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  1. Erwin Bishop smiles the sun's smile as he reads the treaty with his name at the bottom. "It vas ein pleasure to draft und sign zhis treaty vith du, @Tentoa, may zhis agreement soon bear fruit und see us prosper." Erwin sends in a letter to the Yong Ping Chancellor. 'This is only the beginning'. he thought to himself.
  2. Erwin Bishop claps respectfully for the daughter of one of his bestest friends. "ich vish for nozhink but success, mein freund, zhe real GOTT truly smiles upon du zhis day." . Erwin then sets off, preparing to write and send many letters to many people. Lomiei strokes his luscious goatee in the 7-skies, looking down upon his daughter with a smile before turning to his... something, Rebeka. "I knew you were loved over there, but I didnt know you were this well connected!"
  3. [!] A letter arrives to the workdesk of Stephanie. A piece of paper inside, reading the words; 'Outrageous. I reject.'
  4. Erwin Bishop Smiles happily for his friend Robert's (@erictafoya) eldest daughter. "Congratulations, mein freund."
  5. Erwin Bishop Cheers for his military buddy. "Congratulations, mein freund"
  6. Lomiei Vinelli Looks down upon one of his closest friends from the 7-skies, happy for the scath man he'd become close with over the years. "I cant believe it was ******* BRIAN who would be the last surviving sarissan... I mean of ALL the people... really?"
  7. Erwin Bishop is ready to begin his work in the office of the mayor. "Aye for may, MozherF***er" He says proudly for the 200th time, with a fist firmly jutted into the air.
  8. Erwin Bishop supports a Ludovar lord handler happily.
  9. Erwin Bishop Sits back and enjoys the fruits of his hard work. "Mein 4D chess be on fleek, homie."
  10. "Ich expected zhe support of house barclay.. und zhey have delivered..... alzhough in some strange form..." Erwin Bishop shruggs. "Zhough Ich am disappointed heavily in zhe count's use of incorrect names."
  11. I will not duplicate the intensity of Maya Avoran’s previous missive. Although I must respect the fire she has always carried within her, if only she could have used it to benefit the family before recent events. I will first ask a series of questions to Maya Avoran; Do you deny my rationale for the disownment of yourself from the House of Bishop? Did Maya NOT run away from home? Abandoning her family, and doing hurt to the family which she now may claim to care for? God knows I would have loved to have a sister to share my thoughts with, to bond with over the love of family and blood connection. But this was not so. Did Maya NOT disregard her duty to Haense? Have any of you reading this seen her in a church, praying for the protection of the kingdom? Or maybe in the square, conversing with her fellow Haenseni, perhaps? Even in the Nikirala Prikaz on any occasion; celebrating the courts, knightings, declarations, victories, weddings, or other such merriments for our majesty the Koeng, or his predecessor? Does Maya STILL, actively and with full pride, use foul language to describe her own brother, a patriarch no less? C**t, A****le, b***h, to name only the most common ones. Further, I will not begin to think myself important enough to be the only one she reserves such putrid language to, her own family and even strangers, I myself have seen being assaulted with such, not to mention the throwing of bread and rocks. Will she deny this? Did Maya NOT participate in mischief in far away lands, or even close by ones? Not that she would disclose, but who knows what sort of man might walk the streets of haense and hear the name bishop, then turning to such a man and wishing death and destruction upon him because of a name which had done him wrong long ago? Shall these things go unconsidered by a patriarch? None of the ones reading this would, that, I am sure of. For if I should let those who bring our family this kind of merit remain with my surname, it would reflect badly not just upon me, but upon my house, and my father’s house, and his father’s before him. NEVERTHELESS, I am not a perfect man, that I should never make a mistake, or that my eyes and ears will never deceive me. If I HAVE mistook her actions, and her words, on all of the occasions Ive witnessed, and all of the ones I have not, Make it known. Regarding the topic of Henry Bishop, my father; Any person who spends any significant amount of time in Haense will have heard my testimony of my father, extolling his merit as a father, and as a man of high character. I will not even repeat myself here, as there is much said of my father, at first hand account, of his virtue. And I will leave it at that. I have yet to see, however, a single piece of prior compliment from Maya Avoran, not for myself, but for our late father. I, in my life, have not heard a public or private word of adulation deserved of Henry Bishop. Additionally, I do often wonder how my father would react to Maya Avoran referring to the Orenian Charles Darkwood by the name “half-dad”. Oh, but I will not deny, however, my discontent with life in a windmill. We were not a poor family, we were not even farmers by trade, why do we live in a windmill? This question has an answer, and would you all like to know how I got that answer? I did not write a missive rejecting my father’s good graces, I did not call him by false names, I did not disgrace my family in the Haenseni public square with a scroll nailed to the notice board… I sat with my father and asked him. What he told me, rested my discontent, and that situation was resolved peacefully, something that is un-similar to the times we find ourselves in. This pattern of Maya Avoran making bold claims with not only evidence in lacking, but also with the lack of consultation in the other relevant parties is not rare. Maya Avoran would also claim herself and our brother by blood, Friedrick, to be homeless, by my action. As I despise calling people liars unless absolutely necessary, I will put forth to the public some verifiable facts; something noticeably lacking in the missive sent by missus Avoran. 1. Maya Avoran, at a time when I was but a young boy, did gather her belongings, and leave our house, without a notice, or warning, or token or any such information as to where she was, or whether or not she would be safe. Only returning to Haense shortly before my father’s death, and even still not taking interest in moving back into the family home. 2. Maya Avoran, still to this day, resides in a location unknown to her former family. 3. Maya Avoran, has neither in a matter of years, visited the old home, nor contributed aid of any kind to the 3 renovations it has undergone since last she stepped foot inside. 4. In a normal course of time, chests and barrels located in someone’s room would usually contain items belonging to said someone… however before the time of our renovations, the chests in her room were found to be emptied, and covered in dust. One could reasonably think that in all of this time, she would have found a place to rest her head and store her belongings. Especially since she spends so much time with the Orenian Charles Darkwood. 5. Friedrich of unknown surname, and I, have conversed many times before on this very topic. He had made arrangements to take his residence to Norland long before our father’s death. I have since confirmed his safety and contentment in the Red Fatih kindgom personally. Yet again the Avoran tradition of making spurious claims without evidence shows itself. Even more disappointingly, Maya Avoran makes claims and tells stories of MY previous relationships with Adrianna Barclay, and my rapport with the before-mentioned Charles Darkwood. Given the fact that I myself have not been asked about any detail of this situation since it transpired almost a decade ago, any information she would have gotten is… well, for lack of a better term, biased. Further, it must be noted that Charles and Adrianna Darkwood are a wedded couple, so any story one could read or hear is notably lacking in legitimacy. Another occurrence of claim and claim again, all without consultation of relevant parties, legitimate evidence, and appropriate presentation. As for my affiliation with Charles Darkwood, I have made a conscious effort to uphold the deal we had made of being in good manners toward each other, whether or not he has been of the same inclination. Although it is known that he is heavily affiliated with Maya Avoran, I will not abandon my affirmation: Charles Darkwood and Erwin Bishop are not enemies, and there is no issue between them. If there is to be any conflict between us, it will either originate from Charles himself, or not exist at all. This same affirmation applies to Adrianna Darkwood. My actions have been thus; Having taken notice of undesirable and dishonorable action within Maya and Luka Avoran, saw fit to dismiss them from my family. They seemed to have an easy time distancing themselves from the house in times before they were Avorans, and the fact they object so heavily to it now must be held in some measure of suspicion. “You have proven to be the detriment to the Bishop surname” is how Maya has responded to these actions. In my progress to fulfill my promise of holding the house of bishop to a higher quality of character, these men and women are offended, and take large objections to such. I will thus, then, ask 2 questions. Firstly, will you claim, after showing so boldly where your loyalties lie, to still care for the longevity of this house? Secondly, When you, Maya avoran, announce that ‘it is so on’, what do you intend to make conflict with? And in what form? Maya, your words and actions are hurtful, but you are young, and still learning of the world. You have made mistakes, as have I, but none of them are unforgivable by God. When you grow in age, and mindset, know that the maya you will be then, is a different maya than who is reading this now. Know also, that I forgive you for what you do and what you say. Hopefully my wife and children will not abandon their family, like some in previous generations have, But if I am to never hear from you again, I know, you will find happiness one day, and come to enjoy another family and wish for their security, as I have come to enjoy, and wish the same for mine. So long as there is no further incitement of conflict with me and my family, I will no longer involve myself in this squabble, more pressing issues are at hand.
  12. Erwin Bishop Endorses this man for maer "Zhis man apparently canniet do math." he noted with a shrug "but his gusto ist among zhe highest ich have ever seen." "AYE FOR MAY"
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