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  1. THE OSTOJA ACCORD Issued at Year 169 of the Second Age CONTENTS: ARTICLE I: On Rights ARTICLE II: Non-Aggression and Protection ARTICLE III: On External Relations ARTICLE IV: On Internal Relations ARTICLE V: On Sovereignty ARTICLE VI: On Duration ARTICLE I: On Rights I. The Most Serene State of Lurin, henceforth referred as Lurin or the Most Serene State, and the Barony of Ostoja, henceforth referred as Ostoja, agree to enter a vassalage pact. II. The Barony of Ostoja agrees to pay 1500 mina for the lands previously occupied by the winery of Celia’lin. III. The Most Serene State will grant Ostoja land within its borders, in exchange, the Barony of Ostoja will pay an elven weekly tax of 80 mina. IV. The Barony of Ostoja will be granted the rights to form their own Government and to write their own laws. V. The Most Serene State will reserve the right to hold the national army, the Centurions, however, the Barony of Ostoja will be able to form their own militia as long as for every 4 militia members, they enlist one member into the centurions. VI. As per Lurinite laws, Ostoja is free to follow any faith or religion as long as it is not within those labeled as evil or prohibited. ARTICLE II: On Non-Aggression and Protection I. The Most Serene State and Ostoja agree to enter a Non-Aggression pact, where both parties agree to never start conflict with the other. II. Lurin and its Centurions agree to protect Ostoja from external conflict. III. Ostoja agrees to contribute to the numbers of the Centurions, enlisting any denizen that wishes to be part of the State army. ARTICLE III: On External Relations I. The Barony of Ostoja will be granted the right to sign friendship and non-aggression pacts. II. .The Barony of Ostoja will be granted the right to sign trade pacts. III. The Most Serene State of Lurin will reserve the right to sign defensive pacts with other nations and vassals. IV. The Most Serene State of Lurin will reserve the right to form new vassals. ARTICLE IV: On Internal Relations I. The Barony of Ostoja agrees to hold a cultural event once every elven month. II. The Most Serene State agrees to invite a representative of Ostoja to their Government meetings in order to give them voice. III. The Most Serene State agrees to invite Ostoja denizens to their events and cultural events. ARTICLE V: On Sovereignty I. The Most Serene State of Lurin and the Silver Lubba grant, from now on, the title of Baron of Ostoja to Istvan Taurović. A title that will be hereditary. II. The Baron of Ostoja and their denizens agree to swear fealty to the Silver Lubba and her government. III. Only under extreme circumstances would the Most Serene State enter Ostojan lands with force, including but not limited to; rebellion, harboring of darkspawn, preaching of forbidden religions and others that might be voted on by the Lurinite Council. ARTICLE VI: On duration I. This pact, upon signature, will be made indefinite. II. If any of the signatories wishes to break the pact, they must notify the other party two elven weeks before-hand. III. The Barony of Ostoja will not be penalized with a mina fee in the case they wish to receive independence outside of Lurin lands, as long as that request is made after ten elven weeks since the pact was signed. If they wish to gain independence before that time, they must pay a sum of 1000 mina to the Serene State. IV. This pact can be revised after five elven weeks of its signature. Signed, The Silver Lubba, Lumia Uialben Hand of the Lubba and Prime Minister of Lurin. Baron of Aevum, Edvard Kervallen Istvan Taurović, Baron of Ostoja, Protector of Oxen
  2. Edvard somehow takes ahold of the missive, reading through its contents fast, a chuckle escapes the man "Well isn't this ironic? That the same people who murder with cold blood their own allies now throw these claims. Not only fake ones, but as we've been investigating the happenings i would not be surprised if they were more related to the dark than we even think." With that, a spark consumes the missive, that disappears within Edvard's hand
  3. Sir Ephrem smiles, finally after so many years, while he helps his son organize the event by making sure Tuvian lands are adequate.
  4. Floor Meat Festival Issued at Year 169 of the Second Age A fest born from necessity Long time has passed since Lurin held the last Floor Meat Festival (FMF), but it is not until now that context will be given to such a peculiar celebration. As most can guess, it revolves around meat and the floor, a giant barbeque held within the gates of the Most Serene State. To learn its origins we must go back to the first Lurin in Almaris, the population was growing and so the demand for armor; leather came to the State holding hands with meat, tons of it, that filled the State freezer. The Most Serene State, always known for its advance in defense and combat tactics, developed a special gate, one whose floor could be totally set on fire in the case wrongdoers were trapped between both gates, but that came with a downside, the wood that formed the floor had to be periodically changed. Resourceful as the most, the people of Lurin decided not to waste that floor, and right before it was changed, they decided to set it on fire and cook on top of it; from that event, the Floor Meat Festival was born. It is with grand satisfaction that we announce a new FMF, to be held in three elven days in the Most Serene State of Lurin. Meat of all kinds will be served to those attending along with drinks and great company. Special invitations have been sent to: The Shiredom of Dunfárthing The Sovereignty of Vortice The Kingdom of Vikela The Kingdom of Balian The Principality of Celia’nor The Rexdom of the Horde The Barony of Caledonia All who consider themselves allies to the Most Serene State ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! OOC: FMF to be held on Sunday 25th of February at 5pm EST. Lumia Uialben Silver Lubba Hand of the Lubba and Prime Minister of Lurin. Baron of Aevum, Edvard Kervallen
  5. "As herectic as others may find them, Atronachs cannot become darkspawn" He says taking ahold of the missive and reading it "Unlike other 'cleansers'"
  6. IRONY? Issued at Year 168 of the Second Age Irony? It was a normal day in Lurin when the Church arrived, not carrying the proper documents to test Lurin citizens and yet they did. Lurin wishes for peace so even though the populace was not happy, the tests occurred, not finding a single Lurinite to be darkspawn. Adjunted a copy of the treaty that the Church signed with Lurin and failed to follow. The High Pontiff arrived later with a few of his soldiers, we accepted them into the city and moved to meet to solve the small differences. What was our surprise when one of the Holy Knights, so called Johannes by the Canonist forces, a man who entered with His Holiness and stood all the time behind him during the meeting, turned into an undead and stabbed the Pontiff. Do not let others fool you, Lurin has NO tolerance with darkspawn and even though we offered to heal the High Pontiff they refused, even insulting us by calling us pagans. The darkspawn that came with them was terminated by the Brotherhood and later on burnt by our atronachs in the square. Irony? ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Lumia Anarion Silver Lubba Edvard Kervallen Hand of the Lubba and Prime Minister of Lurin. Baron of Aevum
  7. Edvard grabbed the paper when he was handed it, atronach gaze hovering over its contents "So... Let me understand it, Lurin who went through a whole crusade to cleanse the State of darkspawn is not a trusted Nation. But then Sakuragakure, who has a lair of darkspawn nearby, filled with all kinds of evil hidding behind huge walls, is a totally safe place? Either who wrote this is an idiot or they really know shit about what they are speaking..." And so the paper within his hand consumed in flames.
  8. "I don't think i've ever seen you raising the gate Jonny" Replies Edvard from nearby
  9. "Failed as a son, failed as a father" There was no day, since that fatidic day, that the Viscount did not wake up with an emptiness, one within his very soul. There was no day, since that fatidic day, that the Viscount did not go to sleep with sorrow filling his very self. Once a beacon of joy and light, Sir Ephrem had became a mere ghost of his past self, a whole life dedicated to the Kingdom, for what? Only to receive pain and negatives... Once a beacon of courage and fervour, Sir Ephrem had not recovered from the death of his dear daughter. But this time... This time was different... Not only he had lost his son now, he had lost his brother in arms, he had lost a part of himself, someone who could understand the man in ways not even his wife could. This time he could no longer, dizzy steps brought him to the church of the Arcangel, falling before the altar "Why him?" The viscount whispered towards the altar, no force carried by those words, not as much as it carried pain at least "Why him and not me, GOD?" The man's hand travelled to his belt, grabbing his sword that even in those hard times roared with white flames under the touch of the templar. The knight placed it in front of himself, losing sense of time, his weeping continued... "First you take pater from me..." A closed fist rammed against the floor "Then you take Estella way before her time... And now... My son..." His eyes opened even if so slightly, just enough to see the fire of the sword shining bright "How miserable do i have o be?" But... All of a sudden, his emotions changed, his soul filled with courage and valor, his muscles tensed as the fire of the Archangel burned inside the man... "Is this a sign? You wish for me to fight, right?" Almost instinctively his hand moved once more, taking a grasp of the flaming sword "Then i will fight! Long have vile creatures roamed these lands freely, long have they taken lives without facing consequences, but today that will come to an end... Today is the day when this all will change" His fist closed tight, getting red from the strength "I've failed you GOD, and in turn you've failed me... But today that shall change" The Templar rose his voice "Get my banner ready, my shield, my bow and the fastest horse we have, the hunt has started!"
  10. I am not really sure if Fire Evocation really needs a rewrite, even less to become a 2 slotted magic
  11. Edvard Kervallen puts his signature on the paper as he comments with Jon Snowell "Slowly we are remaking them all after they became stagnated"
  12. Sir Ephrem blinks a few times when at home "So first they want me to fire him and now they make him the Procurator? Glad i ended up not firing him then..."
  13. Edvard Kervallen stamps his signature on the document after the Silver Lubba Lumia did "Well, one done, a few more to go" He says with a smile
  14. YET ANOTHER LUBBA? Issued at Year 165 of the Second Age A needed change has been done, the Silver Lubba dives once more. With the most needed change to the Lurinite Government done, the Silver Lubba Edvard Kervallen sees fit to give the role back to its previous owner, Lumia Anarion. Edvard and Lumia shall, from now on, swap their roles; the Kervallen shall become the Head Minister of Lurin while the Anarion will once more don the Silver Crown. ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Lumia Anarion Silver Lubba Edvard Kervallen Former Silver Lubba and Baron of Aevum OOC:
  15. Restructuration of Lurin’s Government Issued at Year 165 of the Second Age A lonely change for a newly appointed Lubba. Head Minister, Lumia Anarion. (Former Silver Lubba): ( @Snow1770 ) The role of the Head Minister in Lurin encompasses a multifaceted array of responsibilities that are key to the efficient functioning of the Council. At the forefront of their duties is the meticulous scheduling of Council meetings, a task that demands precision and foresight to ensure optimal coordination among the members. Beyond mere logistics, the Head Minister assumes the vital responsibility of overseeing the performance of each Council member, ensuring that they operate seamlessly and contribute effectively to the collective decision-making process. Furthermore, this esteemed figure serves as the chief custodian of the meetings' proceedings, diligently taking notes and preserving a comprehensive record of the discussions and resolutions. Positioned as the right hand of the Silver Lubba, the Head Minister plays a paramount role in maintaining the harmony and efficacy of the council's operations, contributing significantly to the overall governance of Lurin. Minister of Defense, Mika Anarion. (Former Silver Lubba): ( @mika1278) The cardinal role of the Minister of Defense extends far beyond its apparent scope, encompassing a comprehensive set of responsibilities vital to the safeguarding and fortification of the Nation. At the forefront of their duties lies the crucial task of recruiting new Centurions, a responsibility demanding discernment and strategic acumen to ensure the selection of capable individuals who will serve as the guardians of the State. In addition to recruitment, the Minister is entrusted with the arduous yet indispensable duty of training these Centurions, shaping them into a formidable force ready to face any challenges that may threaten the security of the Nation. Moreover, the Minister of Defense assumes a paramount role in the overall defense strategy, formulating and executing plans to protect the sovereignty of the Nation. In essence, the Minister of Defense stands as a linchpin in the intricate web of national security, orchestrating a harmonious balance between recruitment, training, defense and strategy. Minister of Knowledge, Jon Snowell: ( @SaviourMeme) The exalted position of the Minister of Knowledge assumes a profound and miscellaneous responsibility, extending its influence over the vast realm of magic and knowledge within the nation. As the custodian of arcane wisdom and scholarly pursuits, this esteemed figure not only oversees the mystical intricacies of magic but also spearheads the establishment of an Academy dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment and magical mastery. The creation and administration of this venerable institution stand as a testament to the Minister's commitment to fostering intellectual growth and honing the arcane talents of aspiring individuals. Furthermore, the Minister of Knowledge assumes an important role in the meticulous management of a vast repository of wisdom, serving as the steward of a grand library that houses the accumulated knowledge of generations. This includes the curation of ancient tomes and scholarly treatises, ensuring that the repository remains a beacon of enlightenment for the citizens of the nation. In essence, the Minister of Knowledge emerges as the guardian of both mystical arts and intellectual pursuits, weaving a tapestry of magical wisdom and scholarly excellence that enriches the cultural and intellectual fabric of the nation. Minister of Interior, Apollyon Snowell: ( @Apollonous) The Minister of Interior assumes a versatile role that extends well beyond the routine matters of taxation and housing. At the heart of their responsibilities lies the intricate orchestration of tax collection, demanding not only a nuanced understanding of financial systems but also a judicious approach to ensuring fair and balanced tax distribution among the citizens, a task performed on an annual basis. Furthermore, this influential figure is charged with the meticulous oversight of the city's housing ledger, navigating through the complex web of residential records and property holdings. This involves addressing the dynamic residential needs of the city's populace, implementing housing policies, and ensuring the seamless functioning of the urban living landscape. In essence, the Minister of Interior emerges as a linchpin in the economic and social fabric of the city, skillfully managing the financial health of the community through tax administration while also attending to the vital aspects of housing and urban development that contribute significantly to the overall well-being of its inhabitants. Minister of Health, Orion Tsecsar: (@Lapidary) The Minister of Health assumes a vital and expansive role that extends beyond the surface responsibilities of overseeing the state's well-being, incorporating a diverse set of duties crucial to community welfare. Positioned at the forefront of their mandate is the meticulous management of the state's overall health, demanding a discerning and proactive approach to address public health challenges and uphold the welfare of residents. Going beyond routine duties, the Minister takes the lead in establishing a new clinic, strategically augmenting healthcare accessibility, and reinforcing the state's healthcare infrastructure. Moreover, the Minister bears the essential responsibility of cultivating a new generation of medics, involving the training and nurturing of healthcare professionals to ensure a skilled and compassionate workforce. This multi-faceted role not only underscores a commitment to immediate health needs but also reflects a forward-thinking perspective aimed at constructing a resilient and sustainable healthcare system. Essentially, the Minister of Health emerges as a steadfast guardian of the state's well-being, making significant contributions to the long-term health resilience and medical proficiency of the community through strategic healthcare initiatives and personnel development. Minister of Faith, Scribe Edevane: ( @PinkPyro) The Ministry of Faith assumes a crucial role in upholding the cherished value of religious freedom within the nation, overseeing the granting of this fundamental right to individuals, enabling them to practice their beliefs without undue interference, as long as such practices align with the laws of the state. Beyond safeguarding this freedom, the ministry shoulders the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of the Eshtaelite Church, adding an additional layer of significance to its mandate. This dual role positions the ministry at the nexus of individual liberties and institutional governance, emphasizing the delicate balance between personal convictions and the overarching legal framework. In essence, the Ministry of Faith serves as the guardian of both individual spiritual autonomy and the harmonious coexistence of diverse religious expressions within the broader societal context, contributing to a nuanced and inclusive approach to matters of faith and belief. Minister of Exterior, Silver Lubba Edvard Kervallen: The Ministry of Exterior plays a pivotal role in shaping and maintaining Lurin's diplomatic landscape, holding the responsibility of cultivating robust relationships with other nations. Beyond merely ensuring the safety and security of Lurin, the overarching objective of this essential office is to forge enduring friendships that transcend borders. By actively engaging in diplomatic endeavors, the Ministry seeks to position the State as a reliable ally and partner, capable of extending assistance and cooperation when called upon. This multifaceted approach involves not only safeguarding the nation's interests but also contributing to global stability through diplomatic collaboration, thereby fostering an environment where Lurin stands as a steadfast and trustworthy presence on the international stage. Minister of Entertainment, Eshel Kervallen: ( @Pallodium) The role of the Minister of Entertainment encapsulates a dynamic and essential function that transcends the surface responsibilities associated with event organization. At the core of their duties lies the artful orchestration of a myriad of events designed to captivate and entertain the population, injecting vibrancy into the societal fabric. This multifaceted role demands not only a keen understanding of diverse entertainment genres but also a creative vision to curate experiences that resonate with the varied tastes of the populace. Beyond mere event logistics, the Minister plays a pivotal role in cultivating a cultural tapestry that fosters community engagement and social cohesion. This involves collaborating with artists, performers, and cultural institutions to ensure a diverse and enriching array of entertainment options. In essence, the Minister of Entertainment emerges as a cultural curator, shaping the collective experiences of the population, and contributing significantly to the overall well-being and vitality of the community through the thoughtful and engaging organization of events. ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Edvard Kervallen Silver Lubba and Baron Consort of Aevum
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