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  1. Wilheim pats Konrad on the shoulder while the aging men stand on the dias near the tavern, while they watched Reza. "Can't help but feel like we are getting old, eh?"
  2. “Yes I like.” Says peasant man.
  3. "Waht is Okarir and shiet, why dem oldheads gotta use fancy unintelligible names within the old cult an' shiet mayne, I ain't gettin dis, man dey on some bullshiet." Dixie said as he camped the forest to Mike while they ate ants from an anthill.
  4. Dixie is appalled by the dehumanisation and the use of child soldiers by the elven army to opress the proletariat!
  5. The REAL Wilheim scowled at the kid who stole his name!
  6. A grumpy Wilheim would wobble around New Reza using a wheelchair, glad that all of his family members including Aedan were safely escorted out of the burning city after the incident. He would fall weak after falling prey to onea axe, not remembering it it fell on his leg or if a horrid creature used it to strike him in the rush of the battle.
  7. "Lal" says a random man accused of being bad bad man to Sutica!
  8. Very evil Haenseman Wilheim Barclay clinked mugs with his evil mastermind King Andrik as they watched a bunch of also very evil Brotherhood of Saint Karl soldiers pour "Haense Rebellion Juice(tm)" into the canal.
  9. Wilheim laid a wreath in Mikhail’s grave in a sombre tone, standing before the earth while he looked down. He had a heavy sense of woe about him, while he thought about Mikhail’s demise with a sigh. In life, Mikhail was a headstrong man, going about his life. He valued his friends, and life. Mikhail was an amazing man to be around and Wilheim felt a profound sense of sadness while he watched the man die on his latest days. As he walked, he would shed a tear with the memories of Mikhail he remembered. All good memories made Wil’s heart pained while he remembered his old friend, but he wiped away his tears, imagining how Mikhail would not have wanted him to cry, but instead drink with a bunch of friends like the old days. Even though that is what Mikhail would have wanted, Wilheim still felt a throbbing pain for his now passed comrade, and his mind wandered to the generation of men what were destroyed by the great war, even if they were not pulled through swords. REST IN PEACE, MIKHAIL. TRULY A MADLAD.
  10. Wilheim purses a lip as the Duke of Vintas perished, tapping his hand on the desk. He would take a deep sigh with a nod of respect towards the missive as he heard of the news. “Well, I remember marching alongside and against you back in my day. May your soul rest in peace.”
  11. "Dafucks a Gollum?" Says Dixie to Mike.
  12. Wilheim tapped on his chin as he grunted. “Why is a hereditary Count a part of a People’s Parliament as the prime minister, isn’t this not very representative?” He mused.
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