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  1. Good luck on the recruitment efforts my friends
  2. Casstrucio settled comfortably into his unfurnished room once more; books and papers adorning the floors surrounding him. "Oh what pleasure it is, to have this record before me." His palms slid past eachother as he sat cross-legged upon the spruce planks and unfurled the scroll before his eyes, "what teachings do you have for me?" The boy of only about 10 years, a passionate lover of history and frequent reader, hastily digested the work. Lengthy pause came upon the boy, then appreciation. "Admiration and thanks to you, men living and dead - who keep the knowledge of their times, for me to share today."
  3. [!] Upon one closing evening, an unfurnished room in the middle of a corner tower held up a young boy and his writings. Among a particuler stack of opened letters, sat most prominently, a summons for any portraiteers of the realm. The boy had no interest in the art of portraiture - though with the acquisition of such a skill, one would not figure that a man would be worse for having researched it. With this in mind, Casstrucio placed a kiss upon each of his journals and hid them away under what few pieces of furnshings he slept upon. Out the castle and up the hill he trekked; and with one last look at his abode, he charted and sketched a path through the city he would soon call the Jewel of the Realm. Question
  4. Casstrucio Dandalo recieves a summary of the court's events from his quiet and observant brother Ascano ( @Keegan7om ) while on the road coming back from the main continent. Opening the paper and having eyes on it's contents, he grew increasing in a certain emotion which overtook him. "I must be home at once!" Hurriedly he arrived to his quarters and began on something significant...
  5. Eglie court isse jorrāelagon hen iā portraiteer Issued on the 17, of Laenor’s Escape of 146 S.A. SUMMARY/INTRODUCTION This missive is a summons to any and all clerical citizens of Aeltarys and beyond. Because it is the will of the Crown to share its honored presence with its citizenry and noble class, the High Prince and Princess have resolved to host court and give weight to the announcements and conversations therein. While such things are to the great pleasure of all Aeltarosi, the object of royal desire has shifted to attaining a body of Portraiteers. Duties of the Court Portraiteers 1) Attending major events and gatherings of Aeltarosi, especially courtly events 2) Drafting and composing portraits of various scenery and particular figures 3) Using tools and resources to modify the portraits 4) Sharing portraiture with the public and royalty on often occasion Compensations 1) Special access to places and events of Honor 2) Recognition of merit and good service 3) Training in skills and career path of portraiture Examples of Works: Contact High Princess Arabella of Aeltarys (tadabug#2000) Casstrucio Dandalo (Lomiei#5456) Zālagon Jehikagrī, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Arabella Valraenos, Grand Princess of the Aeltarosi (Authored By) Casstrucio Dandalo of Pavia
  6. Im back. Took some time to visit the outside world and it was awesome. I plan to go back regularly. ANYWAY, these few figures of this community are remembered and beloved for the particularly honorable qualities that I appreciated when we interacted. Of course you few are not the only of my most cherished friends and allies. But I would like, in my return, greet these particulars with appreciation. In no particular order High_Fire @HIGH_FIRE - An always a dependable friend, courageous citizen, and owner of a great sense of humor. Your loyalty will never be forgotten, and your high capacity of merit makes you valuable in any place you find yourself. Javert @Javert - Taught me how to fight on my first character, taught me how to lead a house on my second. Persistent as hell and deserving of due respect for a long legacy of work. Joshbright @JoshBright - A true model of a good man, you are a blessing to your friends, and a terror to your enemies. Good vibes always seem to follow you and I have no doubt such an aura follows you on. Josifi @Josifmatic - One of the most chaotic and unpredictable people ive met in real life or in any game. For all the shortcomings weve encountered, you always give plenty of reasons to keep laughing and loving. I give a loving Hello to the rest of you as well.
  7. The dead Ser Erwin Bishop turns in his grave with a grievous frown when he must witness the desperation his lineage has come to.
  8. Aurik Bishop's mouth drops open, even more wide than his eyes "GUTTEN GOTT! ICH HATE SPOOKS!!!"
  9. oh for sure yea like there could maybe be something where, when a mouse hovers over the sealed letter and you get the "/notes breakseal" part, under it would be the (@username) of the person who sealed it, similar to how signed letters show the real and irp names.
  10. Forgive me if youve seen this before but I havent ever known it to be suggested. How about a plugin or a mod that allows people to seal small letters? Like you know how in movies and TV where people write on a tiny strip of paper and seal it with wax? The most important part about that concept is that once it dries, the wax serves as a 1 time tamper-seal; an indication that the letter hasnt been read before. How would this improve rp? Obviously, the assurance of opening a letter knowing that its contents have not been read yet is a very valuable thing, especially the higher in importance the conversation is. Unlike the possible metagaming that goes on when people are handed (irply closed/sealed) letters to hand-deliver... having the note be physically unreadable until it is opened ensures that tampered letters are aknowledged immediately, and are known to be compromised. If a letter is delivered in-tact with the seal unbroken, the recipient and the sender can be assured that the middle-messenger is a trustworthy and responsible agent.... or at least a patient one. In addition, I can see many opportunities for small items and decorations that compliment rp. Like an artisan crafted seal press, engraved with varying coats of arms or other symbols, small golden nuggets with intricate descriptions that allow you to irply seal letters would add cool personalized emote to an otherwise boring process. Also, maybe some red (or any color) dye can be used for wax. This too would give people a reason to really do more rp in their offices. Many government officials and landlords have big studies and empty tables that are never used. But say, you needed ink and a gold nugget in order to create one of these secure messages, people have more reason to regularly check on the stationary supplies of their offices, and consistently use rooms that otherwise go ignored. How would this be implemented or executed? Honestly, I am not a coder or mod programmer so I dont know, but if any of you would like to give it a shot, perhaps it would be a fun project. How would it work (theoretically)? Basically, It would be like making a cake. Similar to how you take a bucket (non-consumed during craft) and some edible products (consumed during craft), combining them makes a cake that is at first in a state of wholeness with no pieces taken out. Then, when you right click, it changes to a cake with pieces taken out. The seal thing would be similar, You might write a note (paper item), and then put that into your crafting square with the seal press (gold nugget item) and dye (any color). When you join all of those things, OR maybe have them in your hotbar and run a command like '/notes waxseal', it would take that written letter, and when hovered, over, it would give you the message "This letter is sealed. Type /notes breakseal to remove the seal and read the letter". (the player would recieve the sealed letter which is still just a paper item, and then the golden nugget back, but the dye/wax would be consumed during craft). Some process like this or with the basic principles shown. Im aware the exact items may not be compatible with the feasible code, but the core concept of encrypting something in 1 place, and then having to perform an action to de-crypt it in another place is something I think is really cool and should at least try to be put into lotc. Wax Seal Skeptics: Lomiei, dumbass, what about aviaries? Lomiei: **** aviaries Again, if this has been suggested and shot down before, feel free to ignore this. But I think itd be a nice lil thing. -love, lomiei
  11. Ser Erwin 'The Headhunter' Bishop blinks down all the way from the 7-skies onto the historic document as it sat in the view of the public eye, though it could not be technically considered blinking, because his eyes' narrow never exceeded more than 1 millimeter through the entirety of the Vanderfell portion of the archive. Erwin, who was among the first generation to revive the diet in Almaris, huffed. Deciding that this was a matter for the living, he returned to his high life in the presence of GODAN!
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