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  1. Well its posible but I dunno really eather way best to check with the above . And Heres the demon magic link . Eather way those are the two things I know of conected to the demona but might be more [Honestly best to just check oneself + I think necromancy is from Ibless but that's Technically undead and not demons so ;shrug;]
  2. Playing a cursed child is just a App you can make , meanwhile to become a demon you have to get a teacher and then make a MA for any sort of magic And CA if its a creature you want to Play . Eather way all other then the ''blessed'' child you need a teacher
  3. "Oh, finally getting adressed... about time. Bringing a darkspawn into our citie with them and knowing they exact name, and then being anoyed when he gets stabed... Go figure." *Shook his head sighing his head gently* "Spreading infections and pestilance, what a amazing thing of them to do by all the unecessary testing... how great."
  4. Honestly I like this idea, less of a mess in biger fighter and people have the turn orders anyhow
  5. [Quite sure you cant rebel as you dont have any claim to the land no?] [Like dont you have to be a be a vasal or anything?]
  6. Maybe instead the capital just when a guard would have the deffender defult in a given area, and I guess that would just extand to the entire city then and the really nearbyish areas
  7. Well while at it its good to note that the three emotes to ring a bell is too much with it in place, as it will take way over 15 minutes to ring the bell making them kinda useless But eather way even in those 15 minutes you can likely meta rally I would have guessed as long as people respond quickly theres no point
  8. "Ah yes, humans." *Onon grumbled shaking his head at this all* "It was obvious that so much damage wouldnt be taken well... Stupid." *Annoyed in his tone as he spoke. Shaking his head at all such* "Some people shall not have been told of such things, and some are too ruthless. Gotta spread the word now I suppose." *Sighing knowing full well he was rather powerless against a entire order* Upone seeing notes where atached arguing the cruelty of this, another note had been added in from the elf explaining to those of the cannonist the implications of the actions... admitedly poorly written. "Upone anyone that wishesh to learn why this was illogical and cruel, the alchemical method involves drawing a fourth of the infecteds blood. Which will likely put the infected in a critical condition in the end. Meanwhile leaving the cured person in a state of full vampiric transformation and panic. Regardless of what you may say, the fact is that it was sure to kill the children. That taken into consideration, one must not instantly cure someone. Theres no rush, theres time before it becomes imposible. She could have given birth and then gotten cured, her only crime is NOT keeping her condition a secret so that others are prepered in case the curse takes over. One also doesnt have to feed for rather leanghty amounts of time. If her condition got inflicted not long before or during the pregnancy there was no reason to murder her children."
  9. "One journey ends, another starts hm?" Mused the elf still upset about the loss of his friend yet unable to argue with the way of things "Wherever ya are now Fae, I hope ya stay happy... And may our paths meet again." Couldnt help but smile at the thought of maybe seeing his friend in the futture, yet for now it was really just wishfull thinking. Only time would say how it goes. "Hm, perhaps I could publish some of his poetry in his name in the meanwhile though?" Mused thinking about if he could honor his friend in such a way "Some rewriting of his works to do, yet he was a darn good poet so it could be worth it? I got the time during all the gate duty I do..." Chuckling to himself as he realises how much of his life he wastes away in the gatehouse yet growing more serious as he finally decides "Might as well. Keeping one's memory alive is the least one can do. Shame for them to go to waste after all... I for sure will miss Fae but ay at least might be ready in case they return! As unlikely as it is." Onon more then determined to try and stay positive, even in such a situation as this one
  10. "Ah yes, good estimates I see." *Said the elf as he reached the 99% sureness of the operation going to be a sucess letting out a laugh at such* "How nice! They aint wrong though."
  11. "Ah yes, The orcs are trying to copy the dwarfs... Who can blame em? The dwarfs are just based." *Noted a random elf that didnt have to think much before noticing the similaritie between the sugestion and dwarven clans*
  12. "Alright thats... just impresive." *humed an elf seeing the amount of work that had been put into this all*
  13. "Alright, oficially all those deaths during this war have been worth it." *Noted the elf having just lisened the based song now having something to vibe to during the next battles*
  14. "Finally. The Honnorable are speaking out, may the old orcs finally beat some sense into those children runing around as Adrian dogs." *Onon grumbled to himself upone reading the misive. Shaking his head gently though he remarked* "Took them long enough, yet better later then never. Only to hope the others will be able to pull they brains together and come to similar conclusions... I really dont want to make a stop at Krug next."
  15. "Easy, and quick Victory... good thing saved us some time." *Mused the elf as he recounted the battle noding his head in approval at the summary he had read*
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