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  1. "I pray she finds her way out of captivity." Lothair said to himself as he put down the missive with a heavy, yet unsteady sigh. Penning a missive to the fellow Brabantines ( @Frank_Dog @ImpracticalMagic ), he made swift copies and sent them to his diplomatic counterparts from the nations of the neighboring CCC... @JTMedea @Bethinwonderland @ECS1999 ((@NotEvilAtAll sorry youre the only halfling whose forum account I know.)) "Given the sudden shift of political stance, and excessive benefit this provides to enemies at war, there is a possibility that the recent missive laid forth by the former Silver Lubba has been released under duress. This could be false, but the weight of the circumstances necessitates consideration of all possibilities. In addition, the substantive reference given to false signatures and forged documents, lead skeptics to believe that more confirmation ought to be rendered, before this peace is taken to heart. Nevertheless, truth will come out in time, irrelevant of conversation or speculation. God guide the descendants to peace, whether by truth or by sword. - Lothair"
  2. "Garbage opinion" commented the long dead Poet Thomund from the 7 skies.
  3. "I cannot blame the Pontiff for such an opinion. There is so much to read, in so little time." Lothair flicked the bottom corner of the pontifical letter, letting the sound ring in his ears... "Before, I took it as obvious that the construction of Holy Sites was different from the establishing of a full canonist state. But if the Church will not have regard for the pilgrims travelling throughout the eastern territories, We must implore GOD himself for defense of the world's cooperation... he will know his own." Lothair knelt beside his bed in prayer, 'may the Lord open their eyes, and blunt their tusks. Let men of virtue shun neutrality against evil, and take more respect to diplomacy. Amen'
  4. @Frank_Dog @Lomiei @ImpracticalMagic [!] Folded and attached pieces of parchment are distributed throughout the realms of Aevos To Whom It May Concern, Senseless missive after missive has made it clear that the former state of the Iron Hoarde, acts in blatant disregard for peace and diplomacy; and have initiated hostilities against Eastern Aevos. As staunch defenders of justice, honor, and the principles of international cooperation, we shun silence in the face of such aggression. We speak truth, to desire that bloodshed and devastation be pointed to their proper place; at the agents of iblees. Therefore, we hereby denounce Lurak's actions as reprehensible and contrary to the spirit of civilized conduct. Their warmongering culture threatens not only Vikela, but the entire east itself. We implore the orcish population to desist from any hostility and seek peaceful resolutions through dialogue and negotiation. May reason prevail over the clamor of war drums, and may Lurak recognize the foolishness of their actions before irreparable harm befalls their heads. Yours in Vigilance and Diplomacy, Marjorie Falkner Addressed to the orcs, and the wider realms of Aevos; Some misguided counsel has befallen the state affairs of the Former Iron Hoarde. They use a guise of trees to justify mindless aggression. This calls into question the competence and legitimacy of their state. Lack of understanding is detrimental to the body and the borders, so we call for RUE'LUR (@thequeennadine) and DAAHD'LUR ( @Sean_VEVO ) to see the situation clearly: The Sovereignties of Eastern Aevos stand hostile against putrid attempts for glory at our expense. Your lack of research brings you to face force with all who should have been your partners. To your misfortune, Vikela is neither a stranger to diplomacy, nor are its partners cowardly to uphold their word. That strange faction of Uruks fares into folly, by dreaming to march upon territory which has publicly accepted the faith of GOD within their borders. What leads them to so quickly abandon the good grace which they promised to the Church of Canon may remain a mystery to me. However the motivations are irrelevant; their result is that this wayward tribe announces themselves as the enemies of GOD himself; promising violence to his peaceful servants here on Aevos. It being known that the “Rexdom of Lurak” has promised to hunt down aggressors to the Church, those Uruk citizens who had no part in the nonsense of their figureheads (and even those that did), should make no hesitation to bring about the institution of a legitimate state encompassing their region. What fate befalls the currently prominent faction, ought to be at the mercy of the sensible citizens, those who are their rightful rulers. We pray that the High Pontiff of the Canonist Church, His Holiness, Caius I, ( @MadOne ) will encourage the organization of a competent governing entity within the aforementioned region of the former Iron Hoarde. One who will keep word and faith alike. Further, we pray alongside the universal canonists for those who suffer even in the slightest, for the sake of defending their homes. It is not yet too late, to declare this action as void as its conception’s purpose. See some sense. Subtract your silly statements. Yours in Vigilance and Diplomacy, Lothair of Brabant Letters Cited & Attatched:
  5. Lothair peeked over the shoulders of his various deputies @Bloody_Russian@ImpracticalMagic@Jonass"Study these carefully. This is history in the making..." Some significant time later, lantern-light lit up his inn-room as scraps and cuttings of paper flew this way and that, not a scrap of it free of ink.
  6. Lothair of Brabant dances in his chair for the beginning of something wonderful. "I love diplomacy."
  7. Lothair applauds the ever-eager actions of the Judiciary councilor Stafan. "So energetic he always is... Im glad to see it's paid off." -+- "Gott be praised for the destruction of evil forces. O.S.J. on top!"
  8. 'quite a respectable set of articles.. surely the result of an excellently administered society.' Lothair thought to himself, noting some observations and concepts down for his study of wider administrative lessons.
  9. On Standing Court This piece theorizes upon the aspects and benefits of a standing court, which are by these following examinations, promoted. Chapter I: Court Hall Design Standing vs Sitting Of all the potential designs one may use for a hall of court, it is for the best interest of the courtiers that space be dynamic in its layout. For movement is naught but the essence of life itself, proven by that adage; ‘inaction is the worst action’. These things being noted, I say also, that of the arrangements in court, the worst of them is that in which people are compelled to sit down. It is not enough only for the Sovereign of the court to be present with the people in order to hold their attention; opportunity must be given for each individual to place themselves within a network of concepts, be it conversation, recreation, or occupation. Achieving the purpose Through conversation done tastefully, one’s understanding of the sovereign’s projection is increased, and more context added to it. Tasteful conversation, for the sake of clarity, is that which is only heard by it’s intended audience; whereas the distasteful can be heard by anyone; regardless of its private or irrelevant nature. Through recreation, one is able to stimulate their attention during periods of lull in the speech of the Sovereign or petitioners; thereby saving one’s limited focus for its most proper place. Through occupation, one is compelled both by duty and passion to fulfill some aspect of the formal court. Examples of these are the court scribe noting particular occurrences, court chefs and servantry passing food to its guests, and court priests accepting prayer requests before or after the convening of formal court. None of these processes can be effectively achieved while sitting. All of them however, approach the desired goal of maximizing the attention of those whos time is being requested away from other matters. Section II: When to Sit Within foreign culture It is natural and normal for the custom of a household to be upheld, even by its guests. Courts which opt instead for seated arrangements are no less regal, despite the decreased effectiveness. In such environments, a guest is bound by propriety to partake in the convention of their hosts; with the understanding that such orientations will limit the amount of possible movement, and thereby the amount of conversation and recreation in which courtiers can partake. Propriety of time & place An upright stance, aside from displaying the fortitude of one’s figure, also encourages action in the individual; as was mentioned before. Nevertheless, Godan in his infinite wisdom, gave us knees, so it must be concluded that there are proper times to sit. These, it is my understanding, are at times of leisure. One cannot enjoy a meal, however well-formed, while standing; and sleeping upright is the way of horses instead of man. Therefore despair not by my writing, the lethargic of you courtiers, for I intend only to increase the enjoyment of the people as they are called to the court of their sovereign. By this, the sovereign’s dictates will be better understood, and the people’s hearts filled with contentment. Signed, Lothair of Brabant
  10. Lothair bends a knee to the cold ground and slowly lowers his head to pray for the success of the Saint Jude order, and the utter destruction of evil. "Godan preserve his own."
  11. Compiled Atlas of the River Lucéja Having necessity for distant and frequent movement throughout the lands of Eastern Aevos, many descendants would benefit from having knowledge of intercontinental waterways. Following from this, a series of maps has been drawn and copied for the purpose of applying multiple lenses of concern. ((OOC: The first map is oriented north-up, the other maps are oriented north-down)) Map 1 - Overworld Map This is the top-down view of the river’s exits, orientation, and political location. Map 2 - Summary Map This is the layout of the river Lucéja, labeled with key points of interest. Map 3 - Territorial segment This is the segmentation of the river according to the sovereign territory of the polities above. MAP 4 - Blank Outline This is the plain layout of the river Lucéja. Signed, Lothair of Landen
  12. "I ******* LOVE THIS" exclaimed the aging Ferdinand as he ran around showing the missive to every Citizen and councillor he could find within the walls.
  13. Thank you so much "Amateurs think of strategy" -+- "Masters think of Logistics" You have done a great thing. Much respect.
  14. Lothair claps and cheers for the increase in Aevosi diplomacy.
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