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  1. Edvard reads the missive with a nod "Suddenly everyone is so worried about Vikela but noone sends help, i guess it's just easier to rant on Lurin for wanting to remain neutral"
  2. [!] A paper is pinned under the missive: "Lurin has been working with the CCC to achieve peace with the orcs. We took all last night to get it, it's up to your queen now if she wants to avoid bloodshed or not; Lurin stays by its acts. Vikela was offered peace once before and laughed at their enemies. The CCC was formed to bring peace, not to fight for people who cannot fight their wars, it was a Concord to remain peaceful in the coast, not to lose our lives for people who are so brave to laugh at the face of a bigger threat than themselves. The terms for a new era of peace have been settled, Lurin and Vortice told your Queen what their thoughts were, if she listens you all will be fine, if she does not then there's nothing we can do to save your lives; maybe you should start by thinking why noone wants Vikela as a neighbour."
  3. From his house in Brabant, Sir Ephrem Kervallen received notice from the death of Sybille. The Templar exhaled some smoke from his pipe and talked to noone in particular "And once again she failed, never once was she successful in anything. The first of her line to be unable to win their particular war" A single chuckle escaped the Kervallen's mouth as he took another puff of the tobacco "At least she'll be with Ezren now, may she rest in peace even if we were nen in the better terms" Disclaimer: All this is RP nothing should be taken OOCly, also it's ramblings to himself don't meta.
  4. Edvard sits on his state, a fuming cup of tea on his hand as he smiles "Ah... It's like if i could hear all the whinnings coming from all around" He takes a short sip "Surely most people don't even know how to have fun nor they can see the part where it says 'until revoked' which should not be in much time. That being said, some fresh air for those old guys won't make them any bad"
  5. Update on Lurin Laws Issued at Year 181 of the Second Age With the approval of the Silver Lubba, the following law is now in force until revoked: The individuals named Mika Anarion and Jon Snowell are required to make presence and social life in Lurin’s capital for, at the very least, two elven hours every elven week. Failing to comply would put them under a Class C crime, which under special conditions would make them pay a fee of fifty mina every time they fail. ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State, Matron of House Uialben, Heiress of House Anarion, Protector of the Whispering Isles, Lumia Uialben Minister of Exterior and Baron of Aevum, Edvard Kervallen Royal Consort and Minister of Interior, Apollyon Snowell
  6. [!] A note would be added under this one: Buy it... Buy it and i'll decorate my home with carpets made out of Starbreaker skin, buy it and you'll be damning your kin to not learn the intricacies of Automaton crafting. Buy it and i'll make sure that every elf that has or will ever put a foot on this world will learn Golemancy, twisting it to never be an art of your kin again. - E
  7. [!] A small note will be placed on all notice boards around Aevos that Edvard has access to: To whoever broke into my house and stole my magic hammer, who wore a maroon blindfold and lost it in front of the chest where it was stored; Give it back to me, this is not just a hammer it's an important relic. I have clues of who you are, it's better if you just give it back and you won't be killed. Edvard Kervallen.
  8. As the missive reached Ephrem's hand, the Templar stripped the lower part in a square shape. Filling it with some tobacco the man rolled it and lighted it up "I cannen decide if these balianite posts work better like this or as toilet paper"
  9. Bruh just let her leave in peace, if you don't care about her leaving then simply don't comment on the post. Otherwise you are the one really trying to grab attention by starting a conflict where there is none. That being said, you are now free Turtle, don't let the golden chains of LOTC grab you again. Hope you have a good time IRL, and even if I always failed to get enough time to RP together i thank you for taking the personas i offered you. PD: To all those raging in comments, see me start posting a 'Leaving LOTC' post every time i go to sleep and a 'Coming back' one when i wake up.
  10. "I wonder what Lunarite is" A Lurinite says "I've heard of all but that one... Is he maybe refering to Starsteel?" OOC: ST smite him! (jk)
  11. [!] Another note would be sent: Your Majesty, While i really don't care who takes a peerage i hold no interest on, i am not fully sure if Elijah knew the peerage would be no longer under Kervallen when he decided to step aside. If that is the case then so be it this is the last letter i shall send anyways, just making sure he was aware. Sir Ephrem Kervallen
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