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  1. "This man makes a lot of responses" says man responding to the response.
  2. "Andrik noooo!" Says a Haeseni man.
  3. Dixie Turpin, a dark elf and a bandit who lives in Sutica is confused about which side to fight for.
  4. Dixie Turpin prepares a dress and a wig to join up to this scheme, as he harvested some make-up dyes from an unsuspecting noble lady. "Yuh, mandem can make big bucks from dis ting innit." He would merely say, going over to talk to Frida!
  5. The former Baron of Freising, while seated atop his second favourite chair in Freisburg looks upon the skies out of his window, as he downed a glass of brandy, recollecting his memories as a young man, when Ser Nikolaus received him, along with Otto Sigmar to talk of possible knighthood. He would take a sigh, almost as if looking towards Nikolaus while shaking his head. “As each year passes, I see more and more friends missing from the table. I will remember your memories most fondly, my friend.” He would sigh, grabbing a quill. Wilheim pens a quick letter to be sent to Primrose. @Miko0322 “Primrose, I remember the times in which you were a small girl, training along Reza’s military district, happy with your life, and wise with your father’s great input. Nikolaus has been one of the most honourable knights of the realm, and a great friend of mine. I deliver my condolences to you with this letter, along with my request that you keep your head high at all times, as Ser Nikolaus would have wished you to do.”
  6. "It is because of Feudalism that Deek Driftwood funded his adventures. Besides, Feudalism gives apples." Says a Feudalist man, giving Pervinca a piece of apple to sway the opinion. @NotEvilAtAll
  7. Osvald whistled in pride at Aetan’s bid, nodding alongside a couple of Brotherhood soldiers, gathered around the table. He would grunt in peace. “Well, I do believe that Aedan Capulei can bring a voice to the people, if he was representing them in the Duma, and in general. I do believe Aedan would make a good Maer for our fair city of Reza, and I expect him to deliver his promises very quickly indeed.”
  8. NAME: Osvald Barclay NOBILITY (Y/N): Y RACE: Human (Highlander) PAST EXPERIENCE : Jah
  9. IGN: Madonehz Character Name: Osvald Barclay Age: 17 Place of Residence [Street / County Address]: Barony of Freisburg Position: Alderman
  10. A disgruntled Haeseni soldier suspiciosly peeks out of the trench. "The war will be over by Tuvmas they said. Just you wait, they said." The soldier mumbled, as he bit on a chocolate sent by the queen.
  11. Wilheim would look at the boomer, and raise a small brow. “I don’ want anything to do with that BULLSHIT!”
  12. "Watch how they give it back to the rightful owners, the Kovachevs." A Haeseni predictor would say.
  13. MadOne

    Ad Mortem Staunton

    Osvald looked at the Staunton portrait only to see the Black Prince of Rubern, Vladrick in a green garb! @MongolKhan
  14. Wilheim would almost hold back tears, upon hearing his son’s affairs, smiling widely. “The young ones are finally taking over. I am proud of you, son.” He would say, taking a deep sigh, while patting Erwin’s back in Freisburg, as both stared into a portrait of the great Tylos Barclay. “I’m sure your uncle Tylos would also be proud, look how far you came.”
  15. MadOne

    High in Helena

    Kübilay Karamanoğlu looked in a disappointed manner at the wet sack that Başıl tried to bring to Al-Faiz, to display to his kinsmen the jewels that the ground produced. Yet, the man seemed to be lying, since all he carried was an empty sack, soaked in water. He simply brushed this aside with a wide sway of his hand, shaking his head in a negative direction. “I do not see the fallacy of this...ground-crystals as a true fact. It was probably the product of the infidels that you have consumed, impairing your vision and connection to Kashgar.” He would simply grunt
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