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  1. "My sleepless nights finally justified? Lets goooood!" *Called out a elf.. that more then likely shouldnt be happy about this. But getting a reason to why his wife woke him up every now and again due to her nightmares, was not the worse- and he could be happy for it. Taking the post with to show to said wife, just to let her know!* @Myrthe
  2. *An Elven veteran of the brotherhood of saint Karl simply siped his tea, on another quite cassual morning.*
  3. "Expected." *Stated simply the wood elf by the name of Onon, the haenseni elf going back to his things as there was not much more to say*
  4. Yea for not mages, enchants have become worthless as they take a long time and you are out of the fight after you use them. Why brother spending a long time for a single attack, that might miss anyways, and will take you out of the fight if you dont have a whole array od enchants? But at this point you might as well become a voidal mage. The fact I dont think anyone had likely seen a combat voidal enchant [At least I havent] since the change to them should speak for itself. Leaving it with just none combative artisiany, which is cool- but a flavor thing shouldnt be worth as much as two other magics. This change is really needed at the curent power level of transmutation.
  5. *Onon, as per always with his lacking ability to read was left to mumble quietly under his breath as he slowly, and almost painfully so to anyone without a patience of someone as old as himself read thru the misive* "Complacency had always Been our downfall. Even better to see people band together against the ever growing darkness too." *Mused the haenseni Wood elf, after a moment of thought admiting to himself* "If not for my curent aligances it would have Been tempting to join... I must say that much. Perhaps I shall pay them a visit regardless?" *With that conclusion. The Mali started heading off, that was to be seen when he had the moment for it.*
  6. ((As Aditional info!)) The dark elf clan is located in Vikela and is larger then just those mentioned, thats just the closest family! If you have any questions feel free to dm jaslawonon Or hk1058 about it thru discord, or contact us in game thru the ooc names given above
  7. *Haenseni elf blinkes a few times after having read thru the misive... Questioning to himself* "Alright why do humana need to have a problem to everything...? Let people wear what they want come on." *Sighing as he shook his head slowly yet musing for a moment about the other part* "I am only racist to the children runing about being idiota..." *Not gonna denny the fact.* "But I see the point with baning the green-skins. Been quite a pain most of the time as the mentally stable ones rearly visit." *Clicking his tongue as he noded his head having not too many complains about that bit*
  8. 1: It was always funny to me seeing how people may catch up to others while being in full plate and runing after people in no armor. So, yes. Besides it would make it better for those that dont really want to take part in CRP all too much, while not putting people on a full disadvantage just becouse they dont want to wear armor skins all the time ((Still love how people always react to me not having my armored skin on- seeing the not so old conflicts xD)) Just dont forget about including horses into the anount too! Aka horse armor and armor of the rider. It shouldnt be that big but still could do something with it! 2: Absolutely. Agility is not taken into acount AT ALL as of right now while it should be a decant part of combat, it pains me to see people being restricted to slow paced combat. It would be nice for that side of things to come into acount too rather then just strengh. 3: No, but some changes. Trowables are two emotes and thats already quite fine, Perhaps shortbows that have low poundadge could fall into that too- but recurve bows and longbows should stay at 3 for all that I would say. They still may do a good bit of damage to lower armor oponents, especially if the other sugestions are to be implemented, but I would sugest changing crossbows etc into 4 so they arent just simply superior to bows, which should be resonably faster to fire anyhow. ((And which would still be fair anyhow seeing the damage crossbows may do))
  9. "Oi dunno any other of dat people..." *Grumbled the dwarven resident of the caravan making note to meet some more people later on to be able to handle it better* Name: Are Greenbeard Are you an inhabitant of Dúnkeld: Yes Madelyn Noryth (1-5): 2 Wisteria Adeline Pinemaw (1-5): 3 Vauban Daesmon (1-5): 2 Lin (1-5): 5
  10. "Neat, always fun to see some more peaceful stuff happening in the world." *Comented the old wood elf, already being fed up with the none stop conflicts from times not long passed*
  11. Well its posible but I dunno really eather way best to check with the above . And Heres the demon magic link . Eather way those are the two things I know of conected to the demona but might be more [Honestly best to just check oneself + I think necromancy is from Ibless but that's Technically undead and not demons so ;shrug;]
  12. Playing a cursed child is just a App you can make , meanwhile to become a demon you have to get a teacher and then make a MA for any sort of magic And CA if its a creature you want to Play . Eather way all other then the ''blessed'' child you need a teacher
  13. "Oh, finally getting adressed... about time. Bringing a darkspawn into our citie with them and knowing they exact name, and then being anoyed when he gets stabed... Go figure." *Shook his head sighing his head gently* "Spreading infections and pestilance, what a amazing thing of them to do by all the unecessary testing... how great."
  14. Honestly I like this idea, less of a mess in biger fighter and people have the turn orders anyhow
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