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  1. "Goodbye, fair Kingdom of Aaun. . ." Adelmar says as he goes over to grab a bottle of wine he had in his humble abode, burying it somewhere within the borders of that fair Kingdom, so one day he may open the bottle with the descendants of that good King, John of Aaun and break bread allies with his stock in the future tribulations to come.
  2. "I believe that in the times of crisis for across all realms of the world, that people who are trying to get by through these days should not turn to each other. Rest assured, I do not believe that Lurin is some hive of darkspawn hive or anything of the sort as it has been purported for some time. Thus assert my belief that whatever agent which tried to orchestrate the stabbing of the High Pontiff is not an agent of either the Church or Lurin itself, but instead a rogue actor of the Lich that tries to turn otherwise innocent people against each other so that other Darkspawn activity throughout the realms may be muted as we squabble among each other, as is reported through the case of Haense. Instead, we ought to wake up and open our eyes to the actual nefarious networks. Set aside these petty squabbles of Paladins against the Church, against Haense, against Lurin, and any other nation. Look outward instead of inward, for we are all descendants and brothers in arms against the forces of iniquity." Brandt, the Archbishop-Cardinal of Albarosa said during talks with his more zealous colleagues of the Church, hopefully trying to impart some wisdom onto them on the machinations of Ibleesian forcees, which know no friendship and alliance but onto themselves.
  3. Adelmar, after having been burnt remembers jumping her on the road and then giving her mercy after doing a bait and switch upon Juniper! "Oops."
  4. Full Name of Man - Konrad Barclay Date of Birth of Man - SA 137 Name of Woman - Franziska Monika von Leopold Date of Birth of Woman - SA 138 Location of Ceremony - Minitz Church Date of Ceremony (Year) - SA 165 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Brandt Cardinal Albarosa
  5. This is so true btw to the point where I can without any metagaming whatsoever take a look at your skin and guess your dark magic CA with %99 accuracy, if you want not to be tested i think you should dress like a farmer or an ordinary guy or something like @Traveller did with his vampires often, but if I see you in red flaming robes and a white evil looking mask as an elf who talks about anti-establishment things It's really a no brainer that you must be some sort of a punk
  6. Full Name of Man - Ivan Arpa Date of Birth of Man - SA 138 Name of Woman - Mathilde Augusta of Stassion Date of Birth of Woman - SA 144 Location of Ceremony - Open ceremony in Veletz Date of Ceremony (Year) - SA 165 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Brandt Cardinal Albarosa
  7. Full Name of Man - Leon Anton Barclay Date of Birth of Man - 1941 Name of Woman - Adalfriede Rademacher Date of Birth of Woman - 1941 Location of Ceremony - Private Ceremony Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1961 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Brandt Cardinal Albarosa
  8. The Archdiocesan Council of Albarosa Scribed by Brandt Cardinal Albarosa In the year 1961 INTRODUCTION It has been apparent to us, the clergy of the Archdiocese of Albarosa, that the establishment of an Archdiocesan Council is imperative for effective governance of the Lord’s flock. In communion with the venerable High Pontiff Sixtus XI, we have sought divine wisdom in an effort to craft a governance structure, complete and in order with the sacred procedures and positions prescribed by the Holy Scrolls to steward matters of faith with efficacy. Let this Council thus be created and chartered in the name of guiding our flock through earthly challenges, all in the name of our shared devotion to the Almighty. SECTION I - PURPOSE Verily, our faith is a bastion of guidance for all who walk the path of the Lord, the clerical vocation having been ordained in the name of providing guidance and charity for the pilgrims of that path. While resolute in matters of faith, the guiding clergyman too, needs oversight and counsel - lest he toils wantonly towards his sacred purpose without the helping hand of his venerable brothers. Indeed it is so that the clerical vocation requires cooperation and care between fellow men who have dedicated their lives at the behest of the downtrodden and the weak. Insofar as to accomplish and charter herein this spirit of cooperation, the clergy of Albarosa must ordain limbs of governance that will reach out in ministry towards the realm and its people. In furtherance of this endeavour, the mission of this council will be to forge a robust hierarchy among priests, ensuring diligent oversight to facilitate effective action. The council further shall deliberate upon pertinent theological issues of our times that ail the realm, pronouncing verdicts to guide the faithful through their spiritual journey. Holding a vigilant oversight on public morality the council will advance its mission of offering counsel to the laity in the name of fostering righteous living in accordance with Virtue. Additionally, the Albarosan council shall be entrusted with the seamless orchestration of ecclesiastical services, including the solemn rites of mass, confession, and marriages. It shall bear the weighty responsibility of safeguarding and recording the Church's possessions – be they physical in the form of property such as chapels and cathedrals or sacred relics and saintly tombs. As stewards of governance within the Archdiocese of Albarosa, the council shall aim to alleviate His Holiness, the High Pontiff of mundane administrative burdens, enabling him to focus on matters of greater import that concern the wider Canondom. Towards the path of establishing a flourishing Albarosan priesthood, the council will establish the foundation and workings of a hierarchical ladder, providing ambitious priests a trajectory for career ascension within the revered ranks of our sacred clergy. Lastly, the council shall commit to preserve the sanctity of our realm, fervently striving to eradicate the malevolent forces of Iblees and iniquity - be it through inquisition or redemption in a righteous attempt to shield the faithful from the temptations of darkness. SECTION II - CHARGES OF COUNCIL The Archbishop of Albarosa The Archbishop of Albarosa serves as the sacred custodian of the Council of Albarosa, thus bearing the duty of summoning and presiding over the convocations, wherein theological discourses that concern the realm shall unfold under his guidance. He shall navigate decision making among his peers to mediate harmony within the minds of the clergy. In line with his episcopal duties, the Archbishop shall hold the ecclesiastical brethren of the council to account. Thus, his duty is to uphold the cohesive spirit and collaborative ethos within the venerable ecclesial community of Albarosa. The Vicar-General of Albarosa The Vicar-General of Albarosa entrusted with the mantle of authority by the Archbishop, bearing the responsibility of serving as the second-in-command of the Archbishop. He thus executes the directives and mandates coming from the Council of Albarosan Peers. He oversees the practical implementation of the council's decisions to the benefit of the realm, ensuring their seamless integration into the council’s ecclesiastical practices. The Vicar-General in this capacity attends to the details of council sessions, acting as a conduit between the revered Archbishop and the wider clergy. His role is pivotal in manifesting the collective will of the council thus under the benevolent gaze of the Divine. The Vicar of Clergy The Vicar of Clergy for Albarosa is responsible for the recruitment and training for the Albarosan clergy. As a devoted intermediary between the Archdiocese of Albarosa and the Prelate of Priesthood, he thus is tasked with scouring the realm in search of devout individuals fitting to join the priesthood as Acolytes. With discernment, he identifies and nurtures potential clergy members. Additionally, the Vicar of Clergy assumes the sacred duty of overseeing orthodoxy among the council as custodian of spiritual integrity. Vicar-Inquisitor The Vicar Inquisitor for Albarosa is charged with the duty of overseeing matters concerning Canon Law. In collaboration with the Auditor of the Tribunal, he oversees the application and upkeep of the Canon laws within the Archdiocese. He is further charged with rooting out evildoers and darkspawn that may threaten the wellbeing of the realm, ensuring the safety of our spiritual community and defending it against the encroachment of the forces of iniquity. The Bishop of Casica The Bishop of Casica is afforded a seat in the council by the virtue of their episcopal status. The Bishop of Buron The Bishop of Buron is afforded a seat in the council by the virtue of their episcopal status. The Bishop of Gelimar The Bishop of Gelimar is afforded a seat in the council by the virtue of their episcopal status. Let those willing clergymen who would wish to serve in one of the charges of the council make themselves known before Archbishop Brandt post-haste for appointment. Signed,
  9. MadOne


    Adelmar had been standing in the square, resting his bodyweight upon that spear of his as the carriage drivers and men of the oxen brought carts full of dressing for the Reinmaren people, at the behest of the Duchess. The youth could not help but smile at this gesture of generosity while he watched the oaken wheels of the wagon turn and creak as the entourage passed by through the streets of Minitz.
  10. IGN: Madone2k RP Name: Adelmar von Kanunsberg Persona ID: 64173
  11. Archbishop-Cardinal Brandt, and his grandson Leon II approached the Prince of Sutica atop their hallowed Reinmaren thoroughbreds, exchanging wordless nods amidst the grotesque scene of the battlefield. Brandt raised a hand for his kinsman of the North, grasping Alfred's wrist in a Reinmaren warrior's handshake. "Wes thu hal, kin of mine." He uttered towards the scarred Prince. "The battle is yet done, but nay the war. We will see them again, if we are to realise Manfred's dream."
  12. Archbishop Brandt took off the winged mask that had been atop his head as he stood by the red waters of the river Petra. The Covenanter Lords had set up camp and sent men at arms, especially from among the Reinmaren for their renowned cavalrymen to scour the battlefield for any survivors. He cast his gaze towards the great keep that had been wrestled away from the maw of the dragon, the tombstone of the final clutch of Frederick's spirit upon the Heartlands. As he spotted the crowned helmet of his grandson, the Archbishop galloped nearer to Leon, going over to pull his grandson into an embrace. He knew that Leon had to fight, but his heart before the battle pleaded against that. He was glad that Leon survived.
  13. OOC: MC Name: Madone2k Discord: Madone2k IC: Name: Adelmar von Kanunsberg Age: 15 Information about yourself: Adventurer and a Reinmaren tribesman currently in the process of the Lone Trek - I am adventuring around the Southern lands, away from my home and doing various quests for people that I am otherwise unrelated to, for the sake of earning glory upon the name. I am a skilled horse-rider, who has experience in scouting, hunting and tracking and horse archery; The skills of a Reinmaren cavalryman. I can entertain parties through songs and tales spoken around campfire to raise morale, and I am adept at the longsword and the spear. Due to adventuring in the south and sleeping rough most of my days, I will not be missed in my hometown, and can commit to such an adventure.
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