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  1. Osvald stood over an unmarked monument near the shores of Reinmar, beneath an ancient and sturdy oak tree whilst he stared out into the vast lands that he called his home. Annually, the old man, despite sickness, injury or any troubles that descended upon him would make the pilgrimage to this specific tree ever since his kin settled the lands of Almaris. Osvald dropped the wreath on the ground, near the great roots of the tree, and hung a iron cross upon one of the low branches of the makeshift monument that he created upon to honour the fallen. He reminisced about his daughter, K
  2. Osvald Barclay, upon receiving news of his cousin's death would take a deep breath of sigh. He shook his head in solemnity. From forth his bed in Haelun'or, he imagines himself on campaign with Brandt, as they rode into the organised line of the Scyfling army with a well-versed charge. "Perhaps I did not save you from your fate, but only delayed it, son." He would utter to the starry night of the Silver City, as if Brandt was looking down upon him. For all he could know, Brandt fell on a day that was so quiet and still on the whole Almaris, that the reports of the loca
  3. Full Name of Man - Cedric Barclay Date of Birth of Man - 1778 Name of Woman - Aeira Mondblume Date of Birth of Woman - 1779 Location of Ceremony - Bishopric of Reinmar, Chapel of St. Tylos. Date of Ceremony (Year) - X Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Adelric Cardinal Freising
  4. "A polished exterior does not cure the rot within." Adelric would say, as he raised a brow to the King making a show of himself. No doubt, an attempt to redeem himself of the recent happenings.
  5. "Weak bait!" Alija would exclaim in his letters to his friends back home, who were residents of Aeldenic Bosna-Banard as he spoke of this missive.
  6. Eau de Viktor HOW TO GET WOMEN SWOONING OVER YOU As a man, it is inconveniently tough to have knowhow about how women operate when choosing their lifelong companion. Some like big men, some like smaller, lankier lads. However, with Eau de Viktor, sourced from the long-reigning wisdom of Viktor Lorenz Barclay provided to you by Barclay Bargains, you do not need to worry about sizes; you do not need to be concerned with colour or design of your clothes. You are sure to please. Viktor is surely the kind of luxury that she wants. Viktor Lorenz, presenting
  7. ON THE LIFE OF MANFRED BARCLAY A depiction of Manfred Barclay during his tenure as Lord Marshal. PREAMBLE Lord Manfred Karl Barclay was and is one of the key figures in Haeseni military and political history, with the Duke's service to the state shaping up many of the practices and traditions of the military as we know it. With the Duke's recent retirement and abdication from public life, it is necessary to protect the legacy of one of the important commanders of Haeseni history and thus this text on the man's life and achievements shall commence, so that our
  8. "damn nice Julia" says Adelric
  9. BELLUM JUSTUM : A THESIS By Adelric The prohibition of murder is often one of the first doctrines that the laity upon entering into the flock learns of, and practices within the Church of Canon. And indeed murder is prevented within the Holy Scrolls and the Catechism. “The Scroll of Virtue is a set of moral laws delivered by God to Exalted Horen. These moral laws reflect the will of God, which must be obeyed by all sapient creatures. They prohibit murder…”
  10. Adelric, in his intimate hours would look up towards the black blanket of stars, from his Reinmar chambers. He sighed, as tears welled up in his eyes. He joined his hands together and bowed his head in remembrance. He would shoot a small glance towards the Holy Scrolls behind him, and a letter written in confidence for Nicolas, with the knife binding the letter on the wall. "I know you are in your little estate that God had reserved for you since the beginning of time now, cousin. Rest with your forefathers. I hope you will say a words from me to Anton." Osvald wept, and wept for t
  11. Adelric traces Ailred's paper, while the two chill in the fields of Reinmar. Ailred Adelric votes: I). To receive a mandate to completely overhaul the structuring & typography of the current Canon Law. - ABSTAIN II). To add a stipulation to Canon Law that makes the (Princely) Archdioceses of Providentia, Jorenus & Albarosa permanent within the Holy Mother Church, in name and in scope. - NAY III). To update the definitions in Book II, Title II. Chapter III., expanding the Curia roles currently present & outlining their tasks
  12. Venerations: Empress Anne the August of Novellen - NAY High Pontiff James II - AYE High Pontiff Pontian III - AYE Governor-General Richard de Reden - NAY Vicar Lemuel de Langford - NAY Father Pius of Sutica - AYE Cardinal Anton Barclay - AYE Beatifications: Cardinal Erasmus von Getreide of Ves - NAY Queen Viktoria var Ruthern of Haense - NAY
  13. It is the opinion of Adelric Episcopus Esbec, that this selection is permissible to go forth, if his Holiness is able to name an example of what Anne of Novellen did during her reign, since the Bishop of Esbec is ignorant on the subject! While the Governor-General was a virtuous statesman and a Canonist, it is the opinion of Episcopus Esbec that his work persecuting heretics and the enemies of the Church is not an extraordinary act of piety. Episcopus Esbec further argues that, the duties that the Governor-General carried out are duties expected of any virtuous Canonist invested with
  14. Adelric smiles at his family's business endeavours.
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