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  1. I like this actually. Itd obviously make CRP take 100x longer cuz theres a whole new weapon or some shit, but like, I enjoy the idea of having different arrows. Considering all the wierd shit people have done in lotc so far too, im surprised special arrows arent already a thing. +1 to goosie woosey
  2. Aurik Bishop all but breaks into laughter at reading the missive, running to his father ( @TheosVult )to wave the paper in his face "PAPEJ, Look, zhis ist vhat du alvays say du vanted too!" -+- "Ve should help zhem vith it!"
  3. Thomund Bishop made this face Lowering the paper after reading it, he sighed, "tsk tsk tsk," -+- "ich doubt if she did zhat, she vould return alive... Gott protect her zhough."
  4. Thomund Bishop grumbles to himself as he went to the city to find his son...
  5. Admiral Thomund saluted his comrade across the plains and open mountains "May the warhorns blow for 7 suns in thanks." He lowered the hand and looked out on the ocean, sailing a small ship back to the Haeseni coast.
  6. "Maybe ich should have said somezhing more nice..." Thomund said... not caring, but still loving his cousins thing.
  7. KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the Office of the Royal Navy On this 6th of Msitza AG Dargund of 442ES Some while past, His Majesty’s Royal Duma passed the ‘Naval Reassessment Bill of 438 ES’ unanimously. In such was the advice to his majesty for “A group of military and Crown officials” to assess the ships according to their purpose. The bill is attached to the back of this correspondence. It is noticed, and discussed often within the correspondences of the Admiralty Board, that many of our vessels lack any record of their histories, which poses obvious issues. Seeing as all of the systems for the quick & efficient upgrading of our fleet are in place, and both the manpower and passion for our burgeoning project are at their highest, the Admiralty Board of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl makes these requests to His Majesty. I - That The Admiralty board is given leave to assign each ship a primary purpose, either Exploration, Trade, or Battle. Thereafter, we would make lists of each ship and the necessary changes to them. II - That His Majesty, alongside HRH Marius Audemar, consider carefully the listing of improvements and restorations provided by the Admiralty Board, and implement the most of them as they see fit. III - That the Admiralty Board is authorized to re-name these ships in order to complete the process of their full restoration and reformation, as well as allowing their contemporary and future histories to be smoothly composed and recited. IV - That at least one member of the Admiralty board be henceforth guaranteed a seat upon the Builder’s guild, only for projects regarding the construction & alteration of any Crown-Owned naval vessel His Majesty has previously expressed an interest to ‘tear the seas asunder’. I am loathe to observe our fleet may find resistance to cutting warm butter in its current state. Whether that is remedied sooner, or later, with less detail, or with more, is now to the discretion of His Majesty Koeng Karl. Signed, Lieutenant Thomund Bishop, Admiral of the Haeseni Fleet The Admiralty Board of Hanseti-Ruska
  8. [!] Pinned to the notice board of the Haeseni capital was a single sheet of paper, folded into 4ths and held to the board with a deeply inserted metal pin straight through the middle. It seemed to be in one of the bottom corners, awaiting some soul’s interest to unfurl it and quell their curiosity. The lengthy piece of writing covered the entire front and half of the back of the paper it used, and read the following; 1 mother I have lost wholly. Another makes herself more scarce, decreasing the love she bestows upon humanity with every hour passed. Should I think myself unfeeling, because as I know not which of them pains my heart the more? I fear I know the answer, but it is not of the empathetic kind. Loving and lovely words may describe my own brother and sister, for whom I hold high regard; and for all of us my mother labored tirelessly to bring to life, but hardly are they more impactful than myself, and neither myself than any regular man. It is then, for the histories of man - mother of civilization itself, that my heart whispers sad news to my ear on occasion. What lofty greatness has man achieved by acquiring the knowledge of our ancients, and applying their long beloved arts and philosophies to better our own societies? How many Glorious Majesties have attained grace and honor - through wars been fought with strategy told by those who conquered and overcame before, and what marshal can claim excellence in any forward skill without first committing to the study of how the first men dominated the second men? How many more of you, spectator, have been vexxed to the fullest end; and unable to find solace in the advice of even your closest peers, and in your darkest moment discover your strife’s resolution in a tome of the past?… One whose beloved civilization and author’s body have crumbled all to dust and whispers. Therefore, be it regarded as the greatest ill to have lost a single page or parcel of history in any her forms. For this, my heart rends itself one half from the other and my sorrowful tears flow without cease for every story ended. In the moment when the final witness of the golden epoch has passed on, and the first hearth has survived to the last, and past it, and there, had not any more who could recall the greatness & majesty of it’s flame… then, the dreadful sting of ruin sinks into us all - for the pain of true death has come, and with stunning and complete victory over man, destroyed him beyond life and recognition to never again be revered in all the realms. It is the longevity of our memory which brings honor and eternal reverence. So long as our lineage forever tells our story, so long as our great palaces are immortalized in stone carving or oil paint, so long as each ballad and lullaby is recorded and kept… it is then that the sting of death is yet stayed from us, It is then that we speak to those who come after - with our own voices, more powerful than the loudest warsong - more moving than the most cunning envoy. And for as much as I praise and love my ancestors, I begrudge them of their indilligence. I wish for nothing more than to recreate from every text and paining of the past, the time of my father’s father’s father, and his. Not to walk in their shoes and see life from their eyes, but rather to observe the meaning of their lives to the worlds they lived in, and drowning myself in the focus of that study. Yet every day the sun rises on my collection of the past’s knowledge, and with every setting, another story is forgotten. Let my judgment upon the future nations of man be most harsh and most fair according to this. The foremost virtue of man ought to be the preservation of Holy and Historical text, and their acceptance into the hearts of the citizens. Therefore I will cherish and bless him who’s generation is the final one to keep this, and many other texts in upright condition. Through the virtue of military strength, never being conquered, and through the virtue of prosperous libraries, housing and serving this among so many of the mother’s fruits in form of text and tome, and through the virtue of often and rigorous discourse, keeping the meaning of it all close to the hearts of man for their own sake. For that generation must be regarded as the finest and most worthy among whatever number there be at the time. And for the generation immediately following… they ought to be pitied, though from me they will render only passionate anger. To the extent that if by some stroke of fate my soul should ascend to sainthood, these are they who ought not expect any of my blessings, lest they spend the entirety of their sad lives in waiting; Through their vice of failure in the military profession, having their relics and histories burned, stolen, and forgotten in favor of an empty mindset, or through their vice of disorder, the inability to store their knowledge, and transfer it, to enjoy our mother’s fruits, which are infinite and changing at every moment. Or perhaps, in the saddest fashion one could offer, to abandon the discourse of our past, to shame our ancestors in comparison by refusing to show them due reverence. If there be in 2 centuries from this day, not a single polity of man who can recall and recite the many facts of the reign of Sigismund III, or the vastness in span of the Urguani landscape, anon, even the blood lineage of whatever contemporary king they serve, if it be a king… if none can do this at the allotted time, then may Godan smite from the very depths of land and sea any trace of my sorry soul. If my sons and their sons will deny me life in their time, then I should be content to retire my memories, and live contently in obscurity with my fathers. If this be the case, I should pray that I never contribute a pittance of good to any part, so that the absence of my memory is not to the world of our future, a great loss among so many others. Signed, A.B.
  9. Thomund Bishop reads over the missive with a shocked sigh at first, going to knock upon the door of his superior the Lord Marshal. "Dur Excellency, could du possibly ask zhat His Majesty sends ein forward warning to zhe Royal Admiral vhen naval reforms are being announced?" -+- "zhis came as quite zhe surprise, but pleasant nonetheless." The increasingly aging lieutenant began to move to the tavern, ordering plenty of rum before sitting down on the upper floor and drafting some things for his men. It was not long into his 3rd paragraph that his flask of alcohol was knocked, clacking it's rim against the surface of the table which caused a river of dark sweet poison to come spilling out onto the draft, and his trousers. He was then forced to stand, grumbling like an old man as he stomped angrily towards the dock buildings, a crumpled and soaking piece of paper could be seen dripping a trail of rum from the start of his path to the end.
  10. OPERATION AUDEMAR: BSK MISSION REPORT 10th of Tov ag Yermey, 441 E.S (92 S.A.) One year ago, HRH Marius Audemar was taken captive from his ship. On this day, the Lord Marshal called Haeseni forces to the docks, where we gathered our plan of attack. Setting out on rafts from the Haeseni port, the troops soon discovered what remained of the Prinzen’s ship, sunken beneath the Eastern Seas depths. The assembled troops soon returned to the Royal Capital and boarded The Crown's flagship to use for the remainder of the mission, of which Thomund Bishop was made acting captain thereof. It was not long after the men were assigned their positions on the ship that a strange pirate representative arrived in a raft of his own, having stalked our approach. Negotiations of ransom began thereafter which proved to be inefficient and overly time consuming. What subsequently transpired was one Lady Angelika Ruthern's departure of the ship with the pirate envoy, upon whose return we could confirm the healthy state of His Highness. In the exceedingly long period of time between the Lady Ruthern’s departure and return, The Lord Marshal and other assembled Military Lords discussed many possibilities for a revised plan of attack upon the pirates. Lady Ruthern’s return provided the information we needed about His Highness’ alive condition, as well as a clue to where the brigands had taken him. The command was given to disembark onto rafts for the sake of speed and stealth, following the Lady’s lead to the island where we found His Highness sitting atop a hill, unguarded and unfed. One of the soldiers and myself secured the surrounding environment around the Prinzen while another detachment of soldiers was charged with his guard and transport back to the city. Seeing our mission accomplished, we sailed the rafts back to the Haeseni bay to discover that The Royal Flagship had gone missing, evidently captured by the pirate band. We concluded the journey to the Haeseni dockyard upon individual rafts, and brought His Highness to the square, from which we were dismissed. The Mission given by His Majesty has resulted in absolute success. Though, as it may need to be reminded, we have lost possession of The Royal Flagship and returned with no prisoners. The main aspect of importance however is the safe return of the Prince. [!] A set of folded papers would be attached to the folder in which the report had been delivered. Detailing their purpose was an attached note which read; “During the interim of our action, the men were arrayed, and Lady Ruthern was able to sketch a fine portrait of our showing.” Signed Lieutenant Thomund Bishop, Admiral of the Haeseni Fleet
  11. "...damn" Filip Amador sighs as a tear creeps out of his eye and proceeds painfully slow down the former Baron's cheek. He leant back in an old rickety chair located at some tavern in Aeldin, passing the fresh pamphlet to his sister Anna (@tadabug2000) "Dobry formatting this es, dont vy agree?" His voice was slightly shakey, though he felt at some peace despite the flurry of thoughts which entered his mind whenever this subject was mentioned. Somewhere else, the lowborn commoner Aurik rolls onto a bean-bag of gold coins, giggling to himself as he prepares to have his new portrait taken. As he settles into a comfortable position, he hastily makes a few alterations to his firey-red hair and puts on a smile...
  12. Admiral Thomund Bishop sets down the paper he was reading which outlined the updates and changes to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl under the leadership of Heiran Melphestaus. "Niet zhe most fun set of lines to read, but ich LOVE mein new position as Admiral... has zhere been ein Haeseni Admiral before?" he tapped on his chin, wonderously gazing at the cieling as he stood from his chair and made his way toward the door of the room as a THUD escaped the table's edge, upon thomund's downward attention at a sharp pain, it could be well seen that the left side of his pelvic bone had collided with the wooden structure. The 1st Haeseni admiral winced in pain, though, his resilience stood firm, and he uprighted himself. Thomund perambled to, and then outside, of the door to the room - destined to enjoy the rest of his day.
  13. "This guy ist everyvhere" Commented a long-deceased Erwin Bishop, father of the new Lord of Sudwin. "Just imagine what du could have done in your homeland, mein boy"
  14. OK! A while ago, a drug system was added, and a shorter while ago, there were like special drug recipes added (I think) Is there a list or somewhere I can aquire this list? Asking for a friend. Dm Lomiei#5456 if you know, I guess.
  15. [!] Under every poster and missive of the announced smithery, a note from Thomund Bishop would be found, boasting the following words; "This man makes the BEST weapons anywhere in the southern continent!" -+- "SIMPLY the BEST." - Admiral Thomund Bishop, frequent customer.
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