his younger teenage sister, Nailo, to be sure the young elfess would be safe at all costs. The young 'ame male would be sure to go out and hunt and train when needed, just to provide to the family he is in. He often travels as well just to keep seeing the new places around Almaris and is sure to keep a weapon on him in case of emergency.
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