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  1. ElFredrick


    Fredrick’s parents, Marshal and Natalii Mackith, both being apart of New Adunian Creationism. Both married about four years before having their first child, Fredrick. He was born and raised in Dobrov, a city located somewhere in Oren, and he quickly gained a name for himself, being considered relatively popular- Or, atleast well known. At the age of seven, Fredrick started play-fighting with his friends, one of them being one by the name 'Comet', who remained one of Fredrick's closest friends, even today. Soon enough, his obsession with fighting gained himself notoriety, however it was clear his skills needed some work. Eventually, his parents decided to get him a tutor in Martial arts, who Fredrick got along with quite well. His skills began a slow increase, which only sped up over time. By the age of seventeen, the young man's skills rivalled that of his teachers, eventually beating him in a fight. Seeing that Fredrick was now skilled enough, the tutor quit tutoring Fredrick. However, their relationship stayed rather friendly. Now that Fredrick was skilled enough, he began picking fights with the locals at the bar. Eventually getting his ass handed to him by an Orc at twenty-three. This helped Fred realise how weak he actually was, compared to the professionals that occasionally visit Dobrov. So, he began working out, constantly trying to improve his skill and strength on his own, which only went so far. At twenty-seven, he returned to the tavern after his ban expired, which is where he met a tutor in martial arts. This man, Alphonse Pyreblood, offered his services to Fredrick. Of course, he accepted immediatly, as he was one of the few people that would actually accept Fredrick as a pupil. Though, Fredrick was not expecting the training to come. During this training, Fredrick was given incredibly harsh training. At times, it could've been considered near torture, however this helped him increase his durability and pain tolerance to levels he would've never been able to reach on his own. Such training made Fred lose his incredible ego, however he stills remains a bit cocky. By thirty, Fredrick met Alphonse's youngest son, Demetrius Pyreblood. Soon enough, Fredrick, Comet and Demetrius became good friends, despite their near decade difference in age. Regardless of Demetrius' poor sense of humour, he and Fredrick both got along well, as Demetrius was one of the few people in Dobrov who could take him on, and gain his respect. At thirty-five, Fred, Comet and Demetrius decided to set off on their own, finally leaving Dobrov in search of employment.
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