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  1. A young bearded man enters the city and walks into the tavern to try and figure out why his mother sent him off to this strange place. Nothing is known about this man however he does bare a striking resemblance to Valens.
  2. After the trial stripping Valens of his position in the warband Valens returned to his home and wrote his final message to the world. His final note said: They took it all away from me. Even after all I have done for Minitz. They took it all away. I have decided its better to die than to live with knowing I have failed Minitz and it's people. So this is my final goodbye. Thank you for the adventures and the memories. Some day I will return and fulfill my duties as Theoderic. Goodbye and glory to Minitz. -Valens His note was found with his body on the ground after he jumped from the roofs of Minitz.
  3. TrickyToucan


    Blen lived a humble life until he left home. When he left he started a tavern which was a front for a crime syndicate call the Rusted Coin and began to recruit members until the authorities caught up with them. From there he ran and found him self in Norland where he whishes to open a new pub called The Shattered Blade and create another gang. Using his bar as a cover up he hopes to control the streets of Norland with an iron fist. But in order to to this he must travel the world looking for people to join him on his mission.
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