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  1. Howdy! Interested in playing a new persona, a child? Then you’ve found the right place! Introduction To Neville: Neville is a small Orenian 9 year old male child, with big eyes, brownish hair, is somewhat more light-skinned than his father, and is usually dressed nicely. His parents are Jack and Dahlia Beckett. Jack, Beginning as a vengeful young man and now becoming a middle aged man, can be described as a family-man, brave, and an albeit reckless individual who is somewhat hot-headed and erudite, and quick to act on his desires. He is a rather quick-witted and individual who is interested in what could benefit him and those who are with him, caring deeply for those closest to him. Jack is mostly kind, easy-going, and well mannered, though can be almost selfish and can be ruthless when he thinks it is necessary. Neville’s mother Dahlia, can be described as fun individual though sometimes can be blockish and is usually kind at heart. The family is fairly active, having four living members already. Neville can have the personality of the players choice, and be lead whatever path the player chooses. I hope that you can atleast be active, If you would like to play Neville - Please message me at LordOfLords#1874
  2. RP Name: Jack Beckett MC Name: LordOfLords316 Voted: Yes
  3. ArthurBlackrose


    Arthur was born to a wealthy family who let him have whatever he wanted. His parents, William, a merchant, and Mira, a farmer, only showed him materialistic signs of affection. His older brother, Rohn, was learning to become an architect. At some point during Arthur's childhood, He travelled with his father, William, On a horse to trade and purchase Items in a nearby village. During the travel with his father, Arthur spilled Ink he had recently bought from a shop on the horse's saddle, Which angered his father. Due to William's anger issues, He punished Arthur by having him walk home. Arthur enjoyed the stacking of cairns, a skill taught to him by his mother. William would often tell Arthur stories around cairns, The curious Arthur was always eager to listen. Later in life, Arthur attended a class where he would be training to become a guard, This required him to learn sword-fighting, and how to fight unarmed. Arthur made a friend named Vlad, Who would practice sword-fighting with him each day after the class. Vlad taught Arthur about the Inferi War, which interested him. At the beginning of Arthur's adulthood, his family's village was raided by bandits, Arthur's brother Rohn, Informed him that Vlad was working with the bandits. Discovering Vlad's betrayal, Arthur hunted guided his family to safety and moved them to another location.
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