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  1. Tears start to roll freely from Dietrich Barclay's eyes as Sigismund III proclaims the Duchy of Reinmar once more, just as his namesake, Sigismund II did.
  2. Dietrich looks towards his uncle Jurgen confusedly as he has heard Charles Galbraith talk about blessing High Pontiff Michael yesterday in Providence streets. "Uncle, how many Pontiffs are there, und why are we blessing all of them?" @argonian
  3. The young Baron of Madvon sighs with sadness as he reads his Cousins' proclamation, nodding his head in appreciation of the stalwart nature of the Landgrave. "I knew my Alstreim cousins to be men of principle. The sons of Waldenia are united - Even against our own."
  4. I think Burnsider is a based individual

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      You're not wrong. 

  5. Wilheim Barclay looks towards Manfred as he entered the Seven Skies. He was chewing on some seeds when he spotted his grandson, looking intently towards something in front of him with another fellow. "Oh, took you long enough." Wilheim said upon the aged Marshal's entrance, inviting him to come closer. "Come, come!" He then promptly motioned towards what he was looking at. On the floor, there were a bunch of iron ingots and all manners of combat equipment. As Manfred approached, he saw a blond fellow extend his hands above these metallic equipment. With the blink of an eye, the size of the pile seemed to increase. However, the armours and the swords, and even the shapes of some ingots and the craftsmanship seemed entirely identical. Wilheim nodded in satisfaction. "That's a good batch right there, Tylos." @argonian @Coolcod77
  6. A DECLERATION OF REGENCY Letters from the County of Freimark On the 21st of First Seed, SA 52 A depiction of the Freimarkish messenger bringing the Prince the news of the regency. TO THE PIOUS MEN AND WOMEN OF FREIMARK, After having caught a serious case of the agues during his military activities within the borderlands, the Count of Freimark sees fit to announce a state of regency within his domain and the House of Barclay. Choosing to retreat inside his chambers in Neuberg to recover, his Lordship appoints Dietrich Lothar, Baron of Madvon as the Lord Regent of the County under the guidance of Borys, Baron of Lvinsk. As the acting Lord Regent, Baron Dietrich is entrusted with the general management of Erwinsburg's affairs, the military and the upkeep of House Barclay. IN NAMEN GOTTES, HIS EXCELLENCY, Ernst Barclay, Count of Freimark, Baron of Madvon, Lord of Neuberg and Erwinsburg, Commander of the Black Cross His Lordship, Dietrich Lothar Barclay, Baron of Madvon, Lord Regent of Freimark His Lordship, Borys III Jazloviecki, Baron of Lvinsk, Hauptmann of Freimark, Court Brewmaster of Savoy
  7. what's the reason for your two year ban!
  8. Dietrich looks upon his father as the serfs and the builders stacked the stones that would form the future of the County. He feels safe under the watchful eyes of Count Ernst.
  9. "It's a Barclay Bargain." Says Alija Izzetbegovic
  10. Alija says "You know Reinmar would be a cool duel ground, we'd allow it, right, Johann?"
  11. Wilheim Barclay, the founder of the proud lineage of Barclay smiles the Sun's smile.
  12. Enlistment Form: Full Name: Alija Izetbegovic Age: [REDACTED] Gender: Male Race: Aeldenic Banardian Human Religion: Canonism [Username: madone2k] [Discord: Mad#2647]
  13. I love bosnia

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      Warm regards, from Trebinje.

  14. Zog would read the faraway King's decleration as he pursued rightful blood vengeance against his Turkin overlords. His long, wisened reply to the Haeseni messenger that delivered him these news would be a wisened and earnest ancient poem. "Djali u bo i fort ta njeh krejt Alimari Shqip fol kretj Bota, Shqipe me plisa Freising e Reinmar Bashk Diaspora Na nijn edhe Kretzeni, Jugu e Sigradzi Blue e Jeshil ekom Flamurin Blue e Jeshil jon ngjyrat tona Blue e Jeshil osht shqiponja Blue e Jeshil jom shqipe deri n'Vdekje un Krehnona Se fitus mka bo nona as ni gjuh s'osht si e jona se fitus mka bo nona yeee"
  15. big sean number 2

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      No king but seannie 

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