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  1. _xMika

    TO WAR

    A fossil of a once young man sat within the blackened halls of the company, his hands clasped together tightly, and his arm bearing a snake that wrapped around it tightly, almost as if it was latching onto its soon-to-be prey. "Fools" he stated in his soft but potent, high imperial tone, one that bounced off the walls of his shadowed visage, well hidden behind a pale white veil. "They hold their ranks to such high regards. . a façade that hides their weakness." Taking time to slowly look up to the stone black ceiling, he hums in contemplation and whispers to himself. "I wonder if such confidence will be held once the smoke of war clears"
  2. Ozymandias Vacare- A dark elf voidal artificer that is extremely kind to everyone he meets he also can't feel anger!. He's best seen as a Charismatic guy that constantly makes jokes out of any situations.
  3. How did this manage to make my day but ruin at the same time. Please help i cant unsee it
  4. The ker recoiled in his chair, his eyes widening at the news of Sarrion's passing. "Huh?" he managed, his voice barely a whisper amidst the tumult of his thoughts. Confusion enveloped him like a suffocating shroud. Why were so many mages he knew meeting such a fate? "Another one" he muttered under his breath, his hand instinctively clenching into a tight fist, knuckles white with the pressure. He stared down at the table before him, wishing desperately for just one more conversation with the departed soul. Though they weren't close, the desire for friendship lingered in his heart, now dashed by the cruel hand of fate. "I'll see you soon, llir" he whispered, a solitary tear tracing a path down his weathered face, reflecting the golden hue of his eyes. "May your will be carried, and may you find peace... wherever you are" he murmured softly, his words a solemn tribute to the departed mage.
  5. I think random and made up slurs for fantasy races is fine as long as they don't have any real life meaning or similarity to actual real slurs. I don't think people should use genuine irl slurs in roleplay at all.
  6. Translo or Housemagery. You could probably go anywhere you want with translo at the exchange of a weak body. And i'm pretty sure i dont need to explain housemagery.
  7. Who/What was the best RP you've experienced on the server so far?
  8. The 'ker stayed seated on one of his kitchen chairs tapping the edge of his boot over and over again on the wooden floor of his home "I wished we could have at least talked one more time..." The 'ker attempted to keep himself calm but the feeling of anger started to grow deeply within him making him chuckle with fear "Though i am not surprised of this news. . Paladins always die honorably in battle." Placing a hand to the top of his head the 'ker hunched himself over the wooden table shaking with his anger making his voice tremble with horror and fear "Taken away by the filth that stains the soil of this world.. May they all be cursed to eternal suffering and sent to the deepest parts of the void to be devoured. May they all suffer painful deaths like no other i hope the worst for them. A brutal and slow demise. I hope to slay them myself" The 'ker could not hold it in anymore setting into the full feeling of grief for his teacher. . . He could not help but burst into a full on cry even though he did not feel attach to her, memories of they're past flooded him. He crumbled onto the floor with the overwhelming feelings of pure anger, fear and deeply imbedded sadness
  9. I don't think the telekinetic limbs should have the base strength of a voidal mage but the typical strength for the character that has one. Basically If a normal human has one it has the same strength a human would have instead of giving them a voidal weakness. But other than that i enjoy the concept of having telekinetic affinity for them. Opens up for some real nice flavor and aesthetic roleplay.
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