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  1. "These Sarkozic left without paying what they owed..." Says Sir Ephrem shaking his head "Three years worth of taxes!"
  2. Sir Ephrem Kervallen, the grandfather of the child signed the Lorraine with a sigh "May GOD embrace your soul little one"
  3. A certain Lurinite councilman walked to the Frederick Lubrary, getting into the archives of such an institution the man would retrieve a copy of the Canonist Scrolls. Edvard moved to his office within the building, unrolling the Scroll Of Virtue, his sight moving down to the Canticle of Patience as he read aloud "So i am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, i bid my faithful this: You shall not raise a hand in wrath, nor in envy, nor in any kind of sin" He shook his head with a smile "Who can believe people who cannot abide by the principles that their GOD gave upon them? Violent people who demand blood just for the rage of things not being as they want in a State that is not even Canonist..." He moved then to the archives and stored the copy of the scroll "Maybe they are the barbarics and not us? For we have not left OUR city, and they are the ones coming for a trouble that was nonexistant"
  4. The proud grandfather Ephrem Kervallen whispers to the babies "Do nen speak like these Ruthern, i want to understand you both"
  5. Sir Ephrem got the notice while working in his office, the man offered a lonely sigh to the empty room "May GOD enlighten your path from now on as HE did it in the past, Gaius"
  6. Issued by the Viscounty of Tuvia in collaboration with the Kingdom of Balian. 12th of Horen's Calling in the year 72 B.A The competence between noble houses within the Kingdom of Balian has always been null, while competence with no order is not healthy, it is believed by the Viscounty of Tuvia that some sort of game between all the peers can help developing a sense of brotherhood and cooperation. (Former Patriarch Evander Kervallen riding a Tuvian Purasangre while holding one of the Kervallen Blades. Circa 25 B.A) A Game of Swords A new competition shall be started within the noble houses of the Kingdom of Balian. A spectacle of unparalleled magnificence, where these august houses shall converge in a fervent clash, vying for the mastery of blades that bear their ancestral insignias. This initiative, lead by the Viscounty of Tuvia and with the support of the Crown aspires to forge an indomitable sense of fraternal unity and harmonious collaboration among these distinguished lineages while still working to be their better version possible. How does it work Each noble house will be given a sword forged between the Viscounty of Tuvia and the reigning family, one bearing their insignias and that better fits the spirit of their lineage. Once the weapon has been delivered, each house will have the right to duel another house in order to get their sword. The duel will be based on whichever discipline the challenging lineage decides, a few examples would be a joust, a duel, a general culture challenge, chess game… A house can be challenged every Saint’sWeek the same amount of times as swords they have in their collection, the loser of the duel has to give their bid sword to the contender. It is imperative to note that each duel has to be public, accepted and sealed within three days at most, otherwise the challenger can get the sword without dueling (must be noted, a good time for both parties must be found). It is not imperative that the peer takes the challenge but anyone who is direct family with them. Each duel must be refereed by a neutral party. Sword Counting During each Court held by His Majesty King Adrian I, the amount of blades each noble house has in possession will be revealed along with a notice on how the yearly duels go, with a brief explanation for the public to enjoy. After four Saint’s Weeks (1 month), the game will finish and a final counting will be held. The house with more swords will receive a special prize. Participants: The Reigning house of Novellen The Comital house of Vuiller The Comital house of d’Arkent The Viscomital house of Darkwood The Viscomital house of Sarkozic The Viscomital house of var Ruthern The Viscomital house of Kervallen The Baronial house of Galbraith The Baronial house of de Lyons The Baronial house of Vilac The Royal Balianese Armada The Swords: ✵ Starshine ✵ ✥ Aurum Tooth ✥ ✮ The Eagle's Fly ✮ ✺ Tyrflain ✺ ϟ Crow’s Thunder ϟ ❄ Soul Biter ❄ ❅ Glacies Lignum ❅ ⋆✦☀ Virtus, ᴛʜᴇ ᴊᴀɢᴜᴀʀ'ꜱ ꜰᴀɴɢ ☀✦⋆ ✼ Fierté du Lion ✼ ✦ Dragon’s Bane ✦ ❃ The Balianite Paraspada ❃ SIGNED, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Adrian I, by the Grace of GOD, King of Balian, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos, Goza and Ciavola, Lord of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Prince of the Holy Orenian Empire, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera. HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Ephrem Kervallen, Viscount of Tuvia, Knight of the Order of Saint Michael, Minister of Finances & Procurator of Balian, Templar of the Archangel Michael and Inquisitor of the Canonist Church.
  7. THE APPOINTMENT OF A VICE PROCURATOR After much deliberation on promotion within the Procurators office, the Procurator has decided to take on a second-in-command and train them to their utmost extent. Please welcome the Vice Procurator of Balian, Rhys var Ruthern! @Nilyeet Much is expected from him and his training has begun henceforth, the Procurators Office and Balian looks forward to see just how he steps up to the plate. Ave Balian! May its economy be ever fluid. HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Ephrem Kervallen, Viscount of Tuvia, Knight of the Order of Saint Michael, Minister of Finances & Procurator of Balian, Templar of the Archangel Michael and Inquisitor of the Canonist Church.
  8. Sir Ephrem sheds a tear as the missive is delievered by his wife, the Vicecount stands up marking the day in red in his calendar, very proudly.
  9. MC Name: ECS1999 Discord: eduardc11 Image: Description of Image: Barony of Tuvia Coat of Arms Dimensions: 1x1
  10. Looking for someone who wants to play a Sorvian Newt called Tuff, who will be Moss' twin. Interested, pm me here or in Discord; eduardc11

  11. [!] A missive would be pinned in all notice boards of the Canonist Nations; To whom it may concern: A few Saint Days back an Initiate of the Holy Inquisition found its way into an Azdrazi base, not following his commands to stay away from there, he is presumed disappeared and kidnapped by the Azdromoth Worshippers. To you, Canonist Brothers i raise this plead, help us rescue him for an Inquisitorial Brother is a son of GOD, one of HIS most respectable helpers in this, our land. All of you; Balian, Haense, Aaun, Petra and Númendil have had to deal with the dragons sometime in the past and have the manpower to help recovering Initiate Ontillas from their claws. I will keep this missive simple; Gather..! Gather descendants of GOD, for only us will be able to rescue him from a secure death. Sir Ephrem Kervallen of Tuvia, Inquisitor of the Canonist Church and Templar of the Archangel
  12. Signatory of Region: Gotrek UnionUser: ECS1999Persona name: Grîmdal 'Ulfarsson' StarbreakerPersona ID: #79575
  13. THE BARONESS ATTACK Issued by the Barony of Tuvia on the 10th of Lothar's Gift in the year 67 of our Lord To whoever is behind the Baroness attack I shall not fault my word when I write this missive; whoever is behind the attack that occurred today against my wife, do NOT try it again, or you shall meet the same end of the filthy assassin that you sent, with a spear through his skull. I will not tolerate any other attack against Callista’s life as this will be the first and only warning, you do not want to see my ire neither my wrath, under the sight of GOD and the Archangel I send this missive, do not try it again or you’ll DIE! SIGNED, The Honorable, Sir Ephrem Kervallen, Baron of Tuvia and Procurator of the Crown. Knight of the Order of Saint Lothar, Inquisitor of the Canonist Church and Templar of the Archangel.
  14. TO THE MEN IN GREEN Issued at Year 136 of the Second Age Earlier on this day two men, one in green and golden robes entered Lurin as our gates are always open during times of peace, however, this trust has been abused by these two individuals who witnesses have claimed to have set our tree on fire sprinting far into the city and probably through the canals before aid could be called for. As Lurin is a forgiving State, these two individuals shall be only punished for the crimes they have commited according to the Codex of Lurin within our territories, willing or not. - Attempted Murder, a Class B Crime -> Putting Lurin citizens in danger - Grand Vandalism, a Class A Crime -> Burning the Tree Leading up to a fine of 1500 mina per person present or the alternatives: - Execution of All - 2150 mina worth of labor or goods per person - Banishment and loss of both eyes, two limbs or the tongue May this be done peacefully and swiftly without escalation, you have one Eshtael Week to respond or we'll send the Brotherhood after you. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance. Signed,
  15. Issued by the Procurator Office on the 7th of Peter's Calling in the year 65 of our Lord From the Procurator's Office, we are thrilled to unveil the upcoming event that will captivate the city of Portoregne like never before! Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary experience where fortune will determine the destiny of our esteemed citizens and non-citizens alike. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you "The Grand Prize Draw"! 🎁 Spectacular Prizes Await! 🎁 In this thrilling event, Lady Luck shall hold the reins, bestowing an equal chance upon all participants to win fantastic prizes that will leave you awestruck. Brace yourselves for the possibility of transforming your dreams into reality, as Portoregne opens its doors to an event that transcends boundaries. - First Prize: An Azhl Ingot, a Servus Golem, a weapon smithed by the Amiratus himself and a vial of Cockatrice's Breath. - Second Prize: An enchanted piece of jewelry, a Servus Golem and a weapon smithed by the Amiratus himself. - Prize for whoever buys more tickets: An Arcanium dagger, an Ironwood longsword, a Servus Golem and a set of Alteration Alchemy. (More prizes may be added the closer we get to the date) 📍 Date and Venue 🗓️📍 Mark your calendars and save the date! "The Grand Prize Draw" will take place on the City of Portoregne the next Saint's Week during the month of Sun's Smile, where anticipation will fill the air and excitement will know no bounds. The venue has been meticulously chosen to accommodate the gathering of our esteemed community, ensuring a grand experience for everyone. OOC: ⭐ Participate and Let Luck Decide! ⭐ Are you a resident of Portoregne or an esteemed visitor within our beloved city's embrace? Whether you are a citizen or non-citizen, all are cordially invited to take part in this momentous occasion. Witness the power of chance as it weaves its magic and grants opportunities to individuals from all walks of life. Buy your tickets for only ten mina at the Tax Room of the city of Portoregne, in the new small stall in the center of the room! Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Ephrem Kervallen, Baron of Tuvia, Procurator of Balian and Knight of the Order of Saint Lothar. Inquisitor of the Canonist Church and Templar of the Archangel Michael.
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